Sunday, December 21, 2014

Q & A XLXII: Biblical / Religious / Christmas Questions [Mini Reading - Group Post]

(I always hesitate doing a reading involving religion... I know this is a sensitive and very serious topic to some of you.  I apologize in advance if it comes across offensive.  I am only reporting what I see.)

Q. As it is Christmas soon, curious to know how Father Christmas or Santa Claus happened to settle to Lapland, Finland thousands of years ago (according common belief), or is it so? I suppose his example of generosity helps the humans to be more caring for others - or does the commercialization of Christmas negate it?
A.  I see this town or settlement of "Santa" started many years ago and is based on religious beliefs.  Dedicating a holiday to saints that did great deeds was felt to bring luck, protection and positivity back to them full circle.  The people in Lapland kept the energy alive by dedicating so much to their town.  I view it like a wall-less "church the size of a town."  Rather than having a physical church, they have an entire town.  

Over the years the meaning has been lost.  It was once used to remind people of sharing, caring and selflessness.  I see it now more like a vacation spot where people can sightsee and hear stories of the "way it used to be."  I also get the image of the people that built this (I see 5 men standing in front of two buildings) shaking their head back and forth as if they are disappointed that something that was so great and meaningful turned into what it is today.  I also see them collecting a pile of money and burning it as if to say that money is what "changed" this place that they loved.

Q. Considering that it is the Holiday season, can you do a reading and determine who the Wise Men were and if there were actually three of them ? Did they come to see the birth of Jesus ? Did they follow a bright star in the sky ?
A. The image I get is I see three ETs coming from the heavens.  They don't look to be in a ship, but just their beings alone float down.  As they float and get closer to the ground they morph into a human shape. I am told that they came down to watch over Jesus, serve as some kind of protection (guardians), and changing their physical appearance allowed them to do so without causing panic or worry.  They didn't follow a bright star, but rather came from it.

Q. Was Jesus born in a manger like they said? When he was born, did they know he was an enlightened being or was he considered just another child? Was his birth natural or was there an immaculate conception?  How close is the traditional story to the actual truth?
A. I get what really happened is his mother, Mary, was taken by ETs and a pregnancy was "implanted" in her.  This is what made the conception "immaculate."  His mother had no recollection of this abduction or medical intervention that was done to her body, which made it seem so mysterious.  I get it was a normal birth, and did happen in a manger as described.  When Jesus was born, the humans on earth had no idea Jesus was enlightened, but they knew that there was something special or different about him.

The "wise men" that came to earth to "watch and guard" him did so to see how this implanted birth which was part human and part ET went.  I get it was one of the first times this was successful.  The "wise men" knew very well that Jesus was going to grow to be special, they just didn't know in what way.  
Throughout Jesus's life he was a normal, humble man.  He didn't want worshipped or treated special.  He knew he was different, and had a connection to the universe that he didn't understand.  (I see his connection was in part due to he had unique DNA, and was created from a higher vibration being.) He wanted to use that connection (his enlightenment, but he didn't know what it was or what word to use) to help people.  It not only scared, but threatened those in power.  As a result he was killed- not because of our (human) sins, but because those in power were scared of someone as genuine and pure as he was being liked and gaining a large (and strong) following.

Q. In the Bible, Ezekiel 4-28 seems to be describing God (Adonai) as looking like a human, as well as hybrid human-animals and a flying machine. Could you read and explain what is being described there? Thank you!
A. He was describing what "God" truly looked like.  I get as humans we try to interpret what we are told so it makes sense in our mind based on the paradigm we live in.  If it doesn't fit what we have been programmed to think, we twist it around to make sense.  Rather than interpret and manipulate information, if we take it at face value and open up to it, we would see that there is an element of truth to most things (even if it is implied and we have to look "between the lines").  

As I snap to this image I see God as taking on a human form (I see he is capable of taking many forms, some of which are purely energetic), but rather large, almost giant size- He looks to be at least eight feet tall.  I also see "helpers" that are half human, and half birds. Adonai, along with these human-birds, came on a ship down to earth.  (I'm not familiar with this part of the bible) It looks like some kind of fighting or war was starting to ensue, and Adonai came here to intervene and promote peace.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Clarissa fatola said...

Lynn , Just want to thank you for all you do. This was a very interesting reading. I truly enjoy your Focus Session. Happy Holiday to you. Clarissa

wendy tascione said...

Hi Lynn, i heard jesus was ordered killed but someone took his place in the crucifiction. HE WENT on to live to 100 or so. Where did he go? How many kids did he have?How many are there now? Are they special or are their genes encoded with et(plieadian) codes so that et can reincarnate in them and help raise the vibration of humans?

Waityurturn said...

Hey Lynn, what type of ET species implanted Mary? Are these ETs still watching us and implanting embryos on Earth now ? Also, the three wise men, did they come from the polaris star?

Alpha X said...

I have a friend who is very religious so he talks about Jesus fairly often and what you said about Jesus is a clearer version of what I've felt but of course not what he believes or was taught.

Can you see if Jesus ever reincarnated anywhere in any form since his biblical time here? It would be interesting to know what his soul is doing now.

The Boookworm said...

What would Jesus think of the religion that is molded after him, along with the beliefs of Westboro Baptist Church?

Raymond G said...


Thanks for answering my question about Jesus. You don't get paid for this and it consumes a lot of your time.

I enjoy reading it.

I appreciate your blog and what you do.


The Boookworm said...

Sorry for the double post, Lynn. Still trying to get used to this new posting method.

Diane Hamilton said...

This is my second attempt at leaving a comment. I ran into having to log into to my email but was unable to. Found that odd. My comment was regarding the Thiaooba Prophecy. I do not feel good about people trying to make money aka donations in this manner. I feel this is basically a way to make money. Period. Here is hoping I am able to post this.

Certified Translation said...


Again, your reading is very similar to what is described in the book titled "Thiaoouba Prophecy" that can be downloaded at

Certified Translation said...

Diane Hamilton,

The book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" can be downloaded free of charge. Please let me know what you think about it.

a2k said...

What about revelations mentioned in Bible? was it true?

YourPsychicFocus said...

Wendy: I didn't get all that when I did the reading BUT much of it resonates as true. I get that he really did die and was brought back by the "watching" wise men. He did go on to live, but took on some different appearances to hide his true identity. I don't have a clear number on how many children he had, but I get the DNA very much did live on.

@Waityurturn: I see the aliens resembling greys, BUT they are much taller and all white. They look to be 8 feet tall. The polaris star does sound right- and it was abbreviated as the "north pole" star.???

@Alpha X: He feels to be in spirit form now- and kind of distant. I don't see him incarnated currently (as if his soul is be saved for another time). He feels to be part of the Universal Oneness currently.

@Boookworm: His intent of religion (to connect to the oneness and learn to use the universe to heal) is VERY different than modern religion. Current religion is used to create fear and control people rather than empowerment..

@a2k: Many of these things did happen, but there was a scientific basis behind it- They weren't independent events, but rather a chain reaction of events..

Watchand Knock said...
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Ryno said...

According to the "Terra Papers," Barabbas (BAR-RABBI, 'Son-of the Rabbi') was Jesus's first born son and he was captured during the money changer's table flipping event in the temple. Do you see Barabbas as a son of Jesus as well and is that why the crowd chanted for Barabbas to be released (the first born son of of Jesus had to live on)? Are there still descendents of Jesus alive on Earth today?

RFK Pope said...

@Psychic Focus -

This video is weird and creepy showing Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner dressed in lingerie and violently tearing down a Christmas tree. Is there a religious or occult meaning to this?

luv said...

Thank you! Hope you are having a great Christmas. Can you elaborate on the words Merry Christmas. I read somewhere its a chant to bring forth the christed energy in us to our mass consciousness. Im wondering what the word Merry really means in connection with Christ en Mass? (Coding in our language)

Diane Hamilton said...

@certifiedtranslation. I'll check it out.

Diane Hamilton said...

@Cerfifiedtranslation. I did download this for free and am sorry for insinuating that you could not do so. I'm not done reading but find it fascinating. I would never judge whether this was a real encounter for this man. I agree with the message and agree with our fate and the importance of us waking up!! I sincerely want to state that I would love to visit this world. I doubt I would want to come back!

Certified Translation said...

I know. I find the book fascinating too.

If you like it, and if Lynn thinks it is a good idea, maybe we can suggest her to post the link to her links section so that more people will know about it?

Diane Hamilton said...

I think the link is sort of posted on the site as is. I don't think she is in the position to endorse anything like this. She is open minded as am I. People have to find there way to this info if they are seeking it. The one thing that concerns me is that It has an addictive quality to it. Do you find that as well?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Certified and Diane: I think I am ok with putting it out there. I have a tab to links and books I have read that I have found helpful (outside of the box thinking). I just always share that the content may not be 100% my opinion, but there are valuable or insightful things you may find learn. As long as it is totally free (no copyrights, etc) please email me a link. I am not endorsing it, but just putting it out there to share.