Friday, December 5, 2014

Q & A XLVIII: Short Answers to Oil / OPEC / Economy / Global Issues [Group Post]

Q. So, US Dollar is not a safe bet and Euro is unstable. What about English pound, Swiss Franc or Sing Dollar? 
A. In looking at other currencies, the individual country currencies in Europe look more stable than the larger currencies (referring to the Dollar and the Euro).  The smaller 
countries feel like they have better control and monitoring of their monetary system (better checks and balances).  When it gets large and combined, the monetary system looks "polluted" by people, bad choices and over-printing.

Q. Do you see any social uprising and/or economic disorders in the Far East? It seems that the Hong Kong protest group has called for end of demonstrations. Many were wondering then whether that protest could lead to "Arab Spring" in the region. Do you see any "Arab Spring" revolution happening in Asia and/or change of govt without revolution?
A. I do see revolts and protests happening in Asia.  I get the energy in general (across the world)  is very active and aggressive.  Tensions are high everywhere, and is exacerbated by events in which people feel unjustified.  I don't see any permanent changes in government in the short-term future, but people will be attempting to be heard, and making the government work hard to maintain control.  I also get that some crimes against humanity will be happening in order to evoke fear and try to stop the "unruly" behavior.  I get that the people are so desperate for change that they don't even care because there is an "enough is enough" mentality being exercised.  

Q. Will countries in Far East benefit from China's upcoming supremacy or will they also be "bullied" - this time by China?
A. China looks to be perceived as a bully to most everyone (they want their way, and use intimidation to get it). I see they have many feared because of their strength in wealth (which leads to power).  I also see them dominating the newer monetary system.  Once we are forced to back currency with gold, the power will flip to those that hold the gold, and China has a huge portion of it.

Q. When you mentioned "power-to-be", are you referring to just US govt?
A.  I am referring to the US, Israel (and nearby countries) and Great Britain governments as the main players categorized in the "Powers That Be."
Q. Which major countries will benefit the most from lower oil price?  
A. I see the US is benefiting the most.  As long as oil is low, the US can buy it up without have to pump their own (saves the reserves on US territory).  The producers want us to buy their oil, but if they out-price the US, the US threatens to pump more of their own (creating a higher supply versus demand ratio).  There is a fine line being drawn now trying to get the US to buy oil, and driving the price too high..

Q. Which major countries will be adversely affected the most?
A. Mid-Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia) are hurting the worst.  They want the American wealth, and I get that as threats of using gold to buy oil are starting, the US is threatening to pull back (or using fear to threaten a take-over).  Saudi's don't like the US, but still want the money (without the friction) so they are in a tough spot of selling oil cheaper than what a perfect market would bear..

Q. Is USA really the world's largest producer of shale oil?
A.  Yes, and I hear something like "and they are stingy with it."  They have it, but don't want to use it and look at it as a back up or supplement to what is already out there and accessible..  

Q. How does lower oil price help the dollar?
A. I don't really see it "helping" the dollar, but rather stimulating the economy (and psychologically making people want to spend money.)

Q. How long will this continue? When do you see prices going up to normal levels?
A. I see it rising after the first of the year.  I want to say Easter of 2015 or close to that time.

Q. Recently you fore told that Brazilian government is involved in a HUGE corruption scandal. It is unfolding right and some people already cry for impeachment and getting the president out of office.  My question is how will this affect the local currency (Real) value with respect to Dollar and Euro? Will it drop significantly? Thank You!
A. I do not see a huge drop in the currency valuation, but the economy will suffer (people are spending, investing and borrowing less).  There will be a lot of skepticism with regard to any business dealings, and it will feel like it comes to a halt.  It will take a long time for the trust to be rebuilt and people to take a risk investing again..

Q. I'm living in Sydney, Australia at the moment and consider to relocate. Due to all the earth changes including earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, etc. that will happen until 2024 (the New Era), do you see the state of New South Wales being strongly affected? Will there be a volcano eruption (and/or other disasters) that will affect Sydney or NSW? Will South Australia still remain our farmland through massive earth changes, until 2024? 
A. I see NSW as being one of the safer areas to be in (specifically the interior / central portion). Sydney feels a little worrisome (I get an impression that heavy storms that look like hurricanes (??) will hit that area and cause flooding for many.

When I look at a map, the area labeled QLD, near the coast, looks the most volatile.  I see that out into the ocean there are small islands that are in reality volcanoes, (or volcanoes beneath the water??) and those will erupt.  In the process of erupting they will cause earthquakes that result in large tidal waves hitting this area.  I don't see the waves going deep inland, but the northeast coast looks to get hit hard.

If we have to relocate (to South Australia or Western part of Australia), then what will be the best time from now on? 
A.  I get that by this time next year, or very early 2016 would be a good time to transition more inland.

Q. Also, can you please focus on the North of Vietnam and see if this region will be strongly affected by these major earth changes? Will there be earthquakes and around 50% of the population will die? How about the South of Vietnam, will this part be consistently safer throughout multiple disasters from now till 2024?
A. I don't get an image of major destruction or devastation to this area.. There is some flooding along the coast, but the "major" activity comes from east and is slowed and broken by land masses along the way.  I see larger storms start in the Northern Pacific, and by the time they get to Vietnam they are greatly slowed by the Philippines.

Q. I wonder if you can have sometime for one of your global questions. You may know that the region I live in, Catalonia, had a sort-of-non-legal referendum to ask people if it wanted to become an independent country. Out of 6 million people, about two of them went to vote and most declared their willingness to be a sovereign country. What do you see about it in the short-mid-term future? WIll there be a new country in Europe made of the breaking of Spain?
A. I get it will happen, but it will take a while.  I get the block comes from an outside influence rather than the country itself.  I see the people want and welcome the independence, but Spain isn't eager to let them go.  Eventually, I do see this country being independent within the next 3 to 5 years.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. 


Danny Do said...

Thank you so much, Lynn. It's great to hear that NSW and Vietnam (both North and South) will be safe. I really appreciate your work on this.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn!!

Lately, US$ & Euro€ currency are gaining abonormal strength on Foreign Exchange market while Oil price retreats drastically low.

Do these imply that Major money are taking their cash out from their market position???

YourPsychicFocus said...

@baku: Yes, there is something close to happening... I keep hearing to "watch with my eyes."

Anna Zhao said...

Hi Lynn, I was wondering if you could do a reading on southwest part of China, province of Sichuan which is known for earthquake prone area. There had been a devastating 8.1 earthquake back in 2008 and, that area hasn't been in peace since. People are constant worried another huge quake is coming. My question is that do you see another 7.0 or larger ones will strike this area in a few years time? Thank you very much.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Anna: I see all of coast of China having issues, and my focus is more on the eastern portions. I see a lot of flooding happening in the east, mostly due to volcanoes going off under water near that area. I also see some earthquakes (not devastating, but very troublesome) in the west also resulting from these volcanos. Inland (and north) China feels fairly safe and protected from all this.

lilian said...

Pyschic Focus,

Thank you so much for the fast reading to my questions.

Bless you!

michael smith said...

I was wondering if the Michigan area will be safe. I stay in the southern eastern part of Michigan close to Detroit, cause I herd the New Madrid will go off and will drain the lakes of water. I just want to know how safe will it be and the chances of something bad happening.

Diane Hamilton said...

I am commenting here because of the it is a thought that is current as of today or at least it popped into my mind today. I find it odd that here in the Philadelphia area which pretty much weather wise, is what goes on in New York, would normally be broadcast as heavy snow possible due to a northeaster. Today we had very cloudy skies and below freezing temps. Tomorrow warning of flooding . The temp is going up to 42. Snow is predicted all around this area.
Kate and William are in New York. I don't really feel they are reptilian (barely) as their Prince Charles and the Queen. Is the weather being controlled just for them? It just seem so odd to me.

Diane Hamilton said...

Excuse my typos. My mind just runs faster than my fingers LOL.

L&L Lynn!

Alex said...


Thank you so much for answering the questions quickly. So the lower oil price is not to punish Russia over the annexation of Ukraine but rather to save the US economy?

Does it mean the dollar won't collapse anymore as you predicted because they are buying up gold/silver at record low prices and conserving their own oil supply?

Maya3333333333333 said...

Hi Lynn, can you please see if Tasmania would be safe or is that area volatile too? Thank you

YourPsychicFocus said...

@michael: Michigan has patches of flooding (like water rushes too fast to disperse), but it doesn't last long. I see it draining to normal or below normal levels. Overall, it feels fairly safe (after the initial flooding).

@Diane: I too don't see them as "pure" reptilian as the relatives higher up on the family tree- Princess Di sort of "diluted that..." Weather seems to be cyclical (bitter cold and then warm the following week). You can almost see the pattern... I don't get it is related to the royalty in town, but rather this odd earth wobble we are experiencing (that the higher ups are aware of and plan around).

@Alex: The oil IS to somewhat punish Russia and also save our reserve so when the time comes and the dollar crashes we have something to fall back on..

@Maya3333: I see the eastern side getting hit with storms and waves that are much higher than normal, but the central and western side look to be fairly safe.

Diane Hamilton said...

I don't think Kate and William are full reptilian I used the term barely. The rest of the Monarchy...?? I wonder what it is like for them to be even the slightest amount of Rep. DNA in their bodies. Are they torn between the two worlds?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Diane: That is what I took your comment to mean.. The younger ones are not as indoctrinated into the "rituals." Aware but not fully participatory.

Diane Hamilton said...

Oh geese, I just reread your comment and you said you don't see them as pure reptilian. So sorry.