Thursday, December 4, 2014

Q & A XLVII: Random Questions [Webbot Submissions Part II / Group Post]

Q. How do you view your viewing of future configurations of reality? Timelines / Multiverse, etc.?
A. Through meditating and making sense of things I have understood that as humans we have learned to view time linear.  We see a definite beginning, middle and end and it tied to the concept of time.  When I "zoom" out and really look at it, time is overlapping (and somewhat circular).  The past, present and future all somewhat (and I need to clarify this) exist all at the same time.  When people use intuitive abilities to "see" into the future, they are tuned in to what events may unfold if nothing were to change. Many (if not most) times something (free will or interference) will come in and alter that timeline, and then a refreshed psychic approach would need to be taken to view the new timeline.  Many events that can be seen may be delayed when they unfold or happen early depending on what outside force got involved.  I have found that inevitable events (such as the collapse of the dollar) are bound to happen, and people use intuitive abilities to determine when, and even with outside free will, you can only prolong something so long..  If an event is meant to happen, the time in which is happens may be shifted, but the event will eventually happen (may be more or less severe, but still happen.)

I see we are living in a multiverse.  There are many other systems, some are of much higher vibrational capacity than ours.  We are capable of incarnating here, on Earth, in our third density human form, or incarnating elsewhere (once we have the spiritual capacity to evolve to a higher density).

Q. Based on the above question, what can we do to get Humanity evolved away from the current controllers and more beneficent?
A.  I see the root of most (not all) of the negative behavior is controlled by the Reptilian mindset and influence.  Even the "Powers That Be" are controlled by this train of thought.  If we as humans could get away from their agenda of distractions, materialism, ideas that take away from the unity of family and belief in the subliminal messaging of not being good enough (need to buy this, have this procedure, look this way, etc) we could take back this planet. 

I get that if you took the numbers of the true Reptilian blood and compared it to the humans, the humans have an enormous strength in numbers.  The Reptilians have done of good job of inbreeding, so we should use that to our advantage (the bloodline isn't in the mass population, therefore could be wiped out).  Reptilians are good at using mental strength (psychology and getting into peoples minds), but if we reject those thoughts and their "agenda" of distractions, we can really gain power back. 

Hi Lynn, love your blog! I really like the cosmology theory of Null Physics.
Null Physics is derived from the concept that our entire universe is the internal structure of nothingness. In other words, physical reality is an intricate, four-dimensional geometric equation that adds to zero because it exists within zero. There is no beginning or end to our universe because there is no beginning or end to nothingness. Reality is composed of space and curvatures of space (energy), both of which are composed of geometric points, which are the physical representation of nothingness... Existence is incomplete nonexistence.
A. (It took me a while to really digest what this was about, so if I misunderstand, please feel free to correct me or ask questions in the comment section..)

As I take things and break them down in my mind (I start with an object, and get smaller and smaller, until I am down to the atoms, and then yet smaller) I do get to a point that the finite components go "poof" and disappear.  I see that finite elements that make objects, when broken down to small enough pieces turn into energy forms rather than stay a physical solid form.  The root of everything looks to be energy moving at a certain vibration, and that specific vibration attracts more like elements together forming the atoms, etc, that form the physical object or mass.  When broken down small enough the items in our existence are essentially energy vibrating at a very specific frequencies.

Q. Archons. Do they really exist?
A. I will say this is coming to me a bit jumbled, so I will explain what I get... I do get they exist, and they are a version of the Reptilian race.  I see a picture of a family tree, at the top it says "Reptilian" and beneath it there is a branch, and it goes to the "Archons."  I get they were know and highly feared because of their mind control.  I see a human witnessing a group of Archons approaching, and when they approach the human grabs both sides of his head and drops to his knees like he just heard some kind of torturing noise.  

I get that these "Archons" were driven either underground or away (not on the surface of earth).  The "protective" ETs fought them off.  There are only a few remaining, but they are strong...  I get they are hiding now to preserve their race and sort of "regroup."

Q. Do you see Jeb Bush as being the next president?

A. I do not see that.  I get that the American people want a new face (and there have been so many Bush and Clinton terms in office) and they want some real change.  The people are not happy, don't feel like they have true representation and don't feel led.  Even when something good has the "illusion" (it really is ALL and illusion to keep us distracted) of happening, the other party blocks it and creates a standstill.  The people want someone who they feel can relate to them, and can get things accomplished.

Having said that, I see someone that is different from the historical (with the exception of Obama) Caucasian man.  I keep seeing a man that has either Latino or African American heritage.  (Could be the president himself, or maybe it is the vice president??).  

Q. Dear PF, please do a reading on Saddam Hussein.US invaded Iraq on the pretext that Iraq had Weapons of mass destruction WMD.But nothing of that sort was ever found.Was Saddam removed only because he revolted against US? Or was he a real culprit?
A.  I get that Saddam Hussein was very against the US and really despised that the purchase of oil was mainly (?) in the form of the dollar, which the US could basically print what was needed while his country was forced to be a little more responsible (that is the impression that I get).  He was trying hard to convert the oil into something he considered "fair" and I get an image of gold. He was wanting to accumulate what he felt was valuable (gold) rather than paper that he felt was much less stable and meaningful.  The US rejected what he was doing, and went after him with that being the main reason.  Also, by going after him it gave the US a way to justify having some kind of occupancy in his country- they could monitor oil up close...  I see the US as causing a lot of the disruption to the country, and I get another image of clips from the movie Confessions of an Economic Hitman that I watched on Netflix...There was much more to this than what the people were told.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. 


© 2010 Jeff Fitzmyers said...

Thanks for the info on how you "see”!

Yes, you basically confirmed my Null physics question. Thanks!! (Sorry to create work for you! I was trying to keep myself out of it. )

Craig said...

About that last question about Saddam H and WMDs. There is a woman who was in intelligence, I think CIA, and she was a go-between for us and them during that time. She kept telling the Americans that there are no weapons like that there and they kept telling her to say to Saddam that if you dont tell us where they are we will attack. So some people just wanted to go in there any way they could (and there were no Iraqi's in 911 planes-- lots of Arabs, but no Iragi's) This woman sacrificed everything to tell the truth about this and she was put in prison for a while, but got out and wrote a book and you can see youtube vids about this.

michael smith said... saw this today, what's your take on this video. Is NASA hiding something

Ma'at said...

Actually, there were empty shells and chemicals for poison gas found all over the country, everywhere, but especially in Ramallah. The bio and nuclear stuff was witnessed by special forces folks on the border with Syria, who where there to keep fighters out of Iraq. They could do nothing but watch, as they weren't tasked with engaging the Russians and Germans who were taking that stuff OUT so that the Western public wouldn't know.

Why Bush kept that evidence under his hat, I do not know. The lie about the lie must have served him, somehow.

a2k said...

Dear PF, then was Gaddafi also thinking on the same line as Saddam did & that's why he was overthrown from power?

Kiranasa said...

Major Ed Dames, the retired former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency's 'remote viewing' (psychic intelligence) program has said:


© 2010 Jeff Fitzmyers said...

@Kiranasa, Its my understanding that Mr Dames has been incorrect for a long time.

Kiranasa said...

There are always different timelines available, we just have to wait and see which one actually happen!!!

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you for the comments!

@michael: I do see NASA is hiding a lot. They know a tremendous amount about ETs and interactions we have had with them!

@a2k: Gaddafi did do the same thing, and I see the US went there and destabilized that govt and got him out of power. It all surrounds money and/or oil (I hear the root of all evil is money).

Alpha X said...

I feel like the 2016 election thing has some truth to it. Like it's not as simple as "there just won't be an election" but I feel like something (maybe the economy collapse?) is going to interfere with the situation and cause the election to be delayed or not happen at all. I would like to see what Lynn has to say about this as well.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@AlphaX: I get we will have a 2016 election BUT it will be a different dynamic than we are used to (more females, minority involvement). It is going to be different (in a good and refreshing way).

Craig said...

@Ma'at, you are right, they did have a lot of unrefined uranium and chemicals, but no reactor capable of creating a nuke and no finished nukes ready to deploy.

But getting back to the reason why we were there in the first place. The person I was talking about was Susan Lindauer, who was a CIA asset who was involved before 911 and after the Iraq invasion. In an article she said --

"From the first moment that I was told about 9/11 in April and May of 2001, I was informed that the United States planned to declare War on Iraq immediately when 9/11 happened. The two were already linked as cause and effect."

Although there was no link from 911 to Iraq and, previous to the invasion, Saddam had zero tolerance for terrorists.

After 911 Susan tried desperately to broker a peace deal with the Iraqis, who wanted it badly and were willing to do just about anything to stop an invasion. One of the things they offered was to hand over any info they had on terrorist operatives, including financial statements tracing their money. The US refused to talk peace, refused this information and went in anyway.

You can draw your own conclusions, but the underlying truth was that the Bush administration planned on the invasion and nothing was going to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz is the next President I bet.He fits in with the description mentioned when talking about tax on gun ownership. The physical description matches and they just started pushing Ted Cruz for the spot. He is already talking about repealing Obama Care and the IRS . Which we know will not happen.