Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Q & A XLVI: Random Questions [Webbot Submissions Part I / Group Post]

Q1. We crazy followers of Clif's work (webbot) are impatiently expecting SILVER to skyrocket (like yesterday) Clif's work showed a distinct PROBABILITY of silver hitting $52.00 in November. He made this proclamation in the first week of November with silver at ~$16.00 so, it seemed pretty unlikely. Clif also sees silver making it to $88.00 by the end of the year. Your thoughts? We are all pretty convinced that the bad guys have been manipulating silver big time for years... I remember you were looking for silver to make it in the $40's back in July ~~
A.  I too see silver being highly manipulated right now.  The image I have is someone standing and passing out paper certificates (of silver) much like a black-jack dealer would pass out cards.  I get the people in powers are FLOODING the system with paper silver (or a certificate that can be cashed in for a later date for the "tangible" silver, which is really not so).  It gives the illusion of more silver existing than there really is.

While the price is held low (due to the over-supply versus demand) the people in power (and I am focused on those top 1%) are (and I want to use the word) gobbling it all up (as I see them grabbing all the silver nuggets off the ground).  So, the market is basically flooded with an illusion of silver availability, while in the background the physical silver is being bought up.  

Q. What is going on and why the hoarding?

A. I see our dollar in real trouble, and it is inevitable that it can't sustain.  There are so many tricks going on to keep it afloat (then I hear there is a lot of "robbing Peter to pay Paul" going on behind the scenes). Other countries are trying to slowly break away from the dollar, and are seeking out gold or stable currency.  Oil is what is saving the dollar, but other countries are trying to figure out how to work around that as well to take some of the power away from the US.  

The top 1% (probably more like 5%) want to retain their wealth (which they associate with power and influence), so they need to diversify their wealth into something of worth.  Keeping the price falsely low allows them to "gobble up" the real silver so when the dollar does plunge, they have an offset to their worth because precious metals will rise.  

Q.  How long can the dollar hold out and when is this to happen?

A.  I saw it happening at Christmas 2014.  The "robbing Peter to pay Paul" keeps happening and delaying the inevitable, but it can only be prolonged for so long.  I still want to say around Christmas we will see some drastic increase (if we stay on this timeline).  At the latest it will be the first quarter of 2015.

Q2. I would like you to focus on Euroland.  Do you see Germany , France , Spain or Italy leaving the Euro currency anytime soon? Or, do you see the Euro gaining any sort of "strength" if these countries decide not to leave....
A.  I see a couple things happening.  First, I see countries wanting to break away and do their own thing, but that poses some kind of threat to the overall whole and they are HIGHLY discouraged from doing so.  It seems like there is a strength in numbers, so I cannot see any being "allowed" to easily leave the current monetary system.

The second thing I see is countries starting some kind of a dual currency.  They don't abandon the Euro, but they slowly use another currency as well.  My focus goes to Germany (they really want to break free from the European system all together, but are too afraid to do something radical yet).  There is a lot of restructuring and sharing a system with several countries creates limitations on how to handle finances, and I see some countries wanting that independent control- they are just to afraid to do it.

Q. Lynn, I'm always interested when different predictive sources synch up with each other. For me, those seem to have more validity. I have long thought about Edgar Cayce's earth-changes predictions: the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea, Europe changing in the twinkling of an eye, and so on. I know that some of his are already proving not to have happened (yet), but I consider time to be fluid and multi-tracked and subject to our choices, so those "errors" could be explained that way. Would you look over his predictions and get a sense of which ones are still pertinent to us in this here and now? The National Dream center sees a MASSIVE tsunami hitting Hawaii....And a blogger named 9Nania sees New York city getting nuked soon..around Xmas maybe.
A. I first wanted to address timelines.  They can be difficult to pinpoint, and usually you see events lead up to and event or you get some kind of a trigger clue (you see a date, see a place, a holiday, sense a time of year, etc) and getting a year far in the future can be difficult because time lines can change with the continuous acts of free will and interventions from above (ET activity).  I believe Edgar Cayce was very on target if the timeline would have remained consistent.  Some things will be avoided, some delayed and some remain on target.

Looking at the earth there are some changes happening.  There will be some very erratic weather happening in cycles.  This is due to the wobble of the planet being much larger (If you can imagine a top spinning, the faster is goes the more upright it is.  As it slows, the wobble is much greater- I see the earth moving much like that.) To back up, the change in the earth wobble is due to another solar system approaching ours (which includes a sister sun, the "red comet" I have seen so many times and at least two other planets for which I don't have names).  The gravitational fields are being pulled on Earth and it is causing our earth to move less fluid (like a stutter at times- which causes the wobble).  

Back to the earth changes...  The tug on the magnetic field, and alterations in the intensity of the sun (again due to the other system approaching) is causing the core layer (not the center of the earth, but the layer that I see as the core made of molten rock) to heat up.  As it heats up (or rather energy from the intense sun is absorbed and stored like a battery- remember energy isn't created or destroyed, but it can be stored deep in the ground- as potential energy in this case) the build up of energy creates not only a slight swelling or expanding of the earth, but plate shifting, earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt.  Some changes are seen abruptly, like when a volcano erupts, and others are more subtle, like the plates moving or earth expanding.  

The sudden changes are what I am focused on more, and the time frame is within the next year.  Some notable things I see are Hawaii getting hit with some devastating storms that actually devastate the beaches, as well as California (my focus on the southern portion). California is going to be dry (forest fires) and experience a drought-like situation and there will be concerns with the crops / vineyards [I also feel caution eating any food from there].   The temperatures in CA also seem very high, like records are broken this coming year.  

I don't see a tsunami in New York, but I see flooding.  The conflict I get is that drinking or clean water will be an issue in New York, however I see a lot of flooding- so there is water.  I also get an image of debris or dirt / sand being in the streets when the flooding subsides, but again, I can't see anything like a wave coming in. 

The gulf coast seems plagued with sink holes.  New ones (even small) seeming to pop up out of nowhere.  Some grow to be huge, and others stay relatively the same.  This will be more an more in the "alternative" news.

The northwest looks to deal with mudslides (the northwest gets rain but California does not??).  

Q. So, here comes another dark question. Could you let your consciousness float across our planet and tell us, say in 6 months from now, what the war situation on the planet would be? Kind of like 'remembering the future'? Do you see any large events happening? (nuke, bio, cyber, etc.) 
A.  This expands on the last question, so I want to go into it a little further and view the whole earth from a man-made basis rather than natural event...

California is going to be dealing with Fukushima for a long while.  The beaches are becoming more and more polluted (even though it is denied).  Part of the drought is man-made while they work on a way to neutralize the radiation (the don't want rain coming in through polluted clouds, etc and saturating the soil more).  I see the wildlife in this area highly effected.  Some of this radiation gets to South America and Hawaii, but the amount feels very diluted at this point.

The US is constantly fighting off cyber attacks from China.. This is going on now, and will continue to go on indefinitely, but the US is too scared to talk too loudly about it because of the debt they have with China and need they have for China to keep the economy afloat.  One real wrong doing by the US towards China, and China will force the Shanghai Gold Exchange on a huge scale- the US is trying to avoid it.

There will be a lot of threats of nuke attacks, but nothing comes to fruition.  The main way of passive aggressively attacking someone will be through weather.  I hear to "Remember if there is a hostile situation, and extreme weather appears, there are no coincidences."

Q. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind answering: The event that culminated in the banning of guns in Australia, the Port Arthur massacre, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Ar...28Australia%29
  • Q1 Was Martin Bryant the only gunman? 
  • A1 I see he carried a gun, but I can't even get a visual of him shooting it.  I get an image of a bunch of adults running around a kid playing paintball (Bryant?), and all the adults are shooting and the kid is standing there trying to figure out what is going on.  As shots are fired the kid giggles (so much it is out of context) and they all run around.  There looks to be many people (on the upwards of 5 or 6) involved in this.
  • Q2 Was he under any outside interference? 
  • A2 Yes, he was manipulated into walking around with a gun.  He really didn't know or comprehend what he was doing.  I also keep hearing something about "not to shoot Bryant by mistake" as the other men were taking their shots.  They needed Bryant alive.
  • Q3 Any omission of evidence? 
  • A3 A lot was omitted, like how they made him confess and many psychological test that were given to him.  I also get there were witnesses that saw Bryant wandering around and knew he wasn't capable of pulling off something that precise in that amount of time. If they tried to get Bryant to reproduce those shots it would be impossible.
Basically, after looking at this, Australia was sort of "tricked" into giving up their rights to bear arms using this one event as the source.  An unarmed nation is much easier to control than an armed one.

Q. Six weeks prior to that (referring to the above question) in Scotland another massacre happened which resulted in the banning of guns in the UK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunblane_school_massacre 
  • Q1 Was Dunblane the only gunman? 
  • A1 As I focus on Dunblane I flash back to reading I did on the Sandy Hook shooting in the US.  It feels odd and just doesn't add up. I see an image of a person shaking their head left and right, and I am questioning if this school is even real.  It is hard to answer if he was the only gunman, because I can't get a visual on him doing it, or if he did shoot something maybe it wasn't even a school (factory, warehouse??).  There is a huge disconnect and I feel I need more info because this feels like a puzzle with pieces that don't fit??  (Or maybe I can't connect to it for some reason?) In some way I feel like the US got the idea of Sandy Hook because of the success this had on getting guns out of the hands of people in Scotland????
  • Q2 Was he under any outside interference? 
  • A2  I don't know that I would call it interference, but I would call it layers upon layers of covering up truth...
  • Q3 Any omission of evidence? 
  • A3 Yes, there was not just an omission, but falsification too.  Nothing with this case fits, and it feels like it was forced.
And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.


Baku Matsumoto said...

silver is my favorite topic!!!

Will America change their currency into "Amero"???

Charlotte Bailey said...

Wow! As always, such an informative reading. Thank you!

Brandi said...

PF I have to wonder if you are a little off with the information you are passing along. The Port Arthur killings had this kid walking amongst the victims and killing them. Survivor witnesses, there was no long range 'perfect' shots by professionals killing people on Bryants behalf. There was one shooter. He did it. Bullets matched. I think you are being fed incorrect information from 'whatever' is giving it to you. I live in Australia and cannot see how your story can possibly play out in public with all the witnesses that lived through it.

Headintheclouds said...

I also live in Australia and remember Port Arthur massacre. If I recall correctly, the nightly news programs interviewed some witnesses and all I can remember them saying was how they were cowering under the tables and just seeing the gunman’s feet walk and hoping not to get shot themselves. To be honest, I have never even thought that this event was anything other than a madman going on a killing spree on his own volition. But then again, I’ve never really looked into it and just took it at face value.

Over the years, I have learned to take everything with a grain of salt and not believe everything that is presented to me by the media. Because after all, it is often the things that are not said or shown that reveals the real truth. Also, with the help of Lynn’s blog, it is helping us all to see through the fog. Thanks, Lynn!

This site outlines some points that should be looked into further (re: Port Arthur massacre): http://southeastasianews.org/portarthur/conspiracy_fact.html

If what you’re saying about this is true, then can you see who was actually behind the whole thing? Like was it the Australian government? The US? British? An organisation that has control over Australia?

danilo verticelli said...

So, someone of you is still believing in witnesses? Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon events included? We have pictures of the same girl in both the events, we have movies of the man on the wheel-chair bringing his just cut leg with the hand and putting it at its place after the event. Witnesses are people payed by the Governments themselves. The only reliable witness is you.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Dont believe everything the govt and media tells you. Go to alternative news sites to find other reports. Witnesses can be bought and manipulated. Thank you Miss Lynn for you work.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: It will be something different, but I don't see it being the "Amero" (catchy name though). I feel like it will have to do with the word (either literally or associated to) "digital"??)

@Brandi and HeadintheClouds: Thanks for the feedback.. I may have misunderstood what I saw?? The man being accused was very much lost looking and running around with a gun (like someone put it in his hands and left him to wander while "they" did the real work). Maybe I just didn't get it right??? It felt like the people that were responsible were more powerful than even the Australian government (however worked with the Australian govt)- I want to say the British...

@Everyone: Thanks for the feedback and comments. I really do appreciate them. :-)

Ryno said...

Lyn, Us here in the Pacific Northwest always get more rain than California. The jet stream usually goes through Washington or Oregon so it kinda "cuts the rain off" in California. How easy it must be to manipulate the jet stream for HAARP and the PTTB. Also, I got a random question and was hoping you could give me your thoughts real quick. What do you think of Amway and Amway Motivational Organizations (AMO's) like "World Wide Dreambuilders?" I just got suckered in but now I believe its a cult/pyramid scheme and want to quit though my wife still believes in it. Thanks!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: When I think of this, I see this company as having the "potential" of being great, but only if you are at the top. I see there are gimmicks to get people to join because they want what those above them have, but the reality is that it is hard to do. The only way to move up is to grow your base (get people working below you). You can't move up through the ranks (I see someone trying to dig up and can't go anywhere) and the only way to move up is through an illusion that you have moved up, but in reality you stay the same with people (that you had to convince to join) beneath you.... I may be off (I know nothing really about Amway), but that is how it was show to me. I am also sensing that there is a cost, fee or monthly expense of supplies that add up (while further supporting those above you)... It is a very intricate pyramid scheme.... ???

Baku Matsumoto said...


That Amway approach is called Ponzi scheme in investment term.

a2k said...

Dear PF, those countries who are taking away guns from their citizens, are they going to be bankrupt? I mean are they preparing for a collapse?

Headintheclouds said...


I wasn’t disagreeing with your reading, and I don’t think you misunderstood what you saw. My apologies if it came across that way. It's just disappointing to think that our government does things like this and it makes me wonder what else they have fabricated. Although, we haven't had a massacre since and road rage incidents don’t end in a shooting (just a bashing sometimes, Australians can be very angry people) so I guess in a way that's a good thing?...

Also, could you see if these victims were actually killed during the massacre? Or were dead bodies just placed there after everyone was cleared out? Thanks again for your insights!

lilian said...

So, US Dollar is not a safe bet and Euro is unstable. What about English pound, Swiss Franc or Sing Dollar?

Do you see any social uprising and/or economic disorders in the Far East? It seems that the Hong Kong protest group has called for end of demonstrations. Many were wondering then whether that protest could lead to "Arab Spring" in the region. Do you see any "Arab Spring" revolution happening in Asia and/or change of govt without revolution?

Will countries in Far East benefit from China's upcoming supremacy or will they also be "bullied" - this time by China?

When you mentioned "power-to-be", are you referring to just US govt?

Sorry for so many questions! Perhaps you could do a later reading on it?

Thank you.

a2k said...

Dear PF, how do you see the fall in in the price of oil? What's the real cause of sudden fall? Are OPEC countries up in arm against US this time?

Alex said...


Could you do a detailed reading on the sudden drastic drop in oil price.

Which major countries will benefit the most from lower oil price?

Which major countries will be adversely affected the most?

Is USA really the world's largest producer of shale oil?

How does lower oil price help the dollar?

How long will this continue? When do you see prices going up to normal levels?

Kiranasa said...

PEOPLE, have mercy, you are over burning Lynn!!!
I am getting dizzy just by reading all these questions.
She is just doing us a favor, don't take advantage of it!!!
If you just keep doing this, she will stop doing reading.
One, may be two questions once in a while, NOT EVERYDAY!!!
I don't know how she can handle all these questions, she must be blessed.

KnockandWatch said...

Hello Lynn, thank you for this post too!
Recently you fore told that Brazilian government is involved in a HUGE corruption scandal. It is unfolding right and some people already cry for impeachment and getting the president out of office.
My question is how will this affect the local currency (Real) value with respect to Dolar and Euro? Will it drop significantly? Thank You!

lilian said...

Sorry for the many questions, Pyschic Focus. I guess Kiranasa is right!
With Christmas around, you would be very busy.

Do you do private reading on my type of questions mentioned above? If yes, I can wait till January 2015 to submit them as private questions.

Thank you again.

Ryno said...

Thank you very much Lyn! I appreciate it. Sorry to ask that random question here and I certainly don't want to overburden you with a random request/question like this. It's just that I respect your opinion and my wife has been led (lied) to believe that there is much potential in Amway and this particular "Motivational Group" supposedly really cares (lovebombing) about us wants us to really succeed (spend money/make money on us). You were pretty much spot on with what you saw and about how I see it after looking into it. Thank you!

Alpha X said...

It doesn't hurt to ask questions as long as you understand that Lynn's only one person and only has so much time and has other things besides this blog that are important to her. If you understand that and allow her ample time to get to your question, then it's fine to ask, I feel. In other words, as long as you don't get upset if you don't get an answer right away, it's fine to ask questions. I certainly don't want to speak for her but this is how I see it.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: They are just preparing… I don’t see anything specific, but in general govt control.

@Headintheclouds: Thanks for clearing it up. I really don’t mind constructive criticism though, so no worries.

I do get that people in Austrialia died. They were shot by a team rather than a lone person. The other massacre is unclear as I can’t see that anything played out the way it was relayed to the people.

@lilian, a2k , knockandwatch and Alex: I will take these questions and form a rough draft for a future reading. I think many people are concerned with these issues.

@Alex: I do personal reading for all kinds of questions, including these. If you would like me to tune in, I am happy to look at a request.

@Ryno: You’re welcome. I am glad I could give you some clarity from my perspective.

Vortex Spinner said...

Thanks PF. All you do is appreciated and your web site is wonderful. You provide answers to impossible questions and then take the brunt of the feedback. No offence meant. aka Brandi

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Vortex: :-)