Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Q & A XLIX: Random Questions [Group Post]

Q. With regards to freewill, do we choose when we die? If not, what/who does?
A. When you incarnate in this life you agree to come and live through certain experiences.  Along with this "contract" if you don't learn or gain insight, you will keep repeating the experience (people get caught in loops of picking the wrong mate, etc) until you understand (and if you don't learn you will repeat the lesson in a future life). 

Sometimes the experience is too much, or you may have agreed to learn a lesson that you are not spiritually set up to learn (some lessons require a tremendous amount of internal strength) and the person leaves this life intentionally due to their own free will.  To end your life is your conscious minded choice (and I get if someone that was about to commit suicide was to meditate or be in touch with their higher self, your higher self would always try to talk you down from something not in your greater good). 

Q. Are homeless people going missing in U.S. cities? Who is taking them? Where did they go? What happened to them after they were taken? Why?

A.  I see different things happening with these people.  Some of them pass away due to environmental conditions (lack of food, shelter and many time medical intervention.)  

I also see that some of these people fall prey to hate crimes.  There are certain organizations out there that feel they are doing good by "cleansing" the streets of homeless people.  

The last image I get is I see government groups rounding these people up and bringing them back to a shelter.  Then, I see them feeding and clothing these people.  After they are cared for, I see this government group talking to the homeless people and convincing them to be a part of a drug testing program (the homeless feel excited and like they have a purpose).  They do things from psychological testing (I see some kind of electro-shock procedure going on) to pharmaceutical drugs.  I also see these homeless people being testing in a lab that adjoins another lab with lab mice- as if the people are viewed as one step above animals.??

Q. New life-form discovered in the Bavarian Pre-Alps.. Hi Lynn could you please occasionally do a reading on this subject? Sulzbrunn a formerly therapeutical resort in the pre-Alpine realm of Bavaria/Germany was well known for its iodine rich water sources being a popular town back in the 19th century. After the synthesization of Iodine and the possibility to use it as a food supplement (e.g. in table salt) it lost much in attractivity. Today, pending from the ceiling of former mining galleries, this "new" life form (according to journalists), which resembles stalactites, was discovered next to this now almost forgotten medicinal bath town. What type of life form is it and where else does it also occur? How did it get there, what is its multiplying process and what nutrients do they need to thrive?. In contrast to regular stalactites which are rigid, these are flexible having a consistency similar to mucus or slime. In the following video it can be seen after position 1:45: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUFaqNJNYzA
Article dated from Nov. 7th: http://www.welt.de/wissenschaft/article134097642/Lebender-Alien-Schleim-entzueckt-Hoehlenforscher.html (You can use google to translate) Thank You!
A. (I have never studied science, so please bear with me as I explain this)..  I first see a box of Borax.  I get the main chemical in Borax is also present in this cave.  What is happening is this chemical is combining with other chemicals naturally occurring in this location and creating this gel result. I also see that aside from the "Borax chemical" there is some component of moisture, starch? and sodium (or crusty looking chemical that crystallizes).  I don't see these "gel" stalactites are alive, but rather growing due to the exposure to these chemicals.

Q. Dear Lynn, Would you please check out the entity known as Ion? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_%28DC_Comics%29

It has been reported by an independent channel that Ion is "an information super highway."
A.  I see this character being developed by someone who got a moment of inspiration and clarity of how emotions works, and how energy of emotions travel.  There is a superhighway of energy- it is the most efficient way for us to gain clarity without misinterpretation.  You "just understand."  This character also uses an "empath" type ability to their advantage (which I don't see as in the greater good).  Certain aspects of this entity are good in explaining how energy and energetic projections work, but there is an imbalance with regard to the responsibility and ethics of the use of that knowledge..?

Q. Dear pf, what is really going on with some celebs today, like Bill Cosby? Is he responsible for rapes and will he be punished? Are there any other celebs that the truth about them is coming to light, showing that even as a rich public figure the truth can always prevail...
A. The first thing I get is a message about there are people out there that do awful things, but those are the people that are rarely exposed... Then I get something about- when I person does or says something that is disapproving from the Powers That Be there will surely be a sex scandal break out.  

So what did Bill Cosby do?  I get this started a while ago.  Cosby stood up for American families, and being a respectable citizen.  He wanted accountability and responsibility, and was outspoken about it (I keep seeing him telling someone to pull up their pants and put a belt on)  Uniting the family, especially in African American homes is exactly what The Powers That Be do not want happening.  The "powers" want people on the system- it creates dependence (and slavery to the system and government).  

I get that Cosby was very outspoken (I see him standing in front of thousands of people??) try to inspire, and his words angered people.  I also get the murder of his son was no accident (I see an image of a white rose) and that was suppose to be a warning sign... ??.  

Q. http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/574328/20141128/portugal-ufo-angel-hair-strands.org#.VHlL0THF8po

Hi,Lynn. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this?
Here is another example of it in Canada: http://youtu.be/8nYNzKySXzA
A. I get this could be formed from UFOs.  They don't drop it, but they can cause it.  It looks like a distortion in the atmosphere (electromagnetic and gravity based) that forms these fibers.  It seems like the altered state of the molecules creating these fibers remains altered even after they are at rest and out of the electromagnetic / gravity condition that created them (however are very delicate).  

Q. What do you make of the "Illuminati Official Website" at http://www.illuminatiofficial.org/?

A. I clicked the link just to "connect" to what I am seeing, and immediately it felt very disturbing... It was like the energy was very low (vibration) and I got the word "lurker" as if somehow they were connecting to me as I tried to tune into them.  The website feels very off, and it seem like a tool to "reverse engineer" who is investigating them (check your spyware on your computer if you go there).  They are telling you some of what you want to hear, but mostly creating disinfo to confuse what you deep down do know as true. 

Q. Dear PF, could you do a reading on cyber attacks going on with large central banks in America.Like recently, JP morgan chase was hit by a cyber attack causing tremendous loss of data. Is this a planned attack by some group to take down these banks running on fiat money? Who is orchestrating the attack?

A.  I get the Chinese are orchestrating these attacks and the US is also attacking some of their own financial institutions.  

The Chinese are trying to get into our system to see how vulnerable we are.  They aren't planning on doing anything devastating YET, but want the ease of access for the future.  They don't trust the US and this is an insurance policy against things in the future (like if we default on a loan or the dollar fails).  The Chinese are able to make themselves whole again and use this as a very influential tool. 

The US is also hacking their own system in order to have access to funds in addition to setting up a scapegoat for when the dollar collapses.  The government evokes fear so when something really does happen, there is an excuse already set up. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Alpha X said...

"I see this character being developed by someone who got a moment of inspiration and clarity of how emotions works, and how energy of emotions travel. There is a superhighway of energy- it is the most efficient way for us to gain clarity without misinterpretation. You "just understand." This character also uses an "empath" type ability to their advantage (which I don't see as in the greater good). Certain aspects of this entity are good in explaining how energy and energetic projections work, but there is an imbalance with regard to the responsibility and ethics of the use of that knowledge..?"

This sounds a lot like me, specifically the bolded parts. You say that the character also uses an "empath" type ability so I'm wondering if the understanding and clarity that you're talking about is part of the empath ability or that these are two separate abilities.

I hadn't really thought of empathy as being what gives me that understanding unless it was specific to reading an individual.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn, thank You!

susan said...

HI Lynn,

Just wanted to further ask about Bill Crosby ... are you saying he is innocent?

All these women coming out and saying they were drugged and raped, are they lying or has their memories been altered to believe these events of rape?

How can these elites arrange such events such as all these women over many years saying somewhat the same story of rape and drugs.
Who are they taking down now?

Thanks Lynn for your kind insight!

Anonymous said...

I pretty much felt the same thing on Cosby... he ticked someone off and they want him toppled. It seems like any people that want families *white or black* to unite.... we soon see them topple.

Camryn Villarruel said...

With Bill Cosby I get that ppl were experimenting with drugs and sex. Highly suspicious too that some of these ladies allegedly were paid off. Lynn whybis Lisa Bonet so upset with Bill Cosby still? Thank you

Marc Grey said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome gift to us! May the Highest God and His Angels protect you and bless you always

I have questions which have disturb me sometime, and may you answer this if you like, this pertains to the Super Typhoon Haiyan last year,which you can read here:


As you see all of the biggest militaries in the world have been to the place to help but I doubt there some hidden agenda to it, and by next year the Roman Catholic Pope will visit in the place most hit by the typhoon

So my questions is: Is this typhoon Haiyan is the first ultimate test and human sacrifice(around 10k+ death but gov't says 5k only) of the future super weapon? and the world militaries are assessing the impact of their so called future super weapon?

Hope you enlighten me with this question, Thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alpha X: These are two separate things this character does, BUT the empath ability makes the overall clarity much easier to relate to and understand.

@susan: I see this as a higher agenda buying these people off.. They are trying to eliminate the "family man that promotes a strong family unit ESPECIALLY in the african american family environment." I even tuned in to see if there was consensual sex going on, and I can't connect with that- I see this as fictitious.

I get that Lisa Bonet isn't as upset as what the media is running with... If anything, her twitter, etc was hacked... something is off with this too.

@Marc: I do see weather manipulation being much of this.

Tom Trotts said...

Thanks, Lynn, for commenting on iON. Not sure you got the right entity, but cannot say for sure.

One piece is that the "channel" - "JW" is apparently very, very wealthy and they are using this stream of information to create cold fusion and other technologies.

And an interesting development that took place on Thanksgiving night - the entity now no longer needs the body of JW, and can create a hologram. This was witnessed on Skype - recording below.

"Awesome Development: we saw, on Skype last Thursday, iON separate from JW (the "channel" for iON) and talk to Carolyn and I as a "hologram" or simulation of JW in our "cold fusion" factory which has 200 people guarding it.
Listen to our detailed description during last Saturday's PAYDAY show:
Humanity has never witnessed this before... probably."

Audio: http://halkinnaman.com/ed/audio_rr/ion_payday_29nov2014_1.mp3

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Tom: Interesting.. I too think I focused on a different character by the name "Ion." I looked at a picture of and entity called "Ion" and went from there. I do appreciate you additional info for those that wanted to know more about this "Ion". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_%28DC_Comics%29

Baku Matsumoto said...

Tiger Woods got sex scandal a while ago since he was targetted by those Powers?

Ninneveh said...

@Baku, in Tiger Wood's case, my opinion is its just another highly sexed athlete who cheated on his wife. But I could be wrong about that.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn not related so much to this at first sight, but maybe you want to answer it now or later: what does this magnetic anomaly represent which Nasa discoverred back in 2005 in the minor lake Titicaca, Peru? (the area I reffer to is encircled by a black oval, and the image from NASA showing the anomaly appears on the right side of the map.) Thank You! http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2pydil4&s=8

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku and Ninneveh: I get that Tiger Woods really did commit those acts. He is in the public eye, but I get that he really was guilty.

@watchandknock: This looks like a good one to do on a future reading. I will save it. :-)