Thursday, December 11, 2014

Q & A XLX: Chakras / Spiritual / Souls / Guides [Group Post]

Q1.. There are seven chakras in the body, is it true that when a person dies, the soul exits through the chakra that most commensurate with its level of development?
A. When I have been able to get an image of someone passing, I see their soul step forward (like a shadow) if they are in a vertical position (or sitting) or rise above (like floating) if they are horizontal when passing.  It doesn't look to me that it is through one chakra (but it could be I just can't "see" it) but rather all the chakras at once.  I see that the vibration of the soul at the time of passing is reflected by the level of development.  

Q.  Does that mean that each chakra is a pathway to a different spiritual plane of existence divided by different colors / vibrations? Then would that mean there're 7 main spiritual planes.
A. I do see several planes, and souls can visit the various planes BUT they will reside with the one they are most similar too (regarding vibrations).  Low vibrations (most generally) don't "feel" well in a higher vibrational plane and vice versa.  I hear that "like attracts like." many planes are there?  I see it somewhere between five and ten... I cannot get a clear distinction between planes as some of them look to overlap (It is being shown to me like a rainbow- there are some definite colors, but there is a blending and "blur" between colors too).

Q. During meditation, do all our chakras open up temporarily? Are we vulnerable to entities and ghostly attacks or attachment when they are opened? 
A. They do all open up, some more than others unless you are very well-balanced, then they all do equally.  As long as you protect yourself during meditation, you (most always) are safe.  You can start each meditation with a mantra (for example, "please allow everything in this experience to be in my greater good" or "only allow truthful information of the highest vibration to connect"), call on your guides (you can say "please protect and guide me toward information in my greater good") or use crystals, etc to help you maintain I higher vibration (like attracts to like, so if you are of an elevated vibration you are of little interest to lower vibrational beings).  There are several ways, and you have to pick what resonates with you.  The important thing is that you have intent to not have lower being even think of coming to you, and you believe in your intent (humans are much stronger than we give ourselves credit).

Q. How do the chakras absorb cosmic energy?
A. I see the crown chakra as the gateway.  I always get the image when meditating that energy, knowledge, etc funnels in and out through the crown.  The crown then filters it and sends it where it needs to go. It looks like the crown chakra is a super sophisticated nervous system that runs parallel to our own system.

Q. Could you talk about what the next step beyond human might be and at what point is one ready to make that step?

A. I see it as a humanoid looking ET that is incarnated in a place that looks similar to earth, but has a very different feel to it.  This humanoid has an appearance similar to humans (skin texture, smooth hair, six fingers (?), six toes (?), they are empathic and intuitive (know what they are thinking and feeling without even talking).  The main difference from humans is the color of their hair, skin and eyes- they look to be of all colors (red, pink, blue, purple).  In some ways it looks like I am viewing a cartoon, but it is also beautiful and calming to be in the energy. Things flow very fluid.

Q. Some souls reincarnate many, many times on earth before moving on and I'm curious about what it is that they're waiting for and what they can expect when they do. 
A. You reincarnate many times in order to learn all aspects of life (the life lessons).  There are core concepts, and there are minor concepts, but all need to be mastered.  What is even more important than the lessons, is that the lessons prepare your soul for the next step. If you weren't prepared you would go into a shock- and you couldn't sustain it. I see spiritual advancement as a gradual growth, doing too much too fast just doing look possible (as if there is a universal law in place??).

Q. Relating to spirits, how suicide affects the spirit and when the person reincarnates how is their mission changed? How is the case of Brittany Maynard seen by the spiritual and universal conscious?
A. I see each situation as different.  It looks like in some situations the suicide is part of the life path- it was meant to happen in order for the person to learn and also provide experience to those around the person.  These acts of suicide are excusable and actually necessary for that souls "expansion through experience."  I get that Brittany Maynard's path followed along that.  

In other situations a person cannot cope with life (could be trauma, depression, etc) and takes their life.  The lesson that was missed during the current life will come back in the next, but it may come back less intense (maybe a person was put up for adoption in this life and the feeling of abandonment was too intense, so in the next life they grow up in a single parent home where they still deal with abandonment, but it isn't as intense- I am not saying all those that are adopted are feel abandoned, that was just an example that I saw to help better explain this).  Sometimes we sign up for lessons we aren't quite ready for, and need eased into them rather than have them feel so "heavy.".  

Q. Can you do a blog on spirit guides? What is the best way to communicate with them? Do we choose our spirit guides and who are they? Can I become a spirit guide after life? How do we know if they are listening. Can they show us signs if we ask?

A. The best way to communicate with your spirit guide is to listen to that little voice in your head that tells you right and wrong (which is better thought of as your greater good choices). If you are unable to communicate to your guides through meditation (which can be difficult for some people to focus and tune out the outside "noise"), your guide will communicate to you through your subconscious.  We do not chose the guide, but rather they are assigned to you based on what you need- and they can change throughout your life as your needs change.  

You can become a guide when you spiritually advance far enough in at least one aspect (maybe you truly understand happiness- you could become a "joy guide").  They do listen, and are constantly giving gentle nudges in the right direction- the challenge is to listen to them because many times the best choices in our life are the difficult ones.  

If you want or need confirmation, put the intent out there- use something measurable that feels like chance if it were to happen (but realize it isn't). For example, if you are pondering something and need to know if you are on the right path, put the intent that you want to see the numbers 2-2-2... If you are on the right path, that series of numbers will present itself.  

It is important to know that when you set your intent it cannot interfere with your life path- sometimes people ask for lotto numbers, etc- if you are meant for that to happen in your life it will and your guide cannot show you that information unless you are meant to be directed toward it.

Q. I'm curious about how much of our current way of thinking carries over to our souls when we die and move on. In our individual lives most of us don't remember much about our past lives or what it's like between lives but those memories must come back once we leave our bodies. I wonder if we continue to be the way we are with a greater understanding of things or if those memories almost totally change us.

A. I see concepts, events and some memories are what follow and shape us more than specific thoughts- and those are what comes back to use when we die.  That is also what comes to us in meditation and hypnosis because we are opening up our subconscious and tapping into the universal consciousness.  

In reference to specific memories I see a table top- on that table is all our memories from all our lives.  We get to a point (as our souls get older) that the memory table is so full that in order to build new ones, some old ones need to fall off- there isn't enough room.  We hold onto the ones that are the most influential or mold our soul, and all others start to fade off.  There may be some residual energy of the memory, but the details cannot be recalled (even through hypnosis).  

Q. I also wonder how much of our goals or promises in life carry over to our souls. Like if I told someone that I'd check up on them after I die or that I'd always protect, watch out for, or be near them, would I be able to and want to honor that when I move on?
A. I do see you have a choice to stay and look after someone because you have a choice as to if and when you want to go to "the light."  If protecting or being near someone is in their greater good, and they welcome you to be there, you are able to fulfill that promise.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


a2k said...

Dear PF, what exactly is the subtle body.Where do we locate it in human body?

Alpha X said...

Thanks for answering so many of my questions at once. With regards to the souls reincarnating many times question: I was more specifically interested in why certain souls seem to have incarnated an exceptionally high amount of times without moving on. Is it safe to assume that those souls are either right at the end of their incarnations here or have had to re-learn a lot of lessons?

In thinking about how to reword my question above, I also came up with this one: I actually want to know if a soul might reincarnate on earth even though it has already learned all of the lessons necessary to advance and what reason there might be for something like that.

Thank you for all that you've already answered and I apologize for turning a lot of questions into even more questions. Most of my questions have a personal reason for asking behind them but I hope that others can benefit from your reading of them as well.

RFK Pope said...

If you think about it all, it seems like life is a game that we are forced to play, and as we advance through levels (life lessons) we receive rewards - like in Monopoly (Is this where the original idea of games came from?).

From the Creator's perspective, what is the VALUE of souls mastering life lessons while living in physical form?

Fernanda said...

My grandpa is really good with wood work and building stuff and never had a formal training on it. I wonder if this is something he carried from a previous life? Makes sense what you said about carrying some knowledge and leaving others...

Ryno said...

@RFK Pope: If I may put in my 2 cents here as to what I think and I would love to know PF's or anyone else's thoughts on it as well. Ever heard of the "The Law of One" RA material? It states that we are all "One" in that we are all a part of the Infinite Creator/Universal Consciousness/Great Central Sun. But if the Infinite Creator merely just existed and did nothing else that would be pretty boring right? So, the Infinite Creator chooses to split-off (for a lack of a better word or maybe step down would be better term) to "experience" things individually (but still trying to stay connected) in many different ways from something as basic as a mineral to a a highly advanced being or Logos and with the ultimate goal being to make it back to "One." In a weird way we are experiencing ourselves since everything is One.

According to something I read by a so-called Illuminati insider called Hidden Hand, life is essentially like you said, "a game." We continue to reincarnate and play the game of life to experience, learn, grow, love in this third dimension/density existence until our souls are ready and prepared for the next dimension/density. No matter what we do in this life, our souls don't die, like a game you can just try again. I'll finish up my thoughts with quoting Hidden Hand here, "The goal of the Game is to enter into these further divisions of Creation, and then seek to harmonize the Polarities, in order to once again know Oneself as the Creator of them." So what is the value you asked, I think it is to know yourself and know that we are all connected, we are all One.

Watchand Knock said...

This imbalances my chakras!! Leuren Moret,independent researcher, confirms that U.S. Government and Jesuit controlled HAARP under President Barack Obama (in coordination with monarchies and City of London banking networks) is creating polar vortex and nuclear typhoons filled with Fukushima radiation that is then dropped on the northern hemisphere populations, especially targeting the United States people. She also states in this interview that right now radiation (resulting from Fikushima) in the US is above 2-3 times evacuation level!! This sounds exaggerated to my ears, what is your take Lynn? Thank You!( She also states that Putin on his side is using HAARP to prevent this to enter Russia!

Camryn Villarruel said...

@Ryno, I agree with you. I picture a huge white fireball and the sparks are our souls that shoot into the air and go different directions. I guess the challenge is to go back to the fireball with the knowledge your soul learned. At one point souls don't come back but move to a different existence to continue learning. Does it ever stop?

Camryn Villarruel said...

Thank you Lynn for sharing your knowledge.

Waityurturn said...

I like this question

Waityurturn said...

Hi Lynn, when we graduate to fifth dimension do we still have life lessons? What are the lessons like in the fifth dimension?

whitelite 1111 said...

Great question.

Alex said...

Lynn, Thanks for answering so many questions regarding the spiritual side of life.

Craig said...

Just wanted to comment on a couple things that came up.

From my teachings, it is true that we are all from the same Source and represent different aspects of it.

Yes life is a game in a way, more like an illusion that feels real and we get so involved that we forget. So one of the things we are learning is detachment while still being present and "connected" to our bodies (and our world), and to be connected from our bodies to spirit ("spiritualizing" matter).

According to Cayce, curious souls came to earth wanting to "play" and became entangled in the lower vibrations (3rd dimension). The way that was devised to free them was reincarnation, but it was so hard to escape the pull of this plane that we kept repeating lessons. or creating new ones to learn. So here we are.

One final thing -- it is said that suicide is often the result of a soul taking on too much. They arrange the life lessons before incarnation and it all looks really good, like they will have help, etc., but they soon learn that they may have taken on more than they can handle and want out. These souls were looking to complete a LOT of karmic lessons in one shot, but just got overwhelmed.

They Live said...

Hello! The E.T.'s you described as being pink, purple, blue etc. have been depicted in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. At least that's what I felt when I saw the movie.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I don't see it as a where, but rather a what... I see it as the part that opens up at the moment of meditation in which you fully release and allow the higher self to come through...

@Alpha X: The number of incarnations really depends on the souls ability to retain and understand what was taught.. You may not fully grasp something, or you may need more. For a soul to evolve, it has to be able to handle it. You can incarnate on earth after knowing all the lessons, and in this case you would be considered a guide of sorts (I want to imagine a Buddha??).

@RFK: The goal is to reach enlightenment. It is kind of a game, but the reward at the end is worth it. You have to earn it and not get sucked into the negative regression.

@Fernanda: Many times that is the case..

@Ryno: The Law of One is a GREAT READ!! So much truth...

@WatchandKnock: This looks like a great read for later! Thank you!!

@Waityurturn: Fifth dimension... I see it at more like mental challenges- like learning about new gifts with new mental abilities- strong intuition, mental telepathy, operating at higher vibrations, etc...

@TheyLive: I haven't seen this movie, but maybe this is a sign that I should :-)

They Live said...

;-) :-)

Alex said...


Does this absorbed cosmic energy increase our soul vibration?

In what ways do we lose this store of cosmic energy? Or we'll never lose the energy once we have absorbed them?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: I see the energy as something you have to work to maintain because it leaves in small amounts (like it dissipates slowly as you need or use it).