Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spirit Realm

Q. Hey, Lynn. I've bee following this great channel called 'Spirit Science' on YouTube. Really cool channel that uses animations to discuss different sides of reality. Reminds me a lot of the material you provide on your blog.

The channel has nearly 400k subscribers. Spirit Science (SS) has a great number of supporters but also generated a lot of hate. It's really painful to read the comments in the YouTube channel but it's a great learning process nonetheless. Clearly if it was a science debate, SS wouldn't stand a chance.

So my question is, why is it so difficult to prove the spiritual realm exist? (let alone describe it) I am sure the spirit world are still subjected to the natural laws of our universe which I think many scientists already have a firm grasp on.

Will there be a point in time where everything will be clearer?
A.  I get the main reason it is hard to prove is because the evidence is mostly subjective.  Scientists work with facts, and many decisions are based on "yes" and "no" answers, when in life there are many shades of gray.  They also look for data that can be exactly duplicated if an experiment is repeated, and the spirit realm doesn't work that way.  You can do the same thing several times and get a different answer each time.  Likewise, you could do something ten different ways and get the same answer each time- nothing is exact.

I can read someone and get an image.  Someone else could read the same person and get a totally different image (most definitely would).  The person could end up getting a similar reading, or a reading on two perspectives of their life (maybe my image was about relationships and the other image was regarding their job).  Both are valid, just different based on the person doing the reading. I see that even though you are tapping into something that is not on our physical plane, the results and methods people use are inconsistent, therefore, easy to discount.

I also get that some people have allowed their rational / conscious mind to take over to the point that their subconscious is blocked from putting through alternative ideas.  When we are children we are open to the world, and as we mature we start to shut that down.  As adults we have to make the conscious choice to listen to the voice in our head (our subconscious) because our rational mind wants to dismiss it.  

For some it is really fear based.  They don't want to believe in other realities because it may threaten a religious belief or a reality that challenges what they were taught or learned.  It is easier to discount it than to accept the possibilities.  

People that have had the experience of alternate realities / spirits already accept alternate realities are real.  It may be confusing to understand (there are many alternatives and the universe is a mystery that we learn about piece by piece), but the underlying belief of its' existence is there.

I don't see a "trigger time" in which everyone is enlightened and sees alternate realms BUT I do get that each individual will have their "moment" when they come to the realization.  Some people learn this early on,  for some they are in their mature years and other don't realize it until the start to visit the spirit realm at the moment close to passing.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  

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