Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Q & A XL: Random Questions [Group Post]

Q. Can you see if it is possible for humans to levitate to a point where they are actually flying?
A.  I do see it possible for a human to levitate, but not to the extent of flying.  What I see is someone meditating and raising their vibration to the point where they get a few inches off the ground.  It is as if they are able to maintain a frequency that allows their body to elevate "through" the force of gravity, but that vibration cannot be maintained for more than a few moments.  The image I get is seeing the force of gravity like little particles that come down on objects like rain, and when a person (or anything) is able to maintain a vibration that is high enough, their being (or the object) looks to float up and the particles of gravity go through the being rather than press down on them.

Q. Can you identify who was Jack The Ripper?

A.  I did a reading on this and I most connected to a gentleman named Aaron Kosminski.  He had a lot of mental problems, but was fairly good at hiding them.  He knew how to control himself when he felt he was being "watched" but when his compulsions took over he sought out victims that he felt would not be "missed."  He had a lot of aggression toward women (starting with the neglect and abuse from his mom or maternal figure) and had uncontrollable urges to torture and murder his victims. He felt like he was justified and "getting back" at something.

Q. Dear PF, please do a broad-minded reading on sex/masturbation!Doctors say Sex/masturbation is good for health while spiritualists see it more as a hindrance.In fact, in our religion i.e. Hinduism complete chastity is emphasized.Is sex a natural process or more of a trapping mechanism as its nature is addictive and let one loses the control over mind?
A. Sex / masturbation is a completely normal process.  Without those feelings (and the act of sex) our species would die.  Then I hear that like anything it is all about balance.  The act of climaxing can actually be very spiritual for that moment and provide clarity after you are done.  

It is important to also realize that when your mind, body and soul are in balance, sex is a beautiful thing- physically, mentally and spiritually.  When you have to have caution is when things are out of balance and sex becomes an escape (like abusing drugs or alcohol) or you're harming someone else.  The losing control over mind and body isn't because of sex, but rather because a person is out of alignment and they are seeking balance where it doesn't exist (could even be another substance or act  and not just sex).

Q. I was wondering if you could look at the art prodigy Akiane Kramarik. She has an amazing talent and is wise beyond her years. Did she come here to earth to teach us about life and love? Her brothers are also prodigies. Her and her younger brother write poetry as if an ascended master is speaking through them. Please tell us what your thoughts are about this family.
A.  When I first connect to her I want to use the word "savant."  She has tapped into parts of her left brain that few are able to successfully do.  She is very spiritual (naturally) and it does feel like things come to her through dreams and randomly throughout moments in her life.  

Akiane and her siblings look like they incarnated as a "pact" to come here and serve as a conduit between the spiritual realm and the physical realm that we live on.  It was their calling to come here and share their talents, and through her skills people can see there is something out there that is so much more amazing than what we see everyday.

Q. Juicy one:Who is behind this giant object (over 100,000 km in diameter) and what is their raison d'etre?

A. Immediately I got that it is a UFO.  Many ETs have the technology to use the suns energy to propel themselves (they absorb it and convert it to usable energy like an endless energy resource).  They are also able to get very close without being harmed by the intensity of the sun.  

I also get that the reason that there is so much activity around the sun (this won't be the only sighting) is because the sun is going through some kind of significant cycle (and it feels concerning).  It is like the ETs are studying it and are very cautious of it.  I also get that they cycle the sun is going through is significant because there is a "sister sun" and if both suns don't maintain the same level of intensity, balance, etc, something adverse can happen.  Our sun feels "out of time" (or out of sync) when compared to the sister sun... ??

Q. On the topic of reptilians, have "thou" ever or can "thou" do a review of the "Lecerta Files" on whether or not the information is real or a hoax and if she is part of an impartial reptilian race that lives under the surface? Link: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_52.htm
A. As soon as I read this question I had chills.  I have seen many times the reptoid type ETs that live beneath the surface.  The only conflict I have is I have only seen the darker form of these reptilian type ETs rather than a compassionate, higher level species.  I do see this worth reading and taking an open mind to.  More than anything it feels like a race of reptilian ETs that want to be compassionate and portrayed as such, but deep down on a spiritual level are very low.  ??

Q. Hi Lynn, I have always been a fan of Cat Stevens. I know he turned to Islam. That is fine with me. What I wonder about is what is his truth? I Always felt it was peace. I get conflict from him. I can understand why.
A. He feels like he battles doing the right thing, or not knowing what the right this is.  He is wanting to be a good person, and something about his life path feels kind of lost.  He never feels he is doing or devoting enough to the betterment of man and that weighs on him.  He is a very conflicted man (and probably why you pick up on that).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  


KnockandWatch said...

Dear PF! After a conturbated election process in Brazil the new president is the old one. How do you see Dilma Rousseff's second term and is there something noteworthy about it? Thank You!

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you for the reading!

A Man Called Da-da said...

When you say, "sister sun" does that mean sun in an adjacent timeline/dimension? Hos many timelines/dimensions/universes are there?



The Boookworm said...

I once read somewhere that a woman had an encounter with a benevolent Reptoid, yet he operated on a low vibration. He wanted to learn about compassion since his species were not born with empathy. It seems that there are some species who want to change their image.

This reminds me so much of the Goth subculture; despite the low vibration, they believe there is beauty in darkness. I doubt all Reptilians are evil; most of them are just misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

What caused the split between higher and lower ET, those having empathy those not? What are the highest vibration ET's and the lowest? Does physical form impact vibration?

Thank you

Ninneveh said...

PF could the sister sun refer to Sirius?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@KnockandWatch: I somehow see this term as more scandelous... I feel she is involved in some kind of a deal or bribe and doesn't know how to get out of it.. Her energy / karma feels negative.

@A Man Called Dada: I see we have two suns (one we see, and one behind our current one that we either don't see, or don't realize moves in tandem with our own).

@Bookworm: I agree. I think that is what was being shown to me in the reading and that is why I was so conflicted with it.

@Syoma: The physical form really doesn't impact vibration, it has to do with the spiritual evolution of the species. The highest beings look glowing white- I don't have a name, but the radiate the brightest white light. The lowest look like incomplete reptilians (reptilian texture, but either short, misshapen heads, deformed in some way, etc)

@Ninneveh: It could be.. I can't get a clear confirmation, but I also don't get that it isn't.. (In fact there is some kind of connection that resonates with me).

Pernille said...

I have read in an old channelling from the Pleiades, that sex and the orgasm can in fact connect you to your higher self, but only if there is love between the parts. If there is no love, it will only be plain sex and that is also ok.

Ryno said...

Could this "sister sun" be a binary dwarf brown star aka Planet X/ Nibiru/Wormwood/Red Comet? Is it red with a gold hue?

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

You mention that the highest being look glowing white. But what does it mean if a being (passed away) has glowing light around her, apparently another being carrying that light and following her?

Thank you.

a2k said...

Hi PF! Thanks for giving us a broad perspective on sex. I would like to ask you one more thing.In nature we observe, among animal kingdom that no social form of restriction is there amongst animal worlds regarding sex. Sex is treated as some sort of celebration whenever the occasion arises. But among humans there are lots of social taboos like you should remain committed to single person. You should not marry this that.You should not have casual sex with anyone. So What I want to know is the some form of perversion in humans or was this social structure intentionally created by our wise ancestors?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: It could- when I focus on the image I see a dark gold as if it doesn't radiate as much light. I would say it is not the "red comet" I see because when I see that it is very much a red fire ball.

@lillian: It is a different type of light. The highest being is so light you can barely look at it. I also have that feeling that you get when you stand in front of a large music speaker (you feel the base inside you), like the being radiates this huge vibration. It is very different that seeing a spirit that has passed.

@a2k: I see the basis of our human "restrictions" about social order. Most of us have normal, healthy thoughts, but society maintains order with rules. There is also an aspect that ties to religion and control with these rules (I did a reading on that earlier).

Anonymous said...

I've read a good portion of this. The Lecerta interview. I "feel" the words that come to mind are disgust and loathing from this being.

Anonymous said...

If a soul continues on forever aka energy. How can these alien races really hurt us? We will just die and continue on. What do they gain by killing physical bodies?

Rusty Bojador said...

Was wondering if this was real or hoax
Did Val Valiant Thor had a visit to
President Eisenhower and had a secret meeting at the pentagon?
It was said that this entity was from planet Venus and was very much into Christ teaching. If he is real, where is he now and what is he doing?

Rusty Bojador said...

To add it was Dr Frank Stanges who had contact with Valiant Thor I feel Dr Stanges was a kind individual and a lot of Christ centered messages

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Diane: I feel like the harm is to have us pass before we are ready and knowledgeable enough to know how to handle the afterlife... Almost stunting our ability to evolve...

@Rusty: This is interesting... I need to think on it more. I do believe that some people in the white house are much more enlightened than what we could imagine because of their power, resources and opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having a problem accessing the Lacerta files? I've been reading the site when I get the chance but have been unable to access in the last several days.

Andrew Dyson said...

Hi Lynn,
Sorry to leave this reply so long...
Just a matter of semantics here:

Q. Can you identify who was Jack The Ripper?
A. I did a reading on this and I most connected to a gentleman named Aaron Kosminski.

"Gentleman"? Psychopathic misogynist would perhaps be more apt!
Hope he enjoyed his "life-review" when he passed, thirty years after the murders.