Thursday, November 13, 2014

Q & A XLIII: Random Questions

Q. Why are her parents still keeping Jahi McMath alive if a few doctors have already declared her brain dead? Is she just a vegetable? And if she is just a vegetable, where is her spirit?
A.  They are keeping her alive because they have hope.  I see her parents being of the thought that when you die, that is it- there is a finality to it that they aren't able to accept.  The hope, thought and energy put into the belief she is not brain dead is actually giving her energy.  I don't see her brain as completely dead because I get that there is a comprehension still occurring of her environment.  Her understanding is minimal, but she is able to sense energies around her and respond (even if it is with minor electrical impulses).
Her spirit / soul is very much with her and fully charged with colors.  It looks like it goes between being in her physical body, and floating above her like a cloud.  It looks to toggle back and forth.  Her spirit looks ok being here, not anxious to leave- like the time isn't right yet. I get something good is to come of this before she is able to pass on, like a law or right of some kind will be created.  

Q. Do you see if the south korean celebrity, Kim Hyun Joong, really beat his girlfriend or was she lying?
A.  I get he really did do it.  They were both arguing, and it reached an ugly point where they were mutually verbally yelling and assaulting each other.  His girlfriend got the worst of it, but she also slapped and did things to him.  It was a very ugly thing that got out of control and emotions took over.  

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you do a reading on the religious principle of tithing? Is it necessary? What are it's benefits? What is the best practice to achieving personal wealth and financial freedom?

A. Tithing can be a positive thing depending on church you are donating to, and if you donate freely with the absence of guilt (some churches shame people into it) and it isn't detrimental to you or your family (some churches require 10% of your earnings).  Some churches take the profit, do what is needed to maintain the church, help children and help the community- there is nothing wrong with that.  It is collected and used for the greater good.  

Many times tithing is necessary to maintain a physical structure unless you have a large congregation that is willing to volunteer time and effort to keep the church going.

There are also religions in which the sermons are held in peoples homes, and there is no brick and mortar church.  In this case it isn't necessary.  In this situation money can go to charity or helping the community, but isn't required to keep the church going.  

If you are asking if it is necessary to be closer to Jesus, the answer is no.  Focus on your karma, maintain balance and work toward the greater good in order to elevate your vibrations.  Money is something humans tied to this, and really isn't a requirement to advance spiritually. 

Personal wealth and financial freedom are really different for everyone.. Most generally if people do what brings them joy (keeping service to others and service to self in balance), the rest will fall into place.  The big question is finding your joy, being honest to yourself, empowering yourself to work toward goals to get there and stay accountable along the way.

Q. Hello Lynn, I was just curious. Why hasn't Obama released his transcripts from college?  On your college transcripts they often have information on there not related to grades. Is there anything on there that would embarrass him like something that says he was a foreign student and not a U.S. citizen? Does it say he is a Muslim, Atheist or Agnostic ? Are there classes or extracurricular events that would shame him? Were his grades not good enough to get into Columbia or Harvard by his own merit? Why has he been so secretive about them when every other candidate has released them ?
A. The very first thought was "he hasn't taken the time to make it presentable."...  

I get that overall his transcript doesn't look "presidential" and when compared to other candidates he wouldn't be as proud and would have explaining to do.  It has a sub par feeling to it.  It would immediately put him on the defensive, and that isn't a position he likes to be in. 

I also get that it somehow indicates that he is studying abroad for some of these classes.  When I ask for more clarification, I hear some kind of argument in my mind that goes "well he just marked it that way [studying abroad] to help him get in [to college], he really is native to the US." It came across as if I was eavesdropping on a conversation that he was having with someone....??  My overall impression is that it contains some dishonest information and he is not up to the challenge of dealing with the necessary damage control.

Q. What's happening with the cats disappearing in Ipswich UK? Not many of them are making it back home and when they do they are in very frightened and in bad shape. Are aliens to blame? Is my cat safe outside? This link has newspaper articles at the end of it. Really appreciate your insight here.

A. I get all over the world there are energetic locations (the earth is gridded in a sense) that create a vortexes.  The UK has a large active vortex right now which is also why so many crop circles and UFO sightings are occurring (not sure if that is a fact, but what I see).   The energetic forces also cause some species of animals brains to kind of "scramble" or get confused and just run off.  Sometimes they wander, and sometimes the energy will collect somewhere and create a beacon for them to gather.  I also get that cats aren't the only thing behaving oddly- birds and frogs too??  It effects outside cats because they are able to roam, but inside cats feel it too (again, more odd behavior) but they are trapped in their home.  

Q. I heard that Melissa River is going to have an investigation her mother's death. Will this be an honest investigation or is Melissa going to be threatened by this action?

A. She is having it investigated, but I don't see her getting truthful information.  I get the the evidence that could have revealed the truth has already been destroyed or contaminated. Melissa has a strong feeling this was intentional (even more so than negligent), but she can't seem to get the facts that support what she deep down knows.

Q. Since we are multidimensional beings I've been wondering if it is possible to live more than one life in the same world, the same time, and the same dimension - simultaneously if there is person I can physically meet that is part of my soul same way as myself just in a different body as I'm in this body.

A. I get that our souls can travel when we sleep or even meditate, but we only tether to one physical body per incarnation.  If you meet someone that know your are connected to, then that usually results from a familiarity of incarnating together in the past- the souls recognize each other even though your physical body may see them as a stranger.  We jump into our current lives with other souls, and those souls connect to us when we need them (could be siblings, children, friends, partners).  When we meet these people, we connect because the souls have a connection.

Q. The Ancient Aliens show on History channel is very interesting. Is Giorgio Tsoukalos' purpose to enlighten the people or is he being controlled by ETs? Your thoughts on these please, thank you!

A. I see him as honest and seeking the truth.  There is a little ET intervention going on in the form providing clarity, insight or somehow finding facts that make sense.  It looks like he has had this "lucky" feeling of being able to connect the dots or opportunities.  I don't see him meditating or having direct contact, but it looks like the ET energy is around him and things just "come to him" and he doesn't realize that he is like a conduit to revealing information to humans.

Q. What is this sound coming from comet 67p (rosetta mission)? I think it’s from a telepathic species that’s placed their thoughts into a radio frequency band so humans might understand them. Check out the sound:  What are they saying and why is it on this comet?

A. I don't see it as talking, but there is something living on this comet that exists at that frequency and we (with technical assistance) are able to hear that frequency.  I will say I didn't feel good about it- and it feels dark.  I also get something not in the greater good will happen if we alter or do something with this comet (ie try to interfere, poke or prod).  I get a picture of us trying to destroy the comet eventually, and in doing so it spreads a disease (a puff of a virus comes out of it).  I get the creators of this comet are on a mission and do not want to be messed with.

Q. Is David Wilcox the reincarnation of Edward Cayce? I've seen many youtube videos of him over the years and felt some truth to him. I just came across one where he had "literally" black circles under his eyes and he had the dry mouth of a guy of speed. He looked really ill.

A  I don't him as being Edward Cayce, but I get his is able to channel Edward Cayce.  He speaks a lot of truth, and I get Edward Cayce sort of guides him through the process of figuring things out and interpreting things. There really is a good connection between him and Cayce, but I don't see them as the same person. 

Q. Hi Lynn, I was hoping you could take a look at this recent video and tell us your thoughts. It is truly amazing. Thank you so much.

A.  I looked at the video, and really focused in.  I get that there was a illusion going on, but I was trying to determine the source.  I get that the root of the illusion was based on some kind of frequency radiated from the moon and that frequency effected the view through the microscope.  It is coming across like a heartbeat from the moon (a frequency) that caused it to look that way.

Note: I wasn't sure were to post this, but someone submitted this and I didn't want it lost in the comments.  The submitter said "For everyone into reptillians. Here is a nice recent video I found"

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Camryn Villarruel said...

Hi Lynn thank u very informative. Do u see Aliens as tulpas created by human minds or real beings?

Nessie said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for this reading!
It's very disturbing whats happening to the cats in the UK.

As negativity needs a vessel to create this, could it be that this vortex is created by a highly negative person(s) who lures the cats into a trap this way and then commits these crimes against them?

Do you feel that they will catch this person(s)? Praying that this will happen soon so the souls of the cats and all the other animals can be set free.

Thank you and blessings to you and your family

Watchand Knock said...

Hi PF. could you please check the vid. below in order to clarify the veracity of this hypothesys: "Mars photo: Humanoid alien riding vehicle caught by Opportunity rover (Video)"
Thank You!

Waityurturn said...

Hey PF, who created the comet 67p and what is the mission of it?

Anonymous said...

Lynn, The 67P audio which I listened to just tonight made me very uncomfortable like it would be best not to hear it (influence?). The Lacerta files gave me bad feelings about this entity and there true motives. Is there any practice that can allow us to see the reptilians as they really are?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Camryn: I see them as very real things. We can communicate with them telepathically (and they have high intellectual capabilities), but they are also physical beings.

@Nessie: I don't see it as a person doing this, but rather a phenomenon of these energetic pools of energy. I see energy shifts making it not as intense- and that is when these animals will get relief.

@watchandknock: I watched this, and I really couldn't connect this as being true... I do see life on mars, but I couldn't get what they think they saw on mars was accurate as described... (Maybe I just don't see it right??)

@waityouturn: I get ETs created it, and it was a way of transporting something (genetic based) from one location to another.. I can't get specifics, but that is what I saw as the intended purpose.

@Diane: Yes, I too thought it felt negative. I found myself turning it off after a few moments like I physically reacted to it.

As you develop an understanding of the reptilians, you will see them for yourself- you will feel people (like the repelling feeling of a magnet) or immediately know when you are being lied to. Your subconscious will work as a filter.

crissyrileyzuri said...

Do you feel like the video you posted at the bottom of the blog was true?

Nessie said...

Thank you for your reply Lynn, very comforting to know that the animals will get relief, hope it will be sooner than later though.
Who controls these energy shifts?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@crissyrilizuri: I have seen much more compelling videos, but this seems to have a little truth behind it.

YourPsychicFocus said...

The following link is actually more of one that makes me wonder...It feels truthful.

Charlotte Bailey said...

Thanks again for your readings! Very enlightening.

siketa said...

Lynn, this video looks very authentic.
What do you think about it?

Chatty Cathy said...

There is a young woman, Heidi Beemer, who is being vetted to become one of the people sent to establish the first human settlement on Mars by the Dutch non-profit organization Mars One. I saw her discussing the process on the daytime talk show, The Real, this week. Is this organization unaware that ET life exists? Do you foresee that ET's will create any obstacles or problems to interfere with this organization's endeavors?

Youtube Video link of her discussing it:

CNN article:

Ninneveh said...

Apparently the comet lander will start drilling into the comet. Hopefully this wont count as interference or tampering...

Chatty Cathy said...

@Diane Hamilton & Psychic Focus -

I was interested to learn more about the comet 67P and the "music" or sounds emitting from it and came across this article that says two interesting things: 1) the sound is at a wavelength of around 40-50 millihertz, far below the range of human hearing, so the scientists increased the frequency by a factor of 10,000 in order to hear the song; and 2) the article says the "music" sounds very similar to music created by composer Gyorgy Ligeti's Continuum for Harpsichord. There are links to both audits. He also happens to be Jewish.

@Psychic Focus - Is there is a link between his Jewishness and his ability to produce music that sounds like non-Earth entities such as this comet?

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn, as I just heard, Dolores Cannon hypnotherapist (born April 15 1931 in Saint Luis Missouri) sadly passed away last October 18. Can you please tell us how she is doing? Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I pray that you seek THE MOST HIGH and I pray that you will turn away for the ALIENS AND UFOS ARE DEMONIC AND USED BY SATAN TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

I was prompted to message you for you were the one who helped me initially to see JUST HOW CORRUPT THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS.

I ask you please to seek Yah. He is calling me to tell you this.

Please visit Sherry's site:



YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: It does feel authentic… It also has a dark feel to it as well..

@Chatty Cathy: I do see some interference. It get that we will have to prove our worth in some way to be allowed to truly colonize outside of earth.

Regarding the comet- Very interesting. I do not get a link between the two- it feels very separate.

@WatchandKnock: The image I saw was of someone bowing and praying- I get she is as peace and that symbol usually means that their spirit is looking over us and she is protecting us (or guiding us).

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You Lynn!!! <3

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

Is euthanasia consider a suicide?
Will it have a negative effect on our karma?

Thank you.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@lilian: Every situation is different, but I see that if it is done in the greater good- is "feels" ok...

Raymond G said...


Thank you for answering my question about Obama and his transcripts. I have always assumed he had something to hide, because if he didn't, they would be released. What is interesting is that it must be incredibly bad to have to hide this for 6 years and continue to answer questions about why he refuses to release them, rather than release them and then deal with the issue.

You answered a question for me about Tesla, Cayce and free energy a while back and I think you have covered the idea of free energy in other readings. But...if you asked the 'right spirit' would it be possible for them to tell you how to build a free energy machine ? A lot of readings from various sources have said that will have energy devices in our garages. Supposedly we will have a 'lightening rod ' outside our homes leading to a device the size of a water heater that will give us free energy from space.

I bet that everything needed to create it is currently available if you knew what 'pieces and parts' to put together. If you found the right Guide could they tell you that you need a grounding rod like 'this' and then attach it to a electric generator 'like this' and have a converter 'like this' tuned to ....

Is it possible to get step by step instructions or do the Angels prefer to be more general ?

Thanks for your help, I enjoy reading your blog. There is a lot to learn here !

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Raymond: I do think that with the right connection, you could tap into that and it would be a beautiful thing for the world. I have seen it very generously (images of the lightening rod etc), but I can't seem to get or understand the technical way it works.