Monday, November 17, 2014

Portals in Suriname and Lemurians

Q. It is said that there must be a higher-dimensional portal somewhere in the southeast of Suriname, below the Tapanahony region. It is known by (some of) the native inhabitants living there, but they keep it secret. Let me – before putting my questions online– state that, if it indeed exists, the location should be kept secret, so please do not describe the location.

Does the portal indeed exist? If yes, has it been used in the past? If yes, by whom and for what? Where does it lead? Can you see people going in and coming out, with or without things? Can you describe what you see? Is it still operational?

A. When I first tune in I do get a confirmation of this existing.  I will not go into the specific of the location, I will only say that there is a cave that is covered by vegetation from a thick jungle.  You cannot find it unless you know where you are going, and the natives are careful not to leave tracks or trails to the mouth of this cave.  

I do see that there are also some unique properties to this portal.  It looks as though natives pray to this area and also use the energy given off for healing.  One specific image I see is a native (and only a few select ones are even allowed to be near this location) placing some kind of item (looks like a carved rock) near the mouth of the cave and then bowing out of respect and leaving...A few days later they return and take the rock, bowing again.  They then take that rock back to their village and use it for ceremonies and healing as if this rock absorbed some of the spiritual powers of the cave.  

There is a high vibration coming from this portal. I get that when you walk near it you can "feel" it. It is similar to feeling the reverberation from loud music.

What happens if you walk in the cave?  
I get that none of the natives have done this out of both fear and respect.  They stay close to the mouth.  As I try to look in, it looks like an average cave (smell, darkness, feel) but the difference is the energy- it is so intense that you feel like it is spinning around you to where you feel sick from the push and pull of it.  It feels mentally like it is charging you, but physically makes you a little ill- like this experience is too intense for our physical human bodies.  The energy gets more intense the further you walk in the cave, but then you are physically stopped by the end of the cave- there is no where to go.

Has it been used in the past and Is is still used?  Is it functional?
It was used in the past for higher dimensional beings to come to earth, but it looks like the end of the portal has been closed making it not fully functional.  I see an image of a hallway with a door on each side, but one of those doors is locked making the pathway down the hallway closed- this looks to be blocked the same way.  If the (and they look like ETs) chose to reactive their end of this, they would be able to use this route again.  I can't see objects coming out of the cave with the ETs, but rather just the ETs themselves. 

Q. Are there (other) places in Suriname with a special energetic signature, like an energy vortex with higher-frequency energies? Or a place where the ‘veil’ between the dimensions are thinner than elsewhere? Places where it's beneficial to meditate?
A. I took a map of Suriname and put my intent (question) out there, and my eye was drawn to the area of Juliantop which looks to be a mountain.  I see a jungle, so thick it looks difficult to navigate, but then from nowhere looks to be a magnificent mountain.  I get that all around this area (the foot of the mountain) the spiritual properties are high.  Ideally you would actually climb up the mountain and meditate from the top (where the energy feels the highest), but even the base of the mountain feels intense (like the mountain is an antenna for drawing in energy).  

Q. Does Suriname have friendly neighbors, not only in the countries around, but also in the inner of the Earth? If yes, are they descendants of the Lemurians, who moved to the inner Earth after the destruction of the Atlantis-Lemurian civilization thousands of years ago? If yes, can they be perceived by our senses, or do they live in a higher dimension? Are they looking forward to connect with us, who live above ground? If yes, can you connect with one with authority and ask how we can connect with him/her, by his/her name, telepathically?
A.  I do get they have friendly neighbors, but when I focus on where I keep seeing people looking to the sky and not down to the earth.  It looks like the friendly neighbors are above and not below.I cannot get a clear connection to positive energy coming from ETs in the inner earth (that always comes across as dark), but I do get images of what you describe coming from above- like these people were rescued and taken somewhere on a ship.

I also get they would like to connect with humans, but they don't want to come to earth- something about earth feels unsafe to them and the lower vibration on earth makes them feel ill.  I get that they spiritually would like to help humans and they give off the emotion of love, partly due to their high vibration and partly due to their feeling / compassionate side.

How do people connect to them? 
I get the best way is through meditation.  I also see that not only do you have to be open, but you have to be "chosen" by them to fully connect.  Not everyone that wants to connect is able to handle it because they (the Lemurians) have such a high vibration it would sort of "fry" your system.  They are careful who they chose to communicate with.

Addendum 11/18/14:
Q. Can you place the use of the portal, when it still was functional, in a time frame? Why did the ET's stop using it?
A.  I can't get a specific time, but it was thousands of years ago.  It was at least 500 BC if not slightly before.  

They stopped using this portal because it was not in their (or our greater good) to physically be here.  There was a lot of geographical changes going on and the energy here on earth felt different in a heavy weighed down way.  I get that these higher vibrational beings had to work so hard to maintain that high vibration that it made them feel ill being here and quit coming.

Q. What people were then living in Suriname and in the surroundings? Did the ET's communicate with these people? If yes, what was this communication about? What changes did this interaction with the people bring in their society in that time?
A.  It looks like Indian tribes.  The surroundings are all jungle, with clearings where the villages were established.  The ETs didn't communicate with the people for a long time, but they observed quietly.  Eventually they made contact, and the biggest thing they shared with the Indians were a metal that they could make tools with.  The image I see (can be symbolic or literal) is a surgical looking circular blade attached to a wooden handle.  The metal was so impressive that it could cut food, wood, animal skin- everything.

Q. . Where were the ET's coming from? What was their purpose for coming to Earth in that timeframe? What were their footprints on Earth after leaving? Can these footprints still be seen or found today?
A.  I get they originally came from a moon on Jupiter.  They were coming to earth to explore and possibly set up a base here as well. They had a small underground base at one time, but it has since been abandoned (they didn't like how earth felt).  To really see how they impacted the tribes during that time, some of their tools (especially building and hunting) would need to be found (or find something built and preserved for all these years).  I get the handles of the tools have deteriorated, but the blades themselves feel like they would last forever.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  YouTube to be posted.


Alpha X said...

I know this is weird but I wanted to post this as soon as I felt it: When I looked at your posted image of the map with Lemuria and Atlantis on it, I immediately heard in my head "All around us are familiar faces" the next line would have been "worn out places, worn out faces".

Those are lyrics from the song Mad World but the way that I get my messages or feelings quite often is songs/song lyrics. Do you get that too, Lynn? I'm clearly not on your level but this gives you some insight into how my intuition works.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi PF thank you for this post! Also in South America there is this legendary site the Puerta de Hayu Marca (Door of Gods and Spirits). This portal also known as Aramu Muru was carved into sandstone (is localized in the Peruvian Andes next to the border to Bolivia) which according to one shaman is still operative. To activate it Jerry Wills says you kneel and place your forehead on that indentation and sing the 3 tones over and over. If true how does the 3 tone mantra go? This video shows the site

Certified Translation said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you very much for posting such useful information about Lemura. Interestingly enough, the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy" at discussed at length from an ET's perspective regarding the history of the land of Lemura. I also have some comments about the ETs on the moon, in which I will post it separately.

The Boookworm said...

What about the Lemurians who live under Mt Shasta? So many people said they had heard things, seen things, and that these people live underneath, in another dimension somewhere.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Thank you Lynn. Very insightful

YourPsychicFocus said...

@AlphaX: It works exactly like that... I have learned to put my intent out (keeping the greater good in mind) and got with what I get. You learn to create a mental symbol dictionary of what you see and what it means. I may hear, see a movie, clip, setting, image of something in my life, smell, taste or physically feel something. It is strange, but it all works together.

@WatchandKnock: That sounds amazing- and resonates with me. I get it is more complicated than just doing a three tone mantra (can't really see in what way, but feels difficult or artistic in a way, like many years of spiritual study are required). Thank you for sharing, very interesting!

@Certified: Thank you for sharing this. I did see your ET post under the blog entry regarding the Mona Lisa on the Moon. I very much relate to the Chinese Lady that had very similar visions as what I saw.

@The Bookwooorm: I too have heard of these encounters and experiences, but I have never gotten a clear connection to them. I am not saying they aren't there, I just haven't seen it clearly in my mind.

@Camryn: :-)

Alan Breitling said...

There is a Native(indian) Legend in Suriname, that there is a region where no one can go. It is protected by two giants & a continiously spinning sword. Sounds like eden after the fall of adam and eve if i'm not mistaken.