Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mona Lisa on the Moon

Q. Thank you so much for your great and awesome readings, they are very very interesting .
I would like to request a reading on a rumor that had been going around the Internet for sometime about Apollo 20 having had recovered a biological entity they called The "Mona Lisa" here is picture of her below.  They say that she had been recovered off a crashed space ship on the moon, Id like to check and see if you can get a feeling that this was actual true story or a hoax. If at all true can you elaborate on what species of alien she is? And, how she and her crew were taken out.  What other alien race shot her ship down? How long ago, and maybe even a reason why? Thanks for your special talent and time..I'm always looking forward to more of your readings..
Best regards, 

A. As I tune into this I get a flood of images.  I first get that we have not successfully landed and walked on the moon.  Then I see a bunch of images that look like a movie set, and filming (Kubrick comes to the forefront of my mind, and he is shaking his head "no" at me as I tap into this).  Then I hear the line in the song Californication "Space may be the final frontier, but its' made in a Hollywood basement."  We have been there (in the proximity of the moon) many times, observed and seen a great deal.  There are in fact ETs on the moon, and they feel very territorial and have made it clear that we are not to infringe on their (and I hear the phrase) "space in space"

We do have real photos of space, the moon and other beings / ships (things) in space.  Some of which is highly classified, but I see it being released in the short-term future (I don't have a date).  I also hear there is a lot of doctoring to pictures of the moon that are released.. Many up close pictures are absent of stars or any type of background...then a voice says, "Why do you think that is? What are they hiding?"

The moon itself has craters all over it, and there are ETs that live there with a sole purpose of obtaining (through a mining technique) some kind of mineral.  I also get that during the mining process they are in search of something (and I get the phrase it is like finding the Holy Grail to this species).  We cannot see these ETs because much of what they do is on the side of the moon that opposes earth (with regard to ships and bases), and also they look to live inside the craters that they make.  I get that if you were to observe the moon you would see the craters shift and grow in size, but you would need to take a photo of the moon that is relatively old and compare it to something current to see it- the amount of change looks very small when it is viewed the distance from earth to the moon.  

We didn't extract an ET from the moon because we haven't actually been in a position to to do so.  This story and situation looks to be a hoax.  We have retrieved ETs (living and dead), but not from that location (I will save that for future reading).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.


Baku Matsumoto said...


i) I heard the rumor that Moon has ET made air basis.

ii) China said they sent a ship? to the moon, but this was a hoax, too. Correct?

Lisa said...

Wow! Thanks for that interesting reading :-)

The bombing of the moon by NASA in 2009: was this intentional to get these aliens away from it or why did they do it?


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I don't see those ETs letting anyone land there.

@Lisa: Yes, I see we wanted to be able to go there, but instead we went the path of Mars.

Ars Sagittariorum said...

Very interesting your point of view / views
I have clear long ago that even today, is still very difficult to land a spacecraft on the moon and any return to Earth - considering the need to fuel tank volumes.
The first landing is a hoax visible - typically a Space Odyssey - the others can not say.
There are ET's? Yes - more than enough - we also ET's - or does anyone still believe that mammals have evolved on Earth? Issues of good scientific sense!
Thank you

Alex said...


Are you saying that the landing on the moon by NASA in 1969 was actually a hoax?

China is planning to send someone there in the future. If China is successful, does that mean they will be first country?

siketa said...

Looks like ETs have watched Space Odyssey 2010. :)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ars: In a way we are ETs.. I never thought of it that way, but you are right.

@Alex: Yes, that is how i see it.

@Siketa: I have heard so many references to that movie lately, but I have never seen it. I think the universe wants me to watch it... :-)

wojokojak said...

Here's a very interesting take on how Kubrick achieved the fake moon landings...


Ryno said...

Since we are talking about Kubrick here, are the "black monoliths" in 2001 similar/representative to the "Black Knight satellite?"

And here is a silly question since right now its so cold through most of the U.S., but how do E.T.'s stay warm traveling through space and visiting places like the moon?

Nessie said...

Hi Lynn thank you for this reading.
The movie 2010 was going through my mind lately as well. I thought I would send you a link where you can watch it online for free, might save you time looking for it :)


Blessings and take care

A Man Called Da-da said...

"2010-wise," it really does seem like something's going to happen, soon... "something wonderful."

Bill Ramirez said...

Thanks PF!! Great reading!!

Laura Rocío Farfán Cabrera said...

hi Lynn,

what about Neil Amstrong? where was he when the video of the man walking on the moon was being watched by all the people on earth? He said that he had a big secret and he died without revealing it.

What about the mir station? was it fake too?

a2k said...

Dear PF, I would love to know in detail, the main agenda behind cover-up. I am thinking on this line.
(1) We are one plant among billions of planet-star system.It is highly unlikely that life will exist on planet earth only.

(2) Then we are left with one option i.e. Life may exist on other planet.

(3) Now we have two options here:- a) Life may be less advanced/equal on other planet than earth or (b) Life may be more advanced than earth.

(4) In first case, It is logical to think that we have no knowledge on other planet-life system as they can't reach us.In second case, It is logical to think that Other-planet based life system are aware of our planet.

(5) In second case, We have two options i.e. advanced life on other planet can be either -ve in nature or +ve in nature.

(6)Then we are left with two choices.The positive benevolent species don't want to interfere with our planet for their own benefit.But yes, they can help us in tackling the -ve ones.Secondly, the -ve ones want to use planet earth for their benefit.But then mystery question is that, why are not they attacking our planet or using it???

(7) Then we are left with two choice i.e. either -ve ones are already using our planet in form of proxy govt./military complex system or they are being tackled by higher +ve aliens.

Considering above logical explanations, we have following observations in hand:-
1) There is a fight going on between two forms of alien species regarding earth.
2)Or -ve ones have infiltrated our system and destroying our earth.
3)The -ve ones want to hide their existence as this spill off their secrets and positive ones want full disclosure of everything.
4)Then why no disclosure yet??? This means -ve ones are more in control than +ve ones!

How do you react to this theory??

Dawn Kendall said...

Thanks Lynn, what timing I should came upon this article today. Does new photo evidence prove moon landing was faked?


Seems the conspiracy theorists might be right...

Headintheclouds said...

Hi Lynn. Great reading! So if Apollo 11 was staged, was the Apollo 11 crew fully aware that they were going to be part of a hoax? Or were they somehow brainwashed/hypnotized into thinking that they actually landed on the moon?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: Temperature doesn’t affect them the way it does us. Their body can fluctuate quite a bit and still function just fine. I want to use the word “amphibian” to create some kind of understanding on how it works. ?

@Nessie: Thanks!

@Laura: Neil Armstrong didn’t like the lies. He was very bothered and tormented by it! I get there was some honestly with the mir station. We weren’t told everything, but I do see that really existed.

@a2k: I feel like you are on target, and many of us wonder the same thing. I get it is slowly coming out, but VERY slow. We see the slips in media, and other countries are even more open. I wish I could get a clearer timeline as to when the disclosure will happen…it feels close, like they can’t hold off much longer, but the government seems to figure out a way to stall.

@Dawn: Thanks for sharing… It just adds even more support. 

@Headintheclouds: They were mentally worked on. I want to say Clockwork Orange (also by Kubrick because he had a hard time holding this in) was a good indicator as to how.

Lisa said...

When the moon landing was fake, what about the stones from moon which were taken to Earth:
are they also just fake and not from the moon, but from Earth?!

Craig said...

I looked up the moon landings and and evidently some guy named Ralph Rene , a self-taught engineer, wrote a book about it after much research.

Here is an interesting quote from an online article:

"Several years after NASA claimed its first Moon landing, Buzz Aldrin "the second man on the Moon" - was asked at a banquet what it felt like to step on to the lunar surface. Aldrin staggered to his feet and left the room crying uncontrollably. It would not be the last time he did this." Ralph said --"It strikes me he's suffering from trying to live out a very big lie".

Ninneveh said...

@PF could you describe the aliens who currently control the moon?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lisa: I get much of that is fake as well. We do have some space rocks that have fallen to earth, and we have acquired some dust (?) from fallen ET spacecrafts.

@Craig: That is interesting. I haven't heard any of that...

@Ninnneveh: They are tall, pale complected, light eyes, humanoid structure. Many are tall (8 feet approx). They biggest feature that pops out is that they have long, drawn out jawbones and their chins hang low...

They Live said...

Do these moon aliens resemble the ones in the movie Prometheus?

Certified Translation said...

Hi Lynn,

What you wrote about the moon is very interesting. Recently, I have been interpreting for a Chinese medical intuitive (see my experience at http://www.certifiedchinesetranslation.com/LosAngeles/medical-intuitive.html) who is also a medium and can see things that I cannot.

After reading your post regarding the ETs on the moon, I asked her what she sees there. (I did not tell her anything you wrote, and she does not speak any English at all).

She says that the ETs are tall and are not friendly to us. They have built dome shaped structures on the moon. The Americans and Russians went to the moon but were warned to keep away from them. She is not very optimistic about the Chinese landing on the moon. Do you have any comments on this?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@They Live: They are similar, but not that muscular. Same body shape, just not built that way.

@Certified: Thank you for sharing that. I see it that way too (I think I even said that in my post).

Astrolofting said...

my idea of the moon landing is different. I don't consider it to be entirely a hoax.

The real space mission and the people in charge of the landing footage operate separately so insiders who call out the footage as a fake never really knew what really happened in space or why the space people wanted to do it.

i think that they did send something up there sometime to the Moon but they got chased or frightened away. I cannot figure out whether it's before the moon landing or on that actual day.
The footage taken was perhaps prepared beforehand just in case but ended up being used to portray "space".

People assume we never got to space but i think we did at some point but they just didn't want or can't show the actual footage for our eyes.

A Man Called Da-da said...

this just in: