Monday, October 6, 2014

Terra Papers - Secret History of Earth - Jupiter Ascending

Q. I have read the Terra Paper by Robert Morningsky, and the secret history of Earth.  This information was provided the early 70s.  This morning I saw a movie trailer for a new movie called Jupiter Ascending.  Watch the trailer. This movies states  "We were seeded by another race".  We are "Royalty" we only need to claim our place.  We were assisted by a warrior race of Dogs.  What is the correlation?  What truth do you see? 
A.  My focus first goes to Robert Morningsky.  There is so much truth and it resonates with if he has fluid thought and honestly behind his papers.  I do see his grandfather had a glimpse as to the dynamics of space and how ETs interacted, and that information was later gifted to Robert.  As I focus on his accuracy (how accurate was his information) I get an image of an ET shaking his head up and down and I get a mental message of "Yes, he is pretty accurate."

Q.  I then ask, why use the descriptor "pretty" accurate.  Using the word "pretty" seemed odd.  Why did this ET convey it to me like that?
A.  I was then told that when Robert's grandfather had his ET experience, and information was relayed to him (which Robert shared later), the source of the information was relayed in a telepathic way.  When that happens you just "understand" the concept, or you will see a mental image to describe what happens.  You can get a quote of the message you receive (as you understand it), but it may not be "exact" words or "exactly" how you interpret it.  It was as if this ET was confirming to me that Robert's grandfather was not "exact" but very close in interpreting and conveying events and circumstances in a earthly spoken language.

Q. Was the concept of the movie taken from Robert Morningsky?
A.   I see as the energy on earth changes, and we approach a spiritual connection on a higher level (in higher quantities- more people are waking up), our protector ETs are coming forward and helping us along the way.  There are many unanswered questions, and we are as a mass coming to a point that we can handle different realities and crave truth.  This movie concept, and the ideas behind it, came to a writer in a compelling and compulsive way to help "enlighten those that are ready."  I also get that the answers are not forced on you, but for those that are ready they will find a huge amount of "ah ha" moments and even leave you pondering for days to come- as if synchronicities will develop in the forthcoming days...

I get that the writers found the Terra Papers in some kind of synchronous way... Like they were meant to be found and shared with the masses.  I get that the concept wasn't "taken from" but rather "shared with" Robert Morningsky.  It was a way to spread truth where more people would be able to see it rather than forcing people to research their own truth.

Q.  Why is the movie coming out now?  It was delayed from the original release date.
A. It was delayed because this movie based on underlying truth poses as a threat on many levels, and "powers at be" aren't ready for this kind of truth to be released.  I also get there are a large amount of disinfo people working to have Robert Morningsky's papers debunked before the release of this movie.  The goal is to have many controversies "out there" before people begin to do further research for themselves.

I also see we are at an uncertain time with a (very) harsh winter approaching, economic instability and a dollar that is not sustaining.  With these factors combined government and these "powers at be" don't need more controversy (or empowerment) "shaking things up."  I hear something about "damage control" being done now.  The government needs to make sure the masses are fearful and submissive or maintain order..

This movie shares the importance of ETs in human (and earth's) development.  It poses new ideas on creation and religion.  It shows the power we have within ourselves and describes the way we can overthrow these "reptilian" type forces around us.  All of those things take power away from a higher authority and create power within ourselves.

Q. Was earth seeded and by who?
A.  I always see the greys as our parent, but as I focus on this (really tune in!) I get an image of a grey in my mind.  When I think of humans, and their protectors, I see the greys, but this time it was different.  As I see this grey and try to communicate I was told that they (the greys) were sent here to watch us, guide us and keep us from destroying ourselves BUT they are NOT the ones in charge.  The were assigned here.  I then got the image of a grey pointing their finger up, telling me there is someone above them that is more advanced and older (higher spiritually evolved).  THEY are the ones that seeded earth.  "They are around, but not active because they are fighting their own battles."

When on focus on that higher being and try to get a name, all I see is a Chewbacca head???  I feel like I am blocked from getting details or a connection on this.

Q. Is who seeded us coming back?
A. I get their presence never left.  I get this image of them being able to see things through our eyes.  Like they are psychically connected to us and can tap into what is happening here and "see" it from where they are.

I do get they will eventually make there presence known on earth, but it won't be for hundreds (maybe thousands) of years.  They are fighting their own battle (they have enemies), and they don't want to come to earth and have their enemies chase them here.  They avoid earth as a way to protect us.

Q.  What is the connection between people and dogs?
A.  When I first think on this, my mind goes to Orion's belt.  I look at those three stars and see a connection to earth.  I get that the ETs that helped to create humans and shape earth came from that star system.  One of the stars on Orion's belt is Sirius, which is also the dog star.

I realize that is just a name, so what is the significance of the animal- the connection?  I get we have similar DNA to those beings that live in the Sirius (Dog Star) system.  Then I see a dog barking, and it is mentally conveying that dogs as we know them on earth are the lower level forms of the advanced creatures on this "Dog Star."  The higher evolved being on the "Dog Star" look like a hybrid between a dog and a human. When humans were created some of the hybrid Dog/Human DNA was used, creating some of our current day humans.  When the ET Dog/Humans left earth to "fight their battle," the lower level beings (or current day dogs) were left behind (where dogs really came from).

Q. Are we Royalty?  What does that mean?
A.  I get that humans have much more strength than what we use.  We may have limitations within our physical body, but we have mental abilities that extend past our physical existence (I see an image of "Lucy" exercising her abilities once she unlocks her mental capacity on the movie "Lucy.")  We also have the rare things many ETs don't have, and that is emotion.  Even though emotion be be linked to forms of weakness, it allows the opportunity to be empathic, which is held in high regard to many ETs.

Humans as a whole also have a culmination of many DNA links (different nationalities arose from different ET groups seeding or breeding).  Collectively our human species has the genetic (residual and true) knowledge of many life forms- if we tap into that our knowledge base is limitless.  We are rare in that respect because many other species are a genetic branch of something else,  but human are like many different branches spliced together to form a whole new bush.

We have so much strength, that if we come together not only can we spiritual evolve (and increase our vibration), we can take back control and rid ourselves of forced suppression.  We just have to first believe we can, and then take action.

Link to the Terra Papers:

And that is all have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.


Ryno said...

Thanks for doing this reading. Whenever I find/read/hear something new I always try to go back and match it up with how it fits in to the Terra Papers. I also find it interesting that you are really the only one I have found that has nice things to say about the Grey's. From what I have gathered, the Grey's give our Governments technology (new for us, old for them) for the chance to study humans.

Astrolofting said...

I really like this reading. Sirius isn't part of Orion's belt. Sirius is next to it, in Canis Major constellation. So does it mean we came from Orion or Sirius or both?

Or do you mean those from Sirius seeded us to be like those from Orion? (I got this from thinking about Egyptian mythology after what you said.)

Susan Miles said...

I watched the trailer for the movie, my whole body tingled and I got goose bumps..strange.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Astrolofting: I always find myself looking to Orion's belt- like it is the key to why we are here. Or the key to being here and evolving. Possibly the battle that I wasn't able to fully grasp is between Orion and Sirius... (that came to me as I typed this)

Gypsycat said...

The greys are abducting us and doing experiments how can they be acting for our higher good? Sounds more like they are acting for their own higher good.

Michelle Albo said...

Hi Lynn:
I want to know more about these higher evolved beings Chewbacca?
How long have been around? How advanced are they? 5th density? Do they have God like powers?
And are they fighting against the BEK
The Black Eyed Aliens you mentioned previously?

Michelle Albo said...

PPS do they have good intentions for mankind?

Alpha X said...

"I always find myself looking to Orion's belt- like it is the key to why we are here." - This is a great example of why I continue to read your posts day after day. I am not a psychic like you are, I can't get such clear details that I can explain like you do, but I just have a natural knowing about a lot of stuff and this quote is exactly what I would have typed myself.

It's been suppressed and I don't focus on it very often but I think I am an empath so I'm curious as to why ETs highly regard empathy, considering that they don't have the emotional levels that we do.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Gypsycat: I hear this a lot... I don't get the fearful feeling with them (unless I am blocked for some reason??).

@Michelle: Q- I want to know more about these higher evolved beings Chewbacca. How long have been around? A- I don't have a date or, but I see them as the oldest ETs (as if viewing a timeline in my mind they came about early on). Q-How advanced are they? 5th density? Do they have God like powers? A- They are very advanced. I would say 5th (or even higher if that exists). They have been through many incarnations and have some of the highest spiritual developments. Q-And are they fighting against the BEK /Black Eyed Aliens you mentioned previously? A- They assign other ETs to help us against them. I somehow get they are too powerful or too big to be physically here (like they don't have time??)

@Alpha: Thanks for the comment.

Being an empath is powerful. It gives a different depth of understanding. You can see a ball is red, but being an empath can give you the same mental picture, but you can add a feeling (or see a symbology) to it (maybe the red evokes anger, love or passion). Empathy can change the intensity of the image.

Marina said...

Hi all, good evening!3 years ago a known woman working in a fastfood bar next to an expensive hospital in a city in Bolivia had a guest from the countryside who carried a basket coverred with a cloth. They felt sympathy for each other and chatted a lot. The snack bar attendant asked if she was going to enter the hospital. No said the lady from the country I´m just going to do some tests with my baby. A little curious he bar tender asked who´s going to pay the bills? The woman pointed to a stranger waiting outside the establishment. She said the man is from the US and wants to adoppt my baby. At this moment the child inside the basket moved and the mother put away the cloth to see what´s happening. the baby was a Grey/Human crossbreed... (I can´t get a good feeling either when the conversation comes to greys)

loralei5551 said...

Do you think there is any significance that the reverse of "God" is "dog?"

Ryno said...

Here's a website for some of the Grey/Human hybrid children.
I don't think I will trust if they ever do arrive.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Marina: Thank you for the story. I am sure there are many more of these hybrids out there than we know. In fact I go back to something someone told me once- to use the word "humankind" and the discussion evolved to it is sort of a mental trick people play on us calling man, or human mankind/humankind. That term dilutes what we are: man or human. We aren't like a man or human, we ARE a man or human. I think my mind took me to that talk because with all the hybrids / shapeshifters / ETs in disguise- they are the real man"kind" and human"kind' out there.

@loralei: I do. In fact in the reading something about dogmatic, dogma, dog vs god, etc was all coming it, but it was such a blur I couldn't get a complete thought to convey... It still bugs me, but I know it time it will make sense.

Ryno said...

According to the the Terra Papers,
the "second Star Race was one descended of dog-creatures similar to wolves. They were known as KANUS, Wolf Beings of the Star system SIRIUS (the Dog Star)" and then King AN and his sons Enki, Enlil along with rest of Annunaki originated from that.

The Terra Papers can explain so much, it's so fascinating. It really makes you think about things differently, whether you believe it or think of it as science fiction. For example, why in the Bible is the "act of knowing" so "evil" and why after Adam and Eve realized they that were naked had to cover themselves up? Well, Enlil didn't want humans to enjoy procreating but Enki shared this knowledge anyway. Once humans learned this, they could no longer hide the physical signs of being aroused without covering up and if they were spotted they were thrown out of the garden/paradise. If anybody out there hasn't read it, I highly recommend it if you have any interest on things outside the Matrix.

The Beanpod said...

Is this just a rant or is there something to it?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: I agree. Now that I did the reading I think I would like to read these. It just "feels" right...

@Beanpod: It gives off the energy of a "rant" but there may be something in there too... I get to take it all in, and then digest what feels true.

Clarissa fatola said...

Lynn, I just want to thank you for the reading . You are doing a great job.

loralei5551 said...

Wow. I read the Terra Papers last night and I thought they fit like a glove. The only discrepancy that stood out to me was about Venus. They seem to indicate that Venus was already there in the line-up of planets. However, Velikovsky postulated in "Worlds in Collision" that Venus was expelled from Jupiter and ended up where it did around 1500 BC, causing catastrophes to planet earth. Wondering if you can get any accuracy about this. Thanks!

Lisa said...

The Terra Papers explain the origin of the Blacks and Caucasians/Hebrews. But what about the Asian people?
Where they also "engineered" of Enki?! At a later date or just like the Caucasian at the same time...?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lisa: All humans were created by combining and manipulating DNA. I do see they were created just as all other types of humans were made.

kentwoodguy62 said...

Hi Lynn! Thx for all of your great work. Can you tell us how you feel about this channeling? According to Channeler Kathryn May (at the link), the cabal were escorted to the light en masse and the few that resisted were recycled. This would obviously be a very significant event for all of us. Please let us know your impressions. Thx much.

DIRE WOLF said...

We do not come from Orion. We came from a star system called Lyra, that no longer exists because the Orion Reptillians destroyed it. We scattered across the galaxy, hiding from them and colonized many different systems, including Andromeda and the Pleiades. Our cousins, the Pleiadeans (Blonde, Nordics) were the first Lyran/Humans to fight the Orions (Reptillians) but, after thousands of years of war, made peace and joined them.
“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... " - Friedric Nietzsche
They combined their genetics to create human royalty on Earth to rule the planet and many others. However, ultimately it is the Orions that are in control of all elites/royalty, wealthy humans that rule for them in their absence.

DIRE WOLF said...

The Greys, as we call them, are from the Zeta Reticuli star system. A very long time ago, the Orion Reptilians discovered the Zetas living on a planet, very much like our own. When the Orions decide to infiltrate a sentient species, they select a group from within and combined their genetics with them to create Reptilian Hybrids. The Hybrid Royalty, as they see them, then take over and subvert that race, as was done on Earth, with us humans.
The Orions, through various forms of manipulation and influence, drove the Zetas to become selfish, obsessed with sex and violent toward each other, to enslave their minds and feed off their negative energy. (again, like us) The Orions drove them to destroy their home world and environment with destructive Nuclear weapons. At some point, the highly technologically advanced Zetas, who were individuals that also possessed a hive mind, telepathic in nature, realized they were being controlled and subverted and made efforts to free themselves. They intuited that they're emotions and sexual desires were being manipulated and distorted by the Orions, as a means of control. They decided to genetically modify themselves to remove their emotions/sexual desires. This freed many of them from the control, however, many to this day, are still slaves to the Orions and do their bidding. The ones that escaped, after many years, realized that as a consequence of their actions, stagnated their soul evolution and were driving themselves to extinction. They became a dying race. To procreate, they grow their fetuses/children in laboratories. However, their children were getting sick and dying, their souls would not stay in the bodies for long, because the life force was not strong. They needed their emotions and sex drive back, as well as individuality, which was also completely removed. At some point, they discovered humans and saw in us a reflection of their former selves. They saw in us, a path to revive their species and save their race, by creating Human/Grey hybrids to incarnate into. This is why they started abducting humans, experimenting on us, retrieving genetic material, impacting their DNA in human fetuses with women, and removing them at a later point in time, to grow in their labs, for themselves to have healthier, evolving children/vessels to survive. Because the abductors/Greys had no emotions, they did not realize the trauma and terror they were causing in us, and were insensitive to our experience, taking us out of our homes, treating us like we treat animals. However, the Grey/Human hybrids do have emotions, individuality, as well as a psychic link/hive mind. They should not be feared, as we fear their Grey/Zeta parents. Also, they have no intention of invading Earth, their only purpose with us, was the Abduction/Hybrid program, which they have completed...they are no longer abducting humans, as they did in the past 30 plus years. I used to fear the Greys as many humans, do. Now, know their story, I have compassion for them. they are not our enemy, despite the mental trauma they have caused in us. The Orions and the Alpha Draconians (an Orion colony) are the ones that enslaved this planet, they are our true enemy.

DIRE WOLF said...

I found a video on YouTube, uploaded by someone who seems to corroborate the information I have learned about the Zeta Reticulans, as well as the Orions.

My primary source of info on the Greys is from the books Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorers, by author Courtney Brown Ph.D. They are now out of print, but anyone can find online copies, free of charge on his website.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dire Wolf: Thank you so much for the information. I think many people would be interested in this. I appreciate you sharing.

DIRE WOLF said...

I must revise a previous statement made about the Lyra star system. Lyra, still exists. What was destroyed was not the star, but three of our planets in the system.

According to Alex Collier:

A large ship came out of the huge craft and approached the planet Bila, and reptilians from Alpha Draconis disembarked. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians and the Lyrans were afraid of each other. The Alpha Draconians were apparently the first race in our galaxy to have interstellar space travel, and have had this capability for 4 billion years. When the Draconians came and saw Bila, with all its abundance and food and natural resources, the Draconians wanted to control it. There was apparently a mis-communication or misunderstanding between the Draconians and Lyraen humans. The Lyraens wanted to know more about the Draconians before some kind of “assistance” was offered. The Draconians mistook the communication as a refusal, and subsequently destroyed three out of 14 planets in the Lyraen system. The Lyraens were basically defenseless. The planets Bila, Teka and Merck were destroyed. Over 50 million Lyraen humans were killed.