Thursday, October 9, 2014

Q & A XXXVII: BRICS bank, End of the Dollar, Other Currencies, Other Countries [Group Post]

Q. Hi PF! Could you do a reading on Two important latest development i.e. Launching of BRICS world bank and opening of Shanghai gold exchange. I think these two steps are precursor to new economic & monetary system. What plans do the chinese and Russians envision with two of these organization. Do India have any plans for them?
A. BRICS: I first see that countries are emerging, and tired of feeling suppressed by the current economic system.  I get a message about them (referring to the group of countries involved) having something to offer (goods, services, money) and want to be a part of the bigger picture.  I also get that these countries, even though the do business with US, are trying to break away from the suppression that the US and the US dollar has forced onto them.  They are looking for alternative means of trade and worth to allow them an opportunity to grow and become stronger without feeling like they have to bend the what the US wants or the US influence.  I see for now a good relationship between these countries and the US until their system is strong and established, but then a shift happens in which the countries start to be a little more dominant and less scared of US retaliation for lack of compliance or tolerance (with trade, deals, occupation on their land, etc).  

I also get that the CIA is working overtime to as "damage control" to avoid any uprisings and closely watch the actions of these other countries.  People in government here are a little scared of the long term effects of this BRICS bank and what it could mean for the future of the dollar (that is barely hanging on now).  Once this bank if fully functional, I see other countries joining in and this becoming a strong (reliable and backed) alternative to our current banking system.

Shanghai Gold Exchange:  I get this is a "Eyes Wide Shut" situation.  They (China) is in plain sight changing their need and dependency on the US dollar.  They are starting their own way of business in which they control the monetary system based on something real (and not diluted), and those using the dollar won't have the option to use their version of diluted currency.  I see them forcing the conversion to gold as a way of doing business.

Q. You always say prepare for the U.S. dollar collapse but how does one maintain their savings to reinvest during the stabilization? Keep it in a money market, or is that as risky as stocks? Keep cash in a home safe, or will the dollar be useless anyway?  Invest in foreign economies, as if I'd have the know how? I feel my very good financial institutions are not completely honest lately about the crash, wanting to keep their clients. I'm very nervous.
A. This is difficult, especially if you are of limited means and access (I too reside in the states).  When I tune into this question, I always hear that the "best defense, is a good offense."  My impression of that is to plan ahead, and not be caught up in the aftermath of something happening.  I also hear to "look with your eyes."  Pay attention to what people say (and what you read and hear in the media), but pay even closer attention to what you witness.  Diversify yourself to the best of your ability, and try to accumulate tangible things that are of worth- regardless of the monetary system certain items will retain value and can easily be incorporated into a new currency such as land, real property, precious metals, etc... 
Q. Hi Lynn. Can you tell us if there is any truth to the new financial reset where by certain currency has an increased value? Vietnamese Dong etc. is there any time line to NESARA?

A.  When all things are exhausted and we have no other option but to reset our current system, some currencies will be more valuable (or maintain their true value) when compared to the dollar.  Any currency back by something real (not diluted, or a promise to pay, or based on some kind of credit) will be much more desirable.  I don't see a definitive time line, but I see major changes happening to the dollar by the end of 2014 to early 2015.

Regarding NESARA... It feels too late with this current monitary system to implement this... We would need a total reset (and I do see attempts at what NESARA describes once we can no longer sustain).  The issue will be that we (during our struggling time) cannot compete with China globally, and I see some forced change occurring.

Q. Hi Lynn, what will happen to euro € and European union when dollar collapse end of the year, as you predicted?

A.  I see the Europeans on this "high alert" status regarding the value of the dollar.  They are paying close attention to the stock market, and even though they aren't in the country, the "Powers that Be" have eyes and ears everywhere.  When things get close, I hear the phrase "pump and dump" will occur as if the ones in the know are going to make their final bits of money before pulling out and getting their money converted into something else (I want to say gold?).  Many of the rich have a plan to mitigate their losses, and largely they will pull from US market at the end.  The world in general will feel the effects, but I see safeguards are being implemented to reduce the magnitude of them.

Q. Can you please do a reading on what will happen to Australia and its economy when the US dollar collapses? Will it be safe to put our money in the banks during the crisis since there have been rumors about banks trying to takes people's deposit next time they fall into a crisis. Do these rumors feel true to you?

A.  These rumors do feel true to me.  What I see first happening is those with substantial amount of money in the bank (those top 1% people) will have a sweep of money taken.  There will be some promise of tax breaks, etc to "make up for this."  The top know it is coming, and hide a lot of money elsewhere in accounts that cannot be touched (I get part of it will be only accounts on US soil will be swept).  I don't see a sweep in other countries, but if you live in Australia and have an account here, pay attention to what is going on.  

I also get that when things for the US get bad, a new system will be put in place that will allow commerce with other countries to occur.  It is as if other countries are queueing up to take over with the US cannot provide (trade, jobs, financing, investments).  

Q. Back in July you made comments about silver going up pretty substantially in July. There is a lot of international attention on the precious metals. What are your current feelings on the PM's? Especially silver! thanks : )

A. I see a false suppression going on.  It is as if people in the know are holding it down to allow them to buy more of it while prices are low, so when the price goes more true to value they make tons of money.  I see it being held down while the issues with the dollar are sorted out and plans for the next phase of a monetary system get situated.  In my focus sessions when I try hard to fixate on a date, I always see a Christmas tree, which I interpret as Christmas 2014 or early 2015 as a date to see some real change, or obvious clues as to what is going to happen.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted on YouTube.


kkat said...

If you pay taxes in the U.S.A you will need Dollar$ to do this. Nothing else is accepted for payment. That is how Fiat currency "works" in a Sovereign country with floating exchange rate.
best wishes , kkat

Marina said...

Thank You Lynn! Frequently we are confronted with rumors like this statement: " The world’s gold reserves may be much higher than they want you to believe ". ( If this is true, could gold be a safe investment option (during these currencies uncertainties), because if they decide to cash (partly or integraly)the (purported) hidden gold reserves it´s not difficult to figure out what will happen to this PM quotes.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Yes, but how to buy gold reliably? There are a ton of tungsten-filled gold bars out there, courtesy of the cabal.


razi09 said...

What hidden accounts are untouchable? Only foreign - like Canada, Switzerland? Thank you.

a2k said...

Dear PF, I am hearing that China is soon to force a global currency reset.They will do this in this fashion.China is right now holding a good bulk of physical gold plus It has future gold contract with US. US has literally no physical gold to provide to china as per the contract.China will ask for the physical delivery of gold failing which it will revise the price of gold in Sanghai Gold exchange and will sell gold on new rate. This will lead to fall of dollar and many other currencies and countries will need to revalue their currency. Does this resonate with you?

Alex said...


China has just overtaken USA as the largest economy in the world.

Is this the turning point for USA ? Would it be safer to invest in the Chinese currency ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Marina: Gold feels unsteady right now, not because of it being a solid investment, but rather the manipulation of the market. If the games would stop, gold (silver and other PMs) would be more true to value. At a point soon (almost when it is too late for the dollar) the games will stop and a new form of "currency" will be introduced (looks electronic or credit based), and from there things will slowly merge to a new system (where China starts to lead). When all of that starts to finalize, gold (and other PMs) start to really show their true worth.

@Dada: Look for older dated pieces, and the smaller the increment the better. A larger gold bar can be forged, but a 1/2 ounce I get "isn't worth their time" because it would be such a small amount. Try to look for pre 2013 dates.

@Razi09: Yes, any account of US soil is at risk. Foreign accounts in any other country looks to be protected.

@a2k: This does resonate! The value of gold will be much higher (and currencies that are truly back by gold as well). I see this as how the reset will occur.

@Alex: China is starting to take over. They are more financially stable than the US at this point. They have the backing and can prove it. This is a major turning point for the US.

Nina Driver said...

What will the employment situation be like when all this occurs? What can we do to help mitigate the effects of this on our lives and our family?

Anonymous said...

I have a question, will our paid off homes be in danger of being confiscated and the proceeds used to pay the national debt?

Will the gov. being giving China any of our land to pay off the national debt?

razi09 said...

How about American investment companies - are they protected from bank hands, (as they say), or ultimately they deal with the banks too and can be frozen and confiscated.

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Okay. I am completely clueless here. As a single mom living in a high rent area and working in academia, my income and assets are fairly meager. I understand very little of what has been said on this forum about this topic. How, in concrete terms would one prepare? Are checking and savings accounts safe? Will it be like the stock market crash of 1930? -- when people's bank accounts went to zero?
How, in easy to grasp terms, does one prepare for the events you see? Are my checking and savings accounts in US banks safe? Is this a bad time to purchase a condo? Do we prepare by stockpiling necessities? Put our savings in a foreign bank? What would the average middle-income single parent living outside a major city do to prepare? In retarding this, I realize it might sound sarcastic-- but that is not my intention-- I genuinely want to know how to protect my child and myself as best I can. Thanks!

Resident of town outside of Boston said...

Should read: "In REREADING this..."
Dang chubby fingers....

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Nina: I see a different dynamic with this…. Jobs will be there for the working people, but the “fat starts to get trimmed from the top.” Managers and managers for the managers will find the high dollar jobs very difficult to find. People willing to do the work and be in the trenches look to have stability in their jobs.

@China: I do see the government giving land in exchange for debt.

The land that is owned by the people will see mortgages and interest being handled by overseas banks.

@razi09: Any money on US soil will be vulnerable to be swept. I see it starting with the richest first. (Then I hear that 1% from the top 1% makes a huge difference.)

@Resident: The best way to prepare is do what you are capable of. Pay attention to the news, and use your mind. See what resonates as true. Educate yourself. Maybe you don’t make enough to stock up on gold /silver, but you might have another talent (foot reflexology, homeopathic knowledge, canning food, growing food). Practical skills are also of value. Stock food now and tangible things.

With regard to finances, I don’t see the lower or middle class being hit hard first (the stock market will be the first to take a hit), and when you see that happen pull your money and look at converting over to precious metals or other currency at that time.

razi09 said...

Becoming impossible to acquire safe haven offshore accounts due to FATCA requirements imposed March 2014. Burdened compliance to the IRS makes it easier for foreign financial to flat out deny all U.S. passports!

Baku Matsumoto said...

what happens to the japanese yen value after the reset?

Alex said...


All currencies linked to the American dollar will drop.

It's just like all friends who are tied together with a rope will fall when the leader in the front falls.

razi09 said...


Can you explain further, don't understand what "1% of the top 1% makes the difference" means. Top 1% is considered approximately $380,000 range, (lower than 2011), not income but total retiree savings. Nice sum but not much compared to the multi-millions, billions and yes trillions. Total wipe-out of middle class.

Thank you.

michael smith said...

What's going on with the ebola virus in America. Second case now. Will it be more. And from what I hear the government wants to spread it on purpose to cause mass panick and maybe Marshall law...

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

You have suggested to stock food now and tangible things. What about those living in other countries? Does this shift of world power affect other countries too? Or it's just a battle between China/Russia and US? If US economy takes a downturn, it will affect China's economy too, right?

You have suggested to invest in property too. But in Asia, we are expecting property market burst due to over-building, just like what happened to Spain.

Some of my family members have invested in paper gold and they said that their paper gold is guaranteed by the bank and even if its value drops a lot, the bank has guaranteed the value they have initially bought if they sell it then. So, how to explain to them the danger of holding on to paper gold with the imminent shift of world power?

Thank you.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: Alex (the post beneath yours) is right. Everything tied to the dollar will fall. I did get a picture that as these people were falling, different ones were able to reach out and grab ahold of something- it doesn’t look like anyone falls all the way down- but definitely impacted.

@razio: I got that if you swept accounts of the top 1% wealth, you would accumulate many millions of dollars (maybe even more). Those people will be the first impacted directly (everyone else sees it in other ways with inflation, etc).

@Michael: Yes, you are right. They are in the fear base right now. They create a problem that they will solve (immunizations are coming!!!). I get the goal is to get this immunization out there. I am not sure what is going on with it yet, but I just keep hearing DON’T DO IT.

@Lillian: I see the main issue with China, Russia and the US. Other countries will be effected, but I see it being corrected- for example, say you have a US investor and interest paid goes to that investor- the US investor may have to sell off the investment and then a new Chinese investor comes in. I see it being like a conversion of who is managing what.
If there is ever a run on the banks wanting silver or gold certificates cashed in people will realize they are selling certificates in such a high quantity there is not enough physical backing to support them.. You can inform, advise and even point them to various other articles, etc… Maybe suggest they try to convert some now and see how the process goes for them while things are more stable (as opposed to a chaotic situation later).

razi09 said...

How long of an interum between dollar and whatever? What are the daily realities: Buying groceries, paying monthly bills with what - gold and silver? Will things work like postal service, electric companies, town trash pick-ups, that sort of thing. Will the U.S. ever really recover with new ideas on the horizen? Thank you very much.

Joel A said...

Thanks Lynn! I am curious, in a reply, concerning buying coins, you mention to look for pre-2013 dated coins. Do you think maybe metal content is in question on newer coins? I think your reply dealt with gold coins, would this apply to silver as well?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@razi09: I see some kind of credit system as the buffer between the two, and the new currency will be back by true gold / silver, but I see see it as paper (yes, watch out if that starts to get diluted) and also gold / silver will be accepted as payment.

@Joel: Yes, ALL metals are in question because times are getting desperate and there isn't enough gold / silver to back these paper certificates they keep making. Get older coins.