Monday, October 27, 2014

Ouija (The Movie and the Boards)

Q. The recent release of the movie 'Ouija' left me a little worried.  There is this sinister being that has absolute control over the board, tormenting users throughout the word. It goes by the name of Zozo. There was another movie based on this entity released not too long ago. I feel the film makers are actually encouraging this practice despite their apparent attempts of 'warning' people.

 I know this thing is a nuisance since my mentor from the U.S dabbled with the Ouija and conjured this being long before it became an Internet phenomenon.  If it is not too much of a strain could you do a quick reading about this spirit? Knowing more could help me warn others.
A. Ouija boards should be taken very seriously.  In the right hands (someone with experience, proper protection and proper intent set) they can be a useful tool to communicate with a guide or spirit.  If you are unsure what you are doing, you could connect to something positive or you could connect to something of a low-level vibration that you don't know how to clear.  

There are many spirits / entities that want to be heard in our layer of earth, so when they see a conduit, they flock to it- I see it as a swarm or stampede toward something.  With the proper parameters, only certain vibrations can connect, but some lower level beings that are powerful look for loopholes into our dimension (maybe the intent was forgotten, or someone wasn't taking this seriously and lowered their own personal vibration, etc).  You have to be prepared (where experience comes into play) for many situations so you can close the connection and send the spirit elsewhere.

Q.  Why are film makers almost "encouraging" using these boards and why are they sold in the children's game isle?
A. It feels like there is an underlying force out there that wants us to have an open door to things in the spirit world.  I get this force resides in the subconscious of some humans, and comes out in the forms of entertainment and is magnified under the premise of "curiosity."  This force tries to make us override our thoughts of what is right, with the impulse of being curious and doing things that we deep down know we shouldn't.  It looks like this is in part a way to keep our overall vibrations low by adding a different perspective of fear to our reality.

Q. What is this "force"?
A.  I get there is a group of people / beings that want to keep our vibrations low and prevent us from reaching our full potential.  The same "group" wants to keep us submissive so we are more easily controlled and follow their agenda rather than create our own.  I wanted to use the word "reptilian" but I cannot get a clear visual or confirmation (as if the image is inside a shadow??).  I feel like I am being hidden or even protected from the true being behind this "force."

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you.  Narrated version to be posted on YouTube.  


Johnny s. said...

I think it's incredibly odd that you're blocked from sharing so many things.

Eva Witte said...

- a multi-part video series by Laura Knight-Jadczyk Differential Diagnosis in Spirit Release, Part 2 In this long-awaited follow-up video, Laura explains the potential pit-falls awaiting anyone who attempts to use a ‘ouija board’ for the purpose of ‘spirit release’ without the necessary knowlege and understanding of what exactly they are dealing with. DISCLAIMER: The […]
You feel that what she has taught in the video as well as other material she suggests you look into that it will help to change people to the truth if they do what she suggests?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Johnny: I had a very negative experience with a ouija board before I really even opened my eyes and understood a whole different world (how to protect myself, setting limits, etc). It was so terrifying that as much as I try to shut this down to get an unbiased reading (or share information) I think my subconscious is holding onto that and not let me relive it.. It took me a long while to get past it when I was younger (maybe there is still some residual emotion there).

Nessie said...

Hi Lynn thank you for this informative and very necessary reading.

I don't think it's odd at all that things are blocked, as you shouldn't put yourself in danger. The choice to share your gift and knowledge with all of us and speak the truth also comes with risks and people should be aware of that and not take it for granted.

Only those who have a full spectrum of experiences in a good as well as bad way, know that they need to protect themselves in order not to get tied down by these forces they are outing.

I underline everything you said about the board, it's dangerous for those who don't know what they are doing and connecting to and certainly something that shouldn't be seen as a game or to dabble with on a lost evening.

Thank you again Lynn for sharing your wonderful gift with us. Every time I read your blog I feel there is so much truth in it, it has really helped me to confirm so many things that I have felt and didn't know what to do with it or what it was.

Blessings to you and your family and again: I couldn't be more grateful for what you are doing for all of us.

The Boookworm said...

This is what I've been telling my parents for years. If people are going to use an Ouija board, at least put a proper seal around it. I have a friend who uses the board and she does insist on casting a protection spell over the board to prevent negative entities from coming through.

I never had experience with the Ouija board, but I had an aunt that used it. I believe a negative entity attatched itself to her which is why she got into all sorts of problems later on in her life.

I have an off topic question. Well, two of them: Gene Roddenberry and George Lucus are two of the most prominent figures in science fiction media. Were they guided by extraterrestrials?

I've been having negative feelings about Pope Francis lately. The phrase "wolf in sheep's clothing" came to my mind every time I look at him. Maybe I am just being paranoid due to my cynical nature?

Ryno said...

Interesting reading. I remember talking to a supposed Indian spirit when I was kid and we allowed it to ask us questions and one that I still remember was "Do tree's bark?" After that question I knew that was a question that my friends would have never thought of on their own. I continued to use after a while but soon after the Ouija board predicted my girlfriend's, at that time, aunts death pretty accurately I was done with it and haven't touched it since. It is interesting to realize how easy it is to contact the "other side" with some type of physical conduit. Good thing it is harder to actually use your body as one.
I have wondered what it would be like if one day I realized I had physic abilities. Are you ever or were you scared?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bookworm: I do see that some very powerful people in the media are guided by their higher selves, ETs or a guide to find inspiration. Universal knowledge is within our subconscious, and some people are able to tap into it.

I too have uneasy feelings about the pope. I haven't been able to identify what exactly it is, but I feel he is being manipulated somehow.

@Ryno: When I was younger I was very scared... I thought a had a mental illness, and didn't know anyone else had "strange" feelings or senses (until I found a network or like minded and some talented people). The paranormal always terrified me because I believed in it so strongly, and my only exposure at a young age was what I saw on tv- very dark for the most part. I learned how to protect myself as I got older and educated myself. I still have moments that are uneasy, but I know how to deal with it and clear my self and surroundings.

Alpha X said...

"I had a very negative experience with a ouija board before I really even opened my eyes and understood a whole different world"

I want to tell you my story here and it is very long so I don't blame you if you decide not to read it, I ended up adding way more detail than necessary. I apologize for how long I made this. It's so long, I'm making two posts to fit it all and I understand if you need to delete it.

I had a pretty bad childhood due basically to neglect. My parents divorced when I was 3 and I lived with my mom after that. I got to see my dad whenever he and I wanted but he was a truck driver so it wasn't all that often. I was born in California, we moved to Oklahoma during or just before the divorce, and then we moved to Illinois when I was 6 (I'm an only child by the way).

Not long after moving to Illinois my mom became addicted to prescription medication, strong ones, specifically/mainly a drug called Soma. She had a bad childhood which I don't need to get into and was on medication for depression as well as pain medication for back pain. When she would take this drug, it was worse than being drunk. She would be awake but her speech was very slurred and she wouldn't remember anything that happened while she was in this state. She OD'd on this stuff twice that I can remember and had to go to the hospital but recovered both times.

My mom also had a number of bad boyfriends throughout this time. One night when I was 11 or 12, I awoke to shouting and a battery flew down the hallway to my room and hit me in the foot. When I went out to investigate after it had quieted down, I saw that every piece of furniture (couches, tables, etc) in the living room was overturned. The boyfriend who did it had went to take a shower so I put on some clothes as quick as possible, didn't even put on my shoes, and ran out of the house to a friend's house in the middle of the night. They called the cops and he hid and then fled to Alabama after the police left.

One night, a few weeks later, the boyfriend's sister showed up at our house and asked my mom if she was ready. My mom went into her room, grabbed a dufflebag, and left the house with the sister. She flew to Alabama that night and left me by myself without saying a word to me or my father. A female cousin of the boyfriend showed up at the house a few minutes later, surprised to see me there, and said that she was there to watch the house. I called my dad who luckily was living nearby, and he came and picked me up. I lived with him after that.

Alpha X said...

I kept in contact with my mom by phone periodically and she moved back to Illinois around 6 months later. She lived with my uncle (her brother) and his girlfriend in their trailer when she moved back and I visited her every once in a while. One day, when I was 13, a cousin of my uncle's girlfriend, who was about my age, was at the trailer when I went to visit. She told me about the ghost at her house and we all went over there for a few hours that day. While we were there I did notice a guitar fall from a stationary position with nothing effecting it but that was about it.

I stayed that night with my mom at the trailer and the next day the cousin came back. We noticed that my uncle had a Quija board and were interested in it because of the talk about ghosts the previous day so we decided to try it. We set it up on our laps while we sat on a couch. As soon as we started asking questions, the planchette started almost flying around the board, I mean it was literally levitating! I had no doubt that she wasn't doing it almost right away because our fingers were above the piece but it was floating. I could feel the energy in it.

I remember the entity said it's name was Abe, that he was a boy from a long time ago, and that he was sad because he killed his brother or his friend. We were scared after it said that but we continued to ask it questions. He was able to tell us what color bra someone in the house was wearing even though she was wearing a shirt and tell us where some cigarettes were which was in a drawer.

Then we got bored of questions and asked if it could make the planchette (didn't know the name at the time) float. As long as we were touching it, it could basically glide the piece around the room wherever we wanted to go. We were amazed by this and not scared of it at the time. We then put the board up. I tried using the board later by myself and it seemed like I was able to connect but the entity couldn't get enough energy from me to do more than make the piece vibrate a bit, almost all of the energy was coming from the cousin.

Maybe a few weeks after that, my mom sprained her ankle when she was walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night and tripped. She said that it felt like someone put a leg out and tripped her and that she was in a small hallway with no objects in it at the time. One year later, when I was 14, my mom was found dead, sitting upright in her bed. The supposed cause of death was "accidental drug overdose". I'm 23 now.

I would really like to hear what you have to say after reading my story, Lynn. I also saw 2 different shadow people when I was between the ages of 4 and 12. I'd be interested in describing those to you if you are interested but I'll save that for another post, if you ask, because this one is so long already.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alpha X: You definitely had some energy living with you in that trailer. In some way I think that energy felt it was protecting you- like you made a connection and it attached to you (related even). I am not saying this energy exercised itself in the right way, but the perception feels like it was protecting you from people that caused you harm. I get this energy was "messing" with you mom as a result of the abusive behavior she displayed toward you. I see you had or witnessed experiences too, but they were much less harmful- more like events.

Alpha X said...

@Lynn: That makes sense. I held a lot of anger towards my mom when I was younger for everything that happened. What do you make of the entity only being able to draw energy from the cousin though?

I remember I used to feel like I had some sort of barrier around me when I was younger (and maybe still do), possibly due to my empath abilities, that kept my energy from being drained or even used in any way for any reasons, good or bad.

The Boookworm said...

Thank you. You have no idea what a relief it is to hear that someone else also shares my uneasiness about the current pope. For the past few months I felt uneasy each time I look at the Pope's picture. At first I thought it is just an over active imagination or my cynical attitude towards the church. And thank you very much for answering my questions.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alpha X: I do feel like you have some protective energy around you.. You are very intuitive (including empathic). You may want to explore that some day, and when you do you can learn how break through the wall (on your terms). You do have guiding and protective forces around you, so you can take peace in that. :-)

Alpha X said...

"You are very intuitive (including empathic). You may want to explore that some day, and when you do you can learn how break through the wall (on your terms)."

Thank you for your insight and time, I sincerely appreciate it. My name is Seth, by the way, if you'd prefer to call me by a real name.

I feel kind of bad asking you personal questions because I don't want to take up any of your time from your much more important sessions. So never feel like you need to answer any personal questions I have quickly or even at all.

I quoted that part from your statement because I agree with it and really do want to explore my intuition. I always get answers in the form of thoughts; it'll be like I know the answer to something and I'll just think it even though I've never thought of that thing before, sort of like having a conversation with someone whom I am agreeing with but that someone is me. It doesn't go any deeper than that though. I can't get very much information about something, just a feeling or answer, which is why I'm very good at reading people on a basic level I.E. whether they are trustworthy, or mean, or depressed, or whatever. I really want to know how to do what you do but I'm missing a step here.

Again, I appreciate your time so much, not just in your responses to me directly but also in this blog in general. I trust you because you "know" a lot of the same stuff that I "know" and who better to trust than yourself. We tap into a lot of the same information and I don't see that too often. Thank you.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Seth: You are on the right track.. the next step is to allow your mind to flow and put the random thoughts together. Allow it to form like a story. Ask yourself questions the whole time (just like a conversation)... I find myself seeing situations in reverse because i see the and have to keep backing up. Practice, and when you start to get confirmations it will build confidence (but don't allow ego to form).. The more you do it, the more it makes sense (I am still working at my mental dictionary). On my blog I have a few books listed, those are a great resource or place to start..