Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nostradamus and MABUS

Q. Hi Lynn,  Nostradamus refers to the third and final antichrist as MABUS. Who, exactly, is MABUS? And what significance does the date 9-18-12 have to do with MABUS and the antichrist? It is also said that WWIII will start when MABUS dies. Are we all going to be affected in a horrible way?

A. As I focus on MABUS I see a zoomed out to an image of a desert with white sand.  Then I zoom into the picture and see a white cloth head wrap with braided cord around the man's head, and the man has dark skin, but the skin tone doesn't fit the area.  I get this is a middle eastern area, and this man has dark skin that has been altered in a way (bleached??) to not appear as dark as it naturally would.  I also get that this man's heart is true to this region and this culture (even religion), but he is in disguise and living somewhere else so when the time is right he can attempt to bring the two worlds together (the world he is tied to and the world in which he lives).

I definitely get two sides to this person.  He can't be who he truly is where he is (he current residence), but he also can't be who he is where he wants to be (in the heart of the middle east) or else whatever following he has established will be lost.   I also see that a trigger date or event happen this man tries to get the majority of the world to follow the belief system of this middle eastern culture- and feels this is the "Holy" or "Blessed" lands in which Jesus walked.  There is some kind of biblical or religious premise behind him and his mission that makes him feel justified, and also gives rationale for others to follow.

Q.  Who is MABUS?
A.  I see the description of him as I gave above, but I do not get a formal name.  The nickname I get is "Barret" but it has a "joking" feel to it and I see "MABUS" roll his eyes when he is called that?? I also get that MABUS isn't his real name and MABUS is a made up acronym given to this person.  I see this word in two parts "MAB" and "Us"- like "MAB" means something and then the word "Us." I see this person didn't chose this life freely, but was chosen and programmed from a very early age.  It is as if he is a representative for a group, but has been given enough power that he can be the spokesman while others control him. I want to use the word "Manchurian candidate" like this person doesn't even realize what they are about to be used to do, but when the switch aligns they will rise.  Then I hear the phrase "he is a puppet and doesn't even know it."

Q.  What is the significance of 9-18-12?
A.  I'm not sure the context that this date was spelled out, but when I tune into this I see the numbers jumble up, and then they reposition themselves to show September 1812...  I get the numbers or date are related to a battle (or war) but on a different time frame.  I also get the events of the battles of this time frame (technology, culture, geographic boundaries) were significant.

Q. Does war start when MABUS dies?
A.  War has secretly been going on for a long time, it just hasn't been broadcasted.  War isn't waiting on MABUS to die.  MABUS has been active in putting ideas into different countries to "stir" things up.  Things just remain in chaos. (I have an image of a bird flying somewhere, pecking on the ground, then flying somewhere else and pecking on this ground- the bird does this over and over).  In some areas we do have boots on the ground, but in others we are using weather manipulation and now a virus has broken out.  I get the next war will be like no other with technology, and most of the people won't even realize what is happening because it will appear to be "natural."

Q.  What happens to all of us?  
A. Some of us will perish, and the strong will survive.  People that have paid attention and have not followed everything they are told (literally- all the immunizations, physically- to the government centers) will already be at an advantage.  The people in the underdeveloped countries are at the highest risk- I hear their land is "up for grabs."  The weaker countries will be picked out first- the goal will be to acquire them or have them under control for resources.  I don't see countries changing their names, but many smaller countries will be dominated by stronger countries.

Then I am left with an image of someone opening up a history book, and that book had another chapter added.  This, what we are going through now will be a new chapter.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Real Time reading posted to YouTube.


siketa said...

Lynn, what do you think about Osama Bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? Could one of them be Mabus?

Ninneveh said...

PF do you see any connection between President Obama and MABUS?

Bee E-lightened said...

Am leaning towards Obama

Anonymous said...

What's your sense of Nostradamus? Are his works encrypted in his own formula?

Anonymous said...

I am also getting a strong feeling that it is Obama.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Everyone: As I read though this I resonate with many of your conclusions. I just hesitated spelling it out and putting it on the front page of my blog- part of me wanted too, but some part really held me back, like it wasn't in my greatest good.

Anonymous said...

These are certainly strange times we are living in. At least I found some like minds here at this blog. With all of this terrible stuff going on please take time to smell the roses.

Do not let all the doom and gloom wear you down. I am going out to rake some leaves and chase my dog around the yard. Today is a good day to be alive.

Thanks PF for the great job you do sharing info with us.

Ryno said...

Or could it possibly be Mahmud Abbas?
So when Mabus dies, will the "red comet" that you have mentioned previously appear?

Century 2, Quatrain 62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Chatty Cathy said...

@Charlie the Tuna - Those were beautiful words and s wonderful reminder that our light must continue to shine even in the darkness.

Dan Walker said...

Lynn, when you mention 'a different timeline' do you mean a parallel reality or a different time in history? I looked up Sept. 1812. Napoleon Bonaparte (whom Nostradamus pegged as the first antichrist) invaded Russia.

Ninneveh said...

Thank you for the work you're doing Lynn. I imagine you see many things that we'd find disturbing.

whitelite 1111 said...

Via BBC.com: Since Islamic State made rapid gains in Iraq and Syria this year, these rebel groups have been urged to turn their weapons towards the jihadist militants.
When President Barack Obama said in an interview last month that "the boots on the ground need to be Syrian" these are the fighters he meant.
The US has promised much more support as it vows to "degrade and destroy" Islamic State.
There is so much going on in Syria that is not being reported! I feel the Ebola scare although very serious is overshadowing everything going on in this land that the US is a part of.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to get bogged down by all this. We all know that. I know I get overwhelmed and have to tune out every once in awhile. Meeting here and discussing all of this, gives us the opportunity to have the knowledge and tools to not let the constant bombardment of negativity defeat us. the more fear mongering I see on TV the more I know that the "PTB" are feeling threatened because we are all waking up!

Lisa said...

I also thought Obama.

I watched him on Norwegian TV after his first election when he was doing his first official visit to Turkey. He spoke before the turkish Parliament and said: "I am also muslime like you." or similar.

Dan Walker said...

What do you mean, like government centers? FEMA camps? Places the government tells you to go to after a disaster?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dan: That is what I mean... When people feel like they need help during a crisis many run to govt aid... I don't see genuine aid in the "aid."

Sascha Weigand said...

@Lynn: You are quite good and on the right way.
Search for the aspiring scorpion and you will achieve the next level. Red is the colour ...