Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reincarnation and Your Memories (How do you get them back..)

Q. In regards to the process of reincarnation, supposedly souls have their memories "wiped" prior to their next life. Yet, these memories can be retrieved through hypnosis, often revealing that people are following a script very similar to that of their previous life, and with the same group of souls. So, it seems these memories are still stored somewhere. Is there any way other than hypnosis to access them? ie, stimulation of certain parts of the brain, specific drugs, etc.
A. When I tune into this I do see we have residual memories or thoughts.  Some people have more than others depending on the soul, experience (if there was trauma the memories or feelings look to "stick" more) and also the level of wiping that occurred in the "light" prior to incarnating.  I see the memories are stored in the more primal part of the brain at the very top of the spinal cord.  I even get an image of that section of brain and my mind zooms into it and I can see what looks like an encapsulated "spark" that wants to release its' thought/energy but cannot (looks like a symbol to show me that we want to see, feel or experience these past memories, but our rational, conscious part of our brain won't allow it.)  I also get that the justification for blocking these thoughts, etc is to protect us from trauma that occurred in past lives, BUT the REAL reason for this is there is a higher power that wants to suppress humans and keep them in the incarnation loop on earth.  If we were too in tune and were able to continue to grow where we left off we could become more intellectual and overcome those entities (and I get a "reptilian" looking ET) that are trying to hold us back.  I also get a message saying something about if enough of us are able to reach to our higher selves we can overthrow those in power and rebuild a "new" type of earth..

Now to tap into these memories...  I see hypnosis, meditation and sometimes yoga type exercises as self taught practices to open this up.  The real goal is to quiet the rational / conscious part of your mind and communicate directly with your subconscious and higher self.  I also get an image of certain drugs (I specifically see marijuana and mushrooms - not encouraging the use, just telling you what I see) in order to reach this connection.  I ask about alcohol, and I get that it quiets the conscious mind, BUT there is an element of fogginess that alcohol creates and does NOT encourage the connection.  The goal is to open your senses, quiet your rational mind and connect with something bigger than the physical plane we exist in now.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading to be posted later.


Rainbow Warrior said...

Wow, thanks to whoever posted this fantastic question! I have undergone past life regression hypnosis and am learning to be a practitioner as well. I was a casual/weekend drinker when I first started down this path and was getting continuous signals from my higher self that alcohol needed to be avoided entirely. I strongly felt that it was dulling my sense of awareness and intuition. It's interesting to me how much alcoholism plays a part in our culture and it seems to be even more glorified now than ever. I had a sense that there was an ulterior motive for why it is being so heavily pushed in movies, songs and tv shows. Of course, the reptilians don't want us to empower ourselves and break free of their control. Thanks, Lynn!

A Man Called Da-da said...

@RainbowWarrior makes an excellent point. It should also be noted that the average person under the influence of any drug -- alcohol, marijuana, etc. -- invariably leaves them wide open to lower-vibration entities that often take advantage of this unguarded condition to either latch on to the person, or jump in and influence them in an unhealthy way.

Alpha X said...

I feel like I understand now. I've believed in reincarnation since I was pretty young even though I come from a slightly christian family and I believe that I have lived many lives. For quite a while I've had a very strong desire to learn more about my past lives and re-learn the lessons I already have but I told myself that the reason I don't have access to those memories and the full scope of my knowledge was because it would interfere with my purpose here now. I now think that my desire to rediscover this knowledge comes from my higher self knowing that that might be the only way for me to progress. I feel like there is so much that I know that is being withheld from me that the rediscovery of it would drastically change my life. Now I just need to find a way to do this.

Alpha X said...

I do have to ask: If there are positive ETs looking out for us and trying to help us, why has this blocking been allowed to continue?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@AlphaX: There are positive ETs looking out for us (almost helping guide us through magnifying intuition to help change the world). I get there was some kind of a pact or deal made thousands of years ago that started this loop, and until we reach a certain level of consciousness we will be controlled.

Bill Ramirez said...

I had a revelation that's come recently about this topic, I feel this is good time to share , when i asked about this subject I got a strange answer that took some time for me to digest it..It was more of a reply like a "what If" question ..
so I was basically left to choose if I wanted to make it my 'truth' or not..
I got some images like we were like a bunch of raindrops said 'H2o' then showed me that Love is this..(representation)..we all come dropping out of the sky and go into singularity mode..everyone of us 'h2o' (love) has a separate journey down and combine into communities or pools and so forth..evaporation is natural and we collect and nourish the earth, we help life happen. and life is grand ..then i see the ocean..and again i hear 'h2o'we are all says, and we all make our way back to the ocean eventually..the trick that got my mind was that everyone of us brings along out experiences and we collectively drop into the ocean whence we have all come from to begin with ..but these memories are collected and combined into an ocean..we separate from our experiences and return to our former state 'h20'..the experience are mingled with the entire ocean as a collective experience..individuality is like a trap, the rain drop that falls on a rock and thinks it is the rock..this I was the attachment ..the raindrop believed it was the rock , it was and IS love ocean of that same love..all together having an experience in learning about the depths of love..that is why duality and opposites are part of the design or experience..male / female..all to glorify Love and teach and ultimately reunite with itself..separation and singularity ..the ''I' only one..the I am is all there is..only one love. we all are that small drops..there is no separation in love..those who cling to experiences and think it is a ladder to climb ..go up it and come down eventually ..i seen this..So i had to walk away with a question if love was enough for me ..if i ended up at the gates and had to give it all away ..I realized i would do it for love.

Alex said...


If our past life memories are blocked, how can we learn our life lessons successfully in this lifetime when we don't even know what they are ?

Most people don't have any goals except to make more money and have a more comfortable life.

I've been trying to access my past life memories by meditating but with no success. How do I increase my chances ?

a2k said...

Dear PF, I am trying very hard to connect to my higher self these days. I am able to silence my rational mind but when I connect to sub-conscious all I get is discharging of old thoughts/scenarios/dramas going on in a very active manner and I can perceive that.The question is how do we reach to higher-self from that stage and on?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bill: Thank you for sharing this.

@Alex: The reason you don't know what exactly your lesson is suppose to be is because if you did, it would be like cheating. If you "knew" you were here to learn to be a more selfless person, you could say, OK- I will do that, and move to the next "level" of learning. Part of the battle is figuring it out within yourself, coming up with a plan and implementing it in a way that truly changes yourself (is for your greater good and elevates your vibration). It is so much deeper than just being told and doing it.

To get more in tune, I feel like you need to just step back and look at your life. Identify cycles (types of relationships, types of emotions you carry, types of cycles you go through). When you analyze this, you can see similarities in all these "situations" that are occurring- almost like a common theme- from that knowledge meditate and see what you get. :-)

@a2k: You are on the right path. Part of this "discharge" you are getting is processing "stuff" and clearing out your chakras. Once you get through all of that you should have better meditations. Also try using meditation music (different people like different types). It will help you raise your internal vibration.

Rainbow Warrior said...

For anyone interested in learning more about reincarnation, I highly recommend the author Robert Schwartz. Start with his book - Your Soul's Plan. He delves into case studies of the pre-birth planning that we ALL go through before we incarnate He examines the specific life, body, family and life challenges we choose to learn from before we come here. The Earth classroom (which is one of many) teaches lessons through opposites. It's a fascinating read!!

Anonymous said...

Have to say, this doesn't resonate with known recollections of between-life moments, at all. So far as I understand the mechanics of the afterlife, so to speak, we retain ALL memories. We don't get them wiped, the moment we go over there.

What does occur, however, is voluntary erasure upon the moment of reincarnation. Not because some 'higher power' wants us to, but because, if we had those old memories, we'd be fixated on wanting to either re-experience the best points of our old lives or, alternatively, utterly avoid anything to do with what we would perceive the bad moments to have been (including locations, times, people and so on). It's done that way so as to allow us to focus on experiencing the lessons we've set down for ourselves within this life. Otherwise, we'd be permanently distracted.

Also, if some other source of power was doing this to us in a deliberate fashion, against our will, there wouldn't be as much spontaneous recollection of past lives as there is. Especially from children. There would be an evasive, Big Brother-like programme to constantly eliminate all such mentions of them from getting out and, clearly, there isn't.

siketa said...

Hmmm....good point, doberman!
If our memory is totally wiped out in the Light, how come people can still remember details of their past life? Looks like the memory is active in our subconscious.

Alex said...


I still don't get it. Why would knowing our life lesson be considered 'cheating' ?

It's just like if I want to graduate with a computer degree (life lesson), so I study hard in my computer courses (by learning books).

Are you saying that once we know our life lesson and we work hard on it, we will not elevate our vibration ?

Wouldn't that be better than not knowing our life lesson and going through life aimlessly ? Then we would have to come back again.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@domerman and siketa: We do retain some things in our subconscious (especially in times of trauma), but I see many things are forgotten or cleared in the light. If they weren't we would continue to live those past moments and it would alter who we are to be in this life. We would all be the highest spiritual beings if we were able to retain all of that knowledge.

@alex: Part of your lesson is to figure out why you are here- the whole experience is about learning and expansion through growth. If you take the learning part out (that is the cheating part) it isn't quite the same. It would be like knowing how the story ends without reading the entire book. Also knowing what parts are hard (referring to life), free will could make you avoid them and also avoid learning something important to your growth.

Ryno said...

So on one hand we are in a "reincarnation loop" controlled by Reptilian ET's (feeding of humans fear and low vibration) and on the other we are supposed to(by our Creator) learn to love and serve others through multiple incarnation cycles and life lessons. Do we have to move on to certain level of consciousness as an entire human species or is it something that moved on to individually?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Ryno: I see that individual souls can move forward, and if "we" more forward together we can stop this loop and become spiritually advanced (what are real potential is..). You can do it alone, but if we did it as a society we could gain control.

Camryn Villarruel said...

@ Bill Ramirez, thank you. I understand

Camryn Villarruel said...

I don't want to know my past memories, specially if I was a killer, child abuser or victim

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

When I try to meditate, my thoughts will wander away (unable to silence my rational mind!). So, is there any other way to connect to our higher self other than meditation? Do we really have to listen to meditation music to start with? I only listen to one type of music during my waking hours, but definitely not meditation type.

Does it mean that I won't be able to connect to my higher self in this life cycle?

Thank you.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@lilian: Some people do have a hard time quieting their mind. What I suggest they do is try to meditate for a few mintues at a time- and build up from there. You have to "train" your rational mind to quiet itself. Even a few minutes can be very helpful.

When that just doesn't work, I suggest trying to meditate when you are doing something that is slightly distracting such as standing in a hot shower (focus on the steam, heat, water, etc) and allow yourself to have your thoughts wander.

Another thing you may try is driving with the radio off (total silence) and allow you mind to just "go."

Music can help (focus on the sounds) too. If nothing really works a hypnosis session can be helpful in learning how to relax your body and mind.