Friday, September 12, 2014

Q & A XXXVI: Random Questions continued.. [Group Posting]

Q. Please could you do a reading on Elliot Rodgers? Like why did he have such strong feelings of hate towards women? And was he 'programmed' to feel that way? I feel what happened was really sad, and that they are a lot of Elliot Rodgers who are out there but are too scared to act out like he did (or they have a conscience). What do you think is causing such feelings of despondency towards themselves? Could it be that it is the way society is that is producing such individuals with such feelings?
A.  When I focus on him I get this feeling of sadness that is overwhelming in a way.  I feel like he has issues growing up, and he was a sad kid that "faked" being happy.  He wanted to be happy, but just couldn't really "feel" happy.  He was different (I get the word eccentric) or his beliefs and actions- not in a bad way, but in a way that made him always feel this sense of not belonging, loneliness or rejection.  At times he would blame these internal feelings on others because he saw that the "world" judged him and caused the pain, rather than love and accept himself for who he was.

I see that he went over various scenarios many times before he actually did it.  The thought of going through with it felt therapeutic or calming (in an odd way) to him.  He also even took his inability to act on his feelings as something to internalize as being weak- until one day he couldn't take it.  He couldn't take the rejection, pain and loneliness that he felt.

Society is better about being inclusive of others, but has a long was to go with regard unwanted or needed judgements.  People need to focus on how we are the same, embrace differences and see the ways we are unique as character.  

Q. I was wondering if you would have at look at this article and see if you can get any connection.  Rarotonga in The Cook Islands has an arsonist running loose, and the police still don’t have any suspects.  

Two schools, a bakery, cafe, restaurant and private homes have become victims, the last attack just a few weeks ago.  Here is a link from the local paper:
A.  I get the Cook Islands has some kind of resource that people want (land?), and a special interest group was hired to create some kind of instability and hardship so another country can go in and "rescue them." By doing this a debt is created from the Cook Islands toward this other country (I can't be sure what country, I hear broken, but yet English words being used).  The Cook Islands will be forced to give this country what they want out of fear and the need to remain safe. I keep hearing to watch who comes to the rescue, because they are responsible (and also why it is so hard to catch them- they are professionals and good at what they do).  Then I hear something about "keeping your friends close, but keep your enemies closer- but the real challenge is to determine who is a friend, and who is an enemy"..?

Q.I was sent a news article from the UK about this strange mark that appeared on a child and it has since populated into a disturbing phenomenon that is happening all over the world. I put together what I know on this link. 
A. I focused on this, and really tried to tune in.  I cannot confirm that these are authentic markings- something feels off with this, as if what we are seeing is not true based.  If these are real, I cannot connect to this.??

Q. What do you see the Karmic repercussion being for killing insects? What if they are destroying your home? Or what if you just want to kill fruit flies because they are annoying? Also does the amount matter? ...then can we slide the question over into larger animals until we get to humans? Do you see the whole thing being like a chart of how severe the karma is depending on how consciously evolved the being is or is it all equal?
A. Karma exists in everything.  A balance is always trying to be found.  If something isn't causing harm to you (or someone you know), the karmic view would be to let it be.  If it is causing you a health issues, destroying your home, causing some kind of personal harm- see if you can find an alternative to killing it.  

The thing with karma too is the intent.  If you kill something for sport or have malicious intent, that is negatively balanced.  If you kill something because you step on a spider (for example) on accident, that is viewed differently.  

Most times if you trust your gut, you know the right thing to do and how it influences your karma and energy.  

Q. I don't know if you are familiarized with the literature of Carlos Castaneda.
In my view he was taught to keep his mind, experiences and thoughts in the after life. If so, what was the purpose? To save incarnations?  Was the content of his books real?  Did he really pass away because of a cancer.
A. I see this man as very spiritual and had a deep understanding of himself and his higher self.  He did meditate and had a plan in his mind on how to behave or what to do once he passed and his soul left his body- as if he prepped himself for that moment.  In each incarnation he became even more spiritual with himself, and he didn't want to lose the progress that he made- his goal was true enlightenment and he knew that if his memories and knowledge were wiped away at death in the "light" then it would be very hard to attain his current level again (it would take many lives). 

I see this process of him dying, and his soul leaves his body.  At the moment he see the light he starts making this noise- like a hum- that creates a vibration to his spiritual energy that counteracts the energy in the "light" (Never seen this before!!!).  He maintains this sounds/vibration through the entire process until the incarnation occurs.  It was as if his vibration was completely the opposite of the vibration of the light energy (I see a wave of light, and his vibration was exactly the inverse of that wave.) Some thoughts/knowledge are lost, but the majority is retained (AMAZING- I have never seen anything like this!).   

I do see him as authentic and his books feel like they are based on positive intent.  

I do see he really did die of cancer (even though something was "odd" about the situation).  

Q.  Hello! Can you also do focus session on deja vu? What is it, and how does it occur? Is it a misconception in the brain or something more spiritual? Thank you
A. Deja Vu is a true working of your subconscious.  Our current physical being is somewhat shaped on who we were in past lives, where we have been, and also places we go in our dreams / meditations through astral travel (we have the ability to disconnect from our physical bodies when we sleep just as we do when we meditate).

When you go somewhere, hear something, or feel like you are reliving a moment, that feeling of knowing is Deja Vu.  Your subconscious is poking through and creating that familiar feeling (because it is familiar and you have had the experience before.)  You may not realize it in your conscious/rational mind, but you cannot hide from what your subconscious knows.

Q. I enjoy your website & appreciate your time and effort. I have the question about Daniel Dunglas Home, anything about him how he got his energies to levitate etc. But it could be labeled under shadow people as one evening when I was ill I was meditating on him and suddenly a tall (or floating) shadow person with a fedora hat appeared in the hallway in front of my sons room, at the same time my sons ceiling light literally blew up,sparks falling from it, and shadow person disappeared. I have wondered if that was Home showing his flair, or if shadow people are lower dark entities like I have heard. Thank You!!!
A. When I focus on Home, I feel he had a negative attachment to him.  He was gifted, and had talent, but the source of his talent feels very dark.  As if he opened himself up to a higher power, but didn't properly protect himself in the process, and a negative energy attached to him.  

Regarding shadow people and dark entities...They are lower level vibrational beings, but I also get they also serve a purpose and are necessary in the universal balance.  We will always have good and bad, and positive and negative, because they are necessary to define each other.  Then I hear the phrase "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour"- we need both perspectives to truly understand (and challenge) our higher selves.

Q. Can you look into and somewhat describe what everyday life, culture, and societies for Native Americans would have been like today in the Americas if they haven't been colonized and conquered by the Europeans (and for that matter any other people)?  Also, do you see any reasons as to why Native Americans were conquered by the Europeans besides Europeans wanting to colonize the world? Why did Native Americans suffer such fate?
A. I see life as not that much different if North America wasn't conquered.  If the Europeans had not come here (and no other country came here) and the Indians were left on their own to grow, thrive and evolve, I see them living much like they did before.  They would celebrate the earth, and have a connection to nature.  I see them content in their ways, seeking slight improvements (with medicines and concoctions), but overall happy with their life.  I see some tribes rising against the others (the need for power and control is found in every type of society), but most tribes are satisfied with a certain level of space due only so much can be controlled.

I see the main reason for the Indians being allowed to suffer this fate was because humans were created on this planet to learn and evolve (that is why some of the negative emotions are tied to us such as judgement, competition, etc- to force us to evolve).  The Indians were content and living their own life- they were more primal and not advancing much as regarding evolutionary growth (they were much more spiritual).   

Then I see that some kind of mental exchange occurred between eastern groups (Vikings, Europeans, etc) and ETs in which an inspiration to go west was placed in some individuals (human) minds by these ETs.  I get the idea to go east really came about quite random to these "chosen" people, and that is because there was an intervention occurring and ETs were influencing these people directly, but through an indirect channel.  I get humans had a certain amount of time on this planet to reach a certain level of evolutionary growth, and we were not meeting the time frame for the necessary growth.

It was not set that someone from Europe had to conquer North America, but rather enough nudges were put in place that someone from the east would be inspired, almost overwhelmingly inspired to make a voyage west.  And, out of those traveling west, someone would be inspired to conquer and claim land.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Narrated version to be posted later.


siketa said...

Lynn, can you tell us more about that humning sound Castaneda was making? Is it flat frequency or a sine wave? How can we practice it? Is it the same for all people or unique to each soul?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: It was definitely a sine wave, and the really awesome thing was the frequency of the sound was exactly the inverse of the frequency emitted from the light- I really have to think about this more (what frequency, how to do it, etc). I have never seen or had it occur to me that this could happen and this is how people can teach themselves to have their memories survive the processing that occurs in the light. I don't have all the answers, I am just on the tip right now. I wish I could share the feeling I got as I watched this happen- I can't even put it into words.

siketa said...

Yeah, I believe it was fantastic experience.
Please, try to explore it more.
I have a feeling this is very important to learn.

A Man Called Da-da said...

What frequency was the sine wave? 12 Hz? 432 Hz? Was it low or high? What musical note is the frequency closest to? Was it a harmonic he was humming, or a discord?


Ryno said...

What are your thoughts on the "veil of forgetfullness," and how best can we begin to start remembering things from past incarnations? Also, how am I supposed to build upon my past experiences if I can't remember anything from them?

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - Can you elaborate more on what you mean by evolutionary growth, where you said:

"I get humans had a certain amount of time on this planet to reach a certain level of evolutionary growth, and we were not meeting the time frame for the necessary growth."

Since evolution means the change in the inherited characteristics of biological populations over successive exactly did the Viking/European invasions and their claiming land alter the biological characteristics of the native peoples etc.?

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you for the comments.. I don't the frequency yet... This is very new to me and I need to be able to deeply explore it more. It was a very eye opening experience of something I have never seen before... It was a very low hum- like what I would associate to something done in yoga (at the conclusion of a yoga session), but I do not know the exact hertz yet.

@Ryno: The best way to open this is through meditation. If it is difficult, or you have trouble connecting, you can always do a past life regression or hypnosis with someone trusted and that can be very effective.

@Chatty Cathy: Vikings / Europeans had a different mentality on life. They were conquerors, wanted more, were driven by money and had a true ruthlessness about them to get what they wanted. That mentality and quality is what was seen as "ideal" to propel us into wanting more. They embraced change and technology- sought it out. They feel more connected to the part of their brain that thrived on competition and a need to be better. I see the Native Americans as connected to the earth and its' substance, whereas other areas were drawn to riches and the competition that materialistic society embraces.

Rusty Bojador said...

Hi Lynn:
Could you tell me about Canada's future when the Russian and China takes over the US? Do you see my country being taken over?

Iv J said...

Can you tell us about the rare respiratory infection spreading like wildfire to children, can we prevent ? Should we be worried?

Anonymous said...

Hi lynn, Can you do a reading on Adrian peterson? DID HE KILL his 2 yr old son. ALSO IS YOUR NAME YOUR CREED or life mission for example Adrian Peterson phonestically is Adrian beat your son.....

Charlie said...

Wow! What an amazing reading. I would love to be able to learn that skill that Casteneda used. Thanks for looking into all these fascinating topics!

siketa said...

Lynn, we can not stay out of the light forever, right? We have to enter it sooner or later?

風輪 said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for your reading! Could you please elaborate more on the concept of 'universal balance' between good and bad? This is a concept that often appears in your readings but I find it hard to grasp. This implies evil is always necessary, but then it seems to somehow contradict with the idea that every being needs to progress/evolve spiritually?

And concerning the native Americans, you said if North America wasn't conquered, then the Indians would have slight improvements but overall happy with their life. And whatever the history, the Indians are always much more spiritual than the dominant materialistic cultures of today. If happiness and spiritual progress is a universal goal, then their sufferings only seem to be a sad example of ‘bad drives out good’. What is the lesson to the rest of humanity?

Lisa said...

Does this mean that Castaneda was going INTO the light?! I.e. he did not try to stay out of the light, but he was going into the light right after his dead and humming at the same time?!

Could it be that he was poisonned and got the cancer therefore?

He had a "group" around him and it was said that he invented a kind of Thai Chi just to earn money (for himself and his nearest friends) and mislead other followers... Are these false accusations or is it true?

Alex said...


Can a highly spiritual person like Carlos Castaneda get cancer ?

As I perceive it, cancer is due to killing karma done in past lives.

Could you do a more detailed reading on passing through the light ?

As I understand it, passing through the light means going to a spiritual plane that our soul's frequency resonates with, or am I wrong ?

Why would we lose our memories when passing through the light ?

Diane Hamilton said...

I'd like to hear about IV J's questions about this rare respiratory infection in children. My Grandson was put in day care last year because I hurt my back really bad (I was babysitting him everyday from 8:00am till about 5:30-6:00) and from that time on he was really sick. Went to the hospital a few times and it was a respiratory infection. His Mom is a teacher and so I am back on the job (thank God, I love it!). Can this happen twice? He is turning 1 on October 3rd. He is my heart!

Chatty Cathy said...

@Lynn - It sounds like the ETs were annoyed by primitive people who lived simple lives... that they would send Vikings etc. to murder, rape and pillage their homes and communities. Same thing happened in Africa, Australia, South America...

I think this is a huge clue that these ETs care nothing for the emotional well-being of the people it forces these evils on. If we look at Native Americans today, they suffer from high rates of poverty, alcoholism and an epidemic of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, tuberculosis, and cancer. The statistics are alarming:

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American Indians (2003, Center for Disease Control).
Due to the link between heart disease, diabetes, poverty, and quality of nutrition and health care, 36% of Natives with heart disease will die before age 65 compared to 15% of Caucasians (2001, HHS Office of Minority Health).
American Indians are 177% more likely to die from diabetes (2011, Indian Health Disparities).
500% are more likely to die from tuberculosis (2011, Indian Health Disparities).
82% are more likely to die from suicide (2011, Indian Health Disparities).
Cancer rates and disparities related to cancer treatment are higher than for other Americans (2005, Native People for Cancer Control).
Infant death rates are 60% higher than for Caucasians (2001, HHS Office of Minority Health).

The forced evolutionary change does not seem to foster positive, spiritual growth for humanity - just ruthless coercion to a money-fueled technological world. Brings to mind the words on the dollar bill, "Order Out of Chaos".

And the words of Michael Jackson, "They don't really care about us."

The masses in post-conquered society today seem stressed, financially burdened, and mentally and physically sick from depression, cancers and other diseases. How are people supposed to spiritually grow and ascend and pursue happiness under these circumstances (created by ETs?

Conditions of native americans:

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you also for this post! "Finding Water With A Forked Stick May Not Be A Hoax...?
Could you possibly tell us what forces act when dowsing sticks, divining rods and pendulums answer questions?
Why do both conductive and non-conductive materials work?
Does the hit rate depend more on the subject than on the person? Does the accuracy also depend on the rareness of the material you're seekimg for (gold for example)? Why do persons from the same family have different ability to do it (as stated by the man form the vid. Thank You for all the answers you offer us graciously!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rusty, Iv J, gracey77, siketa and Watchand Knock: I saved all of your questions for a future group posting. You had such great questions I would like to really think on them and put what I see on the blog.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Lisa: I do see Castaneda went right to the light because he knew how he was going to approach it. He wasn't afraid of what was going to happen.. it was as if he prepared for several lifetimes for that moment.

I see he really helped some people (who were already evolving on their own)- they just needed the confidence. For some that struggled, it was more difficult. He really did want to help the ones that were more challenged too, but I do see where money started to cloud things for him.

I don’t see he was poisoned, but rather used his inner energy so much it somehow weakened and altered his inner self to make him more vulnerable to outside disease.???

@Chatty Cathy: Thank you so much for your comments and info! I didn't realize the conditions that they were suffering from (I knew that things were bad, but not that bad). Very eye opening!

I also agree that it appears to be evident that they do not care, but I also need to share how it came to me. There is a race of ETs that want earth back. They want the land, the resources, earth has so much potential (I get it used to be like a paradise). We have some kind of timeframe (and I see it was shared with the Mayans) as to when this race of ETs was to come back, but the protective ETs are trying to guard us (I get there have been some “wars’ in space that we have not been informed on). We need to reach some level of technological understanding, evolution or spiritual realization to be able to defend our own planet without ET interference- and that is the goal. The way we were going wasn't allowing that to happen (in their eyes).

I also get that the intentions were to bring the Native Americans to the same level (how that is defined, I am not sure) to where the Europeans, Vikings, etc were. The unintended consequence of this was horrific, and I get they realize that too.

Chatty Cathy said...

Thank you Lynn, this gives some clarity. There are so many confusing elements in society...just trying to understand what we're up against. So grateful for your gift!

Pernille said...

As I understand Lynn, the problem was that the Indians didn’t evolve technically, so they later on, would be able to help defending humans against ETs.
On the other hand some Indians new, that suffering was a way to spiritually evolve. The went through painful exercises to reach a higher level of consciousness. But they only evolved spiritually – not scientifically. Maybe that can ‘excuse’ the choice that was made, to send Europeans to America, so they too would get inspired to evolve technically. They still suffer! And that suffering will also allow them to evolve spiritually, but at a slower pace than before, because the pain is not as intense. It sounds cynical, but when we have suffered enough , and it doesn’t matter from what, we will in the end – and that might take several lives – give up and have no other demands than to say: Take me as I am, there is nothing a want. A little like what Eckhart Tolle experienced just before he had his eye opening experience when he was 29 years old. Does that resonate with you Lynn and Chatty Cathy?

siketa said...

Lynn, is the Light people see in Near Death Experiences the same one we see when we die? I ask because I read people enter the tunnel and this Light but are able to come back. They are told that their time has not yet come and they have to finish their "mission" in this life. So if it is a trap, why those entities do not capture our soul the moment it gets there but instead they release it?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Pernille: This does resonate with me. I like how you worded your thoughts.

@siketa: I think it is your own subconscious fighting the light, more than the light now accepting you. Your higher self is forcing you to go back.

leia franc said...

Hi lynn. When you/ we are able to connect with a person that has passed, does that mean that that person has not gone into the light?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

your reading on Castaneda is very interesting. Did he himself write his books or did someone else write them for him? And, has he incarnated again, and if so, where? What happened to his witches, Florinda Donner - Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs ? Why did he name Patricia Parton ( presumably found dead) Blue Scout ? Did his guide Don Juan Matus died the same death as Castaneda or did he manage to flew past the eagle ? Are the Tensegrity movements of any value ? Thanks for your very interesting blog !

YourPsychicFocus said...

@leia: If someone has passed, and hasn't yet gone to the light, I have an easier time connecting to them. If they are "in the light" I might be able to get a message, but it will look foggy or sound distorted. Once they pass and incarnate I may get something based on their residual energy or thoughts before they crossed over, but I find it hard to connect.

@f70f2098....: I do get he wrote his books, and I cannot see he has incarnated just yet... I think your questions are really great, but I need a lot more thought to feel good about answering. If you put through a request on the blog request page, I will be happy to look at this deeper at a later time.

siketa said...

Lynn, what do you think about Matias' story?

Artistsculptor1776 said...

I am with you 100% on your answer. Colonizing people is not to anyone's advantage. The colonizers end up not being trusted for generations to come the world over. There is a reason Africa, India, Mid- East, and S America don't trust western countries.

García Sastre 'Héctor said...

I was the one who post the questions about Carlos Castaneda. I felt very happy you focused on him. Thank you.
I really recommend everybody to read his books. It might be a good entertaiment as well as way to evolve as human being.
I think the humming sound comes from a chapter he's been administrated any drug, and can't move just watch and hear, and he is encouraged to focus on a clothing mob humming.