Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Q & A XXXVI: Health Questions [Group Post]

Q. I am becoming increasingly concerned about West Nile Virus. Where did this virus originate from and will it eventually fizzle out or keep going strong? Also, is there any herb, supplement, etc, that can be used to prevent contracting this disease? Thank you so much!
A.  The first thing I see is prevention.  I immediately see and smell fresh lavender... In fact, lavender in all forms (dried, fresh and essential oil) looks to ward off the mosquitoes carrying the disease (I get they don't like the smell). I also see someone burning cedar (kind of looks like smudging) to form a barrier around their home.

If someone contracts West Nile...I see huge amounts of citrus fruits (mainly the rind or the zest of the fruit) being consumed.  This fruit consumption in conjunction with large amounts of water seems more important (even more than food intake).  I also see them putting Tea Tree Oil on the bottoms of their feet several times a day.

(I couldn't see a origination point for this..) 

Q.  Can anything be done regarding ovarian cysts?

A.  The treatment I see with this is acupuncture.  I get an image of a woman laying on her back with a circular shape pattern of acupuncture needles in her abdomen.

Q. Hi Lynn. i believe this is good for all the readers. how can we save our children from drug addiction?? Any good technique to make them stay away?

A. I can't see a full prevention method, but rather the equation that makes the use more probable.  I also get that many that experiment aren't addicts, and addiction is a much more serious form of use that results in harming the self (or those around you) with a lack of will to be able to stop. The use isn't even for just pleasure or an escape, but rather a deep absence of independent will to stop (that has to be found).

In focusing on those with addiction, the image I see is someone sitting with a therapist and they are doing a technique where they are tapping on different pressure points on their body.  They speak mantras while doing this tapping technique and through that it triggers some kind of inner strength and empowerment.  It works different parts of the brain by tapping and speaking while focusing on the words.  I see it taking several times (maybe three weeks in a row, but looks successful. [As a side note, while doing this reading I came across another question that was similar, and realized that the technique above was EFT] 

Q. When will the Ebola outbreak be contained? Will it reach Europe or the US?

A. I see this virus lingering for the next three to four years.  It will mostly infiltrate the third world countries, and I see some of the borders being locked down where safeguards against disease are not great.  

I see random cases reaching other countries, but I also see it being mostly contained.  I see some kind of vaccine being created [eventually] and the fear of the spread has people running to get it.  I don't see specific details, but the vaccine looks to create other problems / issues (causing weakened immune systems for a future attack of a different strain of virus).    

For now I see those that have been exposed (or actually contract the disease) they need to consume high concentrations of citrus fruits (not a vitamin, herb or oil - the real thing in the form of juice).  It will create a PH that makes the virus hard to survive.  I also see that colloidal silver can be beneficial (the amount feels like it would be toxic, however it looks to work (do its intended job) and it then flushes itself out when the treatment is done. 

Q. What is your take on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping? Can it really relieve pain, release negative energy, eliminate phobia, fear, depression and many other things that people claimed to be able to achieve via tapping. Thank you for your time.

A. [This is what I saw in the portion about drug addiction!!!!  I didn't know what it was called!]
Yes!  The technique looks very effective.  I see that the tapping, thinking and talking works the right brain with the left, the conscious with the subconscious and creates a redirection in the way the flow of electric pulses run through the brain.  It allows a fresh outlook to old ideas and thoughts.  It also allows you to apply rational thought to ideas or concepts that previously felt irrational (and unexplainable).  

Q. Is it safe to use the microwave often to heat up food? I'm worried.

A.  Two things I see... One, if you use the microwave, don't stand near it.  I see a field of energy radiating out of it constantly (just by being plugged in), and when you power it on, the field grows about three times.  Don't stand by it, or look in it while cooking.  

The second thing I see it is that it kills the nutrition in the food itself. For example, if you steam broccoli on the stove top it is healthier than steaming it in the microwave.  Then I hear that is why you cannot microwave breast milk- it kills the nutrition.  Then I was shown an image of someone microwaving water, letting it cool, and then watering a plant- the plant withers and dies almost immediately... Just be cautious and use good judgement.

Q. For a while now, I am facing anxiety. I tried medication, but I couldn't handle it, so I use natural stuff. It goes away and it comes back. I have seen a lot of people facing this lately. From what I've red, it's a process of evolution. My question: is it really because our bodies are adjusting to the new vibration? Or this is our fears and the time to deal with them has come? If so, how are we suppose to deal with this? Thank you.
A.  Anxiety can mean different things for different people.  It may be a natural symptom that you have something in your life you must face or deal with.  For some, they need to really assess their life and to know what is causing it.  

Some people experience anxiety when their intuition kicks in and they "feel" some outside influence or energy is moving about them (could be vibrational, something spiritual / psychic, empathic experience, etc).  Meditation can help with this to gain some insight (and comfort).  I also get that meditating while taking a warm Epsom salt bath can deepen the meditation and also help detox some of the negativity from your system. 

Q. Hi Lynn: Could you please advise why some species of pine nuts can cause pine mouth (bitter taste lasting up to several days)?

A. I hear the word "pine tar" and get there is some substance inside the nut your are talking about that has some kind of tar to it.  I also get that there is an odd acidic base to this that alters the PH in your mouth, which causes the residual taste to linger. You have to wait for the PH to regain balance to regain a normal taste.

Q. E-Cigarettes and the devices that allow you to take in nicotine via "vapor" have become popular lately without any scientific research being done on the long term effects of them. What do you see them being compared to cigarettes? Some of the liquids used in them contain propylene glycol and others use organic vegetable glycerin. How much more safer is the organic vegetable glycerin? And finally, is nicotine safe through this vapor method but has just always been thought of as bad due to it's association with the carcinogenic method of burning a cigarette to get it in the past? Thank you

A. I see the organic version safer (as opposed to any chemical).  The tobacco also seems to be healthier (more pure), BUT I see them first converting people to the e-cigarettes and THEN putting additives into the tobacco to make the tobacco "concoction" more addictive (thus locking in their client base).  

I would call this safer (for now), but in the long run equal to the traditional cigarette. 

Q. I am wondering about the radical increase in people getting forms of dementia, specifically Alzheimer's. Has it always been like this and just called old age? What are the main contributing factors? Is it preventable? Is there something one can do to "bounce back" from memory loss?

A.  I see this is due some to genetics, but largely due to the environment.  This response is the brain's reaction to all the electrical waves, chemical, pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, toxins, etc in our environment.  I get that some people are very sensitive to some (or all) of these things, and they build up (or cause mini mutations) that store in parts of the protein in the brain. After a certain point, the result is memory loss (or Alzheimer's).  

People can try to detox from these items (eating right, drink logs of water, avoid walking around holding a cell phone to your ear several hours a day, etc) to lessen the effects.  I don't see it completely reversible, but can be substantially slowed down.

Q. I read online that eating raw apricot seeds will cure cancer because they contain laetrile. It also says that if a doctor does use laetrile, he risks losing his license and even imprisonment. Do you see these comments as true or false? Here is a web page link: http://www.myapricotseeds.com/faq.html Thank you very much for everything you do. 

A. I do see this as being effective.  I get they don't want it out there because it is effective and cheap to make.  Pharmaceutical companies make too much off treating, and nothing from curing.  I get to be cautious and trust your gut, but this could be very useful as a supplemental treatment (for very serious stages of cancer) or a good primary drug in less severe cases..

Q. Do moles and their placements (in particular parts of the body) have significance? 

A. Some are random, some have a genetic predisposition to be placed (I see that some people in the same family have the exact mole in the exact same location) and some moles represent injuries locations in past lives (you may have been stabbed somewhere, and have a birthmark or mole in that same location). 

Q. What is your take on shy people? Why are some people so shy?

A.  I see it really is a personality trait, and a reaction to how people take in their environment. It is the physical (and emotional) response to the environment based on a stimulus.

Q. Hello, was wondering if you could please look into the autoimmune disease Lupus. I have a good friend who has it and was wondering if there ever would be a cure and also what can he use to help prevent flares, body pain, etc. Also is there specific essential oils that would be beneficial? Thank you very much.

A. I don't see a cure, but I see it as manageable.  I get the use of citrus based oils can help with flare-up (inflammation) and pain.  I specifically get lemon, lime and orange oils ingested in water or on the bottom of the feet.  I also see fish oil (liquid or capsule) or an omega-3 type oil as being helpful when symptoms are worse (I get it comes and goes).  

Q. Your take on colloidal silver and colloidal gold?

A.  Silver feels safer (and more effective) than gold, so my focus is going toward the silver.  I don't see it as an everyday use item (referring to the silver), but definitely effective as needed.  I also get that it leaves your body quickly, so it goes in, serves as an antimicrobial agent, does what it needs to do and then excretes.  I see the silver as effective, but not for everyday or prolonged use.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube..  

*Please keep in mind I have never been trained in medicine and this is based solely on what I get during a focus reading using my psychic sense.  Trust your gut and good judgement when approaching any medical issue.  Love and light, L


mak said...

Thank you for the post! My husband and I shared a bag of pine nuts from a highly reputable specialty grocery store on at least 2 occasions. Only I reacted with bitter taste in mouth. Do you know why some react and others do not? Are the pine nuts even fit for human consumption?

Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance but what's the value in applying oils etc the the feet with healing?

Also, I've heard about the ionic foot baths lately, for detoxing, people treating cancer?

Maybe I need to take better care of my feet haha.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mak: I get that it also has to do with a certain bacteria found in some peoples mouths. (I get the one of you has dental issues associated to the bacteria, and one doesn't??)

@sheena: The way it works is everything is tied to a section of the bottom of your feet (every system). When you apply oils to the bottom of your feet, it gets absorbed almost immediately and by all systems at once. It serves as a way to distribute them efficiently.

michael smith said...

They removed the block at the guild stone. what's going on now ?


Ryno said...

@michael smith: Not only that but now there are 2 new holes in taht spot.

Blimpy Peach said...

Can rubbing essential oils into your feet help with severe morning sickness?

Anonymous said...

I think you are amazing!!!! I have been reading your site daily for a very long time! I had West Nile Virus with Meningitis and Encephalitis!! It was one of the worst things... I had to learn how to walk and other basic things. Do you see any long term problems from this? Can I get this again? I have heard that only 1% of people get it as bad as I got it. I literally went crazy before they found it and it was only 4 weeks after my third back surgery.

Thanks...much love

siketa said...

Kelly, I hope you are going to be ok from now on. Stay strong and fight it! L&L

YourPsychicFocus said...

@blimpy peach: I see that peppermint oil can. :-)

@kellyrosepalmer: Thank you for sharing your story! I see it would be very hard to get it again. Your body (through everything) has built up an immunity to it. If at some point your immune system was compromised (another illness or issue going on) at the time you were reinfected, I could see it taking hold, but it wouldn't be as severe as the last time.

Marc Lawrence said...

Hi Lynn,

Whats the best method to remove moles, ie, herbal/plants/medicine/etc

Thank you!

Blimpy Peach said...

Thanks Lynn will definitely give that a go!!

Marina said...

Hi Lynn, When an elderly woman suffers from tyroid issues (she does not recall if its under or over active) what can normalize it? Isolde Rosemarie Hess is her name. BTW thank you for this wonderfull post!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Marc.: The popular saying that I hear right now is "when is doubt, Frank it out.." It is telling me that Frankincense is the way to go, and also oregano (even though you may need to dilute with a coconut oil). Apply topically.

@Marina: Citrus oils ingested in water look to help this... Try lemon, lime and orange..

KC said...

I have been using colloidal silver for over 20 years with no side effects or long term effects of any kind. I am never sick. I still suffer from allergies though.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@KC: That is good to know. I never knew much about it until I did a few readings.. I was thinking of investigating it for me and my family as it looks to be very beneficial in maintaining health.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@KC: What brand do you use or recommend?

KC said...

I make my own. I discovered a way to make it without buying a machine - anyone can make it for the price of silver wire. I will post that if you would like. Rather lengthy - post here or send it to you?

Waityurturn said...

PF there is a story that Ebola can be cured with Garcinia Kola. There are also stories that if people will post about it on their instagram or facebook, that they will disactivate the account. First, is Garnicia Kola the cure for Ebola? Second, why are they disactivating people's accounts? Thank so much

YourPsychicFocus said...

@KC: If you would post it here I think that would be great.. You could help improve and maintain health of many people by doing so. I am happy to share this info..

@waityurturn: YES! AS soon as i read this I heard "the cure to all of your illnesses can be found in your environment, you just have to look" (it is a homeopathic perspective) and after I heard that I did a quick google to see where this came from and the first thing I saw was Liberia!!!! I get the govt wants you to do things that help them make money, and an herb isn't going to do that. Thank you so much for this!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Waityurturn and everyone..: If you find somewhere to buy Garcinia Kola please post it here. I just did a quick search after posting my last comments, and it looks somewhat difficult to find. I feel compelled to have this in "reserve."

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn, can lessening the use of listening to music on headphone slow down the process for Alzheimer's?

Anonymous said...


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Adrian: Headphones are file unless you are wireless using bluetooth, etc..

KC said...

Colloidal Silver
PLEASE NOTE: You must use pure silver - no alloys - so no silver jewelry or wire. Buy .999 or .9999 fine silver wire. The thickness (or gauge) is not important. One 9 volt battery is fine. Take two six inch pieces and bend about 3/4 inch over so it sits over the top of the glass (glass only – no plastic). Fill with water (if you use distilled you must add a tiny amount of salt). Stick those ¾ inch ends into each side of the 9 volt - hold for a few minutes and you will have enough CS for family friends etc. for less than a penny a gallon. I have been doing this for over 20 years. One set of wires has lasted over ten years - I have enough silver wire to last me the rest of my life. When making the colloidal silver one wire will have bubbles coming off it and the other will have silver coming off. Switch the two out each time so you have wires the same size. DO NOT TAKE SILVER IN POWERED FORM - YOU WILL TURN BLUE. Keep out of direct sunlight – it will turn black – store in closet. You can make a machine if you wish - plenty of instructions for those on the internet - don't bother to wire batteries in series - just get three 9 volt batteries and snap them together to make a pyramid shape and go from there.
Recap: Colloidal silver is made with electricity and water which produces colloidal particles. Powdered silver is ground or pulverized silver solid - totally different. All you need is .999 silver wire (pure, no alloys) any gauge (thickness) is fine, and one 9 volt battery. Take some at least every two weeks. Any gastric upset (food poisoning) will disappear within hours of taking some so always keep some on hand.

KC said...

This looks like Garcinia Kola on amazon

YourPsychicFocus said...

@KC: Thank you so much for the info!

PewPewPew said...


A person must use distilled water (although, emergencies are a different story). Distilled water is important because it doesn't have impurities and hasn't been chlorinated like tap or bottled water.

Sometimes people add salt to 'kick start' the reaction. DO NOT ADD SALT or anything to the water. The silver reacts with the minerals in the water when the electricity is applied. So if you add salt or other minerals are present in the water, you will be making silver chloride, silver nitrate, silver sulfate etc.. Along with your colloidal silver.

This is possibly where the story of the man with Argyria came from. If it is true, he more than likely was taking in very large amounts of silver salts.

If using distilled water, the warmer the water, the faster the reaction.

KC said...

You do not have to used distilled water - I never do. The salt allows the electrical connection to flow. So much di-info out there.

Anna Zhao said...
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Anna Zhao said...

Hey Lynn, there had been a devastating 8.1 earthquake in Sichuan, China back in 2008. Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan was shaking violently. 6 years on that area is still not in peace. People are constantly worried about it. Do you see another strong quake will happen, if it happens again, would Chengdu be safe? Thank you very much!!