Friday, September 5, 2014

Q & A XXXV: Real or Not, True or False... [Group Post]

Q. Benjamin Creme claims to see that the second coming of Christ will occur by someone named Maitreya and Maitreya is already here and living in England, but not coming forward.  Do you see this as being true?
A. I get that Benjamin Creme had some kind of a spiritual connection (through a meditation) and got this information.  He didn't know whether to believe what he saw, and pondered it for a while keeping it to himself.  Then it came to him, that it was true (like an epiphany moment), at which time he announced it.  He really believes what he is telling people, so if he is mistaken it isn't out of negative or intentional intent.

Do I see the Maitreya as being here and is this true?  I see an overall energetic awakening in many people.  I don't get the connection to it being because of a person, but rather a shift that the earth is going through.  I cannot make a connection to Maitreya, London and a physical presence of Christ.  When I focus on Christ coming back or being reborn, my mind envisions a spacecraft coming back.  I see the energy Benjamin feels is more directly related to an ET coming back to earth and making a connection in London rather than this energy already existing here.

Q. Hi Lynn, do you think these videos supposedly taken around the world showing a spiral in the sky are real or fake?
 A.  I do see this as being real, but the camera effects altered it in some way creating more a more intense effect than what was seen by the naked eye.  I also get in the areas where these have been seen have also had some strange rainbows or halo effects visible.  I get that weather manipulation is a major factor here.  As different frequencies are sent out to different areas of the world (by various countries, not just the US) in an attempt to control or change weather, something gets altered in the higher altitudes. and when the energy of the sun hits that altered frequency it creates this effect in the sky. It looks like waves that we could not normally see with the naked eye become evident with the combination of solar energy, the magnetosphere and these man-made frequencies.

Q. Hi Lynn: What is your take on Drunvalo Melchizedeck? Is his focus on the greater good? Thank you.
A. When I focus on him, I do see he is working in the greater good.  I see he has a deep understanding, and has truly made that connection with his higher self.  I get this "big picture" feel with him, and he is able to take in his environment and understand it.  

Q. There is a video about an object that seems to have a shield entering our solar system. Do you have any feelings on what this might be has many people stumped.
A. As I looked at this, I got it was a UFO that was able to propel itself by using the gravitational fields of the planetary bodies and also the sun.  I get that it can alter where it is pulling its' energy from, and this shield serves as the device to not only protect the craft, but absorb the energy.

Q.  Is this real? [video of a spirit being recorded]
A. I get this is very real.  This person captured spiritual energy (very intense energy) traveling through their home.    

Q. Are there really Lightworkers or Indigos that came down to help the Earth and is there going to be a Spiritual Ascension?  If so, what will it look like for the everyone involved in this transformation? Will it look like a rapture or barely noticeable if anything at all. Thank you in advance.
A. Yes, I do that people came to earth to help humans evolve.  These lightworkers were sometimes called angels because of the white light that would shine from their eyes, nose and mouth.  In our current time I see these workers (or Indigos) still are here, but rather than physically come to earth, they incarnate here and blend in with people.  They many times don't even realize their capability and the amount of knowledge they have until something starts to awaken within them.  They feel different and don't realize how, just that they don't fit in, they see things differently, have a deeper understanding, feel isolated by the people around them; however, very connected in the bigger picture.  It takes a while to develop and understand their purpose, but they usually find a breakthrough on their own or by being given some compelling sign or direction..

There is an ascension going on... It is slow and different for everyone.  Most generally people experience feelings of exhaustion, inability to get clarity, and then they are OVERWHELMED by clarity (like a cycle is happening until it is complete).  I don't see it looking like a rapture, but rather feel like an awakening for those experiencing it.  Almost like you see the world clearly for the first time and have a good understanding of how it works, and how you fit in.  You are able to see truth, and it just "feels" different.

Q. Hi Lynn, have you aver heard about the Fresno Nightcrawlers? they are some king of creatures filmed out near fresno California.  I will post the videos.  Do you feel they are real or they are just another fake?  Thank you.
A. I see that the statues are very real, and there is some form of ET life that resembles this (I visualize them as an odd spider) that came to earth hundreds of years ago.  This is the first time I have seen this species of ET, and there is something about them being very far from here (no longer in this solar system).  [I get they have made a home in a sister solar system, but have learned how to energetically come here to "see" what is happening, and possibly plan their return.  They were once driven away, and are looking for a way back.]

I then get this video was real.  I get this happens frequently. 

Q. Swami Rama ( Some people said that he exploited or abused several of his female disciples. Is this true? I couldn't believe that a master who gave wonderful teachings could do such terrible things.

A.  I get that this man was highly spiritual, and truly understood his gifts he was given in connecting to the universe and connecting to his higher self.  I also get that he has some encounters with women that were consensual, and these women later came back (mostly due to the negativity of jealously, and the reflection of how vulnerable they made themselves in order to have this experience) and accused him of these things with a different perspective than what he had during the time. [They accused him of manipulating them, but in reality they exhibited free-will during their intimate moments.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube..


a2k said...

Dear PF, I guess when you focused on Lord Maitreya Kalki coming back and saw a spacecraft coming back, This could mean following things:-

(1) Lord maitreya kalki, will come to presence (though he was born in 1925, and is active at all levels be it astrally, physically, higher-dimension.His presence is still not declared by him and secrecy is guarded by Rishis/Higher-beings according to plans of Ascension project) when galactics arrive after disclosure with among them & ascended masters. This could be the plan.

(2) Lord Kalki is being helped by Galactics and lots of Higher-beings and he frequently travels in spaceship with them.

(3) The space-craft was simple to convey that Lord Kalki is a galactic.

Watchand Knock said...
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Alex said...

Matreiya is a future Buddha who is residing in the heavens right now. He won't be reborn so soon. I am not sure whether the two are the same person ?

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn! thank you for this intresting post!
If was allowed to pose another question I would ask this: Q. Oil/Natural Gas.
Approx. which percentage of petroleum/natural gas (based on actual production) does not represent fossile fuel? (also called abiotic or abiogenic oil)? What does it originate from and how does it form? British Petroleum stated recently that oil will last only for more 53 years ( Taking into account the possibility of abiotic petroleum, what do you get on the time we still can rely on this type of fuel? THANK YOU!
PS (a possible criteria to distinguish both types of oil/natural gas could be: “Carbon 13 is the carbon isotope scientists associate with abiotic origin, compared to Carbon 12 that scientists typically associate with biological origin.”)

A Man Called Da-da said...

"Second Coming" doesn't necessarily mean in somatic, bodily form. Brother J is already 'back' and has been, officially, since 1975 (via Helen Schucman) via, "A Course in Miracles." Read the first couple pages and you realize it's true:

a2k said...

@Alex: check this.

A Mann said...

How were the alien spiders driven away?

michael smith said...

Is this real.

DoitwithHeart said...

A Course in Miracles has ties to the CIA & mind control.. Not sure I'd trust it. My personal take on the Jesus/Maitraya thing is that the ETs have engineered a fake one to fool people and the real one is in the spirit realms... I don't believe some great master is going to walk out of a spacecraft and lead us... Truly read the Allies of Humanity at least book 1 This is a plan the negative ETs have because they know that many are awaiting a "saviour" here... It's not going to happen at least far into the future once Humanity has grown up a bit, that's my take anyhow.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Thank you for all the great questions. I will look at all these and try to get a response back to you by tomorrow. :-)

Alex said...


Matreiya has not been reincarnated as a Buddha yet on earth. That won't happen until at least a million years. It's written in the sutra.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2K: When I read your response, I most connected to what you first said. His presence (or energetic form) exists, but is not here. He at some time will return, but in a much higher form that our human existence.

@Alex: I see Matreiya and Buddha as two separate energies. Both of the highest vibrations, but I see Buddha most closely related to the human vibration and Matreiya is different. It is as if that energy is even more elevated than Buddah.

@watchandKnock: As I try to focus on oil that isn’t fossil fuel, I keep seeing a volcano effect where oil that is miles deep in the earth erupts into pockets of oil within these deep oil wells. I can’t get a definite end date, as it seems to continually ooze into these deep wells. The percentage of this type of oil is small- I want to say less than 10%.

A Mann: I get there was some kind of a battle between this spider aliens and the other aliens that were around and visiting earth. These spider aliens tried to capture humans or use them as slaves for resources, and the protective aliens where not having it… There was a battle, and they lost and were banished from being on earth, but hope to return when the protective defenses feel weakened.

@michale smith: I do think there is a lot of strange activity around Orion’s belt, and there are large alien communities living there, but I don’t get this video is real footage. Something seems forged with this.

Bee E-lightened said...

Is it true what someone posted about "a course in miracles"?!? Is it a book written with good intentions

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Bee Enlightened: I do see it is with good intentions and helps people find clarity and a sense of empowerment..

Bee E-lightened said...

Great bc I have it reading

Watchand Knock said...

Thank You!

green acres said...

Lyn, can you elaborate on the Lightworkers? What are their goals? What if they never realize their 'mission'? Can you tell where they're from? i.e., Pleidian? Thanks so much!

DoitwithHeart said...

Dr. Thetford who was instrumental in publishing 'A Course In Miracles' and worked closely with the channel for the book, encouraging her to listen to the voice that spoke to her (who later in life claimed it was the worse thing that ever happened to her) is known to have worked for the CIA MK Ultra program. Why then would he be so keen to publish this book is my question? Did he suddenly have a change of heart and begin working for the greater good?

DoitwithHeart said...

"But besides the frightening evil of the physical experimentations done on innocents, Project BLUEBIRD was focused on the mind and how to manipulate and control through the use of drugs and hypnosis. The goal was to create Manchurian Candidates by causing amnesic barriers, by shattering the old personality to birth new and efficient ones and implanting hypnotic codes and triggers so that the person being manipulated would never understand his role. And according to the documents obtained by Ross, they were actually quite successful. Interestingly enough, this was the world in which Dr. Thetford was involved when his research assistant suddenly began hearing the voice of Jesus in her head and A Course in Miracles was born."

Helen the author died in a reported severe "psychotic depression" (as much is admitted by her followers)and according to witnesses would fly into a rage and shout "I hate that book!"

Good intentions do not guarantee good fruits if you're being manipulated. I believe Helen was a victim.

"Well, I made it through about 3 chapters of ACIM, and that’s all I could stomach. IMO, it’s just new age claptrap couched in Biblical type terms. As with most new age stuff, it uses a lot of unnecessarily complex and difficult to understand language. It’s an attempt to confuse and not to enlighten. Of course it uses a central truth to spin it’s deceptions, and so there is good to be found in it, and I can see how it could be used for positive growth. From the sounds of the tale behind it’s writing, the author may well have been a mind control victim. This is how spiritual warfare is conducted by the dark side."

Just wanted to put this info out there at least people can be aware and vigilant when reading it, cheers.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Doitwithheart: Thank you for the feedback. I had not read the book myself, but rather tried to tune into the overall energy of it- I found it to be some kind of book in sharing truth (could be good or how to decipher bad, or some kind of eye opening effect)..

Pernille said...

Mayby Dr. Thetford got converted during the ACIM writing.