Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Microchips and the New World Order

Q. Regarding the New World Order - especially the part where they want to microchip every living human on this planet! This microchip will not only be use for surveillance and tagging, but also to manipulate people mentally, emotionally and physically from a distance through a chip embedded under the skin.  This is to control the masses and billions of people. They call this the mark of the BEAST OR THE DEVILS number namely 666! OR THE NUMBER OF THE ANTICHRIST!  In my church they told us if we ever take the mark of the BEAST we will go to hell!! So if the new world order forces humans to take this number or else be killed? My question is..............if you accept this microchip what repercussions will this have on your sole or after-life? WHAT WILL THE IMPACT BE ................AFTER DEATH ?????? Or are these stories only to control the masses or people? THANKING YOU SO MUCH!!

A. I don't see taking a microchip as a tool for sending you to hell (unless you call incarnating back to earth to learn and experience more because your personal space/freedoms were invaded and intercepted from their own growth).  I see having a microchip most always stunts spiritual growth by limiting ability.  The chip itself I see gives a pulse or a frequency of a lower vibration, keeping your own personal vibration down and making it very hard to spiritually advance or explore anything outside the physical plane in which we physically currently.

If you do not take it (the chip), you will continue to live and grow on your current life path.  If you do chose to take it, you will physically grow, but I see your spiritual growth halted, cloudy or stunted.  For some it is their life path to have to make that choice (to take it or not)- and I hear that "many of the hardest choices create the best results." The difficult path most often leads to the greatest accomplishment..  Meaning, do you go with your gut or go with the norm?  I see people that chose to take this chip being caught in an incarnation loop here on earth.

Q. A news headline last week said that 1 in 3 people are already micro-chipped through dental work. Do you find this to be true? Are dentists 'in on it'? 

A.  I do not see dentists doing this through dental work, but I see many of them "programmed" in other ways to help you stay passive and submissive.  They have been trained to push fluoride on their patients and told that this is a good thing for your teeth, when in reality those studies are not true.  I have an image of bright white spots on teeth that have had a lot of fluoride exposure.  Then I see the word "WARNING" flash in front of me.  I see many dentists really believe what they have been taught (I have an image of a row of dentists all shaking their heads yes). They aren't pushing fluoride to be malicious, but rather have never done their own research.  

I see the US found that Hitler was successful in making the Jewish people more docile with incorporating fluoride (and lithium??  I got that word too) into the water.  The US many years later started to incorporate it in our public water as a precaution to keep us more docile too (and decease a chance of an uprising).  The US needed a reason or excuse for doing this- and using healthy teeth was the way they got this through (even though there is a poison control number on fluoride toothpaste saying NOT to ingest it, yet we DRINK, bathe and cook with it in our public water every day).

Q. What can a person do to find out if they're chipped?  How can we avoid this, or remove it if it's already there? 
A. I see someone running a highly sensitive device over their body.  I want to say it is an EMF device that is set or able to read very small changes / fluctuations (if it isn't an EMF radio it could be symbolic for something else that I don't have in my "mental dictionary").  

I do get that most times if you have it, you have agreed to have it placed (or given consent to have your children, pets, etc to be chipped.)  I don't see "sneaky tactics" to do this yet- it looks pretty direct.  I also see pictures of military people, and get that most of the people that have them for their "safety" are in the military, but the reality is they are testing the effectiveness to see what the potential is for having a chip.

To have this removed, it would need to be surgically removed.  I get that when you do remove it, there is a series of paperwork and waivers.  I feel like you need "permission" in some sense to have it taken out.

Q. What are TPTB (the powers that be) doing with the chipped people, if anything? What are their plans? Thanks so much, I look forward to your column daily! Light & Love to you!!

A.  They don't know what they are doing.  Right now I see this as all experimental and they are looking for their "options."  This somehow still has a "game" feel to it..??  They know they want to do something with this technology, but the image I have is a bunch of kids playing with something, and there are so many choices they don't know which one to pick...??

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version on YouTube.


Iv J said...

Will it be a law to have the micro chip. If so are we all doomed.

Rodz said...

The 1st i heard of microchip implant, is from the book '' Save By The Light'' by Dannion Brinkley, (i think, had to google the author). Has anyone read it? My question is: was his experience genuine? Is what he wrote on his book true? Did he really have 2 Near Death Experiences? And if it was genuine, does he still believe in helping others spiritually? His website does'nt appear to be of any help to visitors, without donations...
Btw, this is my 1st comment on this site, and i would like thank you, and all assisting you in running this blog, for the wonderful work done here.
THANK YOU ALL for all your hard work and dedication, THANK YOU for your enlightening sessions (i can only guess how tired you get), THANK YOU ALL for posting it here for all to read.
(having a hard time posting comment..)

Tyche1 said...

I'm wondering how this microchip experiment meshes with the G2 cloud/pulse from the galactic center that I've been reading about. I've read that this pulse will increase peoples' vibrations, effectively like lifting a veil. People will be more aware of the manipulations of TPTB.

Any insights Lynne? Appreciate it!

Ryno said...

So, does carrying our cell phones around in our pockets and being surrounded by all this wireless technology essentially doing something similar by lowering our vibrations or in other words making us more "connected" to this physical, 3D world, but less connected to our higher self?

Erin Cheslock said...

Thanks Lynn! I'm wondering about microchip implants in pets. Do you see this as overall being a good thing (having a more reliable way for pets to make it home) or do you see these chips having a negative impact on them as well? This definitely raises my concern, as microchips with pets is something I work with every day.

Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn thank you for this informative post!

Diane Hamilton said...

Not having health insurance since 2004 makes me wonder if that was a blessing in disguise. At my age I should have it but maybe all the drugs that are pushed on us are just manipulating us.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@ Iv J: I don’t see it as a law, but I see it being pushed on people (like the flu shot) as being in your best interest. They try to make people want it and seek it out.

@Rodz: I haven’t read this book, but the overall energy I get is that it is real. I see he cares, but ego is also trying to come out- he has a hard time with balance.

@Tyche1: I do see the overall energy of the earth creating a higher vibration, and these microchips suppress it by holding your vibration down..

@Ryno: Yes! I see it that way. We are bombarded by EMF, and some very sensitive people have reactions (physically and mentally) to it. It clouds your thinking like pollution.

@Erin: I don’t this as detrimental to pets (it does hold down their spirituality) because the government isn’t trying to use or track them. I don’t see any kind of database or workup on them (other than for experimental reason to see how this works).

@Diane: They are… I am seeing a quote that I saw the other day “Exercise is the most underutilized drug for depression and food the most abused anxiety drug.” We can cure ourselves. When is the last time you know of someone going to the doctor for depression and they were told to take an evening walk (or any other activity) or has big pharma convinced them to write a prescription…?

loralei5551 said...

Do you see microchips small enough to be delivered through vaccines? And is this happening? Vaccines are pushed relentlessly for the young and old...