Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homicidal Sleepwalking

Q. Hi Lynn! I was wondering if you could do a reading on sleepwalkers and homicidal sleepwalking.  You always hear stories of people driving and going places while sleeping.  How do they avoid accidents? 
A.  I see your body is like a vessel or vehicle. When you sleep your vessel is essentially on idle while your subconscious processes and discharges energy and the conscious mind syncs with the subconscious.  [I also see your soul being statically stuck to your physical body (its' vessel) but has the opportunity to travel some too (astral travel).]  When you sleep if the conscious mind is distracted and not syncing properly, and the subconscious becomes overactive in its' process a situation can occur during certain cycles of sleep that allow physical "waking" behavior to occur.  It looks to be on the cusp of REM sleep, but not actually occurring during REM sleep. 

They can avoid accidents because they are still "here" even if more spiritually than consciously.  They are being "driven" more by their subconscious connection with themselves than anything.

Q. If someone had thoughts of killing a person and it came true in their sleep, does it just happen with no previous intent on killing anyone?
A. I see that when you are running on your subconscious only it can be a beautiful thing in helping you open and get in touch with your higher self.  In the cases of homicidal sleepwalking I see that you are opened up (with your subconscious) however, you don't have the parameters in place with regard to protection, intent, etc and your more primal part of your brain kicks in without having your rational/conscious mind fully functioning to block or filter your free thoughts.  It is like you are running on animalistic urges or instinct, and just go forward.  I don't see it as intent, but rather having a thought and going for it.  Then I hear "everything is a good idea when the subconscious is not in harmony with the conscious mind."

Q. And if someone kills another while sleeping, what would be the karmic process for that? Is it still considered as being consciously done? 
A.  There is a karmatic process for everything, good and bad that you do throughout life.  If you kill someone, or do something that isn't in the greater good, you will have a debt to pay to regain balance with karma.  Even in a "sleepwalking" state, the act of harming someone sill occurred by your actions.  I see it being viewed by karma in different degrees.  The example, I am shown in a murder situation you have first, second and third degree murder.  I see a sleepwalking homicide much like third degree murder.  it isn't as severe as first degree- but your actions did harm another person.

I also see that many times if a homicidal sleepwalking episode were to occur, that person doing the action (whether it be done by car or in person, etc) lives much of the karma though guilt, regret and self punishment almost immediately during their current lifetime.  I get it is rare (most times) to carry that karmatic debt to future lives because the negative feelings that are put on ourselves and the pain we see from those effected impact the murderer so deeply.  Their life and experience here on earth is forever changed.

In closing, I do see this as rare.  It has to be the perfect alignment of the subconscious and conscious mind being out of sync at the same time you reach a specific point in your sleep cycle.  You also have to have the thought to complete an action at the same time your protective energy (from guides) is ignored.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn, thanks for this intriguing post! Does alcohol act as a coadjuvant trigger for this type of sleepwalking? Thank You!

a2k said...

Dear PF, I am doing a lot of work on sleep. What I have found is that, during initial stages of sleep like stage1,2,NREM discharging of subconscious thoughts happen.I have experienced this directly. The moment before we are about to fall in deep sleep, I have listened to my own subconscious thoughts, often these thoughts and emotion create a fabricated drama of its own in form of dreams. But what I am curious to know about is REM stage. Where we don't remember anything i.e. total blank. Do we astrally travel during this stage and our soul is almost out of body. Please explain the workings of our soul after we begin to sleep.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@watchand knock: Alcohol, phrama drugs and recreational drugs can all have an influence on the sleep cycles and how the conscious and subconscious work. This definitely can have an impact.

@a2k: When we reach a deep sleep state I see our soul are able to "roam" about. It looks like they are tethered to our physical body (as if they would be lost if they let go of this thread that looks like dental floss). We can astral travel, float around or stay in our "vehicle." I don't see any one "rule" that our souls have to abide by during this phase of sleep.

michael smith said...

What's your take on vaccinations like mmr and flu shots. I herd the mercury is bad for are kids and can cause in some cases down syndrome

YourPsychicFocus said...

@michael: Vaccines are terrible- they group kids in the same category based on age and not weight / individuality... If you must immunize, wait until they are a little stronger (if one immunization says give the first dose from 6 mo to 18 months, wait until 18 months or even slightly longer before you do it.).. Also, trust your gut with unnecessary shots such as the flu shot...

Jame Bond said...

Thanks for your information.My friend have same problems. I can get more knowledge about sleepwalking.Watting for your new articles.

Z said...

I woke up one night to my husband biting my arm. The next day i asked him why he did that and his response was that he was dreaming i got shot with a bb gun and he was trying to take it out of me...? He didnt realize what he was doing. Would you call this astral travel or..?? Im kind of worried about the situation.