Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remote Viewing

Q. Can Remote Viewers be foiled by interfering thought projections from some source? Can Remote Viewers have their findings compromised by such projections?
A. I focused on this for a while, and truly I don't see a complete block on anything.  I see images compromised in the form of being hazy or feel confusing, but general ideas still connect.  I get many devices have been made regarding frequency emissions or electromagnetic alterations, but those really only have minimal effects- again some clarity or orientation issues, but most times something will still come through.

I get when someone can't see something, it comes from within and not because of something man made.  Your guiding force (can be spirit guides, higher self or subconscious) is designed to work in your greater good, so if you get into a situation where your greater good is compromised, you may not get clarity into what you are seeing (I instantly flash back to readings I did on the MH370 where I could not see the face of the "mean man" guarding the plane- he was scary, intimidating and had an unstable energy about it which instantly started to shut me down).  It is a defense that we have wired within ourselves as protection.

Sometimes we stumble upon disturbing things when we remote view and the emotion (or rational, conscious part of our mind) shuts down the image. But again, that is internally inflicted rather than a man made device.

Q. Can you get impressions from multiple specific sources, psychic-wise? How do you know which sources you can and cannot trust?
A. When people tune in you do get many sources.  When you first "connect" you put the intent out there that you want information from the highest vibrational source that is also in your (and your family's) greater good.  From that strong intent you  place someone or something will step forward and convey information.  While that exchange is happening many times people will have a feeling (mine comes from my solar plexus) that confirms that it "feels" right and the exchange continues.  If your intent is out there, and it doesn't feel right- stop and clear yourself and come back to it later (I have only had this happen a few times- your guides really will work if you put the intent / allow permission to do so).  If the positive intent is there, and it "feels" right, you can most generally trust your connection.

Then I get that remote viewers are actually disliked by many governments.  The government feels threatened by them.  Since they cannot completely block the communication, it is easier to label them as 'crazy" or use employees that have a sole job of spreading dis-information and leaving negative comments on websites, in the media, etc.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to Narrated reading on YouTube.


samferina said...

How do remote viewing work exactly? and can anybody do it? Also how does one know if what they seeing are true?


A Man Called Da-da said...

Thanks much for answering, Lynn.

A Man Called Da-da said...

"It is a defense that we have wired within ourselves as protection."

Is this why no psychic will "view" Jack the Ripper?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@samferina: It is hard to put in words, but I will do my best. You put yourself in a meditative state and focus on a location or event. You mind sort of "takes you there." Many times in my mind it comes to me the way that a location pops up when you log onto google earth (the world spins and then zooms in on one spot). You concentrate, and just keep zooming until you get where you are trying to go (or see an event, person, situation, location, etc). For me it can occur on this time line, or a different time line, but you mentally are at that place looking around (feels sort of like a dream).

With practice you can do it. For some it is natural, and others might struggle, but most time you get something (even maybe a feeling if you don't get a visual- that isn't a true remote viewing, that can be how it can start).

To be honest, you don't know if it is true BUT the truth will resonate with you and "feel" right (where I go to my own physical feelings for confirmation).

@A Man Called Da da: Many people do chose to avoid those type of dark scenarios. It is much easier to "not go there" than to try to undo what you witness. I have had dark sad emotions cling to me, and it is difficult to shake (you have to do a lot of clearing)- you might have dreams and continue reading the energy from the situation for days (your mind doesn't always turn off when you want it too). I completely understand why people chose not to go into that energy especially if it is for a curiosity rather than the greater good (it would depend on the situation or if that person needs to hear it for closure, healing, etc).

Alex said...


I've read that remote viewing is just the astral body going out of the physical body and speeding towards a location at the speed of light.

Very few people in the world can do this because you need to raise your vibration to a very high level. That takes many lifetimes of meditation and other spiritual practices such as becoming vegetarian. Eating meat lowers your vibration.

samferina said...

Thank you Lynn and Alex for clearing that up for me :)