Thursday, August 7, 2014

Powers That Be and the Illuminati

Today I wanted to do a two part reading.  The first is regarding the "Powers that Be" and the second involving the Illuminati

Q. How long have the owners who rule the world, many call them "The powers that be", been around? Some think it started in America with the federal reserve but others suggest that these powerful families trace their roots back to ancient Egypt. Have they been controlling us this long? Do some of them live very long lives, or is their power passed down through family bloodlines?

A. I see the "Powers that Be" (I will call them PTB for simplicity sake) have been around since larger civilizations started.  Ancient Egypt does resonate as true with me.  Then I hear that most things started with good intentions that took a turn toward greed, power and corruption.  The PTB was no exception.  I see that in order for larger civilizations to exist, the society had to work like a well-oiled machine.  Everyone had their place and contributed in some way.  We needed a few great leaders and great group of followers (too much of one type of personality would never work).  In addition to the organization of the community, we needed a way to trade goods and services with other civilizations that were also on the rise, so the concept of mass trading for society needs (rather than trading on a small scale for individual use) was more and more popular.  I get in order to fund needs of the society, the very first rudimentary form of a banking system (which much different than today's system) was born, and thus so were the PTB.  

When I try to see how the first "banking system" worked, a large element of bartering was used with regard to work, services, natural resources, goods and loyalties (this is the part of it that is huge to the PTB). It wasn't as much gold (but that played a role too and evolved to the current banking system over hundreds and hundreds of years), but the promise of alliances, shared power and wealth.  (I feel I need to stop and define what I mean by banking system- it wasn't monetarily based, but rather a tally system of who owes who what.  It was a way to keep track of who was indebted and who was on top.  It attempted to keep a fairness between societies.)

It was really the promises, alliances, shared power and strategic plotting that gave birth to the more current day PTB that we recognize.  The gold naturally followed the people behind the above mentioned traits.

As you fast forward these hundreds of years, some of the same families (in addition to some new picked up along the way) maintained this control.  It isn't through longevity, but the vision and greed propelled it through the bloodlines that has kept this alive.  In the beginning people gained the title of what we call the PTB through wanting to help society to evolve and sustain, but a switch flipped along the way that made the current day PTB feel entitled.  

Q. Dear Psychic, I would really like to know of the Illuminati is real and exists. And are all the rumors true about all of these influential people and celebs being a part of it? What is their purpose? 

A. I see the Illuminati as a name given to an underground society that is very "in the know" of worldly events that are not broadcasted to the population.  Some Illuminati are very knowledgeable, and some just barely scratch the surface of what is to be known.  You have to prove yourself worthy and loyal to more forward, and once you go down the path, you can't reverse it (I see the screen shot of the Matrix where the pill of knowledge is offered and the pill to go back to normal life is offered, but if you take the one opening up knowledge you can't go back to normal life).  There are a wide range of people in this group ranging from CIA, PTB, Celebrities and Big Bankers- the common theme I get is they are all people of some kind of influence over a mass amount of people (either financially or physically).  

The purpose of this? I get an impression that these people or this group is somehow employed by the PTB.  They work for them in discrete ways to propel society a certain direction (I get an image of credit cards, and a currency system based on nothing but electrons.).  I also see a society of dependence- ranging from pharmaceuticals, food to materialistic items.  All of these things create a sense of loyalty and in a sense slavery to a larger government.

I think it is important to note that I don't see everyone that is affiliated to the Illuminati is bad- many don't even realize they are being used or realize they are even a pawn in this system. They are helping to fulfill a mission, but were manipulated into doing so.  It is the few at the top that are not working toward the greater good.

Q.  How do we protect ourselves or get away from it?

A.  More people are "waking up" and we are living in a time with the availability of information that we can find truth if we look for it.  I don't see it ever being voluntarily shared (no one is going to say that there is a master plan of manipulation behind this action or that action), but we have the ability to use our intuition, resources and find a lot of truth (if we work through the nonsense).  I see truth as a puzzle that we can figure out, but we have to "earn" the knowledge through hard work- it isn't just bestowed onto you.  We have a personal responsibility to share that truth once it is found.  Not everyone will be receptive, but to those who are, be open.  In time, more and more of us will "awaken" and when that happens the people will regain a lot of strength.  Focus on what is important, and work toward empowering yourself.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lyn, is there any master plan to take control of human population? I believe the recent action taken by Billa Gates Foundation/Warren Buffet in Africa has something to do with it.....not purely based on their good will....

RFK Pope said...

There seems to be an effort to de-civilize society by using celebrities as bad role models, especially for young people. Just about every Disney star becomes overly-sexual and downright degenerate as soon as they turn 18 years old which exposes their young fan base to the same degenerate behavior. Celebrities such as Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Beyonce, and most recently, Miley Cyrus showcase highly sexual and depraved behavior which causes their fans to incorporate these behaviors in their own lives. Reality show stars (especially on the BRAVO channel) discuss vulgar topics and refer to female and male genitalia in vulgar ways. The result I am observing is a society that has less respect for each other, particularly the elderly and children, morals have been thrown out the window and ethics are blurred. Why do the PTB use celebrities to change the moral fiber of society?

A Man Called Da-da said...

More apt to refer to them as The Powers That Were. We should also remember that they're our brothers, too, despite being messed up in the head. Sadly, their paths will be long and tortuous.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I see that for hundreds of years there has always been people that want control, power and wealth, and our current time is no different. Many things done our of what appears to be good will, has a selfish undertone (not all by many). I actually don't get a bad vibe about the foundation is Africa (it looks like a way to hide tax money, establish some good press and help people- slightly selfish, but helping many people in the process). The greater good outweighs the selfish intent..

@RFK: They do this to separate the free thinking people from the followers. Free thinkers revolt, and followers subscribe to this type of "entertainment." The more they can pull people into this, the more they can control people and create a society of people that doesn't think for themselves. If you are worried about Miley Cyrus and following her in the news, you aren't looking at bigger issues- like what is really going on in the world or with our government. I have also noticed that when you see some kind of "trashy" story being turned into news (taking valuable time to be talked about on media outlets) there is probably a bigger issue going on and this serves as a distraction so you aren't probing into the real issues of our government or the world.

@Dada: You are right- many of the people at the bottom don't even realize they have been manipulated to be a part of this (or they get in too deep and cannot find a way out)- for example, Miley doesn't realize she is working for them, but she has served as a great distraction and behaves in a way that is conducive for them to do business- we really need to send positive energy toward those people- it is sad.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Thank you!!!

Pernille said...

Hi PF. Are the TPB aware that we reincarnate? And if Yes, are they able to be reborn in TPB circles? Thanks

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Pernille: Yes, they are aware. In fact I see when you go down this path, you get stuck in the loop of being in these life cycles. It is almost like they are something different on their own (a different type of soul).

Pernille said...

Thanks Lynn for putting words on it. I felt the same way. Somehow I feel they can break loose though, but it takes tremendous effort of them and when they finally do, it is of enormous benefit of us all.