Monday, August 4, 2014

Mysterious Cloud Illumination

Q  Could you please look at these mysterious clouds that keep appearing?  
Here are a few examples:  and

The following appeared at 5:30 PM, therefore it couldn't be the sun due to the angle and where the sun was setting.

A.  I spent some time clearing myself and really focusing on this.  At first I was really rational mind wanted to say it was a strange phenomenon of the sun, but it just didn't sit right.  I knew it felt deeper than that.  As I quieted my rational side to really allow my higher self in, I got this overwhelming feeling (in a good way) that we are being watched.  It actually felt like the force behind this was here to protect us, and is much closer in proximity than what you think.

Then my mind went to this feeling and heard something about "our time being up?"  When I focused on what that meant, I will left with the impression that we have had enough time to handle humanity and evolve into what we are going to do.  We (civilization in general) have had enough time to acknowledge the truth.  ETs exist, and some countries have disclosed this as truth and accept this knowledge, while others still block it.  I feel like an overwhelming force of ETs want to come here to help us in some way, like change our earthly direction.  There are opposing ETs that exist and want to leave us to our own devices (to hopefully self-destruct so they can come in and take over earth), but the protective ones what to intervene.  By getting the message about "our time being up" I get it is in relationship to acknowledging and providing disclosure.  I get we have little time to learn the truth from our governments before we are forced to see and accept it for ourselves.

The next big question I ask is When is this happening?  All I hear it to be patient..It is as if something is blocking me from getting an exact answer, but I do get an overwhelming feeling that it is soon. What does soon mean? I want to know but can't get anything clear.  As I try to take in everything I am given, it looks to be within the next two or three years.  I get an image of someone sitting on the edge of their seat in anticipation.

Then my mind goes toward governments.  Two things look to be going on.  In one situation I see them scrambling, figuring out what to do and how to handle it.  It feels so chaotic, and it looks like there are layers and layers of complexity and explanations about to happen.  In a way they desensitize us by using the media intentionally, but there is sill a big shock value to the public by admitting (what many of us in out guts) know to be true regarding ETs.   The level of frantic behavior is really indescribable.

The other part goes toward some government officials that are in denial.  Then I ask, How are they in denial?  And it came to me that they don't believe it (ETs reappearing on earth) will happen this soon and they will be out of office or doing something else when the ETs come to earth and it will be someone elses problem.  They don't want to think or address this and act as if they no nothing, it will go away.

I was left with these final images and hearing that history does repeat itself.  It is inevitable that ETs will come back to earth and interact with us as they once did.  I see hundreds of years from now we have relationships, and even breed with them as a way to help us evolve and heighten who we are.

As a side note, but totally relevant.. When I was first approached about this I was focusing on this topic outside.  When I looked up I saw one of those clouds on a MUCH MUCH smaller scale.  I stared at it for a few minutes before I even thought to get a camera (in a weird way I was connected to it), and by the time I got back to take a photo other clouds came in and began to cover it.  The position of the light didn't change- just the clouds.  This was about at 7:00 PM and the sun was behind me- this wasn't the sun.  Then I had a reflection back to several conversations (especially regarding blog topics) that dealt with karma and the apparent imbalance of good and bad in the world.  I had an OVERWHELMING feeling that karma does exist (which a strongly believe in but maybe I needed this reading to confirm what I already know??).  I realized that just when many of us feel the negative is too strong to overcome with positive thoughts and intentions, hopeless thoughts will shift and be viewed as extremely hopeful and balanced.  I very much feel these ETs are here out of compassion and warmth and are here in the greater good of earth.
And that was all I had for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Baku Matsumoto said...

pretty cool!

Watchand Knock said...

Awsome! as always!

Anonymous said...

I have always believed there is more out there, I am confident in time they will show themselves whether our government wants them to or not.

I welcome full disclosure.

On a side note: no, I am not going to get on your spaceship, just head on down the road Mr. Spaceman.

a2k said...

Dear PF, I am sending you an extraordinary photograph of sun covered in Halo with a glowing object revolving around it. This picture was captured by one of my cousins here in Utrakhand, India. Several of his friends also captured the picture using their mobile phone and believe me there was no camera anomaly. Could you look into the photoraph and find what exactly is the glowing object around it?

Guillermo Diaz said...

wow that would be awesome !! I don't know other people but I'd be happy traveling across the universe visiting other planets, discovering new worlds, new realities, visiting parallel universes, etc, etc.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I got it and it was really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

a2k said...

@PF: There are two things to look for here. first, The halo effect, though scientist claim Halo effect is due to phenomenon of dispersion of light through suspended rain drops, but the ring shape is really a thing to wonder. As why is that particular completely round? We had halo effect, here in my hometown also on Grand easter day which one of my psychic friend told me that it is an omen. Secondly, and most exciting part was that glowing oject. My cousin told me that it was revolving around the sun. You can also see that thing revolving in various snap shots.First, it was outside the ring next inside the ring. Comparing the size of the glowing object to the sun, It seems that object must be very large. I am really curious about the object!! Could it be Nibiru(planet x) or some mothership??

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: The things that really got me about this comment is that I always felt "The Red Comet" was behind the sun and that is why we can't see it. I always felt a significance with the sun. The fact you said it, and it brings up previous readings resonates as true with me. I may need to revisit my "Red Comet."

PewPewPew said...

Yes, will you please do an updated Nibiru reading. From the sounds of it we are not too far away.

Watchand Knock said...

Hi Lynn! This is realy a late comment!
The one yearl old video apparently represents one of those motherships you discuss here ?
Muchas Gracias!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@watchandknock: Thank you. :-)