Thursday, August 14, 2014

ISIS - Quick Update

Q. Please could you do a reading on ISIS? I just find it weird that during this Israeli-Gaza conflict, they have decided to come up and their atrocities have now taken over the news. Has ISIS been designed by the US to serve as another distraction?
Is there a plan against Muslims in general. Please if you could just look at this. Are they doing things to incite those 'terrorists' in Muslim countries, to get angry, so that they commit crimes that they can then broadcast? I am so hurt, and angry at the same time. These people are ruining the image of millions of Muslims, and the religion itself.  Is there anyone benefiting from this? 
A. What I see happening is a group trying to grow and strengthen and develop an area to rule.  This group looks to be independent of the US (I don't see the US funding it).  In fact, I see this group despises the US. It is as if the leaders in this group have realized that money systems are bound to fail, but those that control resources (especially oil) will have the ultimate control.  I get they are trying to take over larger parts of the geographic area that control and produce oil.

The ISIS leaders are actually very methodical in how to recruit.  There is an element of fear, promise of a better life and ISIS gets people to believe in their cause.  I get a lot of Hitler references in my mind as I go down that path- as if this power struggle, treatment of people and vision relates to how Hitler reigned.

The people benefiting are the leaders of ISIS.  They are gaining wealth and power by acquiring land and natural resources.  They are going to continue to grow until they are forced (physically) to stop.  I see this eventually ending up in a military conflict with other countries within the next 18 months to 2 years.

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siketa said...

Lynn, "ending up" means they are going to be defeated and their IS will not exist any more?

Nessie said...

Also where we live we have been seeing across the news that Muslims cannot accept that this group is an Islamic terrorist group. They keep pointing the finger at other countries, mainly the US and Israel as if they are using it as a way to distract attention from other conflicts and are funding them.

Maybe this is a huge wake up call for the Muslim faith and also an opportunity to deal with these extreme groups who are fighting and committing atrocities in the name of Allah. They are the ones who are giving them a bad name, not the Western world.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@siketa: I see this eventually being brought down and having lesser control, but I see there are always going to be extremist groups attempting to emerge.. It more quiets them down, but they are still very much there.

@Nessie: Thank you for the comment- I like seeing other perspectives that we deep down know to be true.

Anonymous said...

I had felt that they had a lot of Hitler, Natzi type control, it felt like they studied how to control and they will continue with genocide and will gain strength. I keep feeling if they are not stopped soon, it could be a tipping point.

A Man Called Da-da said...

But there must be more to it. The reason they're calling themselves, "ISIS" is way too convenient and provocative... unless this is due to the Western spin?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@AManCalledDada: You are right. NOt only is it greed and power of the land, but there is a huge religious component to this as well. I see the name "ISIS" being a intentional considering this is a name of a god too- as if it was a western "spin." Again, I see a lot of Hitler references to this group and their vision.

Anonymous said...

@Nessie A lot of Muslims don't support these terrorists, neither do they always point fingers at US or Isreal blaming them. However, there is a sense that the media builds upon this, a sort of sensationalism that not only affects the perpetrators, but all Muslims.There were horrendous acts of christian terrorism(eg the crusades, the inquisition etc) back in history that eliminated groups that were not Christian, but is that enough to call all Christians(or their religion) evil or claim those atrocities were a 'wake up call' for Christians? In essence, religions(atleast some) at one point have had to deal with extremism. What worsens it now is the social media which gives a never ending portrayal of the details. However,why is it that when the media reports about a crime of person from a certain race(or religion, etc),they have a way of making that crime seem inherent in others belonging to that race.It may be a wrong perception but that is what I see.It has become SO BAD that innocent people have become racially profiled.

Also, I think PF misunderstood my statement in the question. When I referred to 'them' giving Muslims a bad name, I was referring to ISIS and the like, and not necessarily the US or other parties. However, with regards to the US, this was why I asked,if they were benefiting from the bad media Muslims were generally having right now.Especially those in the middle east. It was my way of understanding if this was an opportunity for them to achieve some agenda.