Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Falun Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation

Q. Falun Gong is a Tai Chi and meditation movement in combination with a spiritual teaching which I like (they practice the 3 principles of Truth, Compassion and Tolerance/Endurance).

The practitioners are still persecuted in China. Do you see an ending of this persecution in Mainland China? Especially since China is getting stronger and more powerful in the future, it does not look so good?! 

The leader of this movement, Li Hongzhi, is seen by his followers as a god. Since there are so many other spiritual groups which see their leader as a god, what do you see about him?! Is he sincere?

A.  When I first tune into Li Hongzhi, I see a man that genuinely wants to lead and share knowledge with people.  He began very humble, passionate and had a huge desire to share the knowledge he gained on his spiritual journey.  I still see he has those great qualities, but he gets clouded by ego.  I see one of his biggest struggles is balancing his very pure, good heart, with this internal fight of ego (or need for it).  He likes the popularity, fame and being seen as a god by his followers, and I get he occasionally gets lessons to force some humility to keep his personal self in balance (I see him being questioned and stumbling for an answer as if his words were twisted and he has to explain himself over and over rather than just have his words taken as truth- it starts to create doubt or self-reflection in his own self, which leads to an element of humility or humbleness.)  

Overall, I see him as a good man, trying to do good, fighting the human emotion or needing and wanting more in the name of ego. I see he works hard to stay in good karma and maintain balance- but the desire for fame is very strong within him. 

Q. Will China end the persecution?
A.  I don't see China lifting this practice.  Falun Gong creates a sense of internal strength through empowerment, self confidence and good energy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It creates less dependence on others because you can see the light for yourself.  Increased spirituality, which this practice promotes, provides insight and the ability to self-reflect and process.  You solve problems, feel like you are part of something bigger and allows an overall connectedness to universal energies.  All of those things are things that China does not want.  

China is working toward loyalty and creating fear based dependence from their people (I get this can be directly or indirectly).  They view them (the citizens) more as worker bees (I see a beehive) contributing to the queen bee rather than a situation conducive of personal independence and free thinking people.  

I do see that in general people are looking for something different and something more.  I see in that quest people are finding Falun Gong and it is spreading.  Not just because of Li Hongzhi, but because the idea of looking inward works.  Li may be the person people think of, but it is the philosophy or principles is what is important. 

In closing, I get that you don't have to study Falun Gong to spiritually evolve, but if you have trouble, questions or want some insight, parts or all of this practice may resonate with you. This isn't the only way to evolve, there are many techniques, and this is just one of those. The real secret that Falun Gong tries to awaken is that people really do have the power within their own being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Lisa said...

Wow, thank you! Great reading again.
It totally resonates with me.

But very sad to hear that Mainland China does not intend to stop the persecution..... Not very surprising, but still just sad.

You really do not see a future, were it endend?!

YourPsychicFocus said...


It is sad to suppress people from enhancing and recognizing their own internal strength, but I don't see it ending. I do see it being embraced in other areas of the world though.

Dharia L said...

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. What you said about Master Li being driven by ego and desire for fame does not resonate with me. I am not sure where you are getting your information from. Actually Master Li very rarely meets with practitioners, the conferences are held once a year and they are mostly for practitioners to exchange experiences. You don't hear interviews with Master Li at all and his pictures don't show up in magazines, so this notion that he is "driven by desire for fame" is not true at all.

The persecution will end! In China there is an ancient stone found with ancient letters inscribed on it: "Heaven will eliminate the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)". When it will happen, the persecution will end. Chinese officials responsible for persecution are already facing retribution (sudden deaths).

When a righteous teaching is spreading in the world, it always faces opposition from the evil. Falun Gong is not just another qi-gong practice. It is truly saving people, thus it faces the most evil persecution in all of mankind's history. Very soon the truth about Falun Gong will be revealed to the whole world and people will understand who Master Li is.

Your reading is inaccurate because something small can't know something big. A human can't do a reading about God. There is a difference in realms. In fact it is a blasphemy to even attempt doing it. Besides, I sense you may even be possessed by some low level spirit or animal. It is very common with people who develop their supernatural abilities through their own efforts.

But you don't have to believe me, just wait and see for yourself...

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dharia: Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate all points of view, and I hope you are right that it will end.

myoscha said...

Thank you for another honest reading, Lynn. It resonates with me too and is much appreciated.

@Dharia: Striking a balance is part of the reality of our existence, at any level. Gods face egoistic challenges too, as humans, as divine beings. When we understand and accept this, we embrace a good path, a good Teacher with wisdom and magnanimity, not blind faith; history provides many a lesson.