Friday, August 22, 2014

Darker Questions...

Q. Demons real or not? If real what are they? Shadow people, ETs, horned pointy tail creatures that are depicted throughout history or something else entirely? 
A.  Rather than focus on a demon from a demonic perspective, I am focusing on the concept from the outside.  (I am blocked to this from any other perspective and I won't do the reading any other way). I get that a demon may not take just one physical appearance, but many shapes and appearances.  More importantly it is the energy tied to that being.  Something can be displeasing to the eye and have a positive energetic force, or be very visually pleasing and be against your greater good. The idea that a demonic force must take one appearance is a misconception that some people have.  You should take caution to all energetic forces that are in your field.  The pictures tied to them are symbolic of the energy they carry and not always the literal representation.

I see demonic forces more like an opposite force to the greater good in someone (or group of people's) life- it is the absolute opposite.  (I see the yin yang symbol as I type this).  I also get in some way to maintain balance (and really test the free will of humans) this energy is released into the universe.  There are beautiful forces, but as a consequence there has to be equally disturbing forces- they are all allowed to exist in the name of balance.

Q. My question is in regards to shadow people. Who are they? And why do some people have negative experiences with them while others have positive experiences with them? Thank you.
A. They are an entity that looks like a shadow.  They communicate telepathically and enhance certain emotions to those they interact with.  If you feel guilt, shame or depression- they exacerbate that.  Likewise, if you feel humble, happy or thankful, it creates a positive experience.  Your frame of mind and perception is what creates the experience.

What is their purpose and what do they want?
Ultimately they want to have some kind of influence over humans in the form of a hypnotic control (I want to say possession, but that isn't the right word because it is more like they give commands while someone is in a trance.  They don't enter the body, but control it like a remote control car).  The telepathic communication allows them to determine whether the person is controllable.

Q. My question is regarding nightmares and scary dreams. What is the point of a nightmare or scary dream? I have heard that the more negative you think, act, or behave the more likely you are to have them, meaning more often. Is that true? They also come very spontaneously, why is that? Do bad dreams foretell a serious or dangerous life event that's about to occur? Also, is it possible for any spirits or demons to get into your dreams? Is there anything that can be done to prevent bad dreams? Thank you!
A. The purpose of dreams is to process data and discharge energy (I see the symbolic image of static electric coming off your head when you sleep).  If you have negative energy around you, focus on negative energy, or are an empath and hold onto negative energy, you may have a nightmare when you process the energy and discharge it from your body (you body doesn't want to hold onto things that are not in your greater good).  

You have dreams all the time, you just don't always remember. The process of remembering depends on the cycle of sleep you are in at the time of the dream.  If you are close to waking, you will have a greater chance of remembering.

Spirits (good and bad) may be trying to communicate with you in your dreams, but they are not actually energetically located in your mind or directly in your dreams.  It is more like they are "out there" and your mind sees them on a screen.

Some things you can do to prevent bad dreams is to elevate your vibration (especially at night) and also set the intent and protective barriers for your home or bedroom.  This can be a mental intent upon going to bed saying "all negative energy must leave", or request your guide to take the source of your negative energy away (so if you are discharging negative energy at night it is taken directly and the "processing of it all" doesn't have to be so intense).  You can also use crystals under you pillow or bed to help with both vibrations and protection.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Diane Hamilton said...

Hi Lynn! I asked on another post awhile back about why it seems that only the Catholic church can exercise what is referred to as a demon? Other attempts such as smudging etc. does not do the trick for long. I have to say I've only seen this stuff on TV. Also in response to raising your vibration with crystals I do all the time. Carry then with me, have them under my pillow. Smudging is great. I also have made a sort of Orgonite. Not sure if I did that precisely right but seems to work. well. I find doing these things is very important for me.

a2k said...

Dear PF, please help me to better explain dreams as I am deeply curious about this. I quite agree with you that during dream time some background processing of residual thoughts and emotion in subconscious-mind is processed. I have often experienced this thing when I am about to wake up or sleep that my own subconscious thoughts are relayed in my voice form or images much Like I am talking to someone else. But another point is about Astral-travel. I have learned that during sleep time we astrally travel out of body. My question is when does that take place, I mean, in which stage of dream? REM stage? What about inputs during astral visits, do they come as a dream?

Alex said...

What are demons/ghosts scared of ? Are they afraid of salt ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Diane: You approach is right on. Really it is the intent more than the item. I think what you are doing (such as the act of smudging) strengthens the intent, but it is the direct (not fear or worry, but belief in what you are saying/doing) intent that forces this energy out. I hear- don't get all your knowledge from tv- it creates fear more than empowerment.

@a2k:Some astral travel results in the deja vu feelings (along with past life experience). I get that most often happens during your REM sleep (the bottom of a cycle) when your subconscious is most active, and your conscious mind is the least active.

@Alex: It really is intent. If you sprinkle salt ( which has a vibration), they aren't scared or deterred because of salt, but it is the intent YOU have when you put down the salt. People don't realize the power they have when they state boundaries with clarity and believe what they say. If you tell negative energy to leave, but don't believe they will, or don't have a belief it will, it won't. Mean what you say, and say what you mean.

Craig said...

Just wanted to comment on what I was taught about this from a spiritual teacher and channel. This may provide some more insight.

"Demons" (as opposed to negative human spirits that passed)are actually negative thought forms created by humans (individually or collectively) that now exist on their own as an entity. It feeds on all negative emotion - hate, fear, deep sorrow, as well as those overdoing drugs/alcohol, etc - and is drawn to that, whether it be vibrations left in a house from tragedy, or vibrations from a living person. It's spiritual parasite.

Humans have great power to create with their thoughts and emotions, both good and "evil". Keep out of fear and pray for protection (and believe you are protected) and this will help to keep your aura strong and without any energetic holes where negativity can creep in.

I also recommend a meditation called "The Violet Flame" (google it) which clears and cleans the aura, past, present and future from all negativity. It is a gift from the Ascended Masters and I have used it since 1990 when I healed myself of terminal cancer.


Watchand Knock said...

Hello Lynn, thanks for this post! May I ask if you also get that the Video with Foley out in the desert with an IS member IS a hoax? In this video (which in part exhibits a tv interview) his siblings show a somewhat akward behaviour when asked about theyr (suposedly) passed away brother and theyr feelings about it! THANK YOU!

Diane Hamilton said...

I absolutely hear what you are saying and in part knew that but since I do not know like minded people to discuss these things with, I enjoy your solidification (wow is that a real world or what?) of what I do. Thank you!!!
L&L Always!

Diane Hamilton said...

Great information craig. I agree hole heartily!!

Diane Hamilton said...

Knock and Watch, I posed a similar questions. something is not right and I think is was an excuse to bomb!

Diane Hamilton said...

I also wish I would type slower so that I don't look like such a dumb ass!! :)

samferina said...

Hi so just to be clear what you saying is that "demons" are REAL but they're not what we think they are! Is that right? So it's really more like what Craig describe then? Still a bit confused because I get what you saying is that it's negative energy but can this energy actually take on a form? :-/

samferina said...

@Diane hi! :)

Just had a quick question I wrote you a while back but didn't think u saw my comment I was just wondering did you post that question you asked about Demons and the Catholic Church after or same day of dead files? Lol I asked this cuz I noticed I posted like 2 mins after you about demons all cuz I saw that show then I asked Lynn to do a reading about her and other paranormal shows when she gets a chance to of course lol! But just above didn't even noticed you already asked about Amy!! It just so weird that we both had almost exact questions at the same time frame lol! Great minds must really think alike! ;) I just had to ask you again I'm so curious!


samferina said...

Me again I just reread sorry Lynn I did see that you said they can take on many appearances!!!!


Diane Hamilton said...

Hi Samferina, I do watch the Dead files. Matter a fact, I'm watching it now!! I recorded it. How about that for synchronicity!? I may have very well been influenced by the show. I watch lots of paranormal shows. They of course, bring up many questions. Ugh, we all have so many questions. I wish I had seen your comment. I would have answered you immediately!!!

Melissa D said...

Since last night at around 1AM I have had this really disturbing sense that something tragic is going to happen soon. I can't shake this feeling, and I'm constantly watching the news. I have no idea if I'm stressing out over nothing, if it's a true gut feeling, if it will affect many people or only me?

Have you had any similar vibes/sense lately? I know that some Arab states today are going to debate about Isil's presence in Iraq and Syria.. Is something going to happen about this?

I hope you will reply, because I just can't shake this creepy feeling.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Melissa: I do feel it too- I feel like a war is being provoked, but going to be called something else (like a politically correct term, but still war). The thing is too is that previously most wars are fairly localized and focused around a few countries, but we have ISIS, Israel/Gaza, Ukraine/Russia- there is tension all over the world. I think false flags are beginning to happen as well to see this through and get other countries in the mix. I am watching as well.

samferina said...

No worries I figure you didn't I probably put it in the wrong place the first time I didn't know any other way to contact you so I commented you in the "requested" area lol! I'm so into paranormal shows too I also love Theresa Caputo I think she is the real thing aswell! Anywho saw u said you didn't have Many like minded people to discuss things with well I'm Def one anytime u like to chat just let me know I have so many stories dealing with paranormal stuff I like to share and have always been interested on hearing other people's experiences :)

Ps: sorry Lynn not trying to hijack this thread area lol!

Diane Hamilton said...

Samferina, It would so great to talk to someone who is into this stuff. I am surrounded by close minded people . My email is Feel free to contact me if you don't want to overload Lynn. She is extremely gifted but I feel she to take a break from all this. I don't know how she does it! She is amazing!

samferina said...

K got it will be in touch soon ;)