Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thiaoouba Prophecy

Q I read the book "Thiaoouba Prophecy." I see a lot of similarities of what you posted and what the book says. Could you please take a look at the facts described below and see what you can get?

In the book, it mentions numerous facts told by the ETs when the author was brought to their planet. The facts include that Jesus (before the age of 30) was a person that came from the embryo implanted into Maria's body. He was a different person than in the Bible for the Jesus after the age of 30, that later reappeared after his death was an ET who took the form of Jesus.  That's why he was able to perform the miracles. They did this because the Jesus that came from the embryo (first Jesus) went through the "River of Oblivion", similar to people on earth forgetting the past and current lives and the ways to perform miracles. The Jesus that came from the embryo later traveled with his brother to India, China (where his brother died), and finally ended in Japan, and died there. It is consistent with some theories that there is a tomb of Jesus in Japan.

A.  When I focus on Jesus in the bible I always see him as a humble man (normal man) that was spiritual and connected to his higher self.  He didn't want fame or to be worshipped, but rather wanted to world to see the powerful sense of self that he discovered within himself.  He wanted to show people how to be in tune with the Oneness that we are all a part of.  I never saw him as supernatural, but rather a man of that carried himself in a high vibration that made him capable of connecting to his inner self.  He also had an ability to do energy work (looks like Reiki) in a very effective way.  He used his body as a funnel for energy and healing.

When I focus on his "second life after death" or the Jesus after 30, I was always somewhat blocked... I knew something more happened, and focusing on this prophecy rang so much truth it helps to open this up... I do see an outside force coming in a saving him...

I am trying to focus now on why save him and who came in?
A. (I apologize in advance if this is offensive to anyone, but I am going to tell you what I am seeing). I see that ET life did come in and save him and this is known.  An ET didn't manifest as him, but rather healed him and gave him a new physical manifestation. I get that somewhere in the Holy lands this is documented and the truth is known and protected.  I get that this documentation is being held somewhere in or very close to Israel (underground?).  I also get that when the ETs came in and chose Jesus the Jewish community of this Holy area took that as a sign (this is really a large generalization and this view isn't currently shared by all Jewish people) they were the "chosen ones."  The fact he was chosen had nothing to do with religion, but rather Jesus exhibited the behavior necessary to get people to listen, and the goal of the ETs was to spread truth to people and the ETs thought Jesus had the power to help people spiritually evolve, increase their vibration and as humans begin transitioning to the next density of earth (There really are protective ETs out there that want something good for humans and earth).

Q. Other facts told include that Moses was Egyptian, and that they wandered in the desert for 4 years, not 40 years, etc.
A. I get there was a big discrepancy of time, partly because of language misinterpretations, and the experience of time was different.  I also get that the years referred to were measured by when a specific planetary body crossed a point in the sky and not by our revolution around the sun which gives the point of reference a different meaning.  I do see it was closer to 4 years (actually I get 40 months)?

Q. The author was also told that the pyramids in Egypt were used for communications (with other worlds) and weather control purposes, and that they are currently not aligned correctly because of the changes of earth.
A. I do get the pyramids are associated to energy storage (not weather?).  I see they would charge and store energy like a battery.  I see the outside as shiny and made of pink stone? with a crystal looking capstone.  I get they would get so full of energy from the sky (electrical) that they would discharge bolts of lightening from the top.

I also see them as beacons to other worlds due to the massive amounts of energy housed in them.  When ETs would come here and communicate with the Egyptians they used these pyramids to guide them.

Q. People in ancient worlds celebrated death of the kings because they know that they will be reincarnated.
A. That is true.  It was a celebration of life and a celebration for their next life.  They didn't see death as the end, but rather a new beginning.  

Q. There are astral bodies for humans, and they are made of electrons, and that an infant comes to life when the soul or astral body enters it, and the heart starts to beat.
A.  Yes, that is exactly what I have seen.  At the moment of conception a soul (energy) enters the body.  That soul contains an electrical (energy) spark that begins the first beats of a heart. 

And that is all I have for this reading. I have not read the prophecy because I wanted to give my raw response to these questions.  I have included the link I was given to this for you (and me) to read.  

Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube.


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn, What is your view on Fatima Prophecy??? She got three predicions, already revealed the first two. It is said that Fatima did not tell the authentic third one before her death. The Pope and the Fatima had a final meeting before the death Pope himself.......I am suspecting Fatima told all the real secrets during that meeting, which different from the revealed version .......

Marc Switch said...

Great topic Lynn, I have read that
In esoteric Christianity, Jesus and Christ are considered two distinct beings
1. Christ, or Christ consciousness, an emanation of the Solar Logos
2. Jesus, a human being, a master who incarnated the presence of Christ from age 30 to age 33


Solar Logos is the manifestation of the Divine who is in charge of humanity and of the ladder of worlds to which human beings belong
The Lord Melchisedek was the manifestation of the Solar Logos which took care of humanity during the Atlantean period
Christ consciousness is the manifestation of the Solar Logos in charge of humanity for this present period

The Solar Logos corresponds to what Max Heindel calls 'the God of our Solar System' Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, part 2, chapter 5, p. 182


What you think of this Lynn?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: I feel you are right and that knowledge was shared in her final moments.. It also feels like the information was disturbing in some way and that is why she didn't want to reveal it.??

@Marc:What you described resonates a lot of truth with me...This feels like a correct line of thinking..

Rainbow Warrior said...

Dear Lynn, I just finished reading Journey of Souls - Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton. If you're not familiar with his work, Dr. Newton used the case studies of his lifelong regressive hypnotherapy practice to compile what happens to souls directly after death and the period up until and into rebirth. According to what his clients have said under hypnosis, souls enter the fetus at various stages of development within the womb. Some wait until the last minute just before birth occurs, and others prefer to integrate with the human mind sooner. This is stark contrast to what you have seen, in terms of the soul entering the body right at conception. What are your thoughts about Michael Newton and these claims from his clients? Many thanks!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rainbow Warrior: I don't discount anyone's work... It didn't come to me that souls enter during development (maybe I just can't see it that way for some reason).

I get the energy associated with the soul is what starts the heart. I do get a strange image that if a soul is in a developing baby and something isn't "right" it can trade out with another soul, but there is always a soul occupying the baby.