Saturday, July 26, 2014

Strange Animal Behavior - Overtourn Bridge and Jatinga, India

These are two different, but interesting questions regarding strange animal behavior... 

Q1. Hi Lynn, could you do a reading on the Overtoun Bridge? For some reason hundreds of dogs seem to have gone crazy here and have leaped to their deaths. 

A. The first thing I get is I hear this beat in my head that reminds me of a heartbeat... .Then I get that it isn't a sound coming through in that frequency, but rather some electromagnetic pulse is "beating" which somehow "scrambles" the dogs brain waves for a moment.  The dogs feel disoriented for a moment (then I get the analogy that it is similar to the feeling someone with Alzheimer's gets when they find themselves lost and alone in public- complete panic and anxiety stricken).  That feeling and moment of what feels like dementia creates this odd behavior.  The are confused, terrified and anxious all at the same time.

Q.What created the odd electromagnetic "beats?"

A. I get there is a huge amount of paranormal activity here (the area had a lot of death, and I get the death was disease related?).  This paranormal behavior that looks static to this area has shifted the balance and altered the normal flow of energy.  The constant need for balance is being fought by the extra energy force that resides there.  There is a constant push and pull of energy.  Every tug of energy in an opposite direction creates the "beat" I sense.

Q2. Jatinga, a village in India, has a strange phenomenon where annually around the same time "As the sun sets, hundreds of birds descend on the village and fly full speed towards buildings and trees, crashing to their deaths." What is going on in this bizarre place?

A. I keep seeing particles in the air that reminds me of very thick dust.  The air feels very heavy and it is difficult to navigate through (Then I get the random image of a car pulled to the side of the road during a rainstorm because they cannot see to drive?)  I then focus on a bright light at the center of town, and from a distance it looks like a lighthouse, and I find myself trying to fight this heavy air to get there.  To my surprise there are obstacles that prevent me from getting there, and from that point I see the birds cracking into stuff.  They aren't doing it on purpose, but rather die accidentally trying to make it to the lighthouse..

It looks as though these birds are exhausted and have a hard time navigating the air (the quality of the air seems to be a big issue??), which causes them to fly as hard as they can toward the relief of some central lighted location in the center of town.  In the process of getting there, many are injured and many more die. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Erin Cheslock said...

Wow, very interesting. Thank you for the insights!

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