Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soul Contracts and Suicide

Q. According to information from Dolores Cannon, when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime - a karmic debt that they are not able to escape. I read your recent reading on suicide and I presume the unique situation is considered on an individual basis? For example, the karmic "debt" would be different between the suicides of an individual that cannot cope with the stresses of life as opposed to someone that suffered an extremely traumatic experience due to someone else's free will? I was wondering if you could see if there is, in fact, a difference? Also, I am wondering how abortion and euthanasia fit into the scheme of things? If, on the other side of the veil, we have a choice of the life we incarnate into and the soul enters the body at conception, why would one choose to enter a life that will be terminated before it is even fully started? And with euthanasia, do you see that humans are meant to suffer through death or will there be a karmic debt to repay for that also? What about animals? Humans, with the intention of compassion, "put down" suffering animals quite often. Is this viewed as murder or compassion from the universal perspective? Thank you!!

A.  Regarding the first part of the question "when one commits suicide, they are essentially breaking their soul contract and whatever painful issue they were unable to deal with in that lifetime will have to be dealt with in a future lifetime" to an extent you are right.  If you are given a difficult life path because of a lesson you are here to learn, and you chose to leave that life before the lesson is complete, karma will follow you into the next life and you will be forced to deal with another situation that may be different, but essentially the same situation.  Then I get the example that maybe in this life you felt neglected by one or both parents, in the next life you may be neglected by your spouse you have children with, or maybe your witness your spouse neglect his / her children- you will be forced to deal with the difficult issue of neglect.  How to overcome neglect, deal with the feelings, see the hurt in your kids- you will have to deal with it..  Once you effectively process your lesson and truly learn through experience, your debt will be paid and you can move to the next lesson. 

In you are in a situation that someone's free will causes trauma unto you, and you cannot deal with the pain and take your life, you will still have to come back and learn what you were sent to learn in the life you left early, but it is "forgiven" in the universe.. Be clear, it is still not encouraged because we learn from all life experience- both good and bad, but it is forgiven..

With abortion I see two things... One, it is the life lesson / experience of the woman making the decision.  It is her experience (and I hear loudly - It is also the man's and that shouldn't be discounted- men have emotion too) to do this (and carry the feelings emotions associated with this) or not have the abortion..  Fate knows what will happen even before we do- it may feel like free choice, but I get that deep down gut feelings will overrule and either allow it [the abortion] to happen or not too happen.  Some women are very torn, may seek a sign, and find what they are looking for in an answer... In some ways this is predetermined.  

The other thing I see with abortions is that it was that souls life plan to come here for that short time.  For what ever reason, they needed to come to earth for that short period as a reset and then go back to the consciousness (I got an image of some kind of discharge of energy??).  That soul will return and if it is meant to be in the woman's or man's life, it will (other children, etc..).

Euthanasia...  It came to me that a certain element of pain and suffering [can] be a normal part of the life cycle.  I get ideally everyone and everything would pass in its' sleep.  Then when I ask of needless prolonged pain- how is that viewed?  I get that if it is inevitable that a person or animal is going to die, allowing it to pass peacefully or ending the final traumas on the soul is allowed.  I also get that if something horrific happened that is unrecoverable, stopping that pain could even prevent a future life trauma (such as a phobia) from happening... Then I see someone in an inescapable house fire that resulted in an unnatural fear of fire in a next life- if the person could escape the pain of the fire before being tortured by it, they could have highly reduced their phobia of fire in their next life. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Craig said...

Lynn, great post. I did ask the Kwan Yin channel about suicide and abortion back in 2001 and answers were very similar.

About suicide, many souls try to take on too much to clear karma quickly. It looks easy from the spirit side, but here becomes insurmountable. Again, all is forgiven. You just may have to experience the feelings next life that drove you to that decision in this one.

With abortion, both mother and child work out the situation before incarnation, so the outcome is pretty much a foregone conclusion, with both souls getting the lesson needed, or fulfilling an agreement. You can't kill a soul, they just cycle back around, but it is definitely a big decision to make.

Lastly, this life we live is but a stage where we play out our parts and learn our lessons. In the end, what seems so heavy and traumatic here becomes an afterthought in spirit, and we are on to the next level or dimension.


Rainbow Warrior said...

Thank you, Lynn! I had actually submitted this question a few weeks back but ended up reading Journey of Souls by Michael Newton recently and found the answers there. Other than when the soul enters the body, the information he provides is pretty much what you've described. I was curious about euthanasia since it was on the ballot in a recent state poll. Initial reports said that the initiative passed but within a day or two, after all ballots were counted, it was reported that it didn't.

Chatty Cathy said...

Great reading, thank you.
This seems to answer the questions: "What is the meaning of life? What are we doing here?" It seems our lives are kind of like a game where we have levels to complete (lessons to learn) before we win the game. Are we like chess pieces for the higher ETs? Do they receive pleasure in watching souls experience a physical experience in human bodies?

Also, where do the biblical promises of living a sin-free life and "making it into the kingdom of heaven" play into this soul reincarnation experience?

Fernanda said...

I heard the same on sudden death syndorem (SIDS) it seems that the soul in the baby can't endure its mission and suddenly the baby dies. Is it possible?

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone- Thank you for the comments.

@Chatty Cathy: ETs do watch us, but I don't see it as pleasure to see us struggle. I get it is more frustrating than anything. I see the protective ones wanting to yell at us as if we are children at how we treat each other..

@Fernanda: I do see SIDS much like what you described... The life path chosen is too much to endure during this incarnation.

Chatty Cathy said...

Thank you Lynn. As our souls reincarnate to learn life lessons, where does the biblical promise of "making it into the kingdom of heaven" play into this experience (if at all)?

Anonymous said...

All I know is my dog was suffering and I refused to let him live in pain and suffer, so I took him to the vet for that last shot. I held him as he drifted off into sleep.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do for my dog friend. I know my friend is happy now and waiting for me on the other side. Don't worry boy, I am coming home sooner or later.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Chatty Cathy: I see the kingdom of heaven (or in other religions their version of heaven) is really the universal consciousness or white light we are drawn to. I also get though that people that have not lived and done good by others still make it to this light because we all (in a one life or another) will be plagued with the negative aspects of being human. In many ways earth really is the training ground for everything and every challenge..

@Charlie: I am so sorry for your loss.. You are right though that your souls may meet again. You actually may see traits of your dog in someone else or another pet- I firmly believe that animal souls can incarnate into other animals or even people during your current life span.

Erin Cheslock said...

Thank you for this great reading! I am very familiar with Dolores Cannon, and as she relys on other's subconscious for answers, this really helped to fill in any gaps of information she was unable to clarify or obtain.

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

If kingdom of heaven (or in other religions their version of heaven) is really the universal consciousness or white light we are drawn to, then what is Hell? Does it really exist?

You have an amazing gift which many of us can only admire.

Thank you in advance.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@lilian: I actually see earth as being what people describe as "hell." It is where humans go to learn these life lessons and expand through experience. It is difficult and a struggle. We have temptation, judgement and all of those things. Parts of it are beautiful, but parts are very difficult.

Anna Zhao said...

what do you see people with no children? or not able to have children? are those childless people made their choice before they come back to earth? Thanks!!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Anna: That is the path they chose for a specific lesson- maybe they are needed or their calling is in another capacity, or they are to learn something else that they cannot learn while being a parent.

Anna Zhao said...

Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I have another question: My cousin's father died of stomach cancer. 10 years later my cousin gave birth to a baby girl. For the first three month the baby could not stop vomiting unless she was held upright... do you see this child is reincarnation of her father who came back to her life?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Anna: Souls do incarnate in just the way you describe. When I read your comment it resonated with me as truth- I feel your cousin does have her fathers energy around her in the form of her child.

faith jasmine said...

Look at animals, particulary cats.When they are sick they know that and go alone to die by their will because don`t want to torture themself in the sick body. It is the same for people.If someone is sick and died inside why to push psysical body to live if their spirit is outside?I think it is the problem with suicides.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much! I completely agree