Friday, July 25, 2014

Reptilians HIding in the Public Eye

Q. Hi again! Love the help you have given to help us learn truths. In the search to find out how the world works and who's in charge..(knew it had to be something without a soul)..I've stumbled upon the realization (on YouTube) that pretty much everyone who is famous, in a high power/public position is possessed by reptilians or some kind of force in one way or another.

Q Why would anyone agree to let these beings take over their bodies? Are they tricked into it?
A.  I first see the image of "1s" and "0s" as if this reptilian influence is either on or off, but contained within many of the people in power or of influence.  This component of reptilian DNA has bread into a lot of people. Some it is more intense (I get that certain bloodlines or families focus on maintaining a more saturated amount of DNA in their blood because they like the power and influence that is associated to it.- It is similar to a Royal bloodline, but of the reptilian influence.)  In some people it is heavily diluted, and in others (especially if you have the intent to maintain the bloodline) it can be much higher.

Back to the question, so you have these people that are influential or in power.. It would seem that we chose these people through popularity, voting, or choice or some kind.  The reality is that people with reptilian blood exude some kind of energy that has a subliminal quality to it, and they "make or influence" you to pick them or put them in power.  

I also see a situation that if a person that "wants chosen" doesn't have reptilian DNA, or have enough of it to create the subliminal "type" thinking, if someone with the DNA wants them in office, then THEY can actually create the energy to make that happen.  It really is quite powerful, and I see this has been going on for centuries- Since reptilians first mated with humans (they were considered the "chosen" children of that time).

It isn't a trick or an agreement, but rather who they are.. "If" the DNA is present, and "turned on" it is there.  The person may feel as if they are superior, entitled or worthy- and may (depending on the family line and talks of importance of maintaining purity) or may not know why..

Q Are there different kinds? Full blooded, hybrid, mind controlled, cloned...
A. I don't see full-blooded, everyone I visualize is a hybrid of sorts, some more saturated with the DNA than others.  I don't see any clones (they may exist I just don't see one).

The thing I notice is that some appear to be more in control and others seem to be more mind controlled.  The ones in control are very clear on their ancestry, and feel they are here on earth for a certain purpose.  They are very clear-minded and goal oriented.  

Others that are more unsure of themselves or direction I see the "1" being turned on remotely.  As if something is using that piece of DNA within the human to connect remotely and provide influence and create direction. The direction may come in the form of inspiration (I see movies?), a goal (I see campaign posters), an idea (I see a doctor giving an injection), etc..

Q I guess the most important question is how to avoid becoming "taken over or possessed" by one?

A.  Do your best to maintain self awareness.  Keep your mind focused on who you are and what you want to believe in.  Question things- does it make sense?  I get your mind is like anything else, and if you continue to use it, then it will continue to work for you.  When someone is stagnant and allows others to do their thinking, they can become influenced easily (by reptilians, and then I see a Fox News emblem pop up??).  

The thought I am left with is to always focus on the greater good.  When you find yourself having doubts, or something doesn't add up, if you have a mental thought during meditation or just through the day that doesn't sit right with you, ask yourself "Is this (whatever it is regarding) in my greatest good?" Many times asking that simple question you will either give you a sign, clarity or give you strength to filter out the reptilian influence and allow your OWN thoughts to flow.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube. 


Waityurturn said...

Hi Psychic Focus, do they have certain physical characteristics to them?

green acres said...

The word "chosen" rings a bell about a certain ethnic/religious group that believes they are God's chosen people. So, David Icke was right?

A Man Called Da-da said...

So... as mentioned in the earliest link... was Stanley Kubrick murdered?

Gypsycat said...

So are we able to tell which humans are reptilian?

Diane Hamilton said...

Is it possible to have children with someone with a strong reptilian DNA (have an idea that something is just wrong with them. Cold, dead eyes, unemotional, etc.)and just feel your children are so different than you?
Can you tell the difference or is it a gut feeling. I'm guessing YES!

SB said...

Last night I dreamed a full blooded reptilian was on top of the building they broadcast Fox News. The newscasters were like we will take you live to the scene. The camera focused on the reptilian and he or she just gets ripped apart by some unseen force and then consumed by it. I am just amazed to check your site today and see this as your reading. The universe is funny I guess. ;)

Astrolofting said...

I see it as being part of DNA too. I never understand when I see websites or videos addressing them as if real reptile creatures.

I think the part about seeing movies and posters would mean programming and doc giving injection would mean drugs.

D Barnard said...

They are real reptile creatures, they use the DNA like computer software to remotely 'take over' or influence certain disposed humans. Is RH- blood part of this? Is it linked to psychopathy? I believe my family has a diluted strain. I ask myself 'Where is this coming from? Within or without?' I sometimes get an urge or compulsion to lose my temper & have to "witness" this until it loses power. Is using an ouija board a way to increase the 'access' these things have? Your Soul has to be strong to resist the DNA & activate more divine DNA & make it dominant. I believe this is why royal families interbreed.

Do these reptilians try to induce terror & fear if you don't co-operate?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Waityurturn: When I visualize them, I don’t see a physical characteristic, but rather a shift in their aura- as if it contains grey and darker shades.

@green acres: I would say now that I have really focused in on this topic, I see David Icke as being very accurate.

@A Man Called Da-do: I have that question queued up in a draft for a large post.  To quickly answer it- yes, but not because of reptilians. It was because he revealed too much truth and people got nervous.

@Gypsycat: I am hearing the phrase that “eyes are the windows to the soul” and then I want to stare into someone’s eyes… Then I see a black ring form in the colored part of the eye as I talk to them- as if it goes back and forth (almost involuntarily)… I feel if you look directly into someone’s eyes you will know..??

@Diane: Yes, I do see that can happen, and you just know. It is your inner conscious telling you the truth.

@D Barnard: First, unless you have experience and are with trusted people, don’t play with a Ouija board- you can draw things to you and open up something worse. I view these as a serious tool. To find answers, the best thing to do is learn to meditate and talk to you inner or higher self. It is something that is a part of you, and it may be hard to fight, but awakening your consciousness can help (A LOT). If you maintain balance (stay healthy, nourish your body, etc..) and focus on the positive aspects of life (journal, post affirmations, etc.. if need be) you can fight this. Eventually I see this negative aspect giving up..

D Barnard said...

Yes I fully agree with you about the ouija, the reason I asked is that many, many years ago (in primary school) I used one with my friends & had something definitely trying to influence me to physically attack my friend who convinced the other girls to stop (I've never attacked anyone in my life) but it took every ounce of willpower in that moment not to act on the compulsion & even as a child I knew it was an outside influence.

Whenever I try to better my life by doing something good & feeling confident, is when the 'influencing' will really activate. But I'm aware of the difference between normal human anger & this 'something else' & absolutely it gives up after a while. It's just being consciously aware & connecting to my true inner self as you said. It also causes intense fear at times that I have to similarly ride out. My view is that it would operate differently somewhat with a person who is welcoming of the influence, than someone who resists & fights.

I've seen visions of reptilian faces laughing at me & somehow they are connected with cell towers & Atlantis too?

Thank you so much.

Amrita Amrita said...

do the laws of karma appy t these reptilian people? Or do they just get away doing bad things to society and individuals? is there a separate set of rules for them regarding their karma?

Anonymous said...

Do the reptilians go after people that are sensitive, emphatic,what they would consider weak? One of these days I will contact you about an interesting experience I had that freaked out Mr. Reptile. We do seem to have backup and help.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Amrita: The karmatic laws do apply, and in some way they are used as a tool to "balance us out." It is kind of hard to imagine, but their behavior is necessary to both challenge us (bring out the free thinkers of the world) and also create balance..

@Diane: They do prey upon the weak and less self-reliant and confident.. They thrive on the "sheeple" of society.

Louis Manning said...

Not all of them are bad. Some try to help but have a bad name from other evil ones.