Thursday, July 3, 2014

Q & A XXVIII: Random Picks [Group Post]

Q. I have read that Earth was quarantined. Can you look into this and if we were, why? Also I read that as of 2012 we were no longer quarantined...if so why not?
A.  I get that the year 2012 was significant to earth.  We were under and "experiment" and viewed from above by outlying ETs that began this experiment with humans to see how we evolved and what we did with the planet under little influence.  The deal was that If we evolved in an unacceptable way the ETs were going to come back and claim earth for themselves (also clued into this with the Mayan calendar- the calendar marked their return).  In the meantime another race of ETs came together and intervened to "guide" us and protect us from this outlying race.  We were under a "quarantine" of sorts while this experiment was going on.  I see that is no longer true and this time frame has been lifted..

Q. What are your thoughts on what happened to the people on the Mary Celeste?
A.  I get some kind of sea sickness took over them.  I then see them wandering about the boat as if they are "mad" or crazy.  Hallucinations even??  For some reason they thought their boat was sinking or they were in danger?? I see they left the boat, but then later died at sea because when they left they were ill prepared.

Q. Will Scotland get its independence in September?
A. I see that Scotland wants independence, but I feel like it is being blocked by something.  Something that is larger or more powerful than Scotland isn't going to let that happen.  I'm left with to truly get independence you have to fight for it with more than words..

Q. The recent flooding in the Balkans was severe--3 months of rain in 3 days! Many people died and many more are now suffering and homeless. It seems unreal. Do you see that this event was engineered weather? If so, who caused it and why? Thank you for all the work that you do; I think you help a lot of people.
A. I see this as the beginning of the weather wars commencing on Russia in the area of the Ukraine but it was misdirected (they cannot get it exact when they do their chemtrails and seeding of the sky- only so much is predicted with wind, etc..).  The goal will be for the US to go in a make Russia weak or want to leave so they can go in a resolve this issue with the least amount of military possible.  Nothing was intended to happen in the Balkan region, it was the unintended consequence of aiming toward Crimea.

Q. Do you see that the Korean's musical band named CNBlue will break up anytime soon? The band has reached the maturity phase of their career in music, and usually after that will be a decline phase. When exactly will their break-up happen?
A. I cannot get a date for a break-up anytime soon.  I see them declining in popularity, but not to the point that they want to disband.  I see them lasting a while and going through a phase where they take a break from touring / preforming to regroup and come up with fresh music, but not breaking apart.

Q. Do you see a more feminine government in the world in 100 years? By feminine I mean more open, communicating, compassionate and mild in opposition to the masculine drive, effectiveness, goal seeking and dividing in right and wrong.
A.  I don't see that happening... I see that men and women both will remain being very dominate and intimidating.  The world gets even more power hungry. The people / citizens  want a more true representation of their wants and needs, but I see a huge divide in what people want versus what they are given.  Even those that want to make change in the government end up corrupted, and those that don't "play the game" end up being driven out by pressure, intimidation or a false scandal.  A complete reset of the system would need to occur for those things to be different..

Q. Dear Psychic, could you please do a reading on Indo-Pak(India-Pakistan) relationship? Historically, these two nations are engaged in fighting over the issue of Kashmir since two nations partitioned right after Independence from Britishers in 1947. In recent times India suffers hugely from the malady of Pakistan sponsored Terrorism. Terrorists groups like Lashquere-Toiba, Indian-Mujahadeen are involved in these terrorists attacks. Who do you see really behind as the mastermind of these militants groups? It is well known in India that ISI (Pakistan's secret agency) works in conjunction with CIA. Is it really so?
A I don't see involvement from the CIA regarding these terrorist attacks.. It really looks like the Pakistan government is driving the terror to slowly work at destabilizing India enough to acquire Kashmir.  Something with the land seems valuable.  It is more than just land, something else (natural resource?) holds worth and Pakistan wants to acquire it.  

Q Hello I am concerned with North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Will he ever face international justice for ordering systematic torture, starvation and mass killing on his own people, I really feel sorry for the the North Koreans and why is God not doing anything about this, it has been going on for generations. 
A  I don't him facing justice the way that most people see, but I do see him eventually being killed / assassinated.  I don't see it being by his own people either, but rather a military sniper looking man does it from a distance.  It doesn't look like a US soldier either.  In fact he doesn't look to be representing any country, like he is a rogue military guy working for a small private group.

Q Hi. Few know that Buddha had to come back for one more lifetime after achieving, "Nirvana" -- primarily because he had no relationship with Our Source. When did Buddha come back and what was his life like? Was he aware of his previous life? Did he have a job? Relationships? Children? Or a solitary existence? And... was he someone famous, or anonymous?
A  The image I have is of a normal guy.  This man had no idea he was Buddha, but he was very spiritual and naturally questioned things.  He was intuitive, empathetic and had a "psychic" sense about him.   I see he went down a Christian path out of curiosity and his need to know and understand more, and became very serious about it to the point he became a monk to be closer to the spiritual aspect of religion.  I get he then left the monastery because he couldn't accept or feel that the Christian ways were the only ways.  He didn't disagree with the Christian beliefs, but he felt that there was also more that he wanted to understand and somehow being in the monastery "blocked" him.  

I don't have a time frame, but I get it was recent (within the early 1900s was an incarnation).  He had no children, and did not marry.  He was sort of a "loner" and that was ok for him.  He was viewed as an introvert.  

Q. What can you see below earth's deepest ocean where man has never explored because of the vastness and depth. Is there another world down there? I read somewhere there are strange fish creatures living in daylight under the bottom of the sea.
A   There are strange fish, and rather enormous ocean life at the bottom of the ocean.  I get a glimpse of pockets of light where there are tunnels to the inner earth.  At the locations of the tunnels the inner sun shines through and illuminates part of the ocean (I get this in the Atlantic Ocean specifically).  I don't see another world at the bottom of the ocean, but rather on the other side of it.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to Narrated reading on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Dear Psychic, do you know if Hitler has been reincarnated? And if he has, what is/was his like like?

a2k said...

Dear Psychic, regarding your reading on Gautam Budha, Do you see Swami-Vivekananda( name Naren) as the re-incarnation of Budha? As he was during 1900s period.He lived a single life and did not marry.He also set up monasteries in India and America.He was highly impressed by Gautam Budha's teaching.He was a loner type personlity and travelled across whole of glob, preaching oneness of God.During one of his meditation, he had described seeing Gautam-Budha.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@P15: I don't get an image of him existing now... He might, but nothing is coming forward.

@a2k: I didn't get a name in my original reading, but what you said rings a LOT of truth within me. I feel that you are right.

a2k said...

Yes, It will be greatly beneficial to all of us including you, to focus on his personality i.e. Swami Vivekananda( whenever you feel so).I have read whole of his work and his teachings has always been the source of inspiration throughout my life.He was really compassionate to take birth during dense negative times 1863-1902. He worked continuously to preach higher philosophical ideas.His address to the "parliament of religion" in Chicago won him many hearts(followers) in US. here is the link:

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I completely agree. :-)

Atell Rohlandt said...

Interesting post. I find your style of reading refreshing, no frills or fluff. I enjoyed reading your insights on the various questions as well and it was so nice to see questions other than the standard love related ones.

Alex said...


Sorry, I don't agree with you.

Gautama Buddha has already said that 5000 years ago, that was his final lifetime to be reincarnated. Unless you are accusing him of being a liar.

The word 'Buddha' itself means that he won't be reborn anymore.

There are certain signs of a great being such as Buddha, he would walk a few steps and lotus flowers would form and other signs.

Vive had none of that, he's just another spiritual person.

Please don't mislead people with wrong info.