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Q & A XXIX: Health Questions Cont... [Group Post]

Q. Does high uric acid level causes kidney stones? What are the causes of high uric acid in our blood? What is the most effective home remedy to lower our uric acid level?
A. I get these do result from having an excessive amount of uric acid in the body (also gout and other things are the result, the acid can manifest different things depending on where it settles in the body).  The excess uric acid settling in the kidneys creates an environment that causes a calcification of toxins, which results in these kidney stones. The cause of uric acid is an increased acidic state of the body and the best thing you can do is focus on a more alkaline diet (you don't have to shock your body and do something radical, but anything you do to be more alkaline helps, such as reducing coffee intake..) and drink lots of filtered water to flush out toxins (if they aren't there they won't be calcified).

Q.Could you do a reading on this herb called Panax notoginseng. What are the beneficial effects of taking this herb ? Is this herb more or less effective than blueberry/blackberry in clearing plaque inside blood vessels?

A. I first get this herb creates a filter for the system, helping to clear and clean the body by excreting harmful toxins and impurities.  I then want to go to an image of dark red wine (I relate this to an image and conversation I had with a friend regarding dark red wine being good for the heart, even though this may be rumor- this information feels like it is making a true statement of Panax helping the heart).  It (Panax) looks to have very similar effects on the body as blueberry/blackberries, but I also keep hearing "acai" berries too as being helpful for the heart and circulatory system (acai berries must fall in a similar category with beneficial health properties?).  

Q. Are infrared saunas actually effective for detox?

A. I get these are more "band aid" instruments and not fixing the cause.  To really detox and stay detoxed you have to modify diet or behavior.  You can sweat out toxins, which is a great way to do a quick cleanse, but if you are reintroducing them (through food or activities) then you are not truly detoxed. And with the sauna, you are only getting some of the toxins, not all, so it is only a semi detox.  

The best way to truly detox is eat organic and vegan for a week or two and drink lots of filtered water.  To maintain your detox pick a day or two a week to do your vegan/organic diet to flush out what accumulates.  Something about the infrared (even though partially works and is better than nothing) feels fake or not to the in depth level that a true detox needs to be.

Q. Hi Lynn, best remedy for the common cold and flu?

I get a lot of colds or flu are because a toxin (germs, etc..) are not flushed from the digestive track fast enough.  If you contract an illness the faster you excrete it, the better, because if it hangs around then it starts to attack your healthy cells.  Drink tons of filtered water, increase vitamin C or citrus foods (or I use citrus based essential oils like lemon and lime in my water) and a lot of fiber.  The goal is to excrete what is making you ill.  Many times it can flush it out before you even fully get the cold or flu or at a minimum drastically reduce the severity of the sickness.

Here is the link to the oils i use, but feel free to do your own research.  Just make sure if you chose to drink your oils that they are safe for consumption.  The ones I use are therapeutic grade and safe for ingestion.

Q I am wondering about the side effect of protein, that many gym people are taking a lot between exercises. Will it harm internal organs in the long run?

A.  I do see that excessive amounts of protein are hard on the kidneys.  I also get that it does take protein to build muscle, but the amounts suggested are too much and your body just excretes a lot of it.  It is marketed in a way to make you think you need it, and you do need some, but your system passes the overage out and that is why it is hard on your kidneys.  If you only take what you need, your body uses it and it isn't passed (no ill effects result because it is in balance with what your body needs and uses.) I get you really only need between 1/3 and 1/2 of what they suggest.

Q Visual acuityAny foods to keep a high level of visual acuity?

A.  I get that orange based vegetables really do help with eyesight (carrots, sweet potatoes, etc).  Also I see sunglasses- eye protection is essential to preserve and maintain eye health. I get the intensity of the sun is very damaging to the eyes.

Q Just a quick one for you health posting, my partner suffers from fibromyalgia, and there never seems to be a day when she does not suffer from it.  Would it possible to ask what causes it and any remedies to help please?

A. I get a few things with this... I see this as a neuromuscular illness not just effecting muscles but also the sensory aspect of the nerves.  I get exercise like yoga or deep relaxation practices can be very beneficial because you are much more in tune with your body and being able to "talk" to different areas.  I keep seeing this illness as being stuck in the throat chakra- so if meditation is chosen to really focus on using and releasing the throat (blue) chakra. 

I get that any type of liquid fish oil can be beneficial- it helps to coat nerves and has a soothing effect to the inflamed nerves that are causing the pain. 

I also see that acupuncture can be very beneficial (again I get the throat chakra area as the focus). 

Q. How do people get Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)? What has the person done in this lifetime or another in order to get this sickness? Thank you!

A. The first thing I get is that this disease has nothing to do with what a person has done, and it isn't a punishment for an action- it was truly their life path.  They were here to learn something specific (or teach someone around them something specific).  Your life path not only serves you, but can serve those you incarnated with (like a life pact).  You have to focus on the beauty of their life and what they taught those around them and not focus on the sadness and loss (even though our emotions make that difficult to do).  This is a genetic issue and "prewired" to happen as part of a life experience.

Q. Hi Psychic Focus, I had a questions about Psoriatic Arthritis. What causes a person to have it, what are the natural remedies to get rid of it or relieve it.

A.  I see this as a disorder of the connective tissue in which the tissue degenerates and when the bone rubs the bone (due to the lack of cushion) it creates an inflammation in the joints. I see if you get it early (when the symptoms are fairly fresh)  a shark oil or chondroitin can help maintain the tissue you have (strengthen it and keep it healthy).  I don't see the tissue growing back, but the degeneration can be drastically slowed or stopped by using the shark oil / chondroitin.

Another thing to note as I type this i hear "When in doubt, Frank it out." which is the phrase i hear when I am directed toward Frankincense oils.  This can be taken orally (read labels!) , topical on the bottom of your feet or aromatic...  I also get that Wintergreen essential oils applied to the area of the inflammation can be beneficial (you can apply directly, or dilute in coconut oil and make a lotion or creme).

Q I wanted to ask also if possible you could see is the case of spasmodic dysphonia similar to hemifacial spasm? I have had it slightly for 40 years, but got worse some years ago probably due to computer addiction, that I had that time. 

A. What I get when I focus on this is that the vocal chords get thick or inconsistent.. Then I get they need stretched and when people sing it creates a stretch so their voice sounds normal.  I don't see it having to do with the computer (unless you rarely talked and used your voice during this time).  I get vocal chords are like anything and if you don't use them, they get an atrophy or thickness (or unevenness).  For some it just happens... Try humming or singing in the shower where it is steamy (that is the image I get).  I see voice therapy as the way to even this out.

Q Scleroderma. What can help? Interesting I saw someone get help from a magnetic mat. As you once said the sun radiation is effecting those with autoimmune problems, (as the magnetic field is weak to protect from harmful radiation, I suppose). Is this magnetic mat helping to protect from harmful radiation similar way than the stronger magnetic field would do? Any advices for better health?

A.  I see the magnetism helping from the mat, but in a different way than you may think.  I get when you sit on the mat you are creating a magnetic field around you much like a bubble.  When you are in this "bubble" you are allowing the free radicals and things attacking your artery walls to flow and be excreted rather than attach.  The magnetism allows the particles to remain loose (actually not allow them to attach at all).  You can try the mat and drink lots of filtered water to aid in the elimination of these particles from your body.

Q. Thank you for all your work. I was wondering if you could do a reading on the Ebola virus that is spreading in Africa. Do you see it coming to the US? Is the government allowing illegal immigrants into the country who are infected? Is that on purpose? How can we protect ourselves from this if it spreads? Will colloidal Silver, hemp seed oil, orange oil, menuka honey... or any other all natural remedies to help our body withstand such a epidemic? 
A. When I focus on this I don't see an epidemic in the US any time in the near future. I then try to focus on preventative measures.  I don't see how to prevent it, so I focused on the healing.  I get that everything you need to heal yourself is in your environment, you just have to figure out what it is.  Then I saw an image of what looked like a redwood tree (huge tree and the bark was "shaggy" looking), and someone was taking/peeling the bark off of it.  I see a salve being made from this redwood bark and being used on a patient.  I got the bark aided in recovery, and once recovered they had a natural immunity from this illness.

Q. Alcoholism or drug abuse. Why do some people become alcoholics? Or drug abusers? Is this problem a disease? Or is this a problem of weak character, something in your DNA? OR a genetic problem? Is there somewhere in the universe a answer on how to solve this destruction type of problem or behavior? Thanking you so much!
A. I see the predisposition for an abuser is wired in their DNA.  It is part of their life path to fight being dependent on something (or looking outward to solve problems versus inward).  Usually these people on this path have a challenge with defining accountability (what they do that effects their life versus what others do that is out of their control).  Some people learn and battle this challenge well, becoming very strong and maintaining a good balance in life.  Others go against their greater good and fall prey to the easy way to hide from issues.  Regardless, these people learn through experience and if they "fail" they will be confronted with this predisposition or something similar to it in a future life experience.

Q. I posted a question a while back to see if there was a way to get rid of gallstones without going through surgery to remove the gallbladder. Do you know if there is a way for your body to do so? And if so, does it work on everybody? And how long would it take for the gallstones to be gone or reduced in size? 
A.  I get these can be broken down with ultrasonic pulses.  I see this working on most people and it could take several sessions to work (depending on size and quantity).  I go back to the images I had during the uric acid question- to prevent these try going alkaline, especially while you are fighting a gall stone.  

Q There has been an ongoing outbreak of the hantavirus in Yosemite National Park. It is being blamed on rodents. What do you see as the cause? If it is the rodents, where did it start with them? Is this a naturally occurring strain? Is this contained? Is Yosemite safe to visit? Do you see this ever being contained? And God forbid, will this spread?

A. I get this disease resulted in rodents eating chemicals like pesticides. I get it rooted somewhere else and was brought here on ships.. Like the chemicals used and eaten aren't legal here in the states?? I see it is other places than just Yosemite (west of Yosemite as well). It was not naturally occurring, but chemically / toxically induced. It seems like it will die out- I don't see a huge spread of it. It does not look airborne, but contracted through fluids from the infected rodents (saliva or blood). Yosemite looks safe to visit, just keep food and water contained. I do get some kind of caution with drinking from streams- there is a danger with that. I see this dying out within the next 5 years (as long as ships don't continue to bring it here).

Q. There is a popular dietary movement begun in the late 90's from the work of a nature path who wrote a book called Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type. The premise is that certain foods are beneficial for certain blood types and that "eating for your type" is the most important step for a good immune system. I try to follow this, but do not really like the foods for Type O. Wondering if his research was truly a breakthrough and legit, or to what extent it may be false.

A. I don't see this as required, but eating for your type can be helpful, especially if you are feeling lethargic or sensitive to the environment. I get eating right for your type can really promote a healthier energy level and balance hormones in the brain (depression).

Q. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt much better in the evening hours. Some days I wake up feeling horrible and as soon as the evening rolls around, it's like a switch was flipped and I finally feel well, very energetic and mentally alert. I've tried to figure out what exactly causes this. According to my Internet research, I know there are others that experience this phenomenon, though no one knows why. Some have theorized that we are extra sensitive to the sun's radiation, which does seem plausible. Some have asked their doctors but there seems to be no medical explanation, either. What are your thoughts on this? Is there a way to counteract it? Thank you!!

A. I get this feeling is associated to the sun, but indirectly... When the sun goes down and the moon is starts to rise above you, I get that you feel more clear.  As if the moon brings clarity.  I am also getting that you somehow connect to full moon especially (physically a full moon does something or really has an effect on you in a positive way).  I then go into this focus of water- your body is made mostly of water... the moon is somehow tugging or connected to the pull on your energy through the water in your body.  This is truly a sensitivity (in a good way) to how the moon interacts with your internal systems.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Narrated reading on YouTube.


Rainbow Warrior said...

Thank you, Lynn, for answering my question about why I (and others) seem to feel better at night. I knew I wasn't a vampire! lol It's interesting because I have always known the moon has a very strong effect on me but I never connected feeling crappy during daylight hours to that. I was actually born on a full moon!!

Baku Matsumoto said...

Thanks Lynn, for the Protein/berry question!!!

KnockandWatch said...

Hy Lynn Thank you very much for this wonderfull post! 1) When you refer to redwood tree as a healing possibility for Ebola, what do you mean? There is one most violin/viola bows are made of: it's called Pau Brasil or cientifically speaking "Caesalpinia echinata" (see: 2) Is there a treating/healing method for "Friedreich's Ataxia" which is an autosomal recessive inherited disease that causes progressive damage to the nervous system? TY!

KnockandWatch said...

Hi Lynn still about the Hemorrhagic fever (Ebola): how is the salve to be used? epidermically? I'm asking because besides rash the affected people typically develop dificulty to breath and internal and external bleeding.Thank You!

Portitia Celestial said...

Hi Lynn

Love your sharing of 'LOVE' here.

I hv been having lower left back pain that runs all the way into my thigh & calf. Did 3 Acupuncture sessions & other alternative healing but they all seem to be a temporary relief only. I finally went to see a doctor & got an Xray done but cant diagnose sciatica or anything else yet. Meanwhile, the only time I am free from pain is when I'm on muscle relaxing medication, when I am out & about, staying active but once am seated, relax & lie down,the pain starts again. Worst after I get up from sleep. Highly appreciate if you can tune into anything or validate something that will be of great help. Thanks much.

Kaie said...

Thank you for answering the ALS question :)

mne isme said...

Hello Lynn. Thanks for all your hard work, it is very good of you.
My question is about eating the sun. There is an excellent documentary called "Eat the Sun" I would like to know what your thoughts are? Is it real. You are supposed to stand on earth, barefoot, during the 1st hour or the last hour of sunlight, and stare at the sun beginning with increments of 5 min. until you reach 45 min. I think that was the rules. check it out if you don't mind and let me know what you think.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: I did look at the pics and I wasn't able to pull it up?? I will say when I got the image I was standing in Muir Woods looking up at the magnificent trees there and smelling the smell of the woods. I then saw someone peeling the bark and putting it in a ceramic pot and grinding it down to a powder to make a topical salve that absorbed through the skin. I tried to understand why, and I was told it was because the skin is your largest organ.. There were other herbs along with the salve, but the bark was the critical component.

@Portitia: I get your hips aren't square- one is more forward than the other (did that show on an xray?). I get a chiropractor should be able to "pop" them square again. What you feeling is the blood supply and nerve pain in certain positions because of the unsquare hips. I am guessing when you are laying flat (or standing straight) during an x ray, the supply of blood or nerve pinching isn't happening, therefore not showing up, but when you go from sitting to standing the tilted hips pinches it. I get sitting to standing is the worst part- but once standing it goes away (some..). I can do a better reading if you would like to schedule a personal reading at This is what i quickly got. :-)

@mne: I get the sun is wonderful for healing and spiritual energy. Be cautious of staring at it directly though- I get that can be very damaging because the sun in more intense now than it was hundreds of years ago. You can absolutely look toward it and let the sun soak your face (with eyes closed). You need the energy, light and warmth to shower you, but don't need to open your eyes to take it in.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn! Thank you so much for your insightful post. I was wondering if you can do a reading of marijuana, what the next generation of marijuana will be, and it is a good job career for oncology practices in the future? Thanks for your time!

KnockandWatch said...

Hi Lyyn, thank you!!! in order to find the picture just google for "pau brasil fotos". BTW there is another tree which grows from Mexico to Argentina and is known as Pau D'arco (or Ipe Amarelo).Its also sloghtly redish and its bark is used to make a very powerfull salve. Its wood is very hard and apprecciated to make all kind of stuff where weather and bugs resistancy is critical. ( )

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you Lyn for all the good work you do. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Portitia Celestial said...

Wow! you were spot-on, Lyn. Thanks much.

Yes the Xray was done when I was flat on my back & sideway.

Yes I do have a big butt but definitely not the normal square type, hehe... which translate biologically as lordosis posture (born with)

Altho the repot says:- The lumbar vertebral bodies retain normal alignment, with no disc space narrowing. Early osteophyte formation is seen at L3-L4. There is loss of lumbar lordosis. No vertebral compression fracture is detected.

Thank you so much again, Lynn. Will email you soon!

Angela Stefanovic said...

Hi Lyn,
my husband has epilepsy and nerve pain and trouble sleeping, can the 'magnetic mattress' or underlay you mentioned in your recent blog be safe for him to use. Also he sometimes wet the bed when he has seizures, can I wash the magnetic underlay and will it still be effective and safe. Do you see this device be beneficial to epileptics since they have électrical storms' in their brain. Thank you Lynn, love and light.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@399...: I do see medical marijuana being popular... What I see is a strange combination of it being somewhat homeopathic, but yet also prescribed by mainstream doctors too. It is going to serve a dual role. This industry will continue to grow and be more popular.

@knockandwatch: Even though my vision was standing in the middle of Muir Woods, when I googled Pau D'arco it looked EXACTLY like the bark (texture, etc). This could very well be it.

@Angela: I get the magnetic mat would be good, BUT I also see you using magnets on his ankles and wrists (bracelets, etc). It is like his body works well with the magnetic field, but needs grounding points or ways for the magnetic energy to flow- the bracelets help that. I get certain smells trigger reactions in him as well- you may want to play around with that (or ask him if certain things create different sensations).

AKKL said...

Are there essential oils that are effective for heavy metal detox?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@AKKL: Citrus based oils (lemon and lime especially). I use these oils (a couple drops a glass) in filtered water. I try to drink about a gallon (seriously) a day.Organic fruits and veggies too and try to avoid animal products (your body holds onto the trauma of their death- if you eat the food thank it for giving its life to you to release some of the negativity). If I "feel" the sluggish feeling, I also use Frankincense on the bottom of my feet... Oils help at lot, but diet and WATER is the most important.

Rainbow Warrior said...

Hi Lynn - regarding your last comment, when you say avoid animal products, does that also include eggs, dairy, honey, etc? I feel that as long as the animals are raised in a healthy, respectful environment, there should not be negativity in their eggs or milk. Do you see that also? Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Rainbow: I think you are right too- I am not even saying to have be vegan- you should thank you food though for giving its life to you. :-)

mne isme said...

Thank you for the reply. Maybe I should be more specific. The man who started it all has not eaten any food in 12 years, as fare as I can tell. He gets all of his energy from the sun. His name is Hira Ratan Manek, or HRM. There is a website, it is I just want to know if this is legitimate. Hopefully you can get a better sense of the subject from their website. Thanks again.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mne: I get HRM does a lot of energy and healing work with the sun, but still consumes calories via organic, natural foods... I get he eats from the earth and it very cautious and pure about when he puts in his body. Something about the sun growing it, so he is absorbing the suns energy in what the suns grows.

Pweeky said...
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jolly jacktar said...

Hi Lynn thank you for your insight about fibromyalgia, you say liquid fish oils would help? would this be the omega 3 range of oils? many Thanks

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Jolly: Yes, the liquid omega-3 oils would fall in that category. :-)

Tanya Hilbert said...

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