Friday, July 11, 2014

Ghosts / Spirits

This question was based around ghosts and spirits... I will leave the original question broken into the three parts and address each separately.  

Q. How do ghosts or spirits eat ? Where do they get their energy from ?

A. I see ghosts and spirits obtaining their strength and energy from absorbing the energy around them.  It could be from the "universe" just the way people performing reiki absorb energy from the universe.  It could be from people in the form of energy exerted during fear, worry, happiness or excitement..Universal energy is not created or destroyed, but rather shifted around to where it is needed.  There are many ways to "feed" a ghost or spirit to give them their energy.  There is active and potential energy in most everything..

Q. Can they eat the food that we offer to them? 

A. If you are offering them food in the form of intent,, thoughts, feelings, (which all have a component of energy behind them), then yes.  The can take the energy you emit and become more intense.  

Q. Do they feel attracted or repelled by incense that we burn?
A  Yes through an indirect means.  Certain odors can enhance a specific desired (or undesired) vibration in an area.  Spirits or ghosts may like (or dislike) the vibration.  The odor really doesn't do anything, but rather the vibration that results from the odor is what is attracting (or repelling) the spirit or ghost.  

I also get that more importantly than the odor, is intent.  I am getting a message that when people smudge their house, it forces the spirits on more by the intent of the act of smudging rather than the odor of sage or cedar (or whatever herb you prefer).  The herbs are used more to heighten the intent to move the spirit on to where it can do its' greater good or be better served.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for bringing this topic. I read it on the internet that Some Reiki or Yoga master absorbed the "luck and happiness" from victime students in very bad way. Is this true??? Anyway to identify those dangerous masters????

teri peaches said...

Can you ask a spirit you don't know for help? For example asking them to protect your home and family. And if you ask, do you owe/have to give them something in return?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Baku: You definitely need to trust your gut when dealing with Reiki or Yoga masters. That can happen if you allow it. The best advice, trust yourself and if it feels wrong, don't do it or allow yourself to open up to it. You have to allow the energy transfer to occur.

@teri: You can ask BUT always ask the spirit FIRST if they are here in your greatest good. Don't make deals or request anything from something that is not of the highest vibration and here in your greater good. If you ask they will tell you. Many people fail to ask and randomly open themselves up, and that is where attachments or negative experiences (Mostly) root from.. Yes you can ask, but protect yourself first.

Baku Matsumoto said...

Thank you Lyn!!!

a2k said...

Dear Psychic, do you see any co-relation between Ghosts/bad spirits and mental illness like Schizophrenia, madness, depression, chronic anxiety bases panic attacks? I mean, do these illness is a result of ghosts interfering in normal life of man or are they only certain disorder in body/brain of a person confused to ghosts/spirits?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see those mental illnesses you described being the result of not being able to distinguish our current living layer of earth (the one we live, touch, taste, etc..) with other layers (such as the spirit layer). People get confused what layer they are in. You also have the battle of what your rational mind experiences versus your subconscious mind.. It is essentially a battle between your rational mind and subconscious mind, even though both realities are very real. You fave to be able to ground with one reality, and when that becomes blurred the illness creates out of self defense..

If I didn't explain this well (I seems so clear in my mind but hard to put into words) let me know and I will try again. :-)

a2k said...

Thank you so much Psychic for your response.There is a very good friend of mine who used to be normal like anyone else but due to constant depression mainly originating from self-guilt, he turned to be schizophrenic. Now he is somewhat ok but he constantly tells that he hears fearful, negative voices. That voice tries to manipulate his mind. I never believed in his bullshit. But being a open-minded person, I wonder is there any entity as such?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see him tapping into another layer of earth. It is very real to him. Encourage him to tell the negative person to go away and get him to believe that he will. Even do it with him- talk out loud and tell him to go somewhere else that he must go.

Alex said...


Constant depression in a person lowers the vibration of a person which makes him vulnerable to attachments from entities or spirits.

I suggest you bring him to a person who has the ability to see spirits and then expel the ghost from your friend's soul.

If you can't find any in the USA, you might try going to Thailand.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: That is a great point that I didn't mention. Good advice!

a2k said...

@Alex & @ Psychic: Thank you both for your precious advice! I have given dozens of advice to him, like Yoga, meditation, mantra-recitation, reading good positive thoughts, but the problem with him, is that he is in such a low state of consciousness that he tries and gives up after few days. He has become so much skeptical of everything. Most importantly, he always has a belief that some-one reads his mind and his life is no more personal. I tried to convince him so many times, that even if someone reads his mind in worst case, he has nothing that secret or criminal to worry about. I really don't know how to elevate his mind in such a condition.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: All you can do is be supportive. To some extent you cannot help someone who doesn't want it. Just be there and be encouraging and ready to help when he is ready.

Love and light,

Duc D. said...

Hi Lynn,

I have some questions regarding the Yoga masters:

1. Swami Rama (

Some people said that he exploited or abused several of his female disciples. Is this true? I couldn't believe that a master who gave wonderful teachings could do such terrible things.

2. If possible, can you please do a reading on Mahavatar Babaji ( He was an Indian saint described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Thank you very much for your selfless service.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@DucD: I will add this to my rough drafts. I think it will be a good reading.