Monday, July 21, 2014

Enlil and Enki

Q. Who was Enki and Enlil? What was their role, if any in creating humans on Earth?  Is Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today?
A. Enki-earth water, enlil air
The first thing I get when I focus on them is that there is something off with the names.. As if these gods (or aliens) did exist, they came to earth, but the names feels like a place holder and they were either said differently, spelled differently or existed in tones that our human vocal chords cannot say.  I get they came to earth after humans were already here (I see an image of them communicating mentally with the humans).  I cannot see they created humans, but there was definitely a connectedness with their consciousness- as if in some way they (Enki, Enlil and humans) were all connected in a spiritual/psychic/subconscious level.

I see the Enki and Enlil came to earth to lay claim to portions of it.  (I get an image of Columbus laying claim to America- not really owning it, or even having rights to it, but claiming it as his own (or rather his country's).- This feels like the same thing.  They came here for resources and a haven from home, with no real right or ownership, but took command.  Enki ruling the land and water, and Enlil controlling the air and atmosphere.  They did a good job of keeping balance for all life, and earth had a "good feel" to it during their rule.

Something then happened that tilted the scale.  The balance of energy became off (jealously, control, competition??).  I see the weather was effected, and therefore, life was effected too.  I see air infiltrating the earth (like a downspin of air causing huge waves in the water, and winds damaging earth).  I also see the earth and water trying to infiltrate the air in the form of volcanoes and flooding.  The imbalance was hostile, angry and detrimental to earth overall.

As I see this hostile atmosphere I get that there was a debate about the humans that were there.  One god/alien wanted to wipe the earth clean and start over (of which he would have been a part of), and the other god/alien wanted to save earth and felt with the guidance or interference humans could be redirected- they needed some kind of enlightenment, or energy come over them that would increase the density / vibration that we lived in... 

The battle between these two gods/aliens lasted a long time until someone else came in and intervened (I am looking at Orions belt and I want to say Zeus??).  I get it was a powerful, strong god/alien.  They were both forced to retreat by Zeus? and his small army that followed. (There is also an importance of the sun, or a god affiliated with the sun that was very influential in this peaceful retreat as well. I images are intense, and the sun feels very relevant, but didn't see it clearly..)

After the retreat, earth regained balance and life resumed.  There was a lot of loss of life, but those that survived were strong, and a repopulation began to occur.

Q. Is Enlil blocking our knowledge of the things we know today?

A. I do get we are being blocked, but my bigger question is "why?"  I get it has to do with the punishment of not being wiped out and allowing a fresh start of a new type of human.  We were unruly and in Enlil's eyes destroying earth.  We evolved from being submissive, to more analytical.  We were evolving in a way that was not approved.  Since they were forced into retreat, the way to punish the humans is to block them from the truth.  It stunts their spiritual growth- it is possible, and you can grow, but it is harder (I get an image of walking through mud, as if that is what it feels like on some people's spiritual journey to enlightenment..). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.  


Nessie said...

Dear Lynn,

Great reading, thank you!

I was wondering about what you said about being blocked from growth as a punishment for not being wiped out.
Which souls or people would encounter that? Are those the people who are still very analytical and stuck in their convictions which doesn't allow feelings to sink in? Are they somehow connected to the time of Enlil and Enki and are being "punished" because they have karma from that time? Will this punishment ever be lifted so these people have less obstruction to grow?

Thank you and L&L


YourPsychicFocus said...

@Nessie: Q. Which souls encounter that?

A. I see it as the newer souls... Older souls (through going through many cycles here on earth) seem to have to ability to "open up" easier. In a sense it is a karma that we have all had to work through- just the older souls have had more experience and opportunities to do so. Newer souls have much more to learn.. I don't see this ever lifted, but rather as more and more people open up, they are able to teach and share knowledge and propel the "awakening."

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

I am a big fan from Missouri, my question is: do you see Enlil and Enki returning to Earth?

If they do not return does any entity return to claim the earth as their own?

Thanks for all the time you must spend on this blog.

lilian said...

Psychic Focus,

About newer soul, are there new souls still being created today?

Talking about karma,is there such thing as collective karma? How to explain a whole nation/people suffering?

Looking at Gaza/Middle East- Israel never-ending conflicts, problems-plagues (some) African countries, Tibetans driven out from their homeland etc makes me wonder "Why them?"

What have these people done in their previous life to suffer collectively?

D Barnard said...

If they were angry humans were destroying the Earth, how does preventing people from becoming enlightened help the Earth? People that can think for themselves are less likely to be a part of the destructive mainstream culture so I find that very nonsensical. Is it more just a pride & spite thing from these gods?

Muerial said...

96It is a good reading but there is one element to the reading that was left out. Ninhursag their sister was also 'very' instrumental in all that happened. Looking into her part might be very useful information also.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Charlie: I do see an alien race on the outer limits wanting to reclaim earth. I don't get the name of Enlil and Enki though. I feel they (the outer lying ETs) are being held back by protective aliens in our near atmosphere as we converse.

@lilian: Newer souls are being produced... I see it resulting when a man and woman conceive- sometimes a small slice of each soul is formed together to create a new soul... That is how you can have (sometimes) memories from one of your parents that you didn't actually experience yourself (may sound strange, but I get it can happen especially during dreams or hypnosis.)

Karma does exist, but I don't see people in the middle east paying a karmatic debt. I see it more as this is their life experience during this incarnation. We will all experience some form of hardships in this life or another- it is how our souls understand balance. Then I hear a great quote about "The sweet isn't so sweet without the sour." Everything and every experience is done in the name of balance.

@D: It is a bigger picture than just hurting earth. Stunting spiritual growth makes a race suffer as a whole. You are holding back potential and blocking ability. You are right that it would help earth to be enlightened, but the focus was more on the humans because in that god's eyes the earth was already ruined and in need of a cleansing.

@Meurial: Thanks for the comment. I was so focused on the question I did look at the picture broader. I may need to do a follow up with that.

Anthea said...

Hmmm, this sort of reminds me of Noah and the flood in the bible.

Erin Cheslock said...

Do you know around what time frame this happened? Was it during Lemuria or Atlantis? Did it happen even before these times?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Erin: I get that this was in the very infancy of these areas- before they were what they grew to be. I get that the war between the two gods is what actually caused some of the geographic changes to occur.