Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deceased People and the Afterlife..

Q. Why haven't any dead people come back in a vision/dream to let us know what really happens in the afterlife?
A.  I get it is because once a person passes and decides to go to the "light" or "greater consciousness" they are not able to share or communicate that information, and I will do my best to explain why...  When a person passes, they (in spirit form) are able to describe everything that happens- the images, sensations, experience, view of the light, etc... But once they actually cross over, they are absorbed into the "oneness" and at that moment I see and hear their vibration of their energy change (it sounds like a low hum at first, and then it ramps up to a very high pitch, fast hum).  The difference in the human vibration, versus the vibration of a soul contained in the higher consciousness it too great to communicate with directly- low vibration to extremely high vibrations- it would fry our system, so we need a filter of some kind to make that transition.(I get the analogy of trying to plug a hairdryer into an electrical substation- you cannot do it and need some kind of transition in the middle).. This is where connecting to your higher self is so important.  Your higher self creates the connection and a safe filter between our low level human form and our highest level energy forces in the "greater consciousness."  Even when you think you are connected directly to the greater consciousness, I get your higher self is present to keep you protected and allow that transfer of information to flow safely..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated version available on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes when in twilight sleep or even fully awake, I hear knocking noises. Is this in any way real or some form of communication or warning. Also, not long ago the first boy I ever dated died. We were 15, I'm now 55. I'm not sure how he died but I have an idea (it was kept quiet). I distinctly hear his voice whisper in my ear, "Diane can you hear me?". Was that real?

KnockandWatch said...

Hello Lynn thank you for this wonderfull post! Could you please explain why some spirits from deceased MD (for example the german Dr. Adolf Friedrich Fritz who allegedly was a physician working for the German armed forces born in Munich in 1853 (others say he’s from Poland) and reportedly deceased in 1918 during World War 1 after getting hit by a bullet) insist to reappear to mediums acting as spirit surgeons? What makes Dr. Fritz reappear to distinct mediums over 50 years, and why does he prefer Brazil, when there are many other under developed countries? Was he absorbed by “oneness” and then sent back or did he never cross over? Thank You!

Guillermo Diaz said...

Hi Lynn, thank you for all your posts. Let me ask you something. Do you think people like John Edward and Theresa Caputo are real mediums? Can they really communicate with the dead? Thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Diane: When you transitioning between sleeping to waking (or vice versa) you are conscious enough to remember and be aware, but not so awake that you rational mind is discounting everything you hear or see. As soon as I started to read this I felt you were being contacted, and you last line confirmed it. IF you are able to meditate or allow permission (though your intent) you might be able to hear what he wants help with- One thing I want to mention is that if you do this, always started by asking if who you are hearing is yours ex boyfriend's name... Spirits normally don't lie if you directly ask- if it says anything other than Yes, don't go further with the communication because something else is trying to connect. Please email me if you want to talk more about it..

@knockandwatch: I get that once they "go to the oneness" that isn't possible. It seems like he has an emotional tie to Brazil, and chose to stay there rather than cross over. Occasionally I find that you can connect to residual energy of someone that has crossed over, but if it is intense, he is always available, etc... he hasn't crossed to the oneness.

@Guillermao: The do look to be real.. I am not sure what happens off camera, but I cannot discount what I have been able to see.

Diane Hamilton said...

Thank you Lynn! I'm so bad at meditation but I'm going to keep trying.

Alex said...


Do all dead people find it easy to see this bright white light at the end of the tunnel ?

Why are there so many wandering ghosts who are unable to find the light and cross over ?

Is crossing over to the end of the tunnel a choice of free will or will we be helplessly sucked over just like in a whirlpool ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: I see it as free will to go to the light or choose not too. Some are confused and don't know what to do- leave loved ones or go to the light. Once you are in the light you start to forget who you were (not really the knowledge or experience, but the physical stuff) and some people aren't ready to let go of that.

Alex said...


Does our present life review take place before or after going through the light tunnel ?

Do our dead ancestors wait for us at the end of the tunnel ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: I have been thinking a lot about that actually... I get tha tas soon as you pass (the moment you do in and out of your body before finally leaving) you will get some flashes caused by a sensory overload of sorts.

You may or may not have someone there to greet you- it depends on it they crossed over or not. I see once someone completely crosses over their energy is different. If they chose to wait before crossing, those are the people that are there to greet you.

I know this is still a little confusing- I am still sorting it out in my own mind..

Alex said...


Yes, I'm still confused. Maybe I should rephrase my questions.

I would like to know whether a person's life review on the 360 degree screen and meeting our dead ancestors happen BEFORE or AFTER the point of no-return (ie.the light tunnel).

If those two events happen AFTER the point of no-return, then the deceased soul would NOT have the opportunity to know why he/she was born in the first place.

As a result, the deceased soul would still be confused and haunts the place that he died as a wandering ghost.

Most people in this world don't know anything about the spiritual realm and if there are no spiritual guides to meet us BEFORE going through the light, we won't want to go to somewhere unfamiliar to us.

How do some LIVING people request the wandering ghosts to go to the light ? Are there any effective mantras available ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: I get it happens as you are in the light tunnel... More like floating through it.. You can that moment of clarity before you are absorbed into the greater consciousness. I see it as a way to ease you into it. I also get that those people or souls aren't necessarily there, but you manifest the image in order to gain clarity and understanding as you are in "the tunnel."

Sometimes when people die they chose not to go to the light- it is a subconscious decision. Maybe there is some kind of justice, worry or need to protect a physical being. The spirit has greater clarity because are of the subconscious level, but may not be as "all knowing." They are in between their physical existence and greater conscience existence.

To encourage those souls, some go when they feel they are ready, and other need told, and some just need to feel they have permission (from loved ones, etc) to move on. People use different tools, but for a spirit that wants to hang on or doesn't feel at peace, you can tell them to "Go to the light, It's ok, Be at peace." I verbally say it. Sometimes I may also say to "Go where you are better served for the greater good." I try to keep my phrases positive and with the underlying feeling of balance. The biggest thing is the intent behind it. The intent is more powerful than the words themselves.

lilian said...

I am just curious,
if Hell is on Earth, then what this place is where some souls decide to stay on instead of crossing over to the light? Do these souls that decided to stay on still keep the same facial appearance as they were on Earth?

How would you describe this soul world? It must be another world livable enough for them wanting to stay on instead of crossing over. Who is running this world? Is there a system or guardian angles in this world?

Is it possible for living human with very high energy level to go to this world to communicate with these souls? When we pass, are we allowed to come back (in insect from, for eg) to see our loved ones for the last time?

Thank you!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@lilian: The soul world you describe is actually a layer here on earth. They can manifest into whatever appearance they want in their energetic form. Some may appear to be ugly, young, old, etc- most stay the way they look when they die, but if there was some trauma they may chose to alter their appearance (you may connect to your 80 year old mother and when you see her she appears the way she did when she was 30).

People see this world all the time. It is like viewing a layer of a painting (I see earth as many layers existing at the same time, but we just see what we want and what our rational mind allows.)

lilian said...

Thank you for the reply but it only piqued my curiosity further. From what you have described, this “soul world” doesn’t seem to be frightening. These souls can manifest into whatever appearance they want. They don’t age and they can roam freely – something that the living cannot do! Kind of magic and fantasy to the living.

What do you mean by “People see this world all the time”? How do we see them if it’s in another layer/realm? Can they come to our layer/realm and see us? According to Chinese practice, during the seventh month in the lunar calendar, the deceased are allowed to visit the living. During this Ghost Festival month, the living will perform ritualistic food and paper form of material offerings etc for these visiting souls. Do these souls really need food and all these symbolic materials?

There are 101 questions I could ask! But I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Is there a book that I can read about this “soul world”?

Thank you in advance.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@lilian: They are seen and interpreted in our perspective as paranormal. People see "ghosts" or "spirits" quite often (not all people, but most people have had at least one experience, or "peek" at this.). Many times people see a ghost or spirit, and their rational mind kicks in and dismisses it. With practice people can train themselves to actually accept what they see (this is what a lot of meditation can do as well). If that came accross confusing, let me know and I will try to explain it differently.