Sunday, July 6, 2014

Connecting to Higher Self

Q. Dear Psychic,please do a reading on the most simple and effective way for a human-being to get connected to one's Higher-self/Monad?
A. Meditation is what first comes into my mind as a way to connect, but meditating for some is dificult because it involves shutting out the world and all the distractions to be totally at one and listen to yourself.  Meditating gives great clarity (with patience, practive and discipline), but isn't always easy for everyone.  I want to refocus on a different approach or explanation for those that find meditating hard or mentally difficult... 

The first thing I get, which looks to be the most important, is to expect to find your answers and sense of connectedness from looking inward and not thinking it will be given to you for an external force or being.  Your connectedness comes from within and not from the outside (I get an image of a man looking down into his chest and his chest and a beam a light shoots out toward toward him).  I also get that many people are lost and look for signs- Signs are great to aid in a confirmation, but the real answer you already know and many times fail to listen becasue the best action is often the one the requires the most work or effort.  Then I hear something about the greatest triumphs in life follow the most difficult journeys.  

To really connect, start to listen to the little voice in your head (your subconscious talking to you)- I see Jimminey Cricket as I type this.  Many times when you subcounscious connects to you, your thoughts are dismised because your rational mind will kick in with judgements or negatively- learn and train yourself to block those thoughts so images flow freely from your subconscious forward. When you get a great idea or inspiration, go for it and learn to dismiss the negativity that may arise (may take a lot of effort, but worth it).  

The other thing I see is colors- reds, oranges and yellow... I associate those to chakras.  That leads me to the path of the areas of the body with these chakras (root, abdomen area)... I also think of primal insticts when I think of these colors and this area of the body- leading me to phrase "gut instict" AKA intuiation.  (I realize it took me a long path to get here) But, people, to connect, need to trust their gut intuition more.  Trusting your gut will lead to more confidence, and a higher trust within your own self. Trusting yourself (and the positive feelings that come with it) lead to a higher connectedness to your inner self.  

(It can get much more involved with increasing vibrations, etc... But I feel like I am being "shown" what to share in phases... Possibly this should be a two part reading.??  I get that you can't get more involved without first practicing what I discussed- it is like you have to learn the basic principles before you can go on.. Then I hear you can't jump to the last page of a book, read that and get a full meaning without having first read the entire book.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  YouTube to be posted later.


a2k said...

Thank You Psychic for picking this question!I guess you instinctively sense the urgent-need of readers while answering submitted questions.I am working really hard to get connected to my higher-self these days. Here is my approach. I lie down on bed, relax enough to raise my consciousness.Then As I keep on relaxing my mind, I imagine my higher self in form of Light-body and expect to get connected. I go in trance sometimes and something (usually a visual, other life, or sound) starts getting relayed to me much like all of a sudden I enter another drama. But the problem is that nothing clear live interaction with my higher self takes place. And after few minutes of trance, I go to sleep only to wake up later. I am not able to sustain trance-state. What should I do? What's your suggestion?

Malin Govender said...

Great topic. Like a2k, i am also trying hard to get connected these days. I also feel that with my current worldly commitments that the only quite time i have to practice is just before going to sleep and i have also read that this may not be the best position for energy flows. Does the position of your body affect the ability to connect?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: A couple things- You may be connecting and don't realize it. You technique sounds great. When your put the intent out that you will see something, also include what you want to know (maybe you are seeking purpose, relationship, etc..- be specific but not too many things all at once). Go through your same process. (From personal experience) After you fall asleep and wake up (which is a good chance you were so relaxed your subconscious connected when you fell asleep) you will gain clarity to your question of intent within a day or so- just randomly you will know what you need or should do.

Keep in mind you don't have to "see" a person or yourself to make this connection complete. You can but that isn't required to connect. You are really connecting with your inner self and also the greater consciousness all at the same time- that may not manifest a "shape" so don't get too hung up on seeing a person. Put more focus on your intent and all things will come.

You also have to trust that as you go through the process you are given what you need. You may not need to "see" it to know it happens. (Reminds me of when I would get frustrated I couldn't get a name of my spirit guides- it came to me later I didn't "need" a name and many guides actually have names that cannot be pronounced with our human tonal range. That was a hard thing to work through, but it did make sense.)

Don't give up though- just open up and trust in your inner self. You may also see what I am about to type to Malin...

@Malin: Energy can flow better in some positions that others. It will always flow, but some allows it to flow more fluid. When you are touching the ground in some way you get a better connection. Ideally you would be sitting on the ground (it can flow up one way and down the other side like a loop)- think yoga or even the Buddha position. Laying on the ground is better than laying in bed (you are still grounded). Being outside on the actual earth is really ideal. You can play with positions and see what is more effective for you. They all work, but you may feel a better connection a different way (but if that way makes you fell less relaxed don't do it- relaxation is really the key more than position.)

Alex said...


Does meditation on your topmost two chakras increase the vibration level of our soul ?

How long does it take to open these two chakras ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Alex: You are right- It really depends on the person and what you are working through... You also have to maintain balance on the lower chakras for them to open. The more frequently you meditate, the quicker it happens... and keep yourself grounded / balanced.

Marc Switch said...

Thank you so much for this interesting read Lynn, this coincide with my feeling to need to connect to my Higher Self as much as I can, I have started reading your blog a month back and have been learning a lot, thank you so much for that as I have been a frequent reader since then. I was also led to the old pdf ebook seating idle in my hard drive for many many years and started to read it consciously and attentively. the pdf ebook titled "Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan" of ClairVision with website I wish to share the online and donwloadable materials here
so maybe someone find it helpful.
Few weeks back I stumbled to the 2 practical youtube videos of this ebook while reasearching the link are
I wonder if you could take a look about this guy Samuel Sagan, his school, and his books, is he genuine? can I follow his procedure to my medetation?
Thank you so much.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Marc: I would need to take some time to really look at this, but I will say my intuition is telling me he is a good person and means well in helping people. I did quickly look over his work, and it "feels" right. It is definitely worth exploring (I will be looking at it too.)

Thank you for sharing this!

Faith M. Lee said...

Is there a method or way for effective meditation to connect with Higher Self?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Faith: There really is not one great way, but rather several and depending on the person different things can work. I tell people that may not know how to meditate (or find it hard because their mind wanders) to start with turning off the radio in the car or stand in a relaxing shower- the goal is to be at one with your thoughts. As you practice focused thinking, you and expand upon that. Another thing people can do is go to a hypnosis session- even it they don't feel they were completely hypnotized, they will experience the feeling of deep relaxation. There are many ways, and you just have to experiment to see what works best for you. Keep in mind that it is like anything, and practice really will help.