Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sleep Paralysis

Q. Could you please do a reading on sleeping paralysis? Is there a spiritual cause/meaning behind that? Why is the sense of negative being near to you when you have this sleeping paralysis? Can you use this state to develop your astral travel ability? Thank you very much for sharing your gift with us.
A. I see sleep paralysis as a state of existence where your physical body and rational mind are here in the present, and your subconscious mind is somewhere else and hasn't quite "caught up" to where your physical body is at that moment.  (Almost like you woke up too fast for your deep subconscious to wake up with you). I see when you sleep, you rational mind is quiet and allows your subconscious to wander.  You may be here on this physical plane of earth, you may be having a deep connection to the universal consciousnessness (I see this happens most after meditating a lot), or just wandering and processing information.  Your deep subconscious sort of "disconnects" from you when you sleep.  Occasionally your conscious / rational mind wakens before your subconscious realigns with you, and when you wake, your conscious mind is working but hasn't had a chance to sink back up with the subconscious causing this paralysis feeling.  

I don't see as much a spiritual cause or meaning, but rather showing you the gift of being able to explore different things even though your physical body is intact where you left it.  The fear or negativity is caused from the shock (sort of a trauma feel) of what is happening- it is a very unnatural and helpless feeling (panicky).  The negative feelings are manifested within your own mind rather than an external feeling, but nonetheless, very real, and very valid feelings to those experiencing it.

This feeling (or state of being) of a disconnection from your physical body is exactly how you would astral travel.  You can astral project while meditating when you mentally relax yourself and create a situation where your mind sort of "floats" off.  You can also create that situation for your mind when you are about to go to sleep or are asleep (it really is more about the relaxing and tuning out your rational mind that allows your subconscious to exercise to travel). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.


a2k said...

Dear Psychic,This was really interesting!I want to share with you one incidence in my life.10 years back when I was in 11th Grade,I was residing out of my home for study in outstation.There I developed a really horrible condition like one you mentioned sleep-paralysis.Each night in the middle of the night.I would try to wake up real hard in my mind and I would not be able to wake up only to find that I wake up after sometime!! First,I thought like I was dreaming.But It became a daily unpleasant thing in my life.At the middle of the night,I would feel like I want to wake up but I can't.Sometime in dream,I would have a sensation that I am flying.I also felt like out-of-body experience one time.This thing continued for a period of 4-6 months.Then later it was gone.Could you see what was that?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: That does look like a form of sleep paralysis. I see it as if your physical body and your deep subconscious aren't linked properly- like they are out of sink. In your case it was like you were locked in the deep subconscious and your physical body wasn't prepared to "take you back." In a sense you had a vivid memory of your astral travels and experience.. You were mentally aware and your conscious / physical self wasn't there to dismiss what was happening.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Malin Govender said...

Hi Lynn - I have been trying on and off to astral travel since my teens since i got the idea that i could travel the night before an exam and get a sneak peek at the exam paper. So almost 30 years without success. Does one need to reach a certain level of enlightenment, follow a specific lifestyle/rituals etc?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Malin: I will first say that if you intended goal is not in your greater good, you will most likely be blocked from trying to do what you are doing (are you wanting to see an exam ahead of time?). You may want to focus on why it is that you are doing this. Form your reason (and truly believe) it is for a greater good in some sense- will make you a better person and allow you to expand through experience..

Some people find it natural, while others really have to practice. You have to "disconnect" from your physical body.. Some people find it easier in a guided meditation (also might feel safer if you have never done it).

a2k said...

@ Malin : In India, there was a Yogi who became master of Astral travel.Initially, his intentions were pure.But later, impurity started to come in him.He became fond of a girl in his neighborhood.So, he started to take astral visits to her during night time.He continued this thing to a long time.After 2-3 months, his astral-visit-power was diminished and he could not do it anymore.He lost his power which earned after constant practice of years of time.So, I think there is some higher power which checks your intentions.

Malin Govender said...

Yip. I come to several of these mini realisations recently. I am starting to feel the shift. Thanks for the responses. Love and Light.