Thursday, June 26, 2014

Q & A XXVII: General Health Questions [Group Post- Part I]

Q. Please do a reading on hemifacial spasm and its cure.
A. My mind zooms in to this parasite that lives on the protein on certain parts of the brain.  The parasite can become dormant, and then stress or chemical reactions in the brain can reactivate it.  When it is active and attacking the protein, it is creating mini "short circuits" in the brain that results in these facial twitches.  I see some times are more active than others, but it is always there a little.

As far as the cure.. I keep seeing black pepper (ground up).  I get that it does something to the parasite, either forcing it dormant or killing it (I don't see the parasites moving when attacked by the black pepper.  I also see someone getting acupuncture on the back of head and neck which looks to give relief (but I don't see the dormancy factor with this, but rather deals with symptoms.)

[As a side note I see the black pepper in terms of pure essential oils, but you can check out a supplement, tea, etc...  The way it is administered doesn't seem to matter, just consumption of pure black pepper looks to help.]

Q. I'm curious about the population control aspect with chemtrails, vaccines, processed foods, etc... Thanks Lynn.
A.  Let me break this down by item... 

Chemtrails:  I see these initially created out of a need for weather manipulation and a defense weapon.  It has grown  (because of a vision from of few of the "powers at be") from that to a way to manipulate weather to create disasters, evoke fear, and make people more dependent on the government.  Dependendency on the government, in a way makes people slaves to the system, enables rights to be taken, and creates an obstacle to a revolution (which is the worst thing that any country wants from their people). As a side note, I see the company Monsanto thriving in this as well because not all natural farming can survive the harsh environment that is falsely being created in some regions.

Vaccines: I see these as a tool that started with a good intention, and slowly became (I want to say experimental) to see how society reacted to certain stimuli. At one time vaccines were just that, and they kept people healthy.  I see two things happening, they started using substandard components in their vaccines that were cheaper.  The second is they took some insight gained on Hitler's Nazi testing on the Jewish community (fluoride in the water and other chemicals) and began to add those items to vaccines to make society more docile too.   

Processed Foods:  I see that they are cheaper, easier (most people live a fast paced life) and big companies make money.  Also big companies have lobbyists that are ruthless in keeping their products in stores.  The focus is making money... 

 Q. I had posed a question related to Whitanina Somnifera also called Indian Ginseng, known commonly as ashwagandha, poison gooseberry or winter cherry.  Which herb promotes cleaning of obstructed arteries promoting cardiovascular health? Is there any other method/technique which delivers the same results?
A.  When I focus on the ginseng I get this tired, "not caring" feeling.  It does seem stress reducing and creates a relaxed feeling.  It looks good for high blood pressure, but not so much for the actual cleaning of arteries.  

When I think of artery cleaning I see dark fruits, and lots of them.  They are mostly blue and black.  Blueberries and blackberries seem to come up the most.  Pure juice (preferably organic) or eating the fruit looks to be one of the best ways to clean this plaque. 

Q. I'm concerned that so many people seem to be so sick and seem to succumb to poor health at earlier ages than previous generations. Will our health ever improve? I know that I hate to be sick and when you do go to the Dr. there seems to be so much red tape and inefficiencies in getting a proper diagnosis and then Doctor just prescribes drugs to mute symptoms instead of promoting real healing. Also the food supply of USA is the worst in the world. In other countries its illegal to sell for human consumption many of the products we consider food because of the lack of nutrients and ability to harm the body. Will our "sick care" system ever get on board with real healing and preventative care instead of prescribing drugs loaded with side effects? Likewise when will farming practices be revised to produce truly nutritious food? Will our lives become more fulfilling and enjoyable vs. stressful with so many deadlines?
A.  The first thing I hear is "Sick people make money, the pharmaceutical companies love sick people."  I also get something about doctors being indoctrinated to prescribe medications- they are influenced and get incentives to get meds in the population.  

Many people have also changed and want the quick fix- instant gratification (not everyone, but some).  Why go through the discipline to lose weight if you can take a pill?  Many people (again some, not all) want to be and look healthy, but don't want to put in the time, effort or sacrifice  (such as cooking healthy meals, giving up that unhealthy snack or growing their own food).. We are so bombarded with marketing tactics too that make it difficult because even those wanting better for themselves are reminded of what we "should" want or "need" to have.

Do I see this changing?  I don't see this changing for a long time... My symbol for a long time is a hand waving down the road- and that is what I see.  To make the change we will have to seek it for ourselves and not wait on someone to do it for us- buy better food, read ingredients on packages, seek out natural / homeopathic solutions and educate yourself. 

Q. Please look into possible cures for diabetes, and what would be the best for Type 1 diabetes patients and Type 2 diabetes patients.
A.  I get that both types of diabetes can be triggered by foods that we ingest (or your mother ingested during pregnancy).  It looks like a food allergy sparks it.  Specifically I see that some people are very sensitive to the artificial sweeteners (all types: Equal, Splenda, NutraSweet, etc) that are put (and sometimes in food you would not suspect) in so much of our foods. When you ingest these sweeteners it does something with regard as to how you make insulin- they damage or alter the way and how much is made. I get the more you ingest these sweeteners, you just keep irritating the way your body makes insulin.  You are better to eat real sugar (or honey or maple syrup) and monitor the amount than eat rather than have any manufactured sugar.

As far as a cure... I see something done that looks like acupuncture needles placed strategically all over your abdomen and looks like one on the top of your head, but it isn't traditional acupuncture because these needles get some kind of electrical pulses- like something is being woken up or put back in sink (please post a comment if you know what this is as I haven't seen this procedure before). 

Q. Can you explain how essential oils work? Are they spirits? Are they more potent mixed? Are some not good to mix? Are they the cure to most disease? Do they work on every level like physical spiritual past life trauma etc?
A.  Essential oils basically capture the true "essence" of a plant / herb / flower.  A good oil is cold pressed to extract the oil.  Many oils are ingestible such as lemon, lime, peppermint, cilantro, etc just the way they are, either in water, juice, tea, and baking, etc.. Some of the stronger oils can still be internal but they are put in veggie caps (to avoid taste or reduce burning- for example, oregano is very hot if taken directly).  They can be mixed, or taken individually depending on what issue you are having.  They can be used to calm you, or some help to detox your third eye to help you open spiritually.  

By capturing the essence, I see what really happens is you are capturing the vibration or frequency of this plant / herb / flower.  In the consuming (either orally, topically, aromatically)  the plant.  You are aiding your body in healing or maintaining health by slightly altering or introducing a specific vibration. 

There is so much to talk about regarding oils.  Here is a link to health concerns and oils that address those issues.  This is a great reference tool that I use for myself.

I am also including a link to essential oils on my blog.  I very much believe in this product.  I use them to manage MS and any other issues my family, friends or myself encounter.  If you view this and have questions, please let me know.  If I don't have the answer I will get it.

Q. Why do so many people get heart attacks and strokes ? What is the best home remedy or herbs to prevent such attacks ?
A. I see heart attacks and strokes as being very different.  I see a heart attack as an electrical misfire in your heart.  Your heart beats out of sink creating a situation in which it is not pumping blood effectively if at all.  I get something about making sure you have proper electrolytes in your system.. I also get that calming herbs can help too because when you get stressed or anxious (especially over a period of time) it cause your heart to seize a bit (get out of rhythm) like a hiccup does in your diaphragm.  I keep wanting to say Valerian root.  I also get something about drinking tea with raw herbs (such as mint or lemon) is helpful too (better than taking a capsule of it).  

A stroke is a blockage in your brain- I see this is a result of thick blood (looks like the consistency of tar).  I see the blood needs to detox and thin when this thickness starts.  I see going vegan, even if for just a day or two a week, can make a huge difference for this and really help to balance your system.

 Why do so many have heart attacks or strokes?  Lifestyle- people aren't living their joy and are confined to cubicles, traffic, issues and situations that are unnatural.  The food is not as pure, nutritious (I see a scale and 1 apple then is equal to 10 apples now) and lack of exercise- people used to walk, have one car, ride bikes more, etc...

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you for your recent post on animals! I have always wondered what the reason is behind allergies, specifically allergies towards animals such as a cat or a dog? I find it so frustrating that there are people out there with a love for animals who cannot have one in their life due to allergies. Is there anyway to overcome these allergies, by means other than pharmaceuticals? Thank you for your wonderful readings!
A.  I see over the years and being a part of a civilized society people have been more removed from exposure to animals (as a mass population- you aren't sleeping in nature as we once did).  The lack of exposure to animals has created a sensitivity in some, for even the most avid animal lovers.  

I do see a way to overcome this, but you need to see a homeopathic doctor.  What they will do is create a medicine that is part your blood, and part of the allergen (in very small doses that gradually increases) and inject it into your body.  By giving yourself small quantities that slowly increases, you are building your own resistance to the animal dander to where your own immune system kicks in and knows how to tolerate the animal..  

Q. How do you prepare dandelion for cancer treatment? Do you use the root or the seeds?
A. I see you eat both the yellow part and the leaves, not the stems.  You eat it like a salad raw.  You can mix it in a salad, or eat them plain.

Thank you everyone for your contribution on this.  If I didn't get to your specific question, no worries, I am forming a new rough draft with those saved questions.  I still have your Facebook, email and thread submissions.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading available on YouTube.


KnockandWatch said...

Thank You Lynn, amazing! In this video the practitioner explains a electro needle accupunture procedure (starting at 4:30) Do you mean this one for diabetes treatment?

wendy tascione said...

Thank you! Question... what is the human frequency? I HEARD BETWEEN 62 to 70hz.? What frequency do we need to be at to eliminate disease? How do we raise our frequency? Ive been using frankinsence, eating plants herbs and avoiding meat. How else? Also is there a connection between God and Dog? The way its spelled backwards?

Ryno said...

What is the best, natural, way to remove warts?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the readings Lynn :)

Er Wee said...

I like to respond on diabetic part.
Because, there is this "hype" thingie going on.

They advertise with "Stevia". That is what they call it.

I don't know if it is a good substitute for sugar or sweetener. I get that it is just as artificial as the rest. That they just want to push it down our throats.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: Thank you for sharing this video. I had not seen this procedure, so I wasn't sure what it was called.

@wendy: I don’t get one overall frequency, but rather the body operates on different frequencies for different organs and systems. The higher the frequency in general, the better. Using Frankincense and going vegan is a great approach. Another things that helps some people to increase frequency is vibration through music while meditating and really let it be one with you- it is like you are aligning with it and it eventually helps to ramp you up as well.

When I think about God versus Dog, I first think of Dogma and how that relates to religion… It was like I wanted to figure out how it was related and my mind wouldn't show me how (or if). I couldn't make the connection.

@Ryno: Immediately I got Oregano essential oils- a couple times a day.. I get it is going to burn, but work… I hear the phrase “feel the burn.”

@ErWee: I get no artificial anything. Use real sugar in moderation.. Stevia is still manufactured (unless you grow the plant yourself.)

AKKL said...

Is there a natural remedy you could suggest for acne?

Marc Switch said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful reading, What meditation music can you recommend that eventually help us ? Thanks

YourPsychicFocus said...

@AKKL: If it is mild to moderate (but in one area such as your jawline) - wash your face with warm to hot water only- no soap, no chemicals, no special scrubs.. Just plain water and a soft cloth. Spot treat the areas with witch hazel.. If that doesn't work, more stubborn areas can be treated with Rosemary and horrible, really sore spots can be treated with hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Marc: It really depends on what kind of meditation you are looking for.. Classical music (like Beethoven) is great. Also instrumental music (guitars, drums, etc). You will know you have a good piece when you "feel" it.. I personal like instrumental music with drums..

April said...

A while back you had done a reading on Autism and mentioned some type of water treatment as a potential cure. Is this water treatment colon hydrotherapy? Does colon hydrotherapy work- there seems to be many claims that studies have concluded that the treatment it is ineffective.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@April: I remember it being complicated.... It was as if the patient had some kind of electronic shock therapy (like using a TENS machine strategically all over the body) and it did something to alter the water in the body which made the water magnetic. It made a situation in which the water could attract the metal toxins to get them flushed from the body...

Baku Matsumoto said...

Hi Lyn!!

This is a great topic for all of us! thank you!

i) Protein w/excercise
I am wondering about the side effect of protein, that many gym people are taking a lot between excercises. Will it harm internal organs in the long run??

ii) Visual Aquity
Any foods to keep a high level of visual aquity??

Erin Cheslock said...

Thank you for such a great reading again! I was wondering if you could answer one more animal related question. I work in an excellent animal shelter, but there are circumstances where we have to euthanize. How does euthanasia fit into an animal's life contract? I'm thinking less of situations where its for humane reasons, but rather instances where feral cats are euthanized or the places that euthanize due to lack of space? Was it really part of the life plan for these animals to be caught or brought in, only to receive their "death sentence"?

Lord Pinguin said...

Hi Lynn, best remedy for the common cold and flu?

AKKL said...

Are infrared saunas actually effective for detox?

Alex said...


Could you do a reading on this herb called Panax notoginseng.

What are the beneficial effects of taking this herb ?

Is this herb more or less effective than blueberry/blackberry in clearing plaque inside blood vessels ?

a2k said...

Dear Psychic, regarding your reading on Hemi-facial spasm, please specify me how should one take Black-pepper?In what form?

Charlie said...

FYI: there is a real good web sight about essential oils called Just look up your health concern, and it offers different oils to treat it, as well as how to use the oils. I have found it to be very helpful!

Alex said...


Does high uric acid level causes kidney stones ?

What are the causes of high uric acid in our blood ?

What is the most effective home remedy to lower our uric acid level ?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Charlie: I use that one all the time too.. It is a great resource. ;-)

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I saw it as (if you are using the oils) under your tongue or on the bottom of your feet. I saw someone also take a capsule of it (so in my mind it looked like a supplement you can look for in a health food store). If those don't work let me know and I will refocus.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Erin: I see this as being part of this animals life plan.. As if their soul learned what needed to be learned, or they had the experience they needed... It may seem sad, unfair and even inhumane, but those are our human feelings and we have the trust the universe knows even what we cannot yet comprehend.

YourPsychicFocus said...

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the questions and great dialogue on this thread. I am going to start saving the questions to be answered on a future posting as I think these questions are great, and I would like to put these questions and answers on the front of the blog because I see them helping many people. I am afraid the info may get lost on this thread and I don't think the comments are searchable from the front page. Love and light-L

Erin Cheslock said...

Thanks Lynn :)

leslie Lucci said...

Can you post on why its so difficult for so many to make a change for the better? Why do we get comfortable in less than than optimal life habits and replay the same scenario over and over like a broken record? Why:
Is it so difficult to change eating & exercise habits to lose weight?
Are some repeatedly drawn to negative addictive relationships involving alcohol, drugs, physical, sexual and emotional abuse despite loved one's pleas to stay out of such relationships?
Do many fall into the negative life habits of their parents even though they vowed to live their lives very differently?
How can one get started and stay on the journey of making positive changes for the better?

Thanks so much for sharing your gift.

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