Friday, June 6, 2014

Q & A XXV: Random Questions: The Secret, Reptilians, Crimea, Grand Canyon, Pyramids, ETs, Magic Spells and More... [Group Post]

Q. I recently read that the famous Abraham/Hicks of "The Secret" fame are Reptilian influenced and infiltrated. Could you look into this and see if the channeling is real, and if it is, is it trustworthy or infiltrated by less than desirable beings/forces? Thank you.
A. I see there was a guiding force behind this book, like viewing a connection between a person and their higher self, but I cannot see a reptilian force driving it.  The connection really feels deeply spiritual and there is a lot of love and warmth behind it.  I also get a sense that the "universal consciousness" wanted people to understand "The Secret" and used the author as a way to convey a message (like a conduit of information).  Once the message was heard, it resonated as true, and it truly is something we all know within ourselves, just some fail to practice it.  

I see that it does work, you just have to believe that it will.  I get an image of our thoughts being filled with these electrically charged magnetic pulses, and they to attract (much like a magnet) what you are focused on. Positive energy attracts or collects positive energy and vice versa.  I cannot see any negativity or dark energy around this.  When I focus on this book I see a positive glow of white light surrounding it like it is protected from negative influence.  

Q.Is there any truth to the rumors about the conflict in Crimea also being about the pyramids found there? Or is that one of the reasons the U.S. insisted on invading Iraq was to take possession of the pyramid and stargate there? What do you see about the Bosnia pyramids? Is there also a pyramid in the Grand Canyon, and what is the significance of it? Thank you for considering these questions.
Ok... I would like to break this one down by location... 

Crimea: This feels there are many layers of this.  I see that China is trying to accumulate wealth and land, but they want to do it quietly (in a sense) as to not draw too much attention to what they are doing.  Their goal is to be the next superpower.  China has teamed up with Russia, and using Russia to get this land in the Ukraine.  Even though Russia and China have teamed up, China is still the leader of this.  In surveying the areas around Russia, China chose that they wanted Crimea.  There is a waterway, natural resources and the pyramids are a bonus. I get an image of a banana split, and someone is putting a cherry on top- the pyramids look to be the "cherry on top."

Iraq: I see this directly associated to oil and resources.  The US wanted control of the massive amounts of oil in this region and needed a "base" there to monitor it. I also see they were worried that if they didn't maintain influence that the potential of payment on oil could turn to other currencies (like gold) rather than the dollar. The US could not let that happen. I don't see them doing anything with a pyramid in Iraq. 

Bosnia: I keep hearing the word "discovery" with these.  Like this is the discovery phase of these pyramids and research is being done.  I see someone scratching their head like they are confused??  I get they are there, but there is much to learn about them.  They are nontraditional in some way. 

Grand Canyon: I don't see a pyramid there??  I do see that there is a spot that is either a cave or infinitely deep crack in the earth.  I see spaceships flying in and out of it, as if there is some kind of ET base there.  I see the US clamping down on that specific area for that reason (ETs) rather than a pyramid. 

Q. In the media, I have been noticing the presence of reverse pentagrams all over the television screen. I see them on commercials, movies, tv show, on children's clothing - everywhere. Even the stars on the Republican elephant symbol have been reversed. I also see people getting reverse pentagram tattoos as well. From what I've read, reverse pentagrams indicate a satanic connection. I feel eerie when I see them and, for some reason, I think this recent presence of reverse pentagrams is perhaps the NWO's way of announcing their supremacy. What are your thoughts?
A. I see this as some kind of unspoken message or subliminal message.. As if times are changing, something is happening and a birth of something new is on the horizon.  I see it as a code of symbol to certain people in the know. 

Q. Thank you for all the wonderful information you have given! Could you do an update on disclosure? I know you saw it happening while Obama was still in office sometime in 2015.Will it still be in 2015 or has it been pushed back further? How long until individuals like us are able to meet with the star beings on our own? Will we be able to go on their ships? If so, when? I know they are working on bringing free energy to the world. When will this finally happen? How long until the world is living openly side by side with them? And finally, I know the star beings know the true history of our past. When will this be revealed publicly and when will our true history become accepted as the norm? Thank you!!!
A.  This is going to be a very slow process.  People will have to digest this in very small increments.  The concept of ETs is already being highly introduced into movies and tv.  This is how they are trying to desensitize us and get us used to the idea- there is more truth to the concepts associated with ETs than people realize.... 

Then I see some casual "sightings" being announced.  The "real" announcement looks to happen late 2015 or early 2016, but I see it done quietly.  It looks like they bite off small amounts of the population at a time. Like they strategically chose small local tv channels first to test the population (even though it spreads fast, it feels like there is some control to it). I see the true acceptance happens over a long period, like 10 to 15 years. I hear something about they know they have to phase it in over a generation  I don't get a vision of us getting on their ships (may happen I just don't have a visual of it), but I see us living along side them.  

Q. Are magic spells real?
A.  It is possible to put intent out there to try to effect someone else. With enough intent and belief you can manifest physical things, emotions or situations.  I get that what I am connected to doesn't like the word "magic spells" because it somehow cheapens it.  They like the phrase "power of intent" better. ?? I also get you should never try to force or influence other people, or have bad intent toward others, because you can draw negativity onto yourself.  

Q. While watching movies like Transformers and Captain America I marvel at how advanced cinematography has become. They make things appear before us and none of us knows how they do it. Considering all of the Illuminati symbology in commercials, tv shows, movies and music videos, I'm wondering about the people behind the scenes who create these images. Most of the major media and technology companies are headed by Jewish people so we can assume that is where the technology is coming from. Israel has become a hub for advanced technology and intelligence companies. Is technology a gift taught by ETs to the Chosen People? Are they demonic ETs? Is this gift of technology helping them to build the promised Kingdom of God?
A. I get that technology from ETs was the spark (like in a fire) but human intelligence, need to compete and desire to get ahead were the fuel to the fire to keep it going.  I don't see that they were "chosen" but rather they had the foresight very early on how to accumulate wealth and hold onto it.  ETs visited many different areas, but Israel had a vision and held strong to it. Wealth translated into power, which then led to control and influence.  Then I hear a phrase like "He who has the drive steers the car." 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading available on YouTube.


KnockandWatch said...

Thank you specially for the answer on Bosnian Pyramids! Related (or not) to Metal Library, a pyramid was recently discovered in the Equatorian jungle. Is this really a pyramid and if yes is it related to the culture which produced the metal library? Can you get an age when it was built? Here's the link to a report: . TY again!

Rainbow Warrior said...

The reading about illuminati and satanic symbolism is so timely! I was just thinking over the last day or so about another aspect of it that I wanted to ask you about!! There are many photos of many celebrities dating back over the last 60 or so years that show them doing the "ok" sign with the top 3 fingers spread and often the "O" is over their eye. From what I understand, this is the symbol for 666. Seeing how many celebrities have taken a picture like this - even (gasp) John Lennon - it really makes you wonder if these people made a deal with someone/thing to boost their celebrity!?! There has to be something behind this symbolism because hundreds of celebrities wouldn't coincidentally throw up the same gang sign. Interestingly, the camera that was just discovered from the ship wreck shows a picture with everyone on the boat holding up that sign. Is our culture really this indoctrinated by satanism?

susan said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for the great work!

I would like to ask you about the death of William Colby, former CIA director in the early 70's under the Ford administration.

It was said to be a drowning/heart attack in a boating accident near his vacation home in 1996.

He was probably killed(age 76)...Who killed him if so...was it because of Alien information he had and wanted released or can you say why...
Was he connected with the elite at top of world...

As well, his death was not researched very well...why and why didn't his family demand more verification on the circumstances of his death?

Was he a good man in this difficult organization (CIA)and why did he leave his first wife and family?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing about his he may have been one of the few good men in the CIA.

a2k said...

I really thank you for this interesting session(and that too so long,yipee!!).Dear Psychic,You mentioned that Pyramids are added-bonus in Crimea.I really wonder, what is those pyramids meant for?Could you focus on their use?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: I can’t get an exact age, but I when I try to think about the metal library in relationship to that pyramid, I get that it was a similar tribe that built it, but in a different generation.. I get the pyramid came before the library. The pyramid had to do with healing and pulling energy from the heavens. It was thought to be a place of enlightenment because you were closer to the “gods” and you were supposed to be able to “feel” their presence.

@Rainbow Warrior: I get this over exaggerated “OK” sign is really tied to social media (I get an image of the peace sign, and how that came about). I don’t see it as satanic or negative, but rather a piece of popularity within social media. I will keep it in the back of my mind and if more comes out of it I will let you know.

@susan: I think this is a great question, and I am going to put it in my rough drafts for a later reading.

@a2k: Pyramids were used for different things in different locations, but I get that these were some kind of a sign to show incoming ships were to land. The emitted some kind of energy or frequency (I get there is some special stone, rock or crystal in the middle that has a specific vibration) that showed the outside visitors where to land.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn,
If you don't feel anything negative about the 'OK' signs, how about the covering of one eye that celebrities do in magazines or music videos. Why are they covering one eye? Is this just a fad, or is there something connected to it? Alot of people say it is a sign for the infamous elite cult,illuminati.

Rainbow Warrior said...

Yes, @ Lightworker - that was the part (the covering of the eye w/the ok sign) that particularly stood out to me as an odd gesture. Especially since a number of the photos of celebrities I've seen were taken long before current social media existed!

KnockandWatch said...

Thank you very much Lynn! <3

YourPsychicFocus said...

@rainbow warrior and lightworker: I never got an odd feeling until just now reading your comments! It just hit me... it is associated with the symbol being the one eye on top of the pyramid- the "all seeing eye." It is as if they are saying "OK, I see you back.." ?? Very odd and for the first time felt a bit eerie.

JJ said...

Lynn, any more feedback in regards to the symbolism of the eye in they pyramid? I dont see it as negative, just a neutral symbol of the higher self grounded in the material world... but that's just me... (I mean, its on the dollar bill, celebrities use it, it's a graphic representation for hipsters who are done with religious representation etc...) can you expand on the original symbolism, and why people are actually drawn to it now?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@JJ: I like your interpretation of it. I see it as there as a reminder that there is an all seeing source (I always use the term universal consciousness). It knows what is happening as do we if we tune into it.