Friday, June 20, 2014

Powerball and Megamillions

I wanted to answer a question that I hear or am asked often... 

Q. Hello I would like to know is there a software or secret strategy out there that I can buy or use that will help me win more when I play the powerball or megamillions.
A. When I focus on this (for myself or others), I get blocked to this information.  I may get an impression, but it is inconsistent.  I meditated on this to know why, and it came to me that if you are meant to win, it is in your greater good and determined for this life path, you will win.  You can try to do something to increase your odds, but the reality is that if you are to win a powerball or megamillions (or sweepstakes, drawings, etc) you will.  If a psychic tells you numbers, and you win, it is because your life journey intended for it to happen and not because it is told to you. 

You might think (I hear questions running through my mind), How is this not in my greater good? Then I get that some people that win end up self destructing (through behavior, mismanaging money, etc)...  Maybe your life path is to learn about overcoming struggle, developing inner strength, humility, work ethic, etc... Winning a jackpot of sorts alters that and prevents you from completing your intended life lesson.  You may end up less happy or in a worse position that you were before the win.

The next question I hear is If I don't play, I can't win.  What if I am meant to win during this life but I never make that opportunity?  I get that if you are meant to come into money, it will find you.  You will inherit it, win it in some way, have it gifted, do well in your work, have a get windfall in the stock market, etc... The money will find you.

The last question I hear is What about the Law of Attraction?  Can I focus on it and have it (the money) come to me?  I get to some extent the answer is Yes, but it also has to be in your greater good.   It has to make your life and / or other peoples lives better and help you to fulfill a life lesson / path. 

And that is all I have on this reading.  Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


RFK Pope said...

You stated "If you are meant to win, it is in your greater good and determined for this life path, you will win" but then why do some people win and their lives get ruined and they become broke and in debt? That doesn't sound like greater good.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@RFK: Maybe their life lesson was to realize that fixating on or having money isn't what life is all about. Their lesson may be about self reliance and hard work. They needed the win (and the loss or experience the mismanaging of money) to learn something even more important. In that case this situation would then be in the greater good of that person in order for them to learn and grow.

Dwayne Skinner said...

Whether you live a comfortable life, ie Work 80 hours a week and make 40k, or work 20 hours a week and make 200k, depends directly on your self-image (law of attraction).

Money is earned through service and Elites know how to use money they own to be of service perpetually (ie businesses owned employ people who need to learn lessons) thus having a snowball effect. They are still "working" in the eyes of the Universe, just not in the way most people think.

On "lottery changed my life", a man's girlfriend sacrificed her career dreams to pay for an operation for her boyfriend out of love, learning love is more important, he in turn was overwhelmed that someone could love him so much and thus learned about accepting love, both lessons learned, he won 90 million.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Dwayne: Thanks for the comment! Love and light-L