Monday, June 23, 2014

Near Death Experiences

Q. I need to know about NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES? Some people claim that they saw their deceased love ones at the end of a very bright tunnel? Others claim they saw hell? Is there a heaven and hell? Some physics says that your brain goes into a chemical imbalance while dying and all of this is imagination? What happens after death? Thank you so much?
A. I first see that a calm comes over you.  It is a calm like no other- you are at complete peace and ease. Then I get this feeling that is like a jerk or pulling of your body (similar to that feeling you get of falling when you are half asleep, only you are being pulled up and not downward).  At that moment of the jerk I see your soul or spirit leave your body- It looks like the exact shape of your body, but transparent.  It looks as if when you return the the heavens you have your same physical shape, and once you are absorbed into the "oneness" or "collective energy / knowledge" you stay there in the shape of a ball of energy. 

I did have an image of one death in which when the person passed (and this person had a rough life, made many decisions that weren't in her best interest, was difficult to deal with, and really exercised her right of free will) I saw a visual of her healthy sized body being unzipped like a costume, starting at the head and going to her belly.  Out came the most beautiful angel.  It was as if her soul was here to experience a hard life and experience what it was like to go against what her guides told [rather encouraged] her was the best thing to do.  It was very difficult for her to make the choice that was in her greatest good.  This angel soul was exhausted and the look of relief and the hurried motion of this beautiful angel returning to the oneness was amazing- as if this angel felt trapped and wanted back.

Q. What do you see when you pass?
A. I get that you see everything around you, but you see it hazy.  You are able to look above you, under you, around you.  You have a 360 degree view of your surroundings.  When you are detached from your physical body it feels as if you are guided.  You are floating, but don't have a complete control of your direction.  It is as if you are not driving your soul, but rather something is tugging it.  

I also get that at first it is confusing and it takes a couple minutes to even realize or have a comprehension that you have passed.  You are too busy taking it all in and the experiencing the strangeness- not scary, just like nothing you have ever seen..  You may be trying to reach out, touch or speak (it is instinct from being in your physical body) but nothing happens.  

I also get once you are separated from your physical body, your soul's true abilities kick in.  You aren't restricted by the limitations of your physical body or rational mind. You are part of the universal oneness that is also connected to the soul's of your loved ones that have passed.  If you wish to communicate or see them, you can.  It feels like an unspoken mental communication, but happens.  It is very possible to communicate with love ones that have passed if they have not already incarnated.

The other thing coming through is when you reach the "oneness" or "universal energy" you begin to realize that you can see colors that you can't experience with our human eyes.  There is a much larger color spectrum than we could ever imagine.  

Q. If souls automatically go up to the heavens, how do souls stay on earth?  
A.  I get that when you pass if your are out of balance (trauma in this life or a past) you may need to process that experience to some degree before you can move on to the next.  Some trauma or karma can move forward, but sometimes it needs to be resolved.  I hear that when people say "they have work to do, or unfinished business" it is directly related to their own personal balance that needs to be achieved. 

Occasionally a soul needs nudged, or needs some kind of permission to go back to the "oneness," and I get that is still some association with balance (but I couldn't get a clear visual on that). .

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Link to narrated reading on YouTube. 


leslie Lucci said...

Interesting. Can you tell us if there is a set time for one's death? The physic, Silvia Brown, said that there were usually 5 "outs" written in the life contract, referring to "opportunities" to leave this world and move on, depending on what was happening in one's life. Is this true? Why do some die so young with much of their life unlived, while some seem to die when very old, when they have outlived their body's usefulness, lost their independence and dignity? Can we influence when we die?

leslie Lucci said...

Is it possible to "get in touch" with some one that has passed through a person such as a medium? Can loved ones that have passed leave a message for those of us still on earth, perhaps in someone's dream? My MIL claims to dream about dead people all the time.

a2k said...

Dear Psychic,could you please see,how the law of karma is applied afterlife?Like when a murderer-soul passes away,how his bad karma leads him to hell.Similarly,how good-karma is awarded?Where is the record of bad-karma or good karma kept?

Alex said...


Not all murderers go to 'Hell', it depends on the severity and who were murdered.

Unlike religions such as Christianity, Islam, there are other options such as rebirth in human, animal and 'other' worlds.

a2k said...

@Alex: Thank you Allex for sharing this.I would also like to know how karma is awarded,like what is the exact process?

Alex said...


Karma is just the 'Law of Action and Reaction' in the spiritual world. In the physical world, it's called Newton's third law.

The main difference is that in the spiritual world, the timing of the reaction usually comes at a later rebirth whereas in the physical world, it's immediate.

In order for our soul to grow, we have to experience what we did to others in the past. This is what we call 'life lessons'.

Karma can be sweet or bitter depending on your actions towards others.

I'm giving a specific example here. Those who have incurable disease like cancer when they are young (less than 20 years old) committed much killing karma in their past lives.

Karma is not a means of punishment but a conveyance for you to learn life lessons. It's stored in our higher subconscious.

Ma'at said...

Another view is that there is no "Karma", because our other lives are not "linear". All of them happen at once. Which means, if you want to contact a probable future life you can, and vice versa.

That doesn't mean there is no cause and effect. It means that cause and effect goes "across" time and space, and "backward" too, not "forward" only.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Leslie: So many factors come into someones death. We do have certain life events that test us, some learn the skill to survive, while others are weak (life lessons are always at work - expanding through experience). I don't see it as exactly 5, but there are situations. There is also free will which overrides it all.

If someone passes you can absolutely get in touch. The passed person can use a variety of ways to communicate. It can be dreams, a medium or something simple like flickering lights. It isn't a guarantee that you can connect, but if they want to relay a message, they will usually keep trying until they find an outlet.

@a2k: I don't view it as a hell, but rather the karma of a past life follows you to the next. You will have to work through the karma in order to continue to spiritually evolve. I murderer may have a couple rough lives to redeem their behavior, and a positively spiritual person can have a beautiful next life experience. What you have to realize is that to truly evolve we all (at some point) will experience what we call bad in order to understand the contrast of good. The universe is about balance.

To define karma, in my mind I see it as an energy that is tied or attached to the soul. You can change your karma through behavior and focus.

@Ma'at: I agree. It is difficult to really wrap your mind around this. We see time as linear, but in reality that is not so.

a2k said...

@Psychic & @ Alex: Thank you both for adding info on Karma but what I really needed to ask was how karma,I mean mechanism,is worked out.For example,a person having committed crime, has impression of that karma in his sub-conscious mind and when the person dies off, his life is reviewed by his guide-soul and both of them agree to a work-out like designing the next life in fashion that negative karma is worked out.Is it like this?If not, then how?

YourPsychicFocus said...

@a2k: I see karma much like you described. It follows you, like an energetic attachment to your soul. You have to work through it, and if not you will have it attached to you in the next life.

Alex said...


You've got the gist of the process.

But not all karma can be worked out in the next life. Sometimes, your karmas need to be worked out with different souls. Therefore, different lifetimes bring different lessons and resolution of different karma.

In summary, not all your karmas are resolved in your next life.

a2k said...

Thank you both of you Psychic Lynn and Alex, for your overwhelming support to me.I really appreciate this!

Clarissa fatola said...

Thanks Lyn for your reading. I truly enjoy them. Please continue to do excellent work.

Alex said...

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