Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Missing People / Slenderman

Q. Where do missing people go? Besides the fact that some are probably dead. I'm talking about the ones that have no trace whatsoever. It actually has to do with this phenomenon that has been going around the media lately. I'm sure you heard about the case in Wisconsin of the 12 year.old girl and accomplice who stabbed their friend 19 times in honor  or to please "Slenderman." 

Also just today I saw another story of a girl who tried to kill her mother and she claimed the same thing about that man.   This happened in Ohio. 

I did some digging which brings me to the missing part, A four year old Jason Pertman was one of the fourteen missing in the 80's which was attribute to that thing.  Then I found another story of 8 year old Katrina Elkins taken from her bedroom window. Her 10 year old sister Alice said the "tall man" took her. So what can you get on these cases. Is it true or not?   I have never heard of him before ever and I'm really into subjects of that matter. 

A. I want to first say that I too had never heard of him until last night. My husband actually asked me about him and I immediately shut down.  It felt so dark and eerie, I didn't want to talk about it or be in that energy.  When I randomly read this question today, I felt the universe was guiding me to face this question, so in a way I feel compelled to focus on it. 

I will first say that I recently did a focus session on a murder case called the West Memphis Three case. (Link: http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2014/05/q-xxii-people-or-stories-in-media-group.html).  In this reading I saw a man in my vision hiding behind a tree.  He was all dark, and I couldn't see his face.  In the reading at that time I felt he was the reason this happened, and even though the boys did do the crime, they were a little "out of their mind" at the time they did it.  They were more like this "dark man's" puppet.  I had no other name for what I saw other than calling him a dark man, but I now see the similarities between all this.  As soon as I heard of this man, my mind took me to that West Memphis case, and I somehow knew it was all related. 

Back to this question.. To start at the top.. 

Q. Where do missing people go? 
A. Every case is different.  Some people don't want to be found, and just leave and go where they want.  They want a new life, fresh beginning or redefining point. It is difficult to find them because they purposely don't leave a trail.  

Other missing people are victims of violent crimes. They can be hidden, buried, or fall prey to wildlife.  

There are also less popular explanations such as alien abductions, paranormal events, time travel or parallel universes.  I don't see a high percentage of people remaining missing due to the less popular reasons, but those situations do happen.  People are quick to discount these as options, but they are very real.

Q. Who is this really (Slenderman)? 
A. I get a lot of things like this.  I hear the phrase "Bloody Mary" but it goes deeper than that.  It looks like a legend has been made around a real person or thing.  It looks as if this "Slenderman" exists and has shown himself a few times, but the tales and stories keep the story alive.  I get that all of the claimed sightings of him are not real, but a small portion are.

I also get that some people try to conjure him up with their behavior.  They think if they do something horrible or worthy of his attention he will present himself to them.  Almost like an obsession.  I think hear something about what they don't realize is that "He" seeks you out, "You" don't seek him out, and there a a laughter about this...  Very cynical and very creepy laughter.

I get this "Slenderman" is a very dark entity. He looks to be of a supernatural nature and can materialize when he wants. I see that at one time he walked the earth, but had a different perspective, as if he were a living thing that was forced to leave..  It looks like he had an intent or purpose for earth that wasn't in the best interest of humankind (harvest resources of some kind?), and was banished from being here, but sneaks back in this "materialized" form.

 I also get that his purpose (when he chooses to materialize) is to be the absolute opposite of light.  (I feel like there is a buffer or guide communicating to me because I feel myself blocking or locking up to this darkness...I am trying hard to continue..)  He doesn't see the judgement of good and bad, but rather in terms of positive light or negative dark, much like a projector film.  His purpose is to test people, the weak people, and give them experiences in the opposite of light.  I also get something about you can truly never know what "Us people say is good without experiencing what we call bad." Contrasts are necessary, and I get the impression he thinks he is doing us a favor...??  In reality it looks to be a malicious payback for being forced to leave and he is carrying out his payback... 

He is very dark energy and I want out of it.. And that is all I can do on this. Thank you.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Rainbow Warrior said...

This is interesting! I recently read an article about the stabbing and Slender Man and what is being reported is that Slender Man was originally an internet meme created 3 years ago and that all stories are completely fictional. Although my psychic ability is no where near as fine tuned as yours is, I do get very strong feelings of intuition and something about the story seemed off and I felt really creeped out!

mosmos said...

Wow this is very interesting. I've always known him to be a fictional character. According to wikipedia, he was created by Eric knudsen in 2009. I've played a couple of ipad slenderman games. And it does give me the creeps. Really scary didn't want to continue playing and I removed the game from my tablet. Do you think Eric knudsen had intuitively picked up on the idea of slenderman?

samferina said...

Thanks for answering my question! I saw that you tied the west minster 3 case to it and went back to reading on it and your focus session response to the case. But whilst researching I found that Terry Hobbs the step father of Stevie Branch one of the boys who were killed actually had his DNA found on him. Everything points to him which is how the satanist sentence got cut and got released from prison. So it seems that they actually had nothing to do with it at all. The case was basically a character assassination because of how they looked and was always in trouble. So now I'm confused your session says that they did it???

YourPsychicFocus said...

@samferina: I didn't know how the case ended up... When I focused I did see the boys involved and a "dark man" was hiding in the shadows.. This "dark man" looked like he was influencing what these boys did and how they did it.. I will have to do some searching. Thanks for the update.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@mosmos: Yes, and I see he was around way before 2009, but they used different names or terms to describe him.

Kimiko-Yuuki said...

Hi, this focus session is very interesting, I learned a lot.
I also have some psychic/ medium in me, and the thing is, I have felt him near my "safe bubble"- aka: my house, he has been trying to make me fear him for a couple of weeks now ( entities feed off fear of course and that's how they get stronger)I've been seeing spirits sense I was 6-7 years old ( now I'm 16 years old).I actually had to dealt with an entity before. but something is telling me, "Slenderman" is a much more powerful entity then most ( sense he has been making people fear him for quite some time now), when I ever watch a Slenderman video, I feel the energy radiating off the screen ( shows how sensitive I am). I really does worry me to see this happen to children and to adults too, seeing them be tortured ( using fear as a weapon) and then killing them. Since, Slenderman is going viral, there are more people reacting to it, some "worship" him and some are actually scared to death of him, this entity is getting so much attention, it is sadly making it strong enough to kill.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@Kimiko: You are right. The more energy or fear you put into an entity, the stronger they become. You have to focus on the light when you are scared. Darkness can only prevail in the absence of all light, so try to focus on positive light energy to give you strength and overcome fear.