Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chikungunya Virus

5:46 AM 
I'm not sure if you are aware, but recently, a new virus called Chikungunya has swept the Caribbean, and there have been reports of confirmed cases in the United States. Chikungunya has always existed (in Asia and Africa), however, it feels like all of a sudden it is spreading to so many countries. I live in Haiti, and have unfortunately contracted the virus. ( 85% of the population on this island is expected to get it). It has been five days now, and I have had the most unthinkable severe joint pains, headache, fever, and rash. One day you feel like you are getting better, and then the next, you are back to feeling horrible. I've talked to so many people who have gotten it, and many of us are skeptical.  I've heard what the mainstream media and experts have to say about the virus, however, I feel like there is something more to it. 

Q. What is the real truth behind the Chikungunya Virus?
A.  When I think the history and where this came from,  I really want to narrow this down to the northern part of Africa.  I also see parts of the middle east like areas including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of India [small part of China]...all of those lighting up on a map.  I realize that you said this been around for a long time, but I get this man made feel to it.  I really sense this this disease is a result of some kind either chemical warfare that was used during the (maybe?) the Gulf War, or testing [for this chemical was done] in that region (and got out control) to be used in a war.  I see what happened is that people were exposed to this virus, but the goal wasn't to kill them or even let them know they were exposed to his artificial chemical "warfare" and the result was to create a disease that attacked there immune system.  So really this was a disease that spread (or intended to be spread) to the military, they got it thinking they just contracted it (not realizing it was forced or intentional) and people got sick. It made the military weak and more vulnerable.  I get you contract is by inhaling it [at least that was the intended form] (there is an airborne factor to this), but insects (like mosquitoes) are a way to travel this disease, and the thought of the insect mode of transportation was never considered at the time this was released. 

Q.  How is it spreading to all these countries?  How did this get to Haiti? 
A.  The first image I get are these wooden crates.  Then I see a red-cross sign.  This could be literal, or symbolic- but I sense that it is a mental symbol telling me that it came to your country mainly in goods and supplies.  It doesn't have an intentional feel to it with regard to it being sent or distributed to other countries.  I see it came on the supplies that were on huge ships. 

Q.  What does this disease do? 
A.  I see this as a category of auto immune diseases.  It looks like what happens is the better your immune is working, the more this thrives.  This disease wants you to have a good and functioning immune system.  I get there is some kind of protein that is elevated in your system when you immune is running well, and that protein is what this disease attaches to.  Then I see this paper thin layer of tissue that attaches the muscles to the bone / joints, and it looks like this protein attacks that tissue.  At that specific point of attack it looks like there is a neurological, muscular and bone interaction that is effected by this attack.  I see red (which translates to heat) and inflammation.  I get a sense on the external part of your body you feel [or even see] these "hot spots" where you are specifically being attacked by essentially your own immune system.

I get your immune system also goes into overdrive to try to combat this, and the more your immune works, the more the disease loves it and thrives [why you feel worse when you get better].  It looks like until your immune get beaten down, you almost cannot get better. You almost need to force your immune system to suppress itself in order reduce the strength of the disease and heal. 

Q. Is this natural? For those that have contracted this virus, what are some homeopathic remedies that really work? (what types of food should we eat/avoid). 
A. I am getting things I haven't seen before, so I will just list them out.  

I first get amino acids. Because this "protein" is being attacked, I get that you need to help build new protein.  You body isn't really able to repair itself (referring the to protein) because it is being attacked, and when that happens the virus alters the protein when it attaches to it.  Amino acids help to repair and replenish what was attacked in a way that doesn't effect or create an overreacting of your immune system.  (As a side note, I have never studied medicine so maybe there is a medical person that can explain the biology of this better.  These images are just what I am seeing.)

I then hear bee pollen.  I was trying to understand if it was "honey" but it was very specific in that "bee pollen" would help.  

As far food.  I first saw almonds- and then that image went to a very pure almond oil.  There is something soothing, and a health property to that which looks helpful.  The other food I got looked like an avocado- It looks like there is something beneficial with this food with regard to the "oily" feel of insides.  Both the almond oil and the avocado have this similar health property.  
And that is all have on this reading.  It is 6:17 AM.  Thank you.  Live reading available on YouTube.


podsmagi said...

I caught Chikungunya whilst living in Southern Thailand in 2009.

It is a truly horrible disease; after the initial two weeks sickness, I suffered terrible pains in my joints and limbs. Sometimes I could barely walk!

No one knew how to really cure the disease, I had coconut milk and massages every day which made we weep with the pain. I thought I would be a cripple for life.

Unable to accept this, I asked for guidance and went searching on the Internet. Stumbled across Jim Humble and his MMS, which I ordered more in desperation than anything else.

I went straight on to the 3 drops eight times a day protocol and within ten days, I was running down the beach. A lump which had appeared on my elbow during the course of the disease disappeared as well. I felt reborn.

I am now an avid fan of MMS (somewhere on this site there is a reading about it) and I would recommend using this product to kill off the virus which I believe lodges itself into the joints. I think I took it for a month.

I would use it in conjunction with DMSO, make sure you buy pharmaceutical quality. Read up and learn.

Blessing to you. I wish you healing and wellness.


Rainbow Warrior said...

Wow! I had not heard of this disease/virus before this reading and it sounds really scary! I'm sorry to whoever posted this inquiry for having to deal with this. :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Podsmagi.

Please could you give the full name for the MMS and DMSO? Thank you for being of help.

podsmagi said...

Hello Clearhaven,

MMS is Master Mineral Solution. It used to be called Miracle Mineral Solution.


Here is a link to a list of suppliers:


DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide

Here is a link to an article on DMSO:


I buy my DMSO from Dr Stanley Jacobs who is the expert on DMSO and manufactures a pure grade at a very reasonable price You can find him here:


I do hope this helps you.

Please feel free to ask anything else you need.



Makana said...

Hello, it's been a year since I caught this virus. No medication seem to help cure this terrible disease. Would you have anything new?

podsmagi said...

Have you tried MMS Makana?

I doubt it or you would not be asking for anything new. If you are waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to come up with something you are wasting your time.

I am sorry, it is a harsh disease. Good luck.