Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catholic Religion and Sex

Q. Hello psychicfocus :) I would like to know your thoughts about the Catholic church's stance on pre-marital sex. Why is it considered a sin, as if it's such a condemnable act? I am living in so much guilt and to be honest it drives me nuts how a natural human occurrence that is sex can be considered a sin, especially when you are staying chaste to only one partner. What is your view on this?

A. Before I get started, I am clearing myself so I can open up to the point of view (from the church).  I don't want to give my opinion, but rather why the church has these feelings... What is the story behind the idea?

The first image I get is a man standing in the middle of the circle.  He is surrounded by a woman and several children. The woman and children are circling him as if it was a dance, and the man reaches his hand out to bring the woman next to him while the children continue to circle about both of them.  Then everything sort of "freezes" and an imaginary line is drawn from each child back to the mom and dad, as if without question these children were all the offspring of these two people. 

Then I get that when the Catholic religion came about, in order for the religion to grow the members needed  to continue to have children to carry on their tradition and faith.  The bigger the family, the bigger the following (why birth control is so frowned upon.)  They (the religion) want you to have as many children as possible to keep the Catholic religion going.. 

Rules regarding sex were created to promote family unity. They want you to wait until marriage and be with only one person to ensure you know who the father of the child is and keep the family unit strong.  Back before DNA testings, the mom is known because the child comes from the woman, but the dad really has to go on what the woman tells him, and what he feels to be true (seems harsh, but is true).  If you wait until marriage you create a bond (like a contract) that you will be with this one person only and this contract is sealed when the marriage is consummated.  It was a much different time then, and those customs and beliefs have carried forward.    

Waiting until after marriage also helped to strengthen the family bond. Men felt they had women that were only with them.   They fathered children and the paternity was known.  Most men naturally feel compelled to care for their children / family.  And strong families with many children are what the Catholic religion needed to survive and strived to support.  

Thank you.  That is all I have for this reading.  Narrated reading on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn! Thanks for the reading.
However, I have a question regarding this. From your perspective, do you see premarital sex as right? Especially from the 'universal'/spirit/angels etc perspective.Thank you!

a2k said...

Dear Psychic, I want to know is there any co-relation between sex & spirituality.Like those who want to grow spiritually should abstain from sex?Is not sex carried with right intention, is just an expression of Love only?Or is addiction to sex an impediment in spirituality?

KnockandWatch said...

Although I feel quite relaxed about not being allowed in when at heaven's door, I would like to know, if possible, how entities feel about homo-couples specially knowing that this behavior has been described in over 150 animal species. Thank You!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@clearhaven: From the “universal” perspective, sex is very normal and natural. It is a necessary part of procreation and keeping the species alive. Then I hear the phrase that “If it wasn't suppose to be a natural and normal activity it wouldn't be designed to feel good”. Society has put the rules on sex, not the universe.

@a2k: It is possible to have sex without love, and for those having the experience it can be gratifying (why it is designed to feel good- to procreate). It is not necessarily spiritual, but physically fulfilling. For people in love, it can be a form of sharing each other while having a very connected and spiritual experience (still feeling good and procreating while having a spiritual experience). In the right mind-set and with the right person, sex can be a very spiritual feeling. I also get the phrase that when all things are aligned properly, at the moment of climax all of your chakras open for a brief moment- it is more than a physical release. Very spiritual!

People who find sex too distracting in order to spiritually evolve (get into the physical part more than the emotional / spiritual part) can abstain to lessen the mental distraction. It helps to give them clarity and lessen the distraction. At first may think about it all the time (or lack of having it), but eventually the feeling lessens (then I get the analogy of a smoker that quits smoking may reach for a cigarette all the time, but eventually they change their mind-set and habits and go to something else.) If an addiction to sex is happening you either need to make the act more mentally/spiritually fulfilling, or distract yourself with something else- only that person can analyze it for themselves to determine what they need to do.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: We are all from the same universal energy. The "universe" doesn't judge, people do. The pleasure of sex feels good, so we do it. Homosexuals can't procreate, which is natures way of not providing them them with offspring- nature wants to promote life that keeps the species living, but they still can do what feels good. Then I get that many heterosexual people participate in acts of sex that aren't conducive to procreating too- because it feels good- it is designed that way. As long as it is consensual and not harming another person, should be void of judgement.

Then I was left with this final saying- The universe is all about balance. You may be a homosexual man in this life and have no children, but in your next life you may be a heterosexual man that fathers 10 kids- the universe will work itself out so judgements by people are unnecessary, the universe is much bigger than the thoughts of man. Leave and trust in the universe..

Ann Claire said...

Hi lynn, thank you so much for addressing my question which I asked you. Totally appreciate it! :)

Your response has enabled me to look at it from a different perspective and it does somewhat make me feel a little more at ease. While I still do feel guilty lately I haven't really been feeling too guilty about it. My only concern is that someday should there be a time in the future where I would have to break up with my boyfriend (God forbid, touchwood), it would be an incredibly painful process to separate because of the very deep bond we've created through sex.

On another note,sometimes I'm led to think that the Catholic church imposes all these rules to control and instil fear in people. But what's really unsettling is people in the church telling us you'll go to hell if you commit mortal sins and that includes pre-marital sex....

To be honest I am in fact feeling really torn in what to believe... I was brought up Catholic and I have die-hard devout Catholic parents...but I really care more about being spiritual rather than religious. They even say it's a sin to consult psychics or clairvoyants but I can't help but think if it's so wrong why does it feel right and harmless? I think psychics are amazing, blessed with an incredible gift that can be used for the greater good, and to help those who are struggling and need some sort of guidance and clarity in their lives.

Okay I think this is kind of getting too long hahaha I think I'll stop. Thank you again for your time and for doing the reading lynn :)

KnockandWatch said...

thank you Lynn, wonderfull answer! If I may pose one more question: Frequently we hear of children given to the catholic church charity institutions for education/protection actually being mistreated and abused. More recently we hear from hundreds (sorry if I subestimate) of children remains found in clandestine mass graves in Ireland and elsewhere. Catholic priests aren't actually stupid, so what type of reasoning pattern legitimates these actions in their opinion? Are part of these "put aside" children the product of illegal relations between monks and nuns? Thank You again!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: Good question... When I think about it I don't necessarily get it is a thing with nuns and priests (even though that can account for some of this- then I hear that even the most spiritual and dedicated people can fall prey to our animal instincts), but I get a lot of scenes in my mind in which runaway teens have either been sent or run away to the church because they are pregnant out of wedlock. It looks like some underground things have happened to "help" these girls, some end in abortions and others end in adoptions. It is done is a way that the runaway has to take a bunch of classes and dedicate time toward the church as repayment. It feels like it is partly a service to help these girls, but is also treated as a dirty little secret..

KnockandWatch said...

Hi, thank you so much Lynn!! If I got it right, although the church fights contraceptive methods and abortion, in many of these "run away girls" cases they acted contrary to their own principles and induced abortion? Does the old, and superseeded belief, that offsprings from relationships "off the wedlock grid" are impure, also play a role in these practices? Merci!

YourPsychicFocus said...

@knockandwatch: I see that they treat these girls like they are "tainted" and by absolving them of their actions and "sin" they are making them pure and fit for a husband (and many future children with him.)

KnockandWatch said...

Very intresting Lynn! Thank you so much!