Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What do you see when you focus on the leviathan described in scripture?

2:42 PM
The first thing I see when I focus on this are images of the Loch Ness Monster.  Then I get that this monster lived deep in the ocean, and for the most part left humans alone, until provoked.  I get that there would challenges of its capture, and even though this monster lived so deep below the surface, somehow it just "knew" what was going on, and it would get enraged and come to the top of the water.  It was very beastly and malicious, and would attack anyone in its path, and then retreat back to the bottom of the water.

I get there is some kind of a correlation between this Leviathan and Loch Ness, but I also get that the Leviathan was real whereas Loch Ness was more folklore based upon the "real" monster.

I definitely do get a sense of realness with the Leviathan..  I see it emerge and it makes this squealing scream, almost deafening, and it filled with hate...

Q. Where is it now?
A. I zoom out to a map of Europe, and I keep wanting to look at the ocean west of Europe.  Then I see darkness, as if this creature went into a canyon or cave hundreds of feet deep.  I get this sense that it was somehow cast down there, and some kind of invisible energy holds it there.  I get this image of it being imprisoned.  I also get this conflicted message of it being a real fairy tale, like it is something you would hear as a story that is far beyond belief, but yet true.

And that is all I have.  2:55 PM.  Thank you. Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting!

Anonymous said...

Is the story of Beowulf also related to this Leviathan?

Anonymous said...

Possible there is a reason for it to be restrain at that particular spot. So that nobody would be hurt and nobody kill Leviathan.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 4:30 PM: I didn't get anything on that during this reading, but if you would like to put in a request, I can add it to my list. :-) Thanks.

Anne G said...

Leviathan is the Loch Ness monster. GOD cursed him to the snake Leviathan for the rest of his life until the last days when GOD destroys him. GOD cursed him to be a lowly lie down and powerless for the rest of his days cause he acted that 21st when he tricked Eve into sin. So Leviathan comea in many forms as Lucifer, Satan, Antichrist in which is just a hologram depiction of a man conqured up by himself as he was the serpent to trick Eve into sin. Levaiathan use to kill men in Loch Ness long ago cause he was angry 😠 for being cursed to have no power among us. He can only hope his tricks to deceive work to his benefit.