Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have noticed nearly all TV shows, especially reality TV, feature a character who has problems conceiving a child OR is concerned that she will not be able to have a baby and thus looks into "freezing her eggs" to preserve them. Are the powers-that-be using the TV to program us to think infertility and scientific means such as freezing eggs and in vitro are "the new normal"?

7:25 PM - Hmm....Ok, I am visualizing researchers in a scientific lab, and they are trying to like study the whole fertilization process and trying to determine what genes do what, and I am seeing like this board on the wall.  And it will say blue eye, and like have notation beside it, it is not legible to me and written in scientific lingo, and then it will say like brown eyes, blonde hair, like all these different attributes like a person could have.  It is a huge list.  And they are trying to scientifically figure out how to create humans with certain physical characteristics and intelligence.  Then the next thing that I see is a couple and they are in a waiting room in a doctors office, and it is like the guy is holding the woman's hands and she looks like she has been crying.  And my impression is that they are wanting a child, they cannot get pregnant, and they are at that desperation phase.  The I see a Dr. take them back and start to explain different fertility options, and then the doctors are handing the couple a menu, like they can custom order their baby.  And it feels to me that Dr.'s are preying upon emotions of people who cannot have kids, collecting huge amounts of money for fertility procedures, to fund the bigger picture of studying and learning how to customize babies.  I feel like these reality shows are out there to one let people know that all these procedures exist, but secondly, to desensitize you to everything that they are doing.  And it is like I am hearing some futuristic slogan of "Why adopt, just customize your baby" or something like that.  That is all I initially get.

Q-Why do feel many couples are infertile?
A-I see a person standing...and they have what looks like these waves, like bombarding their body, even going through their body.  And it feels like we are so bombarded with electronic or magnetic waves that it pollutes your body.  And that is why I feel like when you are younger it is usually easier to get pregnant than when you are older, and that is in part due to the toxin buildup in your body from these waves that are constantly bombarding it.
Q-Do you feel people today actually select their true genetic mates, based off nature, pheromones and a mate that is a compliment to their own DNA?  vs. less compatible mates based on other factors.
A-I see that as individualized for the person, so some people yes, and some people no.  But the thing that I do see is that people with long lasting relationships that are created from their own free choice, are generally more compatible.  The less compatible people I feel have very short lived relationships.
Q-Do you see all babies being test tube babies in the future, and if so how long from now.
A-For the first part, I do NOT see all babies being test tube babies, I feel like the test tube babies are more for the wealthy, or people who are able to come up with the funding for it.  I feel like it is going to be in the late 2040's or early 2050's, when it is like launched and society starts to accept it.  I see there being like a huge controversial thing leading up to it and it will take a while for this to be acceptable, and part of the media now is just to, kind of in small doses, get people familiar with alternative ideas.  And I keep feeling there is a huge amount of money to be made in this industry.
Q-Is it motivated by money more than by helping.
A-YES, because I just keep feeling that money part of it.
Q-When does conception start?
A-I keep seeing it as when the first cell divides.
Q-Time frame from when sperm meets egg.
A-I keep seeing 1, it might be 1 minute, but I am leaning towards 1 hour.
Q-Define conception, when soul, spirit, life force, whatever enters the cell.  What is it?
A-I see it as a golden light, shooting into the woman's stomach, and as a cell divides, it starts to glow, and I feel like it is combination of spirit, with universal knowledge..,that nugget...enters the cell right in that moment when it divides.
Q-So with In vitro fertilization, the sperm and egg are combined outside the body, does conception still happen without the woman?
A-Yes, but it is weird, I am getting a picture of a person, and they look like they are catatonic, so I feel like until it is implanted in the woman, like the warmth and personality does not penetrate the embryo.  It is like something is not right with the fertilized egg until it is in the woman.
Q-Have children been born, without the use of a mother or surrogate?
A-I am getting no, because you still need the placenta to provide nourishment to the baby, and there is no way to replicate that.
Q-Why can human embryos not be implanted into animal host mothers?
A-It has something to do with their blood, there is some kind of blood exchange or something with the blood that makes it not possible.
Q-Like why can a primate, not carry a human embryo?  Is that combination possible?
A-I do not know, I just keep getting something about the blood.
Q-Do we pick our own parents when we incarnate?
Q-I do not feel like we pick our own parents, but we pick like the situation, or circumstances we live in...to complete our life lessons and to spiritually evolve.  I feel like on the other side of life we all have the same goal, to evolve to the next dimension, but it is unclear to us now in our earthly bodies.  But I think that when we die, all of that becomes very clear.
A-Is abortion wrong?
Q-Well there is two sides to it, one that is the individuals choice and they have to live with the decision that they made, but then the second side of it is in some ways I feel it might be fate, that maybe it was soul that jumped in too soon, and it just was not ready to incarnate yet.  In some ways it is even a life lesson for the person that is experiencing the abortion because I see a person walking around and it is almost like they are hunch backed, with a big weight on their shoulders and they have to carry that emotional weight of that decision forever.  And I feel like maybe that is one of their life lessons during their existence.
Q-Is the US or other countries currently producing "menu" babies?
A-They are not producing now, but there are other countries studying, and on a map I see the central part of Europe lighting up, and also the middle of China lighting up.
Q-Do you see this as a good or bad thing for humanity?
A-As soon as you said that, it wasn't necessarily good or bad, but I heard the phrase "Is it moral or immoral" and then I see these like wealthy parts of society and everyone looks so similar, I feel like it just takes the randomness out of life.  The movie Stepford Wives keeps playing in my head.  It is like everybody is so so similar.
Q-Do you have anything else to add, and what is your impression of this reading.
A-I do not have anything else, I think it was a really interesting reading, before this I had never really thought about science going in that direction.  As I did the reading I feel uneasy that society could move that way, I feel like it really segregates people, like there is this average population of just like normal folks, and then there is like this elite population of what people define as beautiful people, and it just feels really strange.
Q-I think there was movie called Gattaca with a similar concept, but only the elite could have certain jobs, like there was a lot discrimination, to the natural born.
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Anonymous said...

This reminded me of the Alfred Hitchcock episode "Eye of the Beholder" where what we consider "Beautiful" now becomes the new ugly. If EVERYONE is beautiful, are they really? What would make them special anymore? Very interesting life lessons may be learned from such events.
Thanks for your readings!

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