Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who wrote the old testament of the bible?

8:02 PM - Laugh, Ok...Immediately I got an image of Santa Clause, and when I asked "What does that have to do with anything" I was told he was a saint like Saint Nick and he was highly respected by the society at that time and I have an image of an older guy he has a really long, like a white beard, he is really thin..white hair, and he is dressed in a brown robe with a belt and he looks like a monk....Now I am getting an image of Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch and that is taking me to Florence Italy, so I believe that this gentleman was from the area that is now known as Florence.      I am getting a name in my mind and it sounds like it starts with a G, like gal, I want to say like galza but that is not completely right but that is how it is sounding...Ok this is a little confusing...I am hearing someone tell this gentleman who wrote this that one day your works are going to reach biblical proportions, and then they bust out laughing hysterically  like a play on words of some sort.  As if someone told him how amazing his writing was going to be and then it happened.  I am getting that this writing started between...I want to say around 500 B.C. but then I am hearing something about that you have to remember a day isn't like a day that we have now with 24 hours.  And something about that they would have many days of what we would call days of light followed by multiple days of darkness and that a year may be seven hundred days.  So we are not getting a true perspective of time as it relates to time in the old testament.  That is kind of all I am getting if you want to add more to it...
Q-To clarify on the days, was a year still one revolution around the sun?
A-Yes because the years were still based around seasons not specific days, months.   It went more on a seasonal basis, not based on a calendar.
Q-More clarification, was the earth rotation slower and thus days and nights longer, or was the rotation around the sun also different than now.
A-It is kind of coming to me as both, it is like the earth did not spin as fast, the image in my mind is like I am seeing the earth on its side and it looks like it studders at times, like it gets stuck, so it is showing me that is not as fast as it is current day, and I feel like not just earth but the entire solar system was a little bigger.  When I asked the question "If the orbit had changed?"  I immediately saw everything shrink in.
Q-As if the orbits became closer to the sun?
A-Yes, everything, not just earth, everything kind of compacted down.
Q-The information in the Old Testament, was it channels to this Saint, or was it all his original thoughts, interpretations, and writings.
A-Some of it was brought to him like stories that had been handed down, but he felt compelled to write them down, I feel this gentleman was very spiritual.  And he did have a connection with what I would call a universal knowledge, and what he did was that he used that knowledge to kind of fill in the gaps for these stories and I feel he had good intentions and he tried to do it to kind of unify society...but for the most part I feel like they were stories that were handed down, I keep seeing the world folklore so that is why I think they were handed down.
Q-What was this Saints name?
A-I still keep getting a G sounding name and it sounds like GAZA, G A Z A.
Q-On the time frame, did people live longer in those days, example Methuselah was supposed to live 969 years.  So if days were much longer would these actually be days, cause if they were rotations around the sun, the orbit would have to be faster, or people lived longer.  Does that make sense?
A-Mmhum,  Ok this I am getting the analogy of "Game of Thrones"  and it is explaining it to me that they counted the years by their seasons.  For example, Summer would be one year, you go into fall that is the second year.  Winter etc.  So it did not really go on the orbit around the sun to count a year, it was more that each season created a new year.
Q-So 969 years or seasons (four) would be equal to 242.25 years.  Answer this, did people in prehistoric live longer or shorter than people now and if so by what percentage?
A-....I am getting that they did live longer, they lived on average 2-3 times longer than we do now.  I am asking why they lived longer.  And I keep seeing this golden glow like around their heart, and now I need to try to figure out what that means....It's coming to me like people at that time were like more honest and pure and something happened and it was like people of current times were almost like cursed to only live a certain amount of years, like we would were not allowed to live past a certain amount of years.  I will be honest I am kind of blocked with it, it is not making a lot of sense to me.
Q-Could it be forced rebirth to help further evolve the souls, so you have to live many more lifetimes and have many more attempts without gaining too much power, wealth and or influence in one lifetime?
A-When I was asking and it was coming through to me that it was curse, I could not extract how this curse happened or really understand it, but when you made that statement and asked that question, it feels right, what you said about limiting lifespans to provide like a check and balance on power, an allow you time to live many more lives.  That part was not words or my thoughts, but it kind of completes my thoughts.
Q-Which is more accurate in it true meaning, message, and purpose, the old or the new testament?
A-I am getting the phrase many good things that start with good intentions, are not used for their desired intent.  So I feel the old testament is more genuine and accurate, and the new testament was just more of an afterthought.
Q-What are your thoughts and feeling on this reading?
A-It was pretty interesting, I had never pondered this question before.  The images I got were pretty strong so I feel it came through pretty clear to me.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading. Very interesting. In Genesis in the old testament people lived 10 times longer than we do today and it says that God said that he will not contend with man wickedness an cut the age to 120. So when you said that they lived more pure lives there might be some parallel. It says that humanities behavior eroded generation to generation until the age was cut.

Anonymous said...

I had heard that Mankind was punished by 'the gods' (plural in it's original form only later changed to God) for no longer worshipping & following their rules unquestioningly. Thus, they shortened our life-spans to suppress our development, because each new life time we have only a small window to learn & grow, before having to go through the baby-childhood stage of re-learning again. This is to slow down our growth into fully-fledged, independent gods in our own right, no longer naively relying on 'the gods' who benefited from our innocence.

All in response to the gifts of Gallizur (Archangel Raziel), giving Adam the Book of Secrets, ie. True Universal Knowledge (forbidden fruit) for Humanity to progress. That's my take on it anyway. It is still a war between the jelous-controller gods & the loving-liberating gods of Humanity. Interesting reading, as always.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for the replies. I appreciate the feedback and find it very interesting!

Anonymous said...

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