Sunday, December 2, 2012

What are Obama's plans for the second term? Much appreciated.

7:29 PM - Let me think about that...My first impression is that he really does not even want to be President anymore because of everything going on in the world.  But it is like the high influences around him are not going to let him quit, it is almost like when you join a club and you are a member forever and they don't let you quit.  I feel like his attitude is just to try to keep the peace for the next four years.  And I do not think he agrees with what is going on right now, specifically like around Israel and all these wars, I almost feels like what he is trying to stand behind are not what his own personal feelings are.  And the visual I am getting is another person like telling him what to say, so his words are not necessarily genuine, but more like someone else's words coming out of his mouth.  When I think about healthcare, I see it as being more equal among people as far as accessibility.  The result of that is going to be Dr.'s patient load going up a lot to where it might be hard to find a doctor because they are full.  I do not necessarily see the quality of healthcare improving but I see more people being able to get healthcare.  I get a sense that Obama wants everybody to be able to have affordable healthcare, but at the same time he's making this swoosh across his face with this relief sound that he does not have to use this coverage, like he is on some sort of elite plan.  I feel like after this health reform starts to happen, he is going to realize the need for more doctors and their will be incentives through college trying to entice students to go into that profession.  That is kind of all I am getting so you can start asking me stuff.
Q-What is his personal view on Guns?
A-I do not think that he is against guns.  I am getting picture of him shooting a gun, and I think he even owns some.
Q-Would he like to ban assault rifles and or hand guns?  Or the person he gets his words from?
A-No I do not think that they want to ban them.  And what I see is him sitting there, the topic of guns comes up, the person that is feeding him his words, in reference in talking about guns, I hear yakety yakety yakety yak, and then Obama laughs, this other person laughs, and my impression is OK, yeah we are talking about guns, an so and so is worried about guns, and they view topic as more like a nagging, and they are saying something like they have other bigger things to worry about.
Q-Do Obama personally know about any Earth changes coming in our near future?
A-My impression is that he knows that there are going to be changes, but he has this sense of security with his family that they will be safe, and regardless of what happens he will be taken care of, so he does not really focus on it too much.  And he does not really feel like he or his immediate family is an any real type of threat, and I feel like if something happens he knows he could always go to Colorado.  I keep hearing the phrase "Well there is always Denver"
Q-So is there any plan for an announcement of things to come?
A-The only warnings I see are just weather warnings, there is not going to be an announcement to say like hey in a month "this" is going to happen, it is all going to be portrayed like it is associated to the weather.
Q-But what about in regards to your other readings about people visually seeing another planetary body, how will they ignore that?
A-It will never be talked about on the mainstream news, if people want to know about it, they will have to seek it out on the internet.
Q-Will Obama finish his second term?
A-Yes, I do believe he will.  Like I almost see he farewell speech.  Kinda like he is thanking everybody and he is waving to them.
Q-Do you have anything else? A-No
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Anonymous said...

I guess Denver because there are some theories about underground bunkers for govt officials if anything were to happen. Can you focus on Denver International ariport.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reading. Sounds better than what a lot of people have been saying. God willing it shall happen this way.