Wednesday, December 12, 2012

hello. I am den.ab.rir i would like you to focus on, if you will, on what the meaning of the blue diamond shape, the vision of the rainbow woman, the vision rainbow being on the throne, and why den.ab.rir chose to manifest at this time, and what purpose is for him? thank you, may you be blessed in your way. anam den.ab.rir

8:46 PM - I am a little unclear on the question but I will try to break it down and answer it, I will first focus on a blue diamond image that I believe you are seeing and try to figure out what that is... What I see is an outline of a person...and I am seeing all of the Chakras light up, and when they light up they get stuck at your throat.  And I feel like you are having trouble getting your voice to be heard, more that you do not know how to put your thoughts into words and your feeling, and you are really confused.  I feel like this blue diamond is a symbol for you to work your voice, because I feel like that blue color is in your throat chakra.  I also feel like this blue diamond is more evident when you are in a sleepy semi conscious state.  And if you meditate and think about this blue diamond, I think that the result will be that you will be able to better organize your thoughts and your feelings so that you can express them into words.

I feel like the vision of the rainbow woman and her sitting on a throne is symbolic of you kind of taking over your..or taking control of your spirituality.  And specifically I see this rainbow woman directly coordinated to the rainbow chakras throughout your body.  And I think you have started down the road to try to become more enlightened.  And seeing this woman is kind of telling you, that you are on the right path and not to give up, but you still have work to do.

When I ask your purpose and what you are here to learn, the first word I hear is discipline, and then I get an image of the Karate Kid.  And he is working and trying to understand, and he is very dedicated and disciplined.  That is kind of all I am getting.

Q-Is the person who made the request male or female?
A-I feel like this is a man.
Q-Do you see any further purpose other than discipline?
A-I see him going through this very hard learning process.  But then he will get to the point where he will guide and teach others.  And I am seeing this little karate kid growing up to become the master and then mentoring younger people, and I feel like that will be his role.
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Anonymous said...

I've been seeing a small blue diamond spinning above my head sometimes lately, at the crown chakra when meditating..

Psychic Focus said...

I really feel that means it is telling you to open up your voice or throat. :-)